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Babe stands alone in the courtyard surrounded by flowers and all the festivities. It looks like its planned for her wedding to JR. March 23 is little As birthday and their planned wedding day. JR appears and asks her if everything is perfect, assuring her that he will change anything that is not perfect for her. She tells him she could not be happier.

Adam and Krystal are also declaring their vows. He proposes to her and she says yes, and they agree to have a ceremony that they will remember forever. Adam kisses the bride.

Amanda and Brooke go to the police station to hear Derek tell them what the verdict is for Janet. He informs Amanda that her mother will not get the maximum sentence but she will probably be going back to the institution. He informs them that Janet did not agree to a plea bargain and does not admit to her crimes. Janet hears their conversation and asks what they are talking about behind her back. She tells them that whatever they need to tell her, they need to say to her face. Amanda then approaches her mother and asks her why she killed her father.

While Jack is still in his hospital bed, Livia informs him that Jonathan is working there and still seeing Lily. Lily runs into Jonathan asking if its ok to talk to him while hes working. He tells her yes. She tells him that she plans to marry him regardless of what anybody says.

Di goes to see Zach and informs him that although she does not intend to stir anything up about Dixie being alive, David Hayward is determined to find her and will stop at nothing.

At the hospital, Tad finds David. Realizing that David is now on staff at the hospital, Tad tells David if he gives his father any grief, he will regret it. David replies by informing Tad that he saw Dixie yesterday.

Janet tells Amanda that she did not kill Trevor. She preserved him. She kept him frozen. Its called cryogenics. When somebody has a problem, there are guidelines to follow for proper freezing and preservation. Amanda tells her mother that her father is dead. Janet then tells her daughter that if the thawing process did not work, then it means she got improper directions. Brooke approaches Janet and tells her that maybe now is not a good time for Amanda to be having this conversation with her. Janet replies by asking Brooke if she is the one whom Amanda now calls mom and if Amanda will destroy her also. Amanda asks Janet how she could do what she did. She could have hurt an infant and she almost killed Babe. She could have caused many deaths at the Mardi Gras ball. Janet responds to that by telling Amanda that the most precious person in her life has betrayed her and she continues to babble.

Jack is very upset to find out that his daughter is seeing Jonathan and there is nothing he can do about it. He protests to Livia that she is just a child and Livia must take legal action to prevent it. Livia reminds Jack that Lily is not a child. Shes almost 18 and there is no legal action anybody can take to prevent her from seeing Jonathan. In the meantime, Jonathan reminds Lily that she wont be 18 until May so they will have to wait to get married.

Tad asks David if he plans to ruin Babe and JRs wedding. David tells Tad that he needs to go and snuggle up with this Dixie blow-up doll. He tells Tad that hes pathetic, needs to get a life of his own and stay out of Davids business.

Di informs Zach that David is fishing for information on Dixie like crazy man. Zach asks her if David has found anything concrete. She admits that he has not yet, as far as she knows, but the man is obsessed and will not stop until he finds something. He asks her why shes concerned about this. He asks if she cares about Dixie. She admits that she does. They both noticed that Dixie is not back form wherever she went and they figure out that its very possible that shes gone to the wedding.

Adam and Krystal notice that Babe and JR are watching them and Adam informs the younger couple that Krystal has something to ask them. Krystal asks them how they would feel if she and Adam renewed their vows. Babe asks her mother and her father-in-law if they have lost their minds. She asks if she can have a word alone with her mom. Adam assures her that he realizes this is her day and he does not want to intrude on that. So he tells the two ladies they may go and work it out. Babe and Krystal go off together. Alone with JR, Adam tells his son that he does not intend to intrude on JRs day but hed like to make his marriage to Krystal more than just a moonshine-induced vow with Reverend Billy Bob. JR admits to his father that he really thinks hes lost his mind for this. If hed said it a few weeks ago, JR would have had him committed. Now, however, JR admits to his father, he is proud of him. Adam tells his son that when he has a woman like Krystal, hes not about to let her go. JR tells his father that he is preaching to the choir.

Krystal tells Babe that she would do anything for her daughter but Adam is the man for her. Babe looks at her mother, notices her eyes and tells her that her eyes have changed color. She tells her she realizes she really does love Adam. Krystal admits that its been there in the air but shes just shrugged it off. She tells her daughter that she knows that she (Babe) took a big leap of faith and shes not going to let Babe be the only brave one. Babe tells her mother she could get hurt. Krystal admits that is the risk anybody takes when they are in love. Babe asks her mother what has happened to the Carey girls. Krystal replies, smiling, that its those Chandler men. They both smile and laugh.

Amanda tells her mother that she has always loved her and always will. Janet then looks at her daughter and angrily tells her that she has betrayed her. She is not her daughter. She is not her Mandy. Shes just some girl that ruined her life. Brooke, Jamie and Derek all look at her and Brooke tells her that that is enough.

JR asks his father if this is his way to screw over Krystal and screw up JRs wedding. Adam tells his son of course not. He wants his son to be happy. If that means Babe, hes ok with that. Were it not for Babe, hed have never met Krystal and for that, he is grateful.

Krystal admits to Babe that when she first met Adam, she wanted to smack him. Theyve had so many problems. Shes hated his guts but now things are different.

Adam tells JR that Krystal has driven him up a wall for a long time and now he believes hes met his match.

Babe tells her mother that JR has gone through an awful lot. Hes had to fight in order to protect himself but now hes given her his heart. She tells her mother that they must go and give their men their answer.

Livia tells Jack that Lily believes that her father does not respect her decision. He reminds her that a year ago, Lily believed that the hot girls were her friends. That did not work the way she wanted, as everybody knows. Now she believes this maniac is her boyfriend. Livia tells him that maybe his daughter has a better grasp on the world than he realizes and if he holds onto her too tight, it will not benefit anybody.

Brooke asks to talk to Janet alone. Janet tells Brooke she does not need her to go over the details of this stupid concoction. Brooke tells Janet that Amanda does not need to be tortured anymore. Janet then hums and turns her back like she is ignoring Brooke. Brooke then bangs on the cell bars to get Janet to turn her head and asks her if shes ready to listen.

David goes to find information about Dixie. He seems to know who might be able to give him confidential information. He is able to blackmail a guy in security to hand over surveillance tapes that prove that Dixie has been in the hospital. Hes starts to review the videos.

Right then, Zach is on the phone attempting, unsuccessfully to reach Dixie.

Tad goes to join the two couples. He doesnt seem as happy as they are. Noticing how happy they all are, he tells them there must be something in the water. He admits that he might need a drink and he has something on his mind.

Jonathan goes to find Julia and asks her if she can help him in regard to Lily. He asks if she could have a one-on-one life-skills class for just the two of them. She admits that Lily will have to make that decision on her own. He tells her that he believes what might be best for Lily is to be rid of him.

Lily goes to see her father. Jack tells his daughter hed like to talk to her about the two of them. He tells her he gets the idea that she doesnt like him right now. Lily tells her father that Julia asks everybody in the class to always speak with directness and honesty. Hearing that, Jack tells his daughter he wants her to do just that. She then admits that she does not like him much right then. She admits that he has not listened to her, he threatened to send her back to her old school, hes treated her like a stupid child, he does not realize shes almost a grown woman, and shed like him to respect her decisions.

Brooke tells Janet that Amanda is not a trophy or party favor. Janet asks Brooke if shes whining about what she did to Brooke and the group of losers in the truck. Brooke tells Janet that shes talking about Janets murdering Amandas father. Janet tells Brooke that she is innocent until proven guilty. Brooke tells Janet that she must think about her daughter just for once. Amanda will have to get on the stand and testify against her own mother. That could damage her for the rest of her life. She may be known for the rest of her life as the daughter of Janet from another planet and be judged for that. People will wonder what kind of monster that girl is going to turn into. She reminds Janet that the DA has cut a deal for her that she does not deserve so Janet must take it, for Amandas sake.

Tad admits to Di that some people are crazy. JR and Babe and Krystal and Adam are all happy. It kind of freaks him out. He admits to her that none of that matters when hes with her because everything is right when they are together and he kisses her.

Jonathan tells Julia that he knows Lily tells him that she wants to be with him in order to be independent from her dad but he sees that when shes with him, she leans on him and that may take away from her independence. Julia asks Jonathan how hed feel if Lily became so independent that she did not want a boyfriend or she wanted a different boyfriend than him. Hearing that, Jonathan admits that if Lily no longer wanted him, that would really suck but hed have to face it if that were the case. He tells her he does not want to lose Lily but he only wants to be with her if she really wants him there.

JR admits to Tad and Di that he wants happiness and love not only for himself but for everybody. Hearing that, Tad tells JR that he has just witnessed him becoming the man hes always wanted him to be as well as the kid hes always known and he could not be more proud of him. Tad hugs JR. JR takes Dis hand and admits to her that she is not his mother but she is his family. He tells her that he is happy that she is there with him now. He smiles at her.

Back at the hospital, David is able to see from the video, that Dixie might very well be alive and kicking. He says to Dixie on the tape that he really hopes its her.

Amanda tries to talk to her mother about being under oath, about losing and missing her dad but losing and missing her mother too. Janet curls up on her bed with her back turned to her daughter and says nothing. Brooke then asks Amanda to come with her and they leave together. Derek then informs Janet that her attorney will be there shortly. When they are gone, Janet gets up. With tears in her eyes, she declares that she will take the plea bargain.

Jack admits to Lily that maybe he has failed to realize that she is an independent and capable young person. He tells her that he needs her help so that he can be a good father to her. She then smiles and tells him that she would like that.

While waiting for the wedding, everybody raised their glass and makes a toast.

Just as David is about to get the goods on Dixies secret, somebody has come behind him and has knocked him out. It looks like it might be Zach.

The courtyard is empty and everyone is gone. Dixie walks through it alone.

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