AMC Update Tuesday 3/14/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/14/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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At the hospital, JR does not believe his father when he hears Adam telling him that he is willing to pay for JR and Babe’s wedding.  Adam tells JR that he may not understand why he’d want to marry her but he realizes that love is not easily understood by anybody.  JR tells his father that he is going to make it work for himself, Babe and little A for life.

In Babe’s hospital room, she tells her mother she’s going to remarry JR.  Krystal asks her if she is really serious and really trusts JR.  Babe tells her mother that she still loves him but realizes that there is no guarantee that it will work.  She tells her that whatever will happen between her and JR, she plans to have a life with her son.

Erica tells Josh that she does not believe that he is qualified to be a doctor.

Julia tells Ryan that she knows that Kendall is very upset after having heard that Julia wants to adopt Kendall and Ryan’s baby.  She tells him that she did not mean to cause any damage but if there’s anything he needs in the way of the baby, she wants to help.  He then reveals to her that although he does not know what Kendall intends to do, he does not think he can give his son up for adoption.

Meanwhile, Kendall is telling Dr. Madden that she has no idea what to do.  She resents Julia wanting to raise the baby and having more rights than she would to the baby she gives birth to.  She admits that she does not know what would be right, and perhaps she should just give the baby away.

Ryan tells Julia if he and Kendall were to choose to put their son up for adoption, she (Julia) would be his first choice.  Julia tells Ryan she believes he will make a great dad.  He tells her he realizes that he never had a role model while growing up and will be starting from scratch.  She tells him she knows that he will be able to learn, and she asks him about Kendall.  He admits to her that when he and Kendall were stuck together in the explosion, he felt the baby kick, and right then, he saw his son.

Kendall tells Dr. Madden that the thought of that bitch raising her baby is too much for her, and it’s not just Julia and her opinion of her.  It’s all of the complications involved in having the baby and not knowing what to do.  She knows the whole deal about herself being adopted.  She was so angry at her adopted parents and Erica and at God.  She does not want her baby to doubt himself and wonder where he came from but she’s afraid it’s too late.  Dr. Madden assures her that she’s already done everything she can to take care of the baby.  She says that may be but there is no love.  She thought perhaps she’d feel some sort of glow or motherly instinct.  Dr. Madden tells her that everybody experiences motherhood differently.  Hearing that, Kendall says she knows what she saw observing Greenlee as an expectant mother.  She knows that Bianca has what it takes to be a mother, and even Babe Carey, who’s one step above a worm, is a better mother than she believes she could be.  She cries.

Erica tells Josh that he may feel that he has very limited options for living in Pine Valley.  She informs him that he’s not the only person who feels his life is too limited.  When they were stuck together in the explosion, she remembered herself when she was young, seeing that there was nothing for her in a little town like that.  She tells him she knows that medicine is not going to take him where he wants to go.  He tells her to open her eyes, watch and learn.  She tells him that it is he who must open his eyes, watch and learn.  Joe Martin is an example of a successful doctor, she tells him.  He works all day, puts in extra time.  He has many exhausting, thankless responsibilities.  He does not have a glamorous or cushy lifestyle.  Josh tells her he knows that being a doctor is very glamorous.  Erica tells Josh that she was once married to a doctor; Joe Martin’s son (although he does not tells Josh anything more about that).  She tells him that she tried and failed to fit into that lifestyle.  She tells him that medicine is a great life but only for the right people.  It’s not for everybody.  Hearing that, Josh tells her that if her marriage to a doctor failed, she needs to save her speech and realize that his life is different.  She tells him that he can dismiss her or despise her or do whatever he wants but he must listen and realize that there is nothing for him in this field but regret.  Hearing that, Josh tells her that she must assume that the two of them are so much alike.  Erica replies by telling him that is true, more than he knows.

Adam admits to JR that he is in love with Krystal.  JR asks if that’s true even after all the crud she’s pulled.  Adam admits he loves Krystal because of all the crud she’s pulled.  He cannot get enough of her, and he knows that Krystal will admit that she loves him too.

Krystal tells Babe that marrying JR will cause her nothing but trouble.  Babe admits to her mother that her original plan for marrying him was solely to get little A but things have changed and she believes that they can have a real marriage.  Krystal then asks her daughter after JR has “sicced” his dogs on her when she was stuck in the cabin with Janet, does she still believes she can have a future with him?  Babe admits that she was pretty angry at him for that but still plans to marry him.  She believes he was sincere when he apologized, asked for her forgiveness and told her he forgives people for what they’ve done to him.  She does not want to wait any more.  Being stuck in that place with Janet taught her something, and she realizes that being with her little boy involves giving him the best family he has with a mama and a daddy.  Krystal tells her that that will work until the next time JR yanks away her rights and does something terrible.  Babe tells her mother that she really wants to give this marriage a shot.  She believes that JR was sincere when he told her he wanted her forgiveness and is ready to forgive her and the others who have hurt him.  She also realizes that it’s entirely possible that JR will turn against her.  If that happens, she knows what she’s going to do.  She will divorce him and claim her rights to her child.  Krystal tells her daughter that she can hear that she has all her plans mapped out but there’s one little complication that is very obvious.  Babe is still in love with JR.  Babe admits to her mother that that is true.  She is.

Ryan tells Julia that when he felt Kendall’s belly when they were stuck together after the explosion, he felt a flash of life.  He saw a 6-year-old boy playing sports, and the boy looked up at him beaming.  He was able to see that the boy just lost a tooth and the new one was not yet coming in.  This was a real person.  It was his son.

Kendall tells Dr. Madden that her baby deserves the best home he can have.  He reminds her that there are loving adoptive parents.  She tells him that her adoptive parents were loving parents, but that’s not the point.  She felt unwanted and abandoned and is afraid the same thing will happen to her child.  He tells her that there are many adoptive families who can give her child a quality life.  She tells him that she still has no clue as to what to do.  He reminds her that the two of them created this child, not for her to keep.  It was an act of love and it was for Greenlee.  He tells her that he works with infertile couples who are desperate to have children, and, sometimes, being able to adopt is a Godsend for them.  That could very well be the child that she created.  It could be a gift for somebody.

Krystal asks Babe if she’s really sure that she wants to commit to JR.  Babe tells her mother that she knows the risks involved, and she knows that maybe JR won’t be able to fulfill all her dreams, but she wants to give it a shot regardless.  Krystal tells her she’s very worried she will get her heart broken.  JR then comes in to talk to Babe and Krystal goes outside and sees Adam.  Adam notices her crying and asks her what is wrong.

JR tells Babe that it’s time for him to start making it up to her.  He then shows her the ring that he gave to her before and he admits that when he first considered giving it to her, he lied when he told her he bought it for another woman who is worthy of his love.  He admits to her that he was too proud to admit that he only wanted to give it to her.  He tells her that he will understand if she does not want it.  She tells him she wants it and really appreciates that he is coming clean now by admitting that he lied about the other woman.  And she hugs him.

Julia asks Ryan just where he would see himself and Kendall after the baby was born if they were both in his life.

Dr. Madden tells Kendall that he knows of many couples who would be very willing and able to adopt her child.  He tells her if she chooses adoption, he can promise her to give her child to a loving family.

Erica finds Kendall talking to Dr. Madden, informs her she’s been looking all over for her, asks her if she’s ready to leave and reminds her that it’s been a long day.  Dr. Madden asks Kendall to think about what he’s saying.  Alone with Kendall, Erica asks her daughter why she’s talking to that man.  She asks her if Ryan has talked to her.  Kendall tells her mother that she realizes she (Erica) does not like Dr. Madden.  But she (Kendall) does not have a problem with him.  Erica tells her daughter that there are many thing things about Greg Madden that she does not know.  Kendall tells her mother that she plans to have Greg as her doctor throughout the pregnancy.  It is solely her choice and her mother will not change her mind for her.

Julia tells Ryan that she believes that he would make a great father.  He tells her that she would make a great mother.  She tells him that there are no offers at this time for a father to her baby.  He then asks her if she’s heard anything about Dr. Madden.  She says she hasn’t heard anything special about him.  She then tells him she has to get back to work as Erica and Kendall walk by.  He asks Kendall if she is ready to leave with him.  She tells him she is ready to leave with her mother, without him, and there is nothing to talk about.  Ryan wants to talk but Kendall refuses.  Alone, Julia cries.  She then turns around to see Josh standing behind her.

Babe tells JR that he’s already asked and she’s already said yes.  He tells her that that was in front of an audience.  He tells her that he is totally in love with her and totally committed to her.  He asks her, realizing they are now alone, if she is ready to commit to being with him and trusting him to help her give little Adam the best family he can have.

Krystal expresses to Adam that she is very upset.  This is too much to take.  She knows that her daughter is in love with JR.  After all they’ve been through, they are still in love.  She tells him that she hates it when he’s right.  She cannot fight it or deny it or ignore it anymore.  She admits to Adam that she loves him.

JR informs Babe that he arranged, with Joe Martin, for her to have a recovery suite where he and little Adam can be close by.  She tells him that that will give her a comfortable place to sleep.  He tells her he plans to do a lot more with her than sleep.  He also informs her that his dad has agreed to spring for their wedding.  Hearing that, Babe tells JR that she cannot believe that Adam would remotely approve of their wedding, much less support and pay for it.  JR tells her it’s true that he will whether she believes it or not.  He tells her that Adam is in love with Krystal.  Babe tells JR that she cannot believe that his father is in love with her mother.

Adam tells Krystal that with all they have been through they have tested each other and are now stronger for it.  He tells her that they have a real marriage.  He asks her to look into his eyes and tell him that she will give their marriage a chance.

JR is making plans with Babe, about having bows and festivities and gourmet caterers.  It’s all for their love.  He wants her to trust and depend on him and to know that he swears on his love for her and his son that he is committed to them.

Josh notices Julia crying and tells her he’s surprised to see that she has emotions.  He figured her to be a cold, antisocial person.  She tells him she figured him to be a shallow egotistical jerk, and she hopes that he can prove her wrong if he’s going to practice medicine in this hospital.

Alone in her home with her laptop, Erica is determined to get the goods on Dr. Greg Madden.

Josh tells Julia that he needs somebody to assist him and wonders if she has what it takes. 

Adam tells Krystal that he is not a patient man.  She cannot make him wait.  She then admits that she loves him and she kisses him.  He calls her Mrs. Chandler and tells her she’s just made him the happiest man in the world.

JR tells Babe that he plans to make this the best life for them and for little A.

Kendall is alone at home.  Ryan walks in.  She asks him why he’s there and what does he not understand about her not wanting to talk or be in the same room, or town or zip code with him.  He tells her they need to talk and explore options.  She tells him if he wants to “explore” Julia, he must do that without this baby.  He tells her that their child needs parents and they need to decide just who those parents are going to be.

Dr. Greg Madden is on the phone informing prospective adoptive parents that he knows of a young mother who might have a baby for them.

Erica is then reliving her history with Greg taking her “baby” from her.  She affirms that Greg Madden will not take any more babies from the Kane women.

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