AMC Update Thursday 3/9/06

All My Children Update Thursday 3/9/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Aidan is driving with David, Tad, JR and Jamie riding and they are all lost in thought as they hunt for Babe and Little A.  JR is reliving the last time he heard from Babe in a text message that she left him and took their son.  He then remembers holding Krystal hostage and pointing a gun at Tad when Tad informed him for the first time that Babe did not choose to take their son and that Janet Dillon took Babe and little A hostage.  He then remembers the first time he and Babe slept together after all this time and she told him she did not want him to stop.  He then remembered the trip they took to the island when they agreed to get married.  Then he remembers telling her she him a favor by making them a real family again.

Krystal and Adam are left behind in the Chandler house, both very worried about the carload of people putting themselves in danger.  He tells her that there is only one way to make sure that his son and her daughter are both protected.  She agrees that they need to go there themselves.  They get up to leave and depart.

In the car, Tad relives holding a baby and telling him that he has a beautiful woman from West Virginia smiling down on him who is a guardian angel.

In Zach’s office, Dixie overhears Zach’s refusal to cope with his marriage to Kendall and the death of his son.  She tells him he needs to get a grip.  He’s not a helpless infant.  Nor is he stuck in some cabin with a nut job threatening his life.  Nor has his baby been taken from him.  She asks him how he can even think of throwing his life away.  She tells him she cannot let him do that.

In the car, David relives Babe first bonding with him, telling him that she never before thought she needed a father but that was before she met him.  She acknowledged that it’s very simple.  He’s her dad and she loves him.

In the cabin, Babe is on the floor unconscious.  Little A calls for his mommy and Janet picks him up and tells him everything is ok.  His real mommy is there, she tells him but he obviously knows that something is not right.  She tells him that it’s great.  It’s just like winning the baby lottery.  She then concludes that Adam is an ugly name.  She must think of another name for him.  She suggests naming him Trevor.  Right then, she relives desperately begging Trevor to love her and him telling her he only loves Natalie and demanding she get out.  She then tells the baby that Trevor is a terrible name.  She suggests Michelangelo as a name, or maybe Green since that is her maiden name.  She tells him that he can stay and play with his stuffed animal just a little longer while she takes care of business.  She just needs to “put some things away,” and when the cabin is all neat and tidy, then mommy and baby will get to spend the rest of their lives together.

In the car, JR asks Aidan if he could drive a little slower, saying that he doubts that the squirrel back their got their license plate number.  Aidan tells JR he does not want to miss anything.  JR asks what he thinks he might miss, bark falling off a tree?  Jamie asks JR if he thinks there’s going to be a sign leading them to Janet.  They have no clue where this place is.  Tad then asks if everyone could just stop arguing.  David says he agrees that this snail’s pace is overkill.  Aidan remembers that Amanda spoke of a bait shop.  Jamie reminds JR that they are getting close.  JR asks what they are getting closer to.  He tells them that until Babe and little A are found, he’s not going to get excited about anything.  He tells Tad he shouldn’t make any promises.  His track record stinks since he never found Dixie’s body.

In Zach’s office, Dixie tells him that life is a precious gift.  She knows it’s painful, and sometimes it makes you feel like you cannot breathe.  But it does not give you the right to give up.  He asks her if she is speaking from experience.  She reminds him that she has fought for her life.  For years, she’s had more surgeries than he could ever know.  She’s had doctors telling her she might not wake up.  She says she could have chosen to give up but she fought.  She has now found out that dying is the easy way out.  He tells her that he’s not afraid of pain but he is more afraid to get up in the morning.  He asks her if she believes that he has the right to be there when his son is gone.  She does not respond.  He then confirms that she cannot tell him that.

David asks Jamie and JR if they want to spend a lot of time attempting to find out where that head-case has taken his daughter, or if they want to follow his plan.  He asks them to vote.  Di calls Tad and he informs her that they have some leads as to where Janet, Babe and Little Adam might be.  Amanda might know.

Brooke enters Aidan’s office and Amanda is on the phone to Derek.  Brooke asks her what is going on and where Jamie and Tad are.  Amanda tells her they went to a fishing cabin where they think Janet could be holding Babe and little A.  She then gets Derek on the line and asks him to please tell her that somebody has heard from Aidan or Tad.  She urges Derek, remembering that he has been a friend to her family, to not let them kill her mother.

In the cabin, Janet makes nice to little A, and goes into the other room.  She tells unconscious Babe that she had such high hopes for them and the little boy.  They could have been a happy family.  She tells her despite what anybody says about her (Janet), she really is a good mother.  She reminds Babe that she (Babe) told her she wanted to be her daughter and love her.  If only she had meant it.  If only anybody had meant it.  She then opens the freezer and tells Trevor to move over because he has company.  She talks to her husband’s frozen corpse, asking him how he could have made her do this.  He wanted to send her to the funny farm when all she did was give, give, give.  She asks him how many wives would allow their husbands to mount a trashy blond much less help him do the mounting.  Suddenly, she hears a sound from outside.

The five guys are hunting around outside.  It seems like everybody except David and JR is erring on the side of caution, not wanting to do something that could cause somebody to get killed.  David tells JR that it might be the two of them against all these morons.  He rants about wanting to kill the nutcase.  Jamie asks if David can keep it down.  Does he want to tip her off?  Janet calls to them, seeming to know that they are looking for her, and she tells them they will never take her child from her.

At Aidan’s office, Amanda expresses to Brooke that she’s very worried that something could go bad.  She’s afraid that if something happened to Babe or little A or her mother, she’d blame herself.  Brooke tells her whatever happens, it is not her fault.  Amanda says it is because she let her mother down.  She knows that everybody hates her mother but she is still her mother and she loves her.  She does not care what anybody thinks because Janet is her mom.  Brooke then hugs Amanda telling her, of course, Janet is her mom and as her mother she knows that her daughter loves her.  Amanda says that Janet no longer loves her nor believes her daughter loves her.  Brooke reminds Amanda that Janet is sick and confused but she knows her daughter only wants what is best for her.  Amanda then concludes that she cannot just sit and wait.  She has to do something.  Brooke tells Amanda she will go with her.  They depart together.

Outside the cabin, Tad calls to Janet.  She calls back to Tad that she’s not coming out.  He tells her that they are there for little Adam.  Janet informs Tad that his name is Rembrandt now.  Tad asks Janet to listen to him and realize that it’s not too late to fix this thing and work it out some how.  She can come outside and talk to him but must let Babe and little A go free.  Janet says that will never happen.  Adam, Krystal and Di appear.  Tad restrains them from going inside the cabin and tells Janet that he is begging her to please come out so that they can talk and attempt to work something out.  She asks him what kind of an idiot he thinks she is.  He tells her he does not think she’s stupid at all.  He knows that she saved his son’s life at the lake all those years ago.  She remembers that she did save Jamie’s life when he was a little boy.  She tells Tad he should know that she is not a terrible person and has just been misjudged.  He tells her he wants to try to be able to help her just like she helped Jamie.  She just needs to trust him, he says.  Hearing that, Janet asks him if he wants her to trust him like he wanted Dixie to trust him.  She tells Tad he betrayed Dixie and let her go off a cliff.  Then he hooked up with that terrible imposter, Di Henry.  She asks why he did not just let her drown in the fishing hole after the terrible thing Di did to his son’s.  In the meantime, Aidan has been searching around the back of the cabin to find a place to look in to see what is going on.  Aidan is able to view her from his camera phone as she holds little A.  She tells Tad she thought he would know how to be a loving parent.  Aidan then goes around the other way to the back of the house and reports to Tad from his cell phone that he can see her holding the baby but he can not see if she has a weapon in her other hand.  David and JR ask about Babe.  Aidan admits he does not see her.  JR yells at Janet that she better not do anything to Babe, or she will get put away.  Janet says that Babe is somewhat of a cold fish right now.  Knowing that the jig is up for her, Janet sees her alter in the mirror telling her that she’s failed again and is headed for the padded room.  The alter laughs and tells Janet she’s a loser and a crazy psychotic.  Janet screams in agony.

Zach tells Dixie he did not know when Ethan was born.  He did not raise him or teach him or even know that he existed.  Then, when he did find out about him, he failed him.  He tells her that now that his son is dead, he cannot go to sleep at night.  She asks him if killing himself is the ultimate way of saying he was sorry to his son.  He tells her he thinks so.  She says she doubts that Ethan would want that even though she did not know the man.  He then tells her about him and reminds her that she lead her family to believe she is dead and asks her who she is to be giving him advice?  She tells him she still does not know whether to come back to her family but she knows what her dying did to them.  If she had her death to do again, however, she would not have let them believe that she died.  She tells him that no matter what happens in one’s life, the only thing to do is go on living.

Janet stands in the cabin staring at the broken mirror and hears the alter verbally abusing her and the hysterical laughing.  She buries her head in her hands and freaks.  Outside, they all hear her yelling and crashing furniture and then they hear silence.  Inside, Janet throws something at the shards of mirror where her alter is taunting her from, and finally silences the voices that only she hears.  Janet hears a siren in the distance as Derek and the police squad enter the premises.  Adam rushes up to Krystal who is worried that this might mean that Babe is gone.  Derek calls to Janet, reminding her that he is her friend.  She tells him that he is not her friend but that he was only a friend to Trevor.  He tells her he promises not to hurt her and that he will get her the help she needs.  She tells him that she is not the one who needs help.  She tells him she does not trust him or anybody else.  She asks him if he wants to be responsible for anything that might happen to the baby.  He tells her certainly not.  He tells them he will give her five minutes and then will order the police to use tear gas.  JR tells him he cannot let her do that to his son.  JR tantrums and the others restrain him.  He tells Derek that he cannot let anything happen to his kid.  Derek protests that this is to save his kid since that woman could murder Babe and little A.  He cannot take any chances.  JR needs to trust him.

Dixie tells Zach she’s very worried what will happen to JR if he loses his son.  She tells him she knows what it’s like to lose a child.  She realizes that that is more pain than any parent should have to bear.  She lost her little girl and for a long time, she lost JR too.

Outside the cabin, Di reaches for JR.  He tells her he cannot deal with her now.  He cries and she tells him she cannot bear to see him in so much pain.  He tells her he is fine.  She tells him he’s her family.  She loves him and little Adam.  She asks him to please let her help.  He then turns around to let her put her arms around him.  At that moment, Janet walks out holding little A.  Derek and Tad approach her and ask her to give them little A.  She refuses and tells them they are blocking her car and must get off her property.  JR and Adam are ready to attack her and Adam tells her if she does not hand over his grandson in two seconds, she will die.  Brooke and Amanda arrive.  Derek tells Janet that if she hands the baby over, nobody will get hurt.  Tad tells Janet they all just want to make sure that the boy is safe.  In that case, she suggests they all leave.  She tells them to get out of her way so that she can take her sweet angel where he belongs.  At that point, Amanda rushes to her, calls to her mom and reminds her that she always thought that she was Janet’s “sweet angel.”  Janet then turns to her daughter and asks her if she knows her.  Amanda asks her mother how she can say that.  She is Janet’s little girl.  Janet informs her daughter she does not have a little girl.  Amanda tells Janet that she can take her instead of little A.  Janet reminds her daughter that she is the reason all of this happened.  She abandoned and betrayed her mother.  Amanda tells her that that is not the case but that they had just one little disagreement and her mother assumes she has betrayed her and does not love her.  She tells her mother that she is the same little girl who always loved her mommy.  She asks her mother if she ever thinks Amanda could stop loving her.  She tells Janet that after all she has done for her, she believes she is the luckiest little girl in the world.  Janet then has a flashback of talking to Amanda after giving birth to her that she will never forget her or abandon her and she will always be in her mother.  Amanda pleads with her to let that baby boy go and know that her daughter loves her.  At that point, Janet hands little A over and JR grabs him.  She cries and hugs her daughter.  Krystal demands to know where Babe is.  Adam assures Krystal that they will find her.  Krystal holds little A.  Amanda cries and assures her mother that it’s going to be ok.  She will never leave her.  David, Krystal, JR, Jamie, Tad and Aidan go into the cabin calling for Babe and cannot find her.  JR then stands over the freezer and knows she’s in there.  He, Tad and David get her out of the freezer and they notice that she’s not the only human being that Janet has kept in there.  Amanda and Brooke get Janet outside where Amanda attempts to calm her mother and promises she won’t be alone.  They obviously know what’s going to happen next.  Derek then places Janet under arrest for the attempted murder of Babe Carey and the murder of Trevor Dillon.  The medical team wheel Babe out on a stretcher.  Krystal runs to her daughter and asks if she is ok.  David says he knows she is alive and that’s all he can promise.  JR asks Krystal if she will take little A to the hospital to make sure he’s ok.  He stands beside Babe as they take her away.  JR tells Janet she will die for this.  Derek asks JR to back off and let the cops do their job.  JR tells Janet she can burn in hell.  She tells him he’s an evil man.

Zach is on the phone and confirms that Babe and little Adam were found and Janet was put into custody.  He gets off the phone and informs Dixie that her grandson is found and is ok.  She cries in relief that her son and grandson are past this nightmare.

Janet tells JR and Di that she wishes Dixie were here.  She knows that Dixie was a good mother.  And Dixie would realize that what Janet did was not such a bad thing.  JR is ready to physically attack her.  Tad and Adam restrain him.  Janet asks if anybody can call Dixie because she’d like to talk to her.  JR shouts to her to shut up because his mother is dead.  Janet says that’s not true.  That’s what Dixie wants everybody to believe.  Assuming she’s delusional, Tad tells Janet that Dixie died 4 years ago.  Janet tells him she didn’t.  She tells them she’s seen her in Pine Valley.  She tells them Dixie Cooney Martin is very much alive.

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