AMC Update Friday 3/10/06

All My Children Update Friday 3/10/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the fishing cabin, JR goes ballistic when Janet tells him his mother Dixie is still alive. JR and Tad insist to Janet that Dixie is dead. Janet says Dixie was alive at the Mardi Gras ball and looked good. She says if she hadn’t blown up the party she might have revealed herself.

Erica is ready to check out of the hospital. Josh, dressed as a doctor, walks in with a man holding a video camera. Erica says she doesn’t want to be on any camera. Josh says he’s taping a documentary about his internship. Erica says he better not use her in it. Josh stands in front of the camera and delivers a short sound bite. Erica tells him he if’s not careful his medical career will fade faster than his TV career. Josh tells Erica it was nice knowing her and walks out with the cameraman. Erica peaks outside her hospital room door and is dismayed to see Kendall and Ryan with Greg Madden. The two are talking to Greg about the baby’s kicks, and Greg pats Kendall’s tummy.

Zach brings Dixie to a guest room at his casino and tells her she can stay as long as she wants. Dixie is weak and almost falls before Zach catches her and carries her to the bed.

Janet declares that she must have ruined Dixie’s surprise. She tells the gathered crowd they should feel like suckers. She claims again that Dixie is alive and likely stalking them. JR lunges for Janet until Tad manually stops him and tells him that Janet is insane and he shouldn’t listen to her. JR verbally threatens Janet. She tells him that Dixie raised him better than that. She says any mother with a son like him would rather stay dead.

Erica approaches Kendall, Ryan and Greg. Kendall and Ryan are there to take her home. Erica asks that they go retrieve her release papers. Once alone with Greg, Erica asks if they can talk in her room. Once in the room, Erica tells him she doesn’t like what’s happened between them as a result of who Josh is. Erica asks Greg to help her get Josh to leave the hospital. Greg says he can’t do that because Josh will never leave. Erica says she refuses to believe nothing can be done to get him out.

In the hospital lobby, Joe orders the cameraman with Josh to leave and not do anymore filming. Josh tells Joe that the camera is there to shoot a short video for the hospital website. He says it will be an important publicity tool and will show the public what they do there. Their conversation is interrupted by a flurry of emergency workers who bring Babe in on a gurney. Babe is taken into a room and Josh tries to take charge of Babe’s treatment but Julia won’t let him. Joe takes little Adam to be checked.

Tad has to hold JR back from attacking Janet, who continues spouting off. Jamie tells Janet to lay off. JR orders Janet to stop using his mother to stick it to him. Janet says Dixie probably saw JR behaving badly and took off. Amanda pleads with her mother to stop talking and hurting people. She tells her she’s not making sense. Janet says Dixie likely will come forward if her ex weren’t jumping the Dixie wannabe, referring to Di. Janet tells Derek he can take her to prison, but asks that he take little Adam away from the sick immoral people who have him. JR breaks loose from Tad’s grip and moves toward Janet. He tells her he’s going to save the state a trial and take her out himself. Derek takes Janet away and a tearful Amanda says she needs to find her dad. Adam tells JR not to listen to what Janet said. David asks Di what she thinks about what Janet claimed about Dixie. Di tells him that desperate sick people will say anything. Di says Janet is just trying to rip JR’s heart out.

Amanda tells Aidan and Tad that if they know anything about her dad they have to tell her. Tad says he would do anything not to have to tell her this, but Trevor didn’t make it. A stunned Amanda asks if her mother killed her father, breaking into sobs. She says her mother loves her father and would not hurt him. There must be a mistake. She asks where her father is. She starts to go inside the cabin but Jamie tells her not to do this and blocks the door. He asks that she come with him. Amanda orders Jamie to move and not stop her. Jamie looks at Tad, who quietly nods. Jamie steps aside and Amanda walks into the cabin, calling for her father. She sees the freezer and tentatively opens it. She is horrified to see her father’s frozen body. She screams and cries and Jamie picks her up and carries her out. Tad tells Aidan that Trevor was a good man who deserved a lot better than this. Aidan asks Tad how he’s doing after hearing what Janet said about Dixie. Tad says Janet cannot be believed.

Zach has a woman tending to Dixie, who has an infection as a result of her gunshot wound. Dixie asks Zach if there’s any news about Babe and her grandson. Zach tells her that they are in the hospital.

Babe is unconscious in a hospital room. Joe brings little Adam to Krystal and tells her that he is fine. Adam and JR approach and JR wants Krystal to give him his son. Krystal says she would rather hand her grandson over to Janet Dillon and tells JR he should be locked in a cell with that other nut job.

Derek brings Janet to a jail cell. She calls it her refuge and her solitude. Derek tells her he contracted legal aid to get her a lawyer. Janet says she doesn’t need a lawyer, she’s married to one. Derek tells her that Trevor loved her. Why did she kill him? Janet looks confused, asking “kill him?” Derek says it’s a damn shame and a damn waste.

Julia goes to Krystal, Adam and JR and tells them that Babe is coming to. JR goes inside her room. Babe slowly wakes up, calling out for little Adam. She suddenly screams that her son be kept safe. JR reassures her that she and little Adam are safe and Janet has been arrested. Krystal brings little Adam into Babe, who is thrilled to see him. Babe takes her son and calls him brave. Krystal, glaring at JR, says she won’t let anyone take her son from her again. David peaks into the room but quickly leaves.

Kendall brings Erica her release papers and asks what she talked about with Greg. Erica tells her nothing, but questions Kendall why she wants to keep Greg on as her OB-GYN. Kendall says it’s settled and he is her doctor. Erica backs down, telling Kendall she was a little unnerved seeing Greg with her and seeing Josh in the hospital with his camera.

Ryan finds Julia and heartily greets her, saying he heard that she brought Babe back to life. Julia says she couldn’t have done it without him, her tutor. Julia asks how Kendall and the baby are doing and Ryan says everything is fine. Julia asks about her past request to adopt the baby and Ryan says they’ll talk about it. Kendall approaches from around the corner and sees them together. They do not see her.

Janet rocks back and forth in her jail cell. David comes to see her. Janet tells him she doesn’t want him to visit her. She tells him had he gone into heart surgery after she drugged him the surgeons would have found that he didn’t have a heart. David tells her she has an eyelash on her cheek. He says it’s good luck if she makes a wish. He tells Janet he will help her get the lash, and she walks over to him. He grabs her by the neck and says there’s only one thing that will keep him from killing her. She begs him not to kill her. He orders her to tell him all the details she knows about Dixie.

Tad sits down with Di outside the fishing cabin. Di tells him that Janet Dillon knows how to go for the jugular. She asks Tad what he thought about Janet’s comments about Dixie. Tad says it would have been hard to hear if it made sense, but it doesn’t matter now. He tells her Babe and little Adam are fine. Di doesn’t look happy, and Tad questions why she seems down. Di says she thinks everything is too good to be true. Tad tells her she’ll have to get over that. He says her life will be everything she wants it to be. He hugs her.

Zach gets on the phone and learns that Babe and Dixie’s grandson are fine. Dixie is relieved to hear the news. Later, Dixie sleeps and Zach sits and watches her.

Babe is all smiles as she holds her son. Adam calls her a very brave young women. Babe says everything she wants is in this room. JR tells her that when he learned that Janet had her he freaked out. He says no parent or no husband should have to go through this. Krystal corrects him by referring to him as an ex-husband. Adam suggests to Krystal that they leave the two of them alone but Krystal doesn’t want to leave. JR says he wants them to stay and be a witness to what he has to say. He tells Babe he has something to ask her.

Amanda is sleeping in a hospital bed being watched by Brooke. Jamie watches from the doorway.

Erica goes into Erica’s room. She asks him to protect Kendall and get him away from the madman, Greg Madden. Ryan asks her what she knows that they don’t know.

Kendall approaches Julia in the hospital lobby and says that Ryan filled her in and she’d love to talk more about it. Julia says she’s thrilled that Kendall would consider her adopting her baby.

JR tells Babe he never wants to be without her again. He asks her to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him.

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