AMC Update Friday 3/17/06

All My Children Update Friday 3/17/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

A delivery man arrives at Erica’s house with a small package. Erica opens the box and starts reading the instructions. It is a medication that cause cardiac arrest. While Erica is absorbed in the reading, Tad arrives and startles her. He tells her he didn’t mean to give her a heart attack. He asks what’s on her mind. Erica says she wants to talk to him about taking care of Greg Madden.

Greg goes to Kendall’s place with a packet of information about some prospective adoptive parents. He tells her these people would cherish her baby and be wonderful parents. Ryan, who has been sleeping on Kendall’s couch, awakens and overhears their conversation.

Josh is in Babe’s room bashing her decision to go back to JR. JR walks in and orders Josh to get away from his wife. Josh accuses JR of mistreating Babe. JR admits that he has done wrong but calls Josh a pathetic loser for drugging Erica and blaming Amanda.

David goes to Wildwind to confront Del. David wants Del to tell him where Dixie is. David says Dixie would love to see him. He says he’s not going anywhere until he sees Dixie. Del asks him if he’s been testing some hallucinogenic drug because he’s crazy. David tells him that this will make his book become a best seller. The ultimate twist will be Dixie is alive. David says he wants to invite Dixie back from the grave.

Dixie is looking much better as Zach gives her some medication. Someone knocks at the door of the casino guest room where Dixie is staying. Zach suggests Dixie may be too weak for this, but Dixie says she can’t put it off. Zach opens the door to Di, who figures she must be at the wrong room. Zach tells her she’s in the right room and invites her in. Di is amazed that her boss is in on this. She figures out that Zach came to Tad’s house last night to tell him about Dixie, but Dixie called him to stop him. Di asks Dixie if she changed her mind about seeing Tad or is she trying to mess with her life.

Erica tells Tad that she can’t be the only woman that Greg Madden violated. There must be some scandal they can use to get his license revoked. Tad says he dug everywhere and all he got were rave reviews. Erica won’t accept that and expresses concern that Kendall is under his care. As Erica conceals the drugs from Tad, Tad says they’ll find a way to get Kendall away from Madden eventually. Erica says she can’t wait to do that. She has to put an end to this now.

Greg tells Kendall that her baby would be the greatest gift to this couple. She could not ask for a better couple to cherish her child. Kendall tells him she’ll read the information and Greg leaves. Ryan sits up and asks Kendall what that was about. He asks her if she woke up and decided she was ready to give their son to strangers. Kendall says she hasn’t decided anything yet, but he knows she’s not the motherly type. Ryan says a lot of parents freak out before a baby comes. She needs to give herself a chance. Kendall says she needs a backup plan if his plan for her to be a mother flops. She asks him if he’s up to being a single dad. Ryan says his son deserves a mother who loves him. Kendall holds up the booklet of information on the couple and says she could be in here. She reads aloud some of the information, telling Ryan that this couple has a large home, four dogs and two cats. Ryan asks her what’s wrong with this picture. She’s touting the glories of adoption. Kendall suggests he talk to Dr. Madden about it. Ryan abruptly tells her he can’t, grabs his coat, tells her he has a meeting and leaves.

Tad tells Erica there’s only one sure way to get Kendall away from Greg. She’ll need to go public. She can go to Derek and have him file criminal charges. Erica says then the whole world would know. It would ruin Josh and her family. Tad asks how many lives is she willing to destroy. Tad says revenge will only hurt the people she loves. Erica says she’s not after Greg for revenge. Tad says if she’s considering doing something she needs to reconsider. The people she’s trying to protect will get burned. Tad leaves and Erica looks at the drugs.

Dixie accuses Di of making this about her. Dixie says she doesn’t enjoy staying away from her family, but Di doesn’t know the choices she’s had to make. Di tells her she doesn’t know because she won’t tell her. She asks Dixie why she’s here and what is Zach doing here. Dixie says she got into some trouble and Zach helped her.

JR goes to Joe and orders him to keep Josh away from his wife. JR asks why Joe hired him. Joe says he makes the staffing decisions. JR protests that Josh is the one who drugged Erica.

Ryan goes to Erica fuming. Ryan says if Madden gets his way he’ll rip his head off.

Zach leaves, telling Dixie to call him if she needs him. Di asks Dixie if there’s something wrong with her. Dixie says she wasn’t feeling well but is fine now. Dixie tells Di she knows she’s worried she’ll tell her boyfriend that she’s alive and mess up her love life. She’s made a decision and she knows what she’s going to do. Di assumes Dixie has decided to tell Tad she’s alive. She asks when she’s going to do it. Dixie only asks how her son is doing.

JR is sitting in Babe’s hospital bed with her talking about their honeymoon. Tad walks in. JR asks Tad what’s he’s doing on March 23. He says that’s little Adam’s birthday and they figure it would be a great day for their wedding. Tad says he’ll definitely be there. Tad asks if Di is invited. JR says she is.

Di tells Dixie that JR has changed and turned a corner. Dixie says she wants JR happy. Di says he’s on his way. Di tells him that JR proposed to Babe and when she told him to go to hell he realized how deeply he hurt her. He let go of all his old anger and forgave them all.

Del tells David he doesn’t know jack. David says he knows Dixie is alive. Del says he can’t tell him anything until he knows otherwise. David asks who’s going to tell him, Dixie?

Di tells Dixie that JR meant every word and even invited her to their wedding. She says she thinks JR and Babe have found the real thing. Dixie asks Di if she loves his son. Di says she does. Then Di figures that Dixie is going to leave. Dixie says she can’t show herself now that JR is happy. It could turn him bitter again. Di says Dixie won’t know unless she tells him. Di says Dixie and JR have a bond no one can match.

Ryan tells Erica that it doesn’t make sense for Kendall to be considering adoption. He wonders if Madden is brainwashing her. She’s ready to turn their son over to strangers. Erica says she’ll take care of it. Ryan asks what she means and why is she so calm. Erica says she can guarantee Madden will have no influence over Kendall or the baby.

Kendall goes to the roof of Fusion, where memories flood her mind. She thinks about Greenlee’s appreciation of her becoming a surrogate mother. She thinks about Ryan. She thinks about her own childhood with her adoptive parents. She imagines standing on the edge of the roof and almost falling over. She asks herself why she can’t connect with her child.

Erica calls Greg and asks him to come over. She needs some reassurance. When he arrives, Erica says she’s concerned about Kendall. She says Kendall is avoiding her. Greg says Kendall needs some time to rest and get over the conflict in her mind. Erica says she’s worried about her daughter, but Greg says Kendall is in perfect health. Erica says that is reassuring. She needs someone to talk to about this. She asks Greg if he’ll stay for awhile and have some tea.

David tells Del to come clean. Del says he has no secrets. He says it would be great if Dixie were alive. David says Janet Dillon saw Dixie. Del is amazed David believes her and calls Janet sick. David pretends to relent, saying he believed Janet because he wanted to believe it was true. Del says wishing it doesn’t make it so. David leaves, and says to himself that Del is tap dancing.

Dixie tells Di that if she came back into JR’s life she would hurt him and he might not recover. She says JR will want answers that she’s not ready to give him. She asks Di if she’ll love her family and take care of them. Di says she will as much as they’ll let her. Dixie hugs Di.

JR tells Babe that it will all be good from no on as long as they love each other. Amanda comes into the room wearing her hospital gown and looks at them forlornly.

Erica pours some tea for herself and Greg and hands him a cup. They toast to lasting peace.

Ryan goes to Kendall’s place and finds her gone. Kendall is still on the Fusion roof. She looks down from the tall building and remembers being hung in the hammock. She yells out for help. Zach is there and tells her he has her.

David finds Di and tells her he wants to see Dixie. Meanwhile, Tad is at the casino looking for Di. He’s headed for the room where Dixie is.

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