AMC Update Thursday 3/16/06

All My Children Update Thursday 3/16/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR is ready to give Babe a top rate hospital room with all the luxuries she could ever ask for.  She tells him all of this is great but she will probably be discharged tomorrow.  He tells her he wants to plan their wedding as soon as she is ready.  She tells him she wants to go through with it soon.  He asks her what it is that she wants.  She tells him what she wants is what he will not give to her.

Erin tells Aidan that she wants him to make love to her.  He tells her yes.

Dixie awakens in the room where Zach is letting her stay.  She asks the nurse where Zach has gone.  The nurse informs her that he’s going to find that man that she’s talking about, Tad.

Zach goes to Tad’s and tells him that somebody needs to see him.  Tad wants Zach to go away and leave him alone because he’s busy with Di.

Kendall tells Ryan she wants him to make love to her.  Dr. Madden told her that she can do it whenever she wants.  Ryan is ready to make love with her but he pulls away telling her that they cannot do this now.  He tells her if this is about the two of them, then he will take her right there and then.  She tells him that she knows she wants him.  He tells her that the thing is he does not believe that she does.  She asks him if he’s playing a game with her or does not want her.  She tells him she thinks it’s real but he pulls away again and tells her that the very last thing he wants is for her to wake up the next morning hating herself and hating him, and he’s afraid that’s what will happen.

Babe tells JR that what she wants is not in the magazines.  It’s nothing material.  What she wants is for him to be the same way he is now forever.  He asks her if she is afraid that he’s going to turn into the guy he was before.  She tells him that people are what they are and cannot always change.  She tells him that so many things have happened that cannot be forgotten.  She admits to him that she lied about her being married to Paul Cramer the first time she married him.  She admits that she should not have lied to him about that or anything else.  She asks him if it’s ok that she was married to another man and did not tell him.  He admits that he’s lied and done terrible things to her in order to keep a little girl that was not even theirs.  She admits that she lied to him that their son was dead.  He tells her he loves her, all of her, and there is nothing she can do or say that would scare him away.  She tells him that he does not know that.

Erin tells Aidan she wants to get a drink and asks him if he’s hungry.  He tells her he will have whatever she’s having.  She is busy obsessing about what to eat and drink, and she stops herself, realizing she is standing there with a completely gorgeous man and she’s talking about eating.  She tells him he must think she’s completely crazy.  He then tells her he does not believe she’s crazy.  He believes she is scared.

Kendall tells Ryan he must know that she’s not going to regret making love to him.  He tells her he does not deny what she is saying now.  He asks her if she just wants to go back in time.  She admits that she does.  She wants to go back to when they treated each other well and life was easier.  He tells her that he knows she just wants to forget about Zach.

Zach tells Tad that he wants Tad to come with him alone.  Di asks if there is a problem.  Zach tells her there is no problem.  Tad tells Zach anything he has to say, he can say in front of her.  Di asks Zach what the big emergency is.  Zach tells Di that this does not concern her.  Tad tells him he thinks it does.  He needs a witness on this.  He asks Zach who this person is who wants to see him.  Zach gets a call from Dixie who knows where he is.  She asks if he’s said anything to Tad about her.  He informs her he has not yet.  She then urges him not to tell Tad that she is there.  When Zach gets off the phone, Tad asks him who it is who wants to see him.  Zach then tells Tad that it’s nothing and nobody important and he’s sorry to have bothered him.  Zach then talks about Tad and Di making some new friends like Marty and how he knows that they are all angry at him for causing the blackout at the fertility clinic the night that Kendall was inseminated.  Di tells him he may fire her from her job at the casino if he wishes.  Zach then tells her that he will see her the next morning bright and early at the casino and he leaves.  Tad then tells Di that he’s not really concerned about what Zach wanted.  He just wants to get back to what they were doing together.  Knowing the big secret that he does not, she asks him if he’s ever thought that at some point, somebody could walk through the door.  Tad asks her if she means somebody like Zach, and she replies that she means somebody like Dixie.

Erin admits to Aidan that she is a 26 year old virgin.  Who is a virgin at 26?  She is worried about what this means.  He tells her if she’s not ready, they can wait.  He tells her it’s completely ok.  She is a strong and beautiful woman.  She then asks him if he wants to play pinball.  It looks like they both want to be intimate and spend the time together.

Babe tells JR that she wants him to trust her.  He tells her that he wants that and anything that “almost happened” does not matter.  She asks him why it’s always been so hard for them.  He tells her that the problem is that people fall in love before they find out if they trust each other.  He tells her that when he first looked into her eyes, he fell in love.  He’s had trust issues but he is in love with her and trusts her.  He tells her that he has drawn up another pre-nup.  He gives it to her to read.  She notices that it says they will get joint custody of little A if they split up.  He tells her that it’s ready to be signed and lawyers will draw it up for them.  She then tells him that she doesn’t think she can do that.

Kendall admits to Ryan that he knows her too well.  Maybe she still has issues with Zach but she tells him that maybe they can just accept their friendship as it is.  He tells her that it’s too complicated for them to just say that they are friends.  She tells him that she knows that it’s not as simple as that, and asks what would be wrong with their spending this one night together.  She admits that she cannot shake Zach so easily.  She wants Ryan to help.  He tells her that he wants to help.  She tells him that she hates Zach and wants to hate him with everything she has.  She asks Ryan how you would let go of somebody who has been the love of your life.  He tells her that he’s not certain that you can do that very easily.

Zach returns to Dixie.  He assures her that he did not reveal to Tad that she’s alive.  She tells him that she’s so sorry to have given him the idea that he had to tell Tad the big secret.  She knows she certainly is not ready to let Tad know about her.

Tad asks Di why she’d bring up Dixie at a time like this.  She tells him that she feels really guilty for what she’s done to JR.  She has wormed her way into somebody else’s family.  He tells her that she has become part of the family and has earned their love.  He also tells her that it took a lot of courage for her to stick it out after being rejected by all those people, and she shouldn’t look at the dark side of everything because there is so much to be grateful for.  He tells her he remembers that one time when she came to his office and told him if he made love to her, she would leave town.  He tells her that he hopes the offer is no longer good because he wants her to stay.  She tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him.  She’s wanted this for so long but now that she finally can have it, she doesn’t know if it’s right.  He asks her why she feels this way and asks if it is because of Dixie.  She answers yes. 

Dixie tells Zach that she is grateful to him for saving his life and for keeping her secret all this time and not asking her for anything.  He tells her he’s in no position to ask her for anything but if there’s anything she wants to confess, she may.

Kendall tells Ryan she’s sorry for using him as her “anti Zach” drug.  He then tells her what ever is going on, he can handle.  He rubs her shoulders.  She asks him if he’s not all freaked out at her throwing herself at him.  He tells her he’s experienced that before and he’s ok with it.  He then acknowledged to her that they’ve been a couple.  They’ve been just friends and they’ve been enemies.  He thinks they’ve done it all.  She acknowledges that they’ve had some pretty amazing moments.  She asks him if he’s being nice to her in order to get her to sign over the co-parenting rights.  He tells her he wants to teach their kid patience.  She asks him if she thinks that the kid will get patience from her.  He tells her no way.  She says she hopes he gets Ryan’s directness.  They go on talking about how their son will have a combination of both of their qualities.

Dixie tells Zach that he’s been really good to her.  She feels indebted to him.  She asks him if, when he went to Tad’s, he found Tad alone.  Zach admits to her that Tad was not alone.

Tad tells Di that he loved Dixie with all of his heart but he realizes that she is gone.  He also knows that if she were really alive, she’d have come back by now.

Zach asks Dixie if she is still in love with Tad.  She tells him that she realizes that Di is in love with him and wants to have him.  She cannot blame her.  Di believes that Dixie has turned her back on Tad and JR and Jamie and everybody who ever loved her.  Zach asks Dixie what she believes.  She tells him that it doesn’t really matter since she does not have a say in the matter.

Tad tells Di that they are not so different; the two of them, and now it’s just the two of them.  He tells her he wants her to want him.  He kisses her.

Babe tells JR that a pre-nup implies that a divorce will happen.  She doesn’t want it to happen.  He tells her it’s just a paper and it offers her protection.  She tells him that she does not want or need a paper for protection.  She does not want to go into this marriage anticipating that it’s going to fail.  She wants to have faith and be able to trust and be trusted.  He tells her he wants to give that to her every day they are together.  She tells him that he gave her all of that when they first met on that pier.  She was so lost.  She thought she got everything she needed by being with him but she found that that did not happen.  He then admits to her that he was lost, also, but is not lost anymore.

Aidan is kissing Erin while she is playing pinball and it seems she feels a rush just like a sexual encounter.  She then turns to him and silently confirms that she is ready to make love to him.  He carries her to his bed.

Dixie tells Zach that she’s not certain if she can keep “doing it.”  He asks her what she means.  She tells him she means staying away from JR and Jamie and Tad.  She fell in love with Tad when she was only 18.  You’d think that somebody could not find love that young but she did.  They broke up and got back together many times and had many problems but the truth is, Tad will always be in her heart.  She tells Zach that she hates not being able to let them know the truth.  She apologizes to Zach for giving him such a hard time about forgiveness.  She believes she was a hypocrite to tell him that about his life when she lacks the courage to face her own life.  She tells him that maybe Di is right.  Maybe she is a cowardly fool who cannot go on living.

At Tad’s house, the lights are off he’s carrying Di to his bed.

Kendall tells Ryan that she hopes their son will inherit his sense of humor.  She jokes about his personality but also tells him she doesn’t think the kid should get Ryan’s looks.  He notices a book about parenting and about babies’ growth.  She admits that Greenlee gave it to her and she has not had a chance to read it.  He tells her that he’s noticed that it’s incredible how much babies grow in their first year of life.  He seems really impassioned and enthused about the whole thing.  She then tells him that she wishes she had this quality that he has where he’s so positive about having a new life.

At this point, we hear love songs.  Aidan is with Erin.  JR and Babe are together.  Kendall and Ryan have not had sex but are happily together.  And Tad and Di are together.  Only Dixie and Zach are by themselves without the respective loves of their lives.  Right then, Dixie gets on the phone to call Di.  She tells her that she’s ready to make her presence known.  After Di has been with Tad, she’s not ready to take that call and she hangs up on Dixie.

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