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Ryan comes to Kendall’s at night.  She tells him that she needs to get some sleep because she’s had a lousy day and even lousier evening, she needs sleep.  She holds the door open for Ryan.  He tells her he’s not going anywhere.  She tells him that she remembers him telling her that he would help her through her pregnancy, so he needs to know that the pregnant lady needs her rest.  He tells her he’s not going anywhere until he says what he has to say.

Doctors are treating Dixie at Zach’s hotel.  She is delirious.  The doctors tell Zach that the antibiotics may or may not work and they might have to take her to a hospital in order to cure her of her fever.

At the bowling alley, Tad, Di, Aidan and Erin are socializing.  The women then decide that maybe they should bowl a game of boys against girls.

Lily meets Jonathan up at the tree house.  He tells her that there is an important reason that he called her.  He asks her to open the basket with cheese and olives and other goodies.  He tells her he made certain not to have any red in the basket and there is something else very important about this basket that he prepared for her.

The doctors tell Zach that it’s unlikely that Dixie will die but they strongly suggest she go to a hospital.

At Kendall’s, she asks Ryan what it is that he has to say, realizing that asking him is the only way to get rid of him.  He then tells her that he wants to keep their child.

Dixie asks Zach to tell her the truth.  Is she going to die?  She tells him she remembers hearing the doctors saying that nobody could have survived an accident like the one she was in.  He reminds her that that was a long time ago and she survived her accident and she will survive this.  She tells him that doctors all lie.  She looks to be drifting in and out of clarity and believes she is still recovering from her car accident in Europe.  She tells him she’s afraid she’s not going to make it.  She has a terrible fever.  He tells her that dying is what cowards do.  A wise woman told him that.  You have to embrace life, hang on to it and fight.

At the bowling alley, the four people are competing and keeping score.  Aidan bowls first and scores well.  Erin is up next to bowl.  Di encourages her to not listen to the guys and to believe she can beat them.  She scores well also.

Jonathan informs Lily that he got an orderly job at the hospital.  She tells him that is great.  He tells her the most important thing is they caught the chameleon lady.  They caught Janet Dillon and she’s in jail so that means is that he is in the clear.  All the people who accused him of all those crimes will now know that he is innocent.  Janet did all those crimes.  Hearing that, Lily admits that she is really mad at that Janet Dillon woman.  She really dislikes her not only for the terrible things she did but also for setting Jonathan up to get blamed for it.  She is the reason they had to sneak out in order to see each other and why her dad and brother and so many others hated Jonathan.  He tells her that he dislikes Janet also but he realizes she has serious problems like he did, and he feels sorry for her more than anything else.  Lily tells him that she realizes that Jonathan had a brain tumor and is better now but Janet Dillon did not have a brain tumor.  She was just crazy and evil and wanted to hurt people.  He tells her that he believes that Janet only had good intentions and wanted to protect the people she loves.  Suddenly, Lily tells Jonathan she has to go now.

Ryan tells Kendall that he knows he has bad history and has wondered if he’d ever be fit to be a father but he now knows that he can put all those bad memories in the past and he can be a good father.  She does not speak.  He asks her to please say something.  She tells him she will think about it but he’d better think about it too.  He tells her he will.  She tells him if he thinks that fatherhood is all one big picnic and baseball games and fun, he’s wrong.  She asks him just what his plan is.

Dixie asks Zach about Kendall.  Doesn’t he love her?  He tells her of course he loves Kendall, but it may never work between them because he’s done things that are unforgivable.  She asks him why he wants to give up.  Does he want to be forgiven or does he not believe that he’s worthy of it?  He evades the question and tells her he will get her some water.

Kendall tells Ryan that she suspects that Julia put him up to this idea about fatherhood.  He tells her it has nothing to do with Julia.  She tells him that she’s concerned about his wanting to raise his own child but not knowing how.  Is there any substance behind it?  He tells her that he admits that he was not certain if he should or how to be a father but after spending a lot of time and giving it a lot of thought, he’s really come to realize that this kid is special to him.  This is going to be a beautiful person.  He will have both of their physical features and great qualities but he won’t be affected by the negativity in their lives because he will be a down-to-earth little guy.  He will understand all about what it will be like to live for the moment.  He will be a great kid.  She should see that he would want him around because he will be the very best of Kendall and the best of himself.  So how could he want to miss out on that?  Hearing that, Kendall is stunned.  She tells Ryan that now she’s discovered that Ryan does not want to raise the baby alone but he wants to raise him with her.

Jonathan asks Lily where she has to go.  Why does she have to leave?  Lily tells him that he has disagreed with her.  He believes that Janet Dillon is not responsible for her actions.  She believes that Janet is and she should be punished so she tells Jonathan that they can no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend.  He tells her that just because they had one little disagreement doesn’t mean they have to end their relationship.  She tells him that if they disagree then they must both want to change the other’s opinion.  She knows that is the case with her father.  And she knows she will not change her opinion of Janet to match Jonathan’s.  She knows all too well all the tension she feels toward her father and how angry he is at the fact that they disagree about her seeing Jonathan and disagreements cause tension.  Jonathan tells Lily that they don’t have to break up because of that.

At the bowling alley, Tad discovers that he needs more practice.  He gives many excuses, for example, he tells the women that he needs to meditate, he tells them that he’s wearing the wrong shoes and the wrong clothing.  He then suggests that perhaps the guys let them win.  He and Di then go home to leave Aidan and Erin alone.

Dixie is delirious and talking.  Zach asks her if she can hear him.  She then awakens and asks him what he is doing there.  He tells her he’s taking care of her.  She tells him he has to go and ask somebody to forgive him.  He tells her that he must go to Kendall.  She needs him.

Kendall asks Ryan if he has not given any thought to his plans with the baby.  He admits that he is running on pure emotion.  She tells him this is really great.  He asks her if any parent believes that they have all the answers.  He tells her that for the first time in a long time, he is really clear about what he wants.  He asks her if she does not believe it’s a good idea.  She tells him it’s not that but she does not see the baby’s face like he does and she does not feel connected to him.  He tells her that when they were trapped after the explosion, she told him that she associated this baby with the blackout and with Zach’s betrayal, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

While Dixie is delirious with fever, Zach urges her to get some rest.  She answers, “Tad, Tad, Tad.”

Ryan tells Kendall that the two of them are going to be holding their son in a matter of months, and when he gets there, it’s not going to matter in the slightest to him how he was conceived.  What is going to matter to him is somebody taking care of him, feeding him and keeping him safe.  Their son is going to count on somebody giving him the best.  He tells her that she may not feel it right now but she is the best thing that has ever happened to that kid.  He tells her that maybe she won’t be doing the charity events, the PTA meetings and the soccer games because maybe it’s not her style but he does see her riding bicycles with her son in Spain and being there for him.  She cries and tells him that she wishes she could feel what he feels.  Then, maybe, she would not be such a cold-hearted wench.  He tells her that he understands how, after losing Zach and losing Greenlee, and remembering how he faked his death, that she has reservations and that is completely understandable, but he knows that she has what it takes to be a mother.  He tells her that he will be there for her and for their child.  Hearing that, she tells him that she has just seen the old Ryan.  The person he was before he turned into such a colossal ass.  She tells him that he’s finally come back.

Jonathan tells Lily that they should not have to break up just because they disagree on some things.  She asks if they can still be boyfriend girlfriend even if they disagree.  He tells her that they can agree to disagree.  She asks if that means that she can still be his girlfriend.  He tells her yes.  That is what he means.

Dixie is talking about Tad and Katie.  Zach asks her who Katie is.  He asks if she is their baby.

Di is back with Tad at his home showing him the techniques for holding the bowling ball.  He holds onto her and tells her perhaps she needs to show him one more time but he’s not paying attention to her bowling instructions.  It seems he has something else on his mind.  He kisses her.

Erin and Aidan return to his office.  She talks about her bowling team, all the people and the weird shirts.  She then stops herself, realizing that she is a real “turn on” to him babbling about bowling.  He tells her that he finds it very sexy.  She asks if what she talked about was just a little over the top.  He tells her that he feels charmed and if he wanted a different her, he’d be out there looking for her.  He kisses her.

After discovering the Ryan she knew and loved, she asks him why he stayed away for so long.  He tells her he’s not certain.  He dealt with all the demons involving his brothers and father.  He tells her that he realizes he may never be completely back to the old Ryan but he’s familiar with the way things are.  She tells him she understands that all too well.  She knows that past memories are only familiar but they always change.  Even when Bianca and Miranda came home for Christmas, she knew that things are never going to be completely the same as they were.  He asks her if she understands what he is saying.  She tells him she thinks he does.  She kisses him.

Dixie tells Zach that she has to find Tad and tell him everything.

Ryan tells Kendall he did not expect that (her kissing him).  She tells him that impulses are very impulsive.  He tells her that she got mad when he kissed her.  She says she knows but now she wants him to do it again.  She asks him to make love to her.

Jonathan recites a poem to Lily about how she was there for him, always had faith in him, fought for him and protected his freedom.  She then tells him that they should declare a holiday called Jonathan’s freedom day but she tells him she has to get home before Reggie wonders where she is.  He tells her that he hates that she has to sneak out and then rush home and he hopes that some day, that will change.

Erin tells Aidan that she wants “more.”  He assumes she’s talking about wanting to kick his butt at a sport again but she tells him she wants more of him.  She wants to make love to him.

The nurse Zach has hired takes Dixie’s temperature and confirms that her fever has broken and she will be ok.  Dixie wonders where Zach has gone.

Tad and Di are on his couch getting it on.  Right then, there’s a knock on the door.  He is very frustrated.  Zach is standing at Tad's door.

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