AMC Update Monday 3/20/06

All My Children Update Monday 3/20/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda has entered Babe's hospital room looking upset. JR orders her to get out. Amanda says she came to say she's sorry. JR tells her again -- get the hell out of here. Babe tells Amanda to wait. She tells her she accepts her apology. Babe asks JR to leave and when he does, she asks Babe to sit down on her bed. Amanda says she should have stopped her mother. She says JR was right. Her mother could have killed Babe. Amanda says her mother kills people like it doesn't matter. Babe says she spent a lot of time with Janet and she knows she loves Amanda. Amanda says everything her mother did she did for her and she let her. She was wrong.

On the Fusion roof, Zach tells a panicked Kendall she is OK. Kendall says she couldn't move her legs. She says the hammock is too high. She says if she moves she'll die. She says her head is spinning and she feels like she's falling. Zach tells her to look at him. He won't let her fall. Kendall realizes Zach has saved her life like he did last time. She asks him why he's here. Zach tells her she needed help. Kendall asks how he knew. She says he arrived just when she needed him like magic. He says he came to talk to Simone but when she wasn't here he heard Kendall. It was not magic, he said. He asks what she's doing on the roof. Kendall says she came here to clear her head.

Greg is enjoying a cup of tea with Erica. He tells her it's a joy to sit here and have a conversation without anger and tension. Erica says she figured it was up to her to smooth things over. Greg says he has to get back to the hospital. Erica says she's sorry it took so long to have him over. After Greg leaves, Erica places his tea cup into a pillow case and smashes it.

At Wildwind, David tells Di he knows Dixie is alive and he wants her to tell him where she is. Di says OK, she'll tell him where he is. Di points to the sky and tells David she's the second star on the right. David says he got confirmation Dixie is alive from her brother, Del.

Tad knocks on the door of Dixie's room at the casino. Dixie walks to the door but freezes when she hears Tad calling for Di. Tad leaves when he gets no response. Dixie looks at a tabloid headline about Babe and her grandson being in the hospital. Later, Zach's associate Gwen arrives and Dixie opens the door for her. Dixie asks for a favor. She wants a specific change of clothes and an ID badge.

Di questions Del telling David that Dixie is alive. She tells David he's holding onto his Dixie delusions. She asks what Del said. Tad arrives just in time to hear the conversation and tells David he wants to know also.

Kendall tells Zach she went to the roof to see if she could feel a mother's love. She says Ryan feels something but she can't feel anything. Zach says the baby isn't here yet. Even so, Kendall says she doesn't know how to love this baby. She asks what's wrong with her. Zach asks if she wants him safe and happy and whether she'll do anything to make sure he has a good life. When Kendall responds yes, Zach tells her to not let anyone tell her she doesn't love this baby.

Erica goes to see Jack in his hospital room. Jack, who is wearing a neck brace, is eager to go home, but he says the doctors are being stubborn. Erica says good things come to those who wait. Jack notices something in her voice and asks her what's going on. Erica says she's just being happy. Jack says he hears relief in her voice.

Outside the room, Greg and Anita are talking when Greg sits down. He tells her he's dizzy and unbuttons his top shirt button. Anita says maybe it was a lack of breakfast.

Babe tells Amanda it was scary talking to her mother. Amanda, staring out the window, says she stood by and let everything happen. She says she's the reason her mother did what she did. Amanda says she tried to stop her mother but ran out of time. Growing teary-eyed, she says she tried to call her father. Babe tells her she's so sorry about her father. Amanda breaks down and cries in Babe's arms. Babe says Janet loved Trevor and honestly believed she could wake him up. Amanda asks who thinks like that.

Tad accuses David of swinging around Janet's brand of insanity. David asks Tad why he's so terrified of the truth. Tad suggests they find Del to see what he told David. Del comes townstairs and Tad asks Del to tell them what he said about Dixie. Del says he never said a word to David about Dixie. Tad tells David he just had a miracle land in his lap with his dauther and grandson returned safely. If he keeps this up he won't be at his daughter's wedding, Tad says. David says no one will keep him from his daughter's wedding.

JR is in little Adam's hospital room telling him that his mommy and daddy are getting married again. Dixie arrives at the hospital dressed as a doctor. She tells a guard at the door she's there to see the Chandler child. The guard says he doesn't see her name on the list of people approved to go in. Dixie says she just wants to do a quick check of his vitals. The guard lets her in. JR has just gone back into Babe's room. Brooke enters Babe's room and tells Amanda her lunch is in her room.

Dixe goes into little Adam's room and is emotional as she sees her grandson for the first time. Dixie tells him that he looks like his daddy. She introduces herself as his daddy's mommy. She says she had to see him one time before she says goodbye. She tells him she loves him and softly sings "You Are My Sunshine."

After Amanda leaves with Brook, Babe tells JR to say it before he explodes. JR asks her if she's completely nuts to forgive Amanda. Babe says her father died. JR says Amanda covered for that whack job. How could she forgive him? Babe says she thought forgiveness was what they were all about. Did he lie to all of them when he said he forgave them? JR says it wasn't easy to forgive everyone but he did. He says, though, that Amanda is not family. Babe asks him to imagine what it was like to grow up with someone like Janet. Babe asks why they have screwed up when they grew up with the best mothers.

Kendall suddenly wonders why she's there talking to Zach and having a conversation with him about her baby. It's none of his business. She has to get out of here. Zach gives her his hand and she takes it. Zach says he'll get out of her life once he gets her downstairs. Kendall says she doesn't mean that. Zach asks if she trusts him to get her downstairs and she says she trusts him just fine. She asks Zach if he's leaving town. She says she knows someone who might want his condo. He says he'll keep her posted.

After Erica leaves Jack's room she sees Greg talking to Josh. Greg suddenly grabs his heart and Josh asks him what's wrong. Greg says something is wrong.

Dixie tells little Adam it's hard to let go. She wants to remember his face. In the next room, JR tells Babe he guesses he'll have to forgive Amanda and he'll talk to her. He suggests they talk about their wedding plans. Babe says she's not the only decision maker. JR says he'll get the rest of the committee and walks toward little Adam's room.

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