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Written By Lori
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In her hospital room, Erica tells Ryan that Greg can’t be trusted to take care of Kendall during her pregnancy. Ryan asks why. Erica doesn’t want to give Ryan specifics, but says that Greg cannot touch Kendall. She asks for Ryan’s help. Ryan says Kendall likes Greg. Erica says Kendall doesn’t know the truth about him.

Kendall is stunned to hear Julia say at the hospital that she wants to adopt her baby. Kendall tells Julia she has an incredible ability to overlook the past. Julia says she needs to be an adult when it comes to having a child. Julia asks Kendall if she’s seriously considering letting her adopt her baby.

David has Janet by the throat in her jail cell, ordering her to tell him everything she knows about Dixie. She agrees to help and he lets go of her. Janet then asks why she would tell him anything. David says he can help her. She has no one else who will listen to her. He hands her a chocolate bar, which she devours. She says people loved Dixie because she is a blonde. David says she was loved because she didn’t kidnap babies and their mothers. He asks if she is sure she saw Dixie at the ball. Janet says she did because Dixie put her mask down for a minute. When David presses her for details, Janet doesn’t give a straight answer. A frustrated David gives up and walks out.

Jamie runs into Tad and Di at the hospital and informs them that Babe is fine. Di wants to go see her but Tad stops her, saying he needs to speak to her. Di thinks about what Janet said about Dixie and asks Tad if she should be worried. Tad kids her, saying she should be petrified. Tad tells Di that it’s high time they focused on the magic moments of life. He puts a long-stem rose in his teeth and takes Di into his arms and starts dancing with her.

Babe, from her hospital bed, tells JR that she wouldn’t marry him if he were the last man on earth. JR says they love each other. Babe says love requires trust. While she was fighting for her life, he was out for her blood. Krystal informs Babe that JR held her hostage at gunpoint, which stuns her. Krystal says not even JR’s own father could set him straight. JR sits speechless as he listens to Babe and Krystal lambaste him. Krystal tells her daughter that JR sent out the troops after her because she was expendable. JR quietly tells them everything they are saying is right. He is wrong and he’s been wrong about a lot of things. He says he’s sorry. He was scared. Babe says he better not think he’s going to walk on this one. JR looks defeated, and tells Babe she’s right again. He’ll get out of her way. He walks out. Adam follows him and asks him if he’s going to give up. Adam says Babe wouldn’t be this upset if she didn’t care about him. JR says he lost his family and it’s his fault. Josh, who is nearby, approaches and tells JR that Babe wised up.

Erica tells Ryan there are things about Greg that Kendall doesn’t know. Ryan says he doesn’t know them either. Erica says she needs to spare both of them the painful facts. She says she would kill to protect Kendall. She asks Ryan not to question her but just to trust her. She asks that he get Kendall away from that lunatic Madden before he ruins his life. Ryan says he’ll do anything to protect Kendall and their child.

Without letting on that this is news to her, Kendall questions Julia about what Ryan said when she approached him about the adoption. Julia says Ryan told her he originally planned to wait to discuss with her, but she’s glad that he has. Julia notices Kendall’s growing agitation and asks her what’s wrong. She tells Kendall she doesn’t seem glad about this. Kendall says she’s just under stress. Julia says she’s happy she’s willing to talk about the adoption. She wants to tell Kendall why she would be a good mother to Ryan’s baby. Kendall interrupts... Ryan’s baby? Julia corrects herself, saying Ryan and Kendall’s baby. Kendall says that was an interesting slip of the tongue.

Tad tells Di that he wants to see where their relationship goes. Di reminds him that he owes her a date. JR walks in on them and tells them that Babe is ticked off at him. Tad says he can’t blame her. JR says he won’t disagree with that. Tad is surprised to hear JR admit he’s wrong. JR asks the two of them for their help.

Babe tells Krystal that while she was fighting for her life JR was printing wanted posters. Krystal says they will be able to fry JR on multiple felonies. They can grind him into the dust. She asks Babe if she’s with her.

Erica goes into see Jack in his hospital room and is pleasantly surprised to see he is awake. She says all other times she’s been into see him he is sleeping. She tells him she learned some shocking and incredible information. Jack says he already knows. Erica is surprised and asks Jack if someone told him. Jack says he saw it himself. He saw Jonathan kissing Lily at the ball. Jack says he has to stop Jonathan from being near Lily. He asks Erica to let him know what happens. Erica promises and tells him he needs his rest. She walks out of Jack’s room and sees Greg. She excuses herself and doesn’t talk to him.

Jonathan goes to Janet’s jail cell. He asks Janet why she went after him. What did he do to her? She doesn’t even know him. Janet walks meekly to him and says she just wants to do right by people, but the harder she tries the worse she does. Jonathan takes her hand and says he knows exactly how she feels.

Julia tells Kendall that when she first went to Ryan he admitted he had mixed feelings about his son. Julia told him he could call all the shots. Kendall questions why she would not get to call any shots since she’s the one delivering the baby. Ryan enters the picture and sees the two women beginning an argument. He tries to settle them down. Kendall confronts him, saying she hears he’s working on a joint project with Julia to raise her baby. Kendall asks Ryan when he planned to tell her. Julia realizes that Kendall pulled one over on her, and tells Ryan that Kendall claimed to know about this. Ryan tells Kendall he was going to tell her everything. Kendall says she was an idiot to give him parental rights and she plans to take them away as soon as possible. Ryan tells Julia he needs to talk to Kendall in private and Julia walks away. Ryan tells Kendall he’s just trying to protect her. Kendall insists she doesn’t need his protection. All she needs is herself. She storms off.

JR brings Tad, Di and Jamie into Babe’s room. Krystal asks them what’s going on. JR says he asked them to come in and listen to him. He tells Babe that he knows it would take a miracle to win her back, but that she has put a hand print on his soul. JR admits he has never been capable of giving her the love and trust she needs, but he would like to try. He says he’s been angry for too long and he wants that to stop. He says he can’t ask for forgiveness if he won’t forgive. He turns to Krystal and tells her he forgives her. Krystal tells him he has some nerve. JR continues, saying he forgives her for switching the DNA tests on his son. He asks her to forgive him for disrespecting her beautiful daughter and for every vindictive move he’s made that she didn’t deserve. JR turns to Jamie and says he forgives him for sleeping with his wife and running off with his baby. He tells Jamie that it’s worthless to hold a grudge. He tells Jamie that he is his brother and used to be his best friend. He says if Babe would take him back he wants Jamie to be his best man. Jamie says he’ll think about it. JR turns to Tad and says he has blamed him for so much. He’s tired of being angry. To Di, he forgives her for posing as his mother. Di says she doesn’t deserve forgiveness. JR says if she doesn’t he doesn’t either. He thanks Di for always coming back to him. David walks in and asks if this is a revival meeting. Adam tells David to get out, but JR tells him to stay. He has something to say to David. JR tells David he forgives him. “Excuse me?” David replies. JR tells him he forgives him for seducing his mother and breaking up her marriage, taking her away from him. David asks if he’s out of his freaking mind. JR says he’s not going to waste his life on this grudge anymore. He says he hopes they all forgive him, especially Babe. He tells Babe he cares about her more than life itself. He begs her to forgive him and marry him. He asks to let him spend his lifetime making it up to her. She looks at him, tearfully says yes, and they embrace.

Erica tells Joe that it would destroy Josh’s life if he knew the truth. Joe says the Martin family would welcome him. He says he wants his grandson in his life. Erica calls him self-centered, saying Josh’s father is deranged and destructive. Joe says that’s all the more reason to give Josh some positive influence. Erica says if Greg does anything to hurt Kendall, she’ll hold Joe personally responsible.

Josh goes into Erica’s room to escort her out of the hospital. She tells him he really doesn’t know what’s happening. Maybe someone should enlighten him.

Ryan runs after Kendall, who slips into a room. She finds herself in Greg Madden’s office and he is there to comfort her. He asks her what’s wrong. She says everything is wrong. She cries and embraces him. Greg asks her to let him help her.

Tad asks Di out to dinner and she accepts. He kisses her.

JR leaves Babe’s room and is followed by Adam, who promises to give he and Babe the best wedding he can.

Inside Babe’s room, Krystal says she’s not buying JR’s act. She asks Babe if she has forgiven him and really plans to marry him.

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