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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/8/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

While Tad is in the woods with his flashlight, looking for Babe and Janet, Dixie is not far away with Zach.  She tells him she cannot make her presence known to Tad.

Kendall is sleeping and dreaming that Zach is there with her.

Krystal tells Adam that the only reason she married him was in order to con him so that Babe could be closer to her son.  He tells her that regardless of that, he loves her.

Amanda informs JR and Jamie that she believes it’s pretty likely that her mother has taken Babe and little A to her dad’s fishing cabin.  David enters and tells them he’s determined to find them and knows Amanda knows something.

In the cabin, Janet tells Babe that she is not a good mother to her son.  She sounds like she wants to take little A from Babe.  Babe tells her she will get her son over her dead body.  Hearing that, Janet tells her if she insists.

Adam tells Krystal that he can say it and feel it.  He loves her, and he believes that she loves him too.  He knows he loves her.  He tells her that if any woman would do what she said she’d done to him, he’d dump her, ruin her life, and get his security goons and lawyers after her.  She tells him that she is not joking.  She only intended to con him in order to help her daughter.  He tells her he knows she feels the love from him.  He reaches out to touch her face and she slaps him.

Janet tells Babe that she knows that that child is a gift from God, and only she can show him the love of a mother.  Babe protests that little A does not know her nor want to be with her.  Janet tells Babe she knows that JR loves Dixie.  She knows Amanda loved her.  She also tells Babe that little A forgot all about that Llanview woman who thought she was his mother.  She knows he will forget Babe.  Babe asks Janet if she believes she can just take a child, kidnap him, and expect him to love her.  Janet reminds Babe that she kidnapped Bianca’s child.  Did she think Miranda loved her?  Babe tells Janet that she took good care of Miranda and eventually gave her back to Bianca.  She asks Janet if she believes that she can love a child with her track record of murdering, lying and smothering the people she supposedly loves.  She asks her if her crazy behaviors have made Amanda love her.  She tells Janet she needs to get a grip.  She tells her she knows she only has the fear that Amanda will wind up like her.

Amanda insists to JR, Jamie and David that if she knew where the fishing cabin was, she’d tell them.  Jamie then concludes that they need to pull records of property taxes, real estate records, fishing licenses and everything.  In frustration, David asks Jamie if they should start with the whole east coast first.  Amanda tells him they should just start with Pennsylvania.  He asks them what county and what town.  He tells them that this property might not even be under Trevor’s name in the first place.  He asks if it’s realistic to assume that Trevor would advertise the location of his snug country hideaway.  Hearing that, JR asks him what the hell he’s doing there if he cannot even help them.  David tells them he can do something by getting inside Amanda’s brain.  She tells him he cannot just crack it open and look inside.  Jamie tells David he’s not going to touch her.  JR asks David if he thinks he’s being a hero to Babe.  David asks if he does not, no one will.  Jamie gets on the computer and names a few names of fishing cabins.  Amanda then wracks her brain to remember the name of the place.  David tells JR that as soon as Babe finds out that he falsely accused her of kidnapping, he’ll never see her again.  JR tells David that when they find her, she will come back to him, and he will take David’s daughter from him.

Dixie hides herself and Tad finds Zach.  He asks Zach what he’s doing out there in the middle of the night.  Zach comes up with stories.  Tad asks Zach why he thinks he’d be able to find Janet and Babe.  Zach protests that a young woman and her baby are missing.  Tad asks Zach why he’d be so concerned when he barely knows them.  Zach tells him that he intends to buy out Babe’s Fusion shares and give them to Kendall.  Tad asks Zach if perhaps this is not about Babe but about Zach’s need to go after Janet, assuming that he knows that she is responsible for killing Zach’s son. 

Kendall is sleeping and dreaming about Zach telling her goodbye.  She asks him if she will ever see him again.  He tells her this is what she said she wanted.  He tells her that he owes this to Ethan.  She then reminds him that Ethan is dead.  Zach then disappears and Ethan enters.  He tells her that it’s too late.  Zach is gone.  He tells her this is the new and improved Cambias curse.  They die and then go away.  Michael hurt her and then died.  Check.  He hurt her and he died.  Check.  Then Zach hurt her, and he’s dead.  Check.  They are now all gone.  Hearing that, she fights, protests and tells him no, Zach cannot be gone.  She awakens from her dream.

Tad informs Zach that Janet sabotaged the gas main at the mansion.  That’s what caused the explosion that killed his son.  Zach admits that he did not know.  Tad is surprised to find that out and asks Zach why he’s out there.  Still having no clue what Zach is doing, Tad tells him he needs him to stay away.  He tells Zach he’s sorry for his loss.  Ethan was a good man who did not deserve to die but being out there will not bring him back nor do any good.  He remembers when Edmund died that Zach got in the way and wasted time.  People suffered needlessly.  Tad tells him that he cannot let that happen again.  Tad then gets a call from Jamie who asks his father if he remembers Trevor ever mentioning a fishing cabin.  Tad admits he’s never heard of it and asks his son if he has anything else.  Jamie admits they have nothing.  Amanda cannot come up with anything, and he tells Tad he might want to come back soon before JR rips her head off.  When he gets off the phone, Zach asks him if what he heard might be the clue of where Janet is.  He tells Tad he has a right to know.  Tad tells Zach that he will get his shot at Janet, but not right now.  He departs and asks Zach not to follow him.  Dixie comes out of hiding, and after hearing the whole story, she asks Zach if he’s all right and offers her condolences for Ethan’s death.

Kendall goes looking for Zach at his office.  She notices Ethan’s obituary, the gaming license and will.  She asks absent Zach what is going on in his head.  A security guard comes and asks Kendall if he can help her.  She asks if he knows where Zach is.  He tells her he does not know but will let Zach know that she stopped by.  Very afraid that Zach is dead, Kendall asks Zach to please tell her this is just a bad dream and nothing to worry about.

Zach is on the phone ready to find Janet Dillon.  He tells his contact all of Janet’s other last names.  Dixie listens shocked.  Zach asks her why Janet killed Dixie’s brother.  Dixie admits that Janet killed her brother so that the man Janet loved, Trevor Dillon, would not have to.  Zach asks what would be in the mind of somebody who would kill as a favor to another person.  Dixie admits to Zach that Janet is crazy.  She has this obsessive love for certain people that causes her to do these things.  Dixie says that she cannot imagine what types of feelings Janet would have for her daughter.  He asks her what she is saying.  Is it that somebody upset this young woman and his son lost his life?  She tells him she’s sorry, and she collapses.  He then lifts her up and carries her out of the woods, intending to get her home.  He concludes that there is nothing left for either of them there.

Janet tells Babe that she (Babe) is no better a role model than she (Janet) is.  Babe then admits that she’s made mistakes, which she does not expect to be forgiven for.  She admits to what she did with Miranda and apologized.  Janet tells her that that sweet little boy is waiting for somebody to love him and be his mother.  Babe tells Janet she doesn’t know what she is talking about.  Janet protests that she bonded with him over Christmas.  Babe then tells Janet that if she wants to play psycho, she can play that game with her.  Babe picks up a skillet and tells her that she will be sorry if she ever thinks she’s going to go near Babe’s son.

Krystal tells Adam that he is crazy to be mooning over her and this fantasy at a time like this.  Their grandson is missing and they must find him.  He tells her he intends to find him but he knows what he feels for her is real.  She tells him she’s seen him pitch a fit and do some totally crazy things but this tops it all.  He tells her that he knows what she is feeling is love for him, too.

Zach returns to his office to find Kendall.  She rushes to hug him and tells him she’s so happy he’s alive.  He asks her why she’s afraid he wouldn’t be.  He asks her what is going on.  She tells him that she believes he’s planning to kill himself in order to be with Ethan.

JR keeps telling Amanda that he does not trust her to find Janet on her own or tell the truth about what she knows.  Jamie asks JR if he believes that they should wrap her up in sack and attach a generator to her head.  David then shows them a little device that he says will be much more effective.  He tells them it’s a hypnotic, designed to enable people to remember the things they’ve forgotten that they knew.  JR tells David that’s great.  She’s right there.  Jamie, however, is concerned that it might harm Amanda.  She tells them that she will take her chances with this thing.  Jamie tells them it might kill her.  JR says that will be an added bonus.  Amanda tells them that she will risk whatever this will do to her.  She feels responsible for what happened.  She did not prevent her mother from hurting all these people.  Now her mother has Babe and little A, and she says she has to do something about it before it’s too late.

Babe tells Janet that she will no longer play any of her crazy little games.  If she ever makes any threats involving her child again, if she so much as looks at him, Babe will murder her.  Babe backs her into a corner and aims the skillet at her.  Janet then looks like she is hurt.  She cries, telling Babe that she knows there is something wrong with her brain.  She only wants to help her daughter.  She wants to be a mother to Babe and help the baby but she knows she only makes it worse.  She no longer wants to make it worse.  Babe tells her, in that case, she must give her the keys.  Babe turns her back on Janet and Janet knocks her out.

Kendall tells Zach that Ethan’s will, the gaming license and the gun are clues that he might want to take his own life.  He tells her that he only keeps a gun just in case he needs it.  She tells him she realizes it was just a dream, but Ethan told her, in the dream, that Zach was dead.  She tells him that the reason she rushed over there was to find out if it was true.  She asks him if he intends to kill himself.  He asks her if she’s ever thought she could fly.  She tells him she doesn’t appreciate him playing games with her.  She tells him that she knows what this is all about.  It’s about him pushing his pain and guilt onto her.

Adam tells Krystal that what they have is love, real love.  She tells him that he better leave her alone.  He asks her if she’s convinced herself that she does not love him because she has not convinced him of that.  She asks him if he really love her.  He says yes.  She asks him if he believes he needs her.  He says very much.  She tells him in that case, he better find her daughter and bring her home.

Janet hovers over Babe’s unconscious body, looking as if she regrets what she did.  She tells Babe she’s a fighter, just like herself.  She admits to Babe that maybe she should have been her daughter.  Maybe she’d be able to understand Janet.  She tells Babe that she (herself) never got to sit in the front row or have the biggest piece or to be the pretty one.  She tells Babe that Amanda was her life.  She was Trevor’s favorite, too.  She then gets up to address Trevor for betraying her and breaking her heart.  She tells him Amanda, on the other hand, healed it.  She tells him that Amanda was going to be her soul mate.  She was the person who understood Janet best and who always loved her.  Amanda was her special little girl but Amanda does not love her.  She is not special to Amanda.  Janet admits that Babe was right that Amanda just saw her mother as somebody to get away from, and she now has another chance with that beautiful little boy.  In the mirror, her “alter” tells her that she won’t get another chance.  She’s a loser and will only screw that up also.

Tad arrives in time to witness David’s plan to hypnotize Amanda.  It sounds like she’s getting some clues about her dad and his fishing cabin.  From hearing JR and Jamie playing pinball and the sound of bells, she remembers she heard bells while at the cabin.

Janet has plans in the cabin.  She writes a list of toys for little A.  Her alter tells her it’s a lost cause.  She must realize that nobody loves her or ever will.  She then screams and throws a brick at the image of the alter in the mirror, demanding she shut up.

Tad asks Amanda what she may have seen when she looked out the window of the place where she was going.  She says she remembers a sign that said bait shop and another sign about a state musky caught in 1962.  Tad then concludes that that is something to go on.

Kendall demands to know what is going on with Zach.  He tells her he’s sorry to disappoint her, but he’s too busy to kill himself today.  He asks her if she believes that all of her ex’s should kill themselves after she’s through with them.

Zach tells Kendall he’s going to leave because he has a few things to take care of.  She tells him that she wishes he’d stop evading her questions.  She asks him about the moving truck by her condo.  He tells her he’s just moving furniture.  She then leaves, and Dixie comes out of hiding and tells Zach that he’s a liar.  She says she cannot believe how incredibly selfish he is.  There’s no way he’s going to kill himself.  If Kendall cannot talk him out of it, she most certainly will.

Adam informs Krystal that Tad and Aidan may know where Babe and little A are.

Aidan joins Tad and Jamie as they are ready to leave.  They want Amanda to stay behind.  She tells them they won’t be able to find the place without her.  They tell her that she is too emotionally attached to the situation.  Tad urges her to stay put and they leave her alone in the office.

Inside the cabin, Janet is dragging Babe’s unconscious body across the floor.

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