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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/21/06 


Written By Jenn
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Erin awakens in bed and remembers she’s spent the night with Aidan.  She turns to face him in bed.

In Tad’s office, not far away, he is with Di and admitting that he’s falling for her.  

Erica returns home to see Myrtle.  Myrtle informs Erica that Reggie let her in when Erica and Jack were out before he left for a ball game.  Myrtle tells Erica that although they had no plans, she had some sort of wild idea that Erica needed her.  Erica tells Myrtle that she realizes she always needs Myrtle but she tells Myrtle shouldn’t give up her plans.  Myrtle tells Erica that she can sense that something major is going on with her.  She has not sensed this since the time when Bianca was hurt by that monster but it looks like Erica does not want to talk about that and is burying herself in work.

Dr. Greg Madden looks like he’s ready to pass out.  Joe, Josh, David and the medical staff all know that there is something wrong with him.  They put him on a stretcher.  Joe then tells David he cannot have any contact with a patient because he is not a licensed physician.  Palmer enters and informs Joe that David’s medial license is now reinstated.

Dixie is secretly visiting little A when she sees the door handle turn.  She knows she must hide herself.  Babe tells JR that he should wait to see their son and let little A get his rest.  She tells him that she knows it’s a major step for him to forgive Amanda.  She also tells him about her plans for their wedding.  She tells him she’d like her dad to give her away.

Joe is asking Palmer just who in their right mind would consider reinstating former Dr. David Hayward.  Palmer tells Joe that Pine Valley Hospital could use a man with David’s talents.  Dr. Hayward has become a renowned cardiologist, he reminds Joe.  Joe tells Palmer that he does not want David practicing medicine in his hospital.  Palmer tells Joe that he wants David re-instated immediately.

Amanda is still in the hospital, crying and telling Jamie that she cannot cope with having black outs.  She doesn’t know if it’s worse than remembering everything that has happened.  He tells her when she gets out of the hospital, she can stay with him.

Erin faces Aidan and covers herself with a blanket.  She moves away, revealing that she’s a bit uneasy with what has happened and does not know what to do.  She gets ready to leave and shakes his hand but he kisses her hand and clearly indicates that he does not want her to leave.  He kisses her and tells her, and they are ready to go back to bed.

Tad is kissing Di but hears something outside the door.  He grabs a baseball bat.

Aidan is ready to get to work but tells Erin he will call her tonight.  Hearing that, she tells him she better go before she messes everything up.  They get underneath the sheets.  Tad comes into their room startling Erin and discovers that they are what he heard. 

Joe protests to Palmer that he must realize that David has broken every rule while on staff.  He must realize that this man is a liability.  Palmer tells Joe he must reinstate David.  Joe asks Palmer how he could ask for that considering how David blackmailed Dixie.  He asks Palmer if David blackmailed him in order to get Palmer to reinstate him.  Palmer will not admit to that.  JR enters and informs them that he agrees that the hospital could use a qualified cardiologist like David.  Joe tells them all that Dixie must be spinning in her grave to know that not only Palmer, but JR as well could do such a thing.

Dixie stands by little A’s crib and tells him she has to go but will miss him.  Babe walks in and Dixie hides behind the door.

Jamie asks Amanda what she thinks about moving back in with him.  She tells him he’s a good guy, but she’s not going to let him obligate himself to help her.  He asks her if she has reservations about him because he played her.  She tells him that she knows he does not have the feelings for her that she wants him to have and realizes she cannot make him have feelings he does not have or obligate himself to do anything he doesn’t really want to do.  He tells her she must realize that they’ve been friends since they were kids and if she needs anything, she must call him.  He leaves and Brooke enters.  She asks Amanda how she’s feeling.  Amanda tells Brooke that she need not worry.  She’s learned her lesson and will no longer harass Brooke’s son.  Brooke tells Amanda she’s not there because she’s concerned about Jamie but because she is concerned about Amanda.

Myrtle tells Erica she knows that she has something very serious going on that she’s not telling anybody.  Erica tells Myrtle that she misses Jack and wishes he could come home sooner.  She misses Bianca.  There’s a lot of stress involved in her job. She tells Myrtle that she’s very concerned about what crazy Greg Madden is doing to Kendall and what it means that somebody like he is allowed to do what he’s already done.

Greg is in a hospital room.  Josh tells his father he had better follow the doctor’s orders and let them care for him.  Greg asks Josh if he’s being his son or a doctor.

JR tells Joe that he’s more concerned about his decision to hire Josh, after he’s drugged Erica, than he is about Joe’s reservations about David.  Joe does not answer the question about his decision regarding Josh.  Palmer then tells Joe that he either reinstates David, or he will no longer be chief of staff.

Erin comes downstairs and talks to Di while their respective men are upstairs talking.  She admits that she’s never met anybody like Aidan.  She’s really happy and also really scared.  She admits that something is “really new.”  She asks Di if it’s possible that the first guy you fall for can be the one for you.  Di admits to Erin that she really believes that she could have a future with Tad although he’s not her “first.” 

Right when Babe is with her son, Dixie is hiding behind the door watching them, unseen.

Babe tells little A they will never be apart again and although she does not know that Dixie is alive, much less in the same room, she admits that she can almost feel her presence.

Joe tells Palmer that he does not plan to step down and abandon his staff.  He will stay on board and keep David in line.  Somebody needs to do that.  He then walks away, realizing he has no choice except to reinstate David to the staff.

Erin privately tells Tad that she really believes that Aidan is perfect.  He tells her that Aidan is not perfect but he may be perfect for her.

Erica tells Myrtle that Greg Madden is pressuring Kendall to give up her baby…a baby that he used illegal means to create.  Myrtle tells her that that does not mean that Greg is breaking any laws or is evil.  Erica tells Myrtle that she is very concerned that Kendall trusts Greg and doesn’t realize what kind of a person he is.  Myrtle tells Erica that she knows she’s keeping a secret from her.  Erica makes nice to Myrtle, tells her she loves her and trusts her but Myrtle tells Erica that she is worried, and plans to stay worried.  Erica puts her arms around Myrtle and tells her that she knows Myrtle loves and cares about her and she’s lucky to have her in her life.

Palmer admits to JR that David blackmailed him when they were trapped after the explosion.  David refused to give Palmer his angina pills if he did not reinstate him and Palmer had to swear on Dixie’s memory to do what David wanted.  JR tells David that he is despicable to be threatening an old man with chest pains.  He concludes that David has not changed.  David tells JR that he notices something very out of character about JR.  It’s almost as if JR’s mommy is nearby.  He asks JR what he might know about that.

Jamie comes to see Babe.  He asks her if she is really in love with JR again.  She admits to him that it’s no trick.  It’s no game.  She tells him she plans to remarry JR and asks him if he has made a decision about whether to be the best man.  He tells her he needs more time to think about that and maybe she needs time to think also.

Di talks to Aidan about both of their respective relationships.

Amanda asks Brooke why she’d care about her.  Brooke tells Amanda because she is Trevor’s daughter and he was a good man.  Brooke cared very much about him.  Amanda reminds Brooke that she is more like her mom.  Brooke tells Amanda that she understands that Janet loved Amanda very much.  Amanda did not have much of a choice under those circumstances.  Amanda admits to Brooke that she doesn’t know who she is anymore.  Brooke tells Amanda that she remembers one Halloween when Amanda was a child that she had so many different costumes on it was as if she had so many ideas but could not choose whom she wanted to be.  Brooke tells Amanda that she wants to help her figure that out.  Amanda asks her how she’s going to do that.

Babe thanks Jamie for not assuming the worst.

JR tells David that he’s trying really hard not to hate him.  He’s given Babe his word to let David give her away at her wedding.  David appears sarcastic toward JR.  JR tells him that the hospital might like to know that David almost let a man die.  He tells David if he’d like some trouble with him, he’s ready and he will make David pay.

Alone with her laptop, Erica gets on the phone and calls the hospital asking if Dr. Madden is on staff.  They inform her that he’s not feeling well and is not working today.  She then researches what that drug could do to him.

Dr. Madden is in his room sleeping.  Josh is standing by his father.

Brooke tells Amanda that she believes she needs some down time…some peace and quiet.  She tells Amanda that she may stay with her until she’s found out what she’d like to do.  Amanda thanks Brooke and asks her if she can do something else.  She tells Brooke she’d like to see her mom.

Tad and Di acknowledge that it looks like Aidan and Erin are in love.  He kisses her again.  They joke around and laugh.

JR walks in to see Jamie with Babe and little A.  He asks what is going on.  Jamie informs him that the best man is just confirming his plans with the bride and his god son.  Dixie is still watching unseen.  When they leave, she, again, disguises herself with a doctor’s coat and surgical mask.  She walks out into the hallway.  Not far away, David sees her and asks if she could really be Dixie.

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