AMC Update Tuesday 3/7/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/7/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Tad goes into the woods with a flashlight, searching for Janet.  He asks where she could be hiding.  Right then, somebody attacks him and he falls to the ground.  It’s David. 

Zach lets Dixie stay at his office after being shot.  She tells him she cannot involve the police or the hospital.  Nobody can know what happened but she reveals to him that her son accidentally shot her.

At the cabin, Janet is revealing to Babe that she has big plans for them to be a family together.

Hearing Dixie’s revelation that JR accidentally shot her, Zach asks her what is up with that.  She tells him that JR did not even know that she was nearby and had no intention of shooting her.  He does not know she’s alive much less that she is watching him.  Zach asks her why JR shot anybody in the first place.  Dixie explains that “this woman” kidnapped Babe and little A and JR is very upset about them being missing.  She tells him that Janet Dillon is completely crazy and dangerous.  She murdered family members of Dixie.  Zach tells Dixie she must have faith that Babe will be ok with little A.  She knows how to look out for herself.

In the cabin, Janet tells Babe that she’s going to post a sign to keep the “nosey Nellie’s” and the “lookie Lou’s” out of their lives.  She tells her that nobody is going to disrupt their family or get in their way.  She acts happy and friendly.  Babe plays along but tells Janet that it’s very possible that JR will find them.  Janet tells Babe it’s so sweet of her to be looking out for her new mom but she must never worry.  Nobody will ever find them or the baby there, and they are going to have a very special time.  Babe then tells her that this sounds like a dream and it’s too bad that it won’t last.  She tells Janet they will have to eat and therefore leave the house a few times.  Little A is growing all the time and will need new clothes.  Janet tells her that she has lots of food stored in the cabin.  She has many things for little A.  Babe asks her what will happen if he gets sick.  Janet tells her that she’s a silly girl and must realize that the two of them and little A are living like nature had intended.

David finds Tad and tells him that JR is going to destroy Babe.  Jamie is just as bad because he’s clueless.  Tad protests that if David cares about Babe he needs to go after Janet Dillon and not Tad’s boys.  David tells Tad that he believes JR has totally lost it and his only hope is Dixie.

JR, Jamie and Amanda are at Aidan’s office.  JR does not believe or trust either Jamie or Amanda.  Derek Fry comes and tells JR he has to stop yelling.  This is his investigation, and he will do it his way.  He does not believe Jamie or Amanda are obstructing justice or doing anything wrong.  He knows that Amanda has Babe and little A.

Krystal and Adam are wondering what to do with finding little A.  She tells him she does not trust him.  She remembers that he told her, when little A was missing over Christmas, that she deserved her pain.  She also reminds him that he and his son were going to have their goons go after her daughter so she does not trust or believe anything he tells her.

Janet tells Babe that nobody is going to bother them.  Tonight they’re going to start their new life together.  They will have a new life, new family and new freedom like they’ve never imagined.  Babe makes nice but goes into the other room, picks up her son and reveals to him that they have to get away from this crazy woman immediately.

Jamie tells JR if he hates Amanda’s guts, she knows that.  If he wants to scare her, he already has but she is talking to the chief of police, and attempting to help find Babe and little A.  JR protests to Jamie that he does not trust him or Amanda.  He also remembers Jamie helping Babe keep little A from him.  Jamie tells JR that he wants Babe and little A back as much as JR does.

In the cabin, while little A is sleeping, Janet talks about what they’re going to eat.  She opens the freezer where she’s kept Trevor.  She talks about it like nothing abnormal has happened.  She tells Babe she should not be afraid of Trevor.  She tells her she has put Trevor in his place.  He’s not going to come out until he’s ready to play nice.  Right then, Babe reveals that she is too “weirded out” by that.  Janet tells her they have beans and rice and pasta and asks her what sounds good.  Babe notices what looks like a frozen block of meet and tells her that “plan B” sounds good to her.

After hearing David talking about Dixie, Tad tells him that Dixie’s life is off limits to him.  Her name, her memory and everything about her is gone.  He tells him that he’s right that Jamie’s and JR’s lives went to hell the day she died and she died because of David.  David reminds Tad that he saved Dixie’s life.  Tad tells David that he knows that David was just obsessed about Dixie and slept with her.  David tells Tad that he (David) made Dixie happy.  Tad reminds David that Dixie was in love with him, not David.  She married him twice.  She had his child, not David’s.  David tells Tad that Dixie left him because he only cared about his own ego.  He wanted her to terminate her pregnancy and did not realize that she wanted a baby.  Tad tells David he knew that the pregnancy would have killed Dixie, and he wanted her alive.

Dixie tells Zach she has to get out of his office and help JR find his son.  Zach tells her she needs to eat something and regain her strength.  He tells her the police and security will find Babe and little A but she tells him she cannot let JR suffer by not knowing where your baby is or if he is okay.  She went through that and cannot let JR go through what she did.  He reminds her she’s lost too much blood and must realize that she wouldn’t be able to get very far without passing out if she were to leave.

JR tells Jamie he just wants his son back.  Jamie tells JR that if that is the case, he needs to help them find Janet.  JR looks like he’s ready to cry.  He tells Jamie that he wants Babe and his son back.  He’s worried and scared and feels helpless knowing they are out there somewhere but not knowing what could have happened to them.  Jamie then hugs JR while he cries.

After Krystal tells Adam she does not trust him, he asks her what he can do to make it up to her.  She asks him if it’s ok with him that his son almost killed her.  He and JR are sending their bloodhounds after her daughter.  He wanted her to die in the morgue.  He protests to her that he wants to be there for her.  He can’t stand to see her in pain.  He wants to help her get her daughter back.  He wants them to be a family again.  He asks her to please tell him what he needs to do.  She tells him what she needs is to know that her baby and her grandbaby are safe and well and that Janet will not hurt them.  Adam remains silent, realizing he cannot tell her that.  She then asks him, if he cannot promise that to her, what good is he?

In the cabin, Janet is ready to cook some pasta on the stove.  Babe grabs the big frozen hunk of meat.  Janet is talking about making costumes for little A, and Babe tells her that her son will have to go to pre-school.  Janet tells her they can home school him.  She sets the table, talks and then turns her back on Babe.  Babe then hits her on the back of the head with the big frozen hunk of meat.

Zach reminds Dixie that back at the cemetery she told him about JR, and there was something she did not tell him.  She then tells him that when she went to Europe, she was pregnant with a little girl.  He then identifies that that was when she had the accident.  Hearing his interest, she tells him she’s not ready to talk about more of her business because she has to help her son find his baby.  He tells her he can send his men.  She reminds him that back at the cemetery, he said something about not interfering in people’s lives.  He then agrees, tells her she’s right, and promises not to send his men.  He will do it her way.  She can leave and he will just follow her.

Adam tells Krystal that she has his word that his men will not go after Babe.  She tells him that his word and JR’s word mean squat to her.    She tells him that she blames herself for “aiding and abetting” Babe’s plan to remarry JR.  She should have prevented it from happening.  She reveals to Adam that when she could not talk Babe out of her plan with JR, she (Krystal) married him (Adam).  It was in order to keep an eye out for him and his son.  She tells him he knows she did not marry him willingly.  The moonshine made the decision for her.  She then reveals to him that she conned him.  She knew what she was doing.  She needed an “in” to the Chandler mansion.  She married him on purpose so that Babe could have her son back.

After she’s knocked Janet out, Babe goes to touch her and hopes she won’t get charged with attempted murder.  She then realizes that this is self-defense.  She attempts to think about what she needs.  She goes looking for the keys.  She finds them in Janet’s pocket but she doesn’t move quickly enough and Janet grabs her.

JR tells Jamie that his son and the woman he loves are gone.  It’s like he loses them over and over again.  He cannot do that again.  Jamie tells JR that he does not have to do this alone.  There are other people who can help him if he can just put trust in them.  JR then repeats the word “trust.”  Jamie tells JR that he needs to trust.

Amanda is asking Derek to find Trevor for her.  He admits that he has not found him yet.  He will find him, however.  It will just take a while.

Janet gets up after Babe has knocked her out.  She tells her that she thought that they had bonded.  They opened their hearts and shared.  They have both been betrayed.  She asks Babe if she knows what it’s like to have hope and trust and faith in somebody and have them pull that out from under them.  Babe protests that she knows that Janet wants only to kidnap her and her son and lock them up.  Janet tells Babe that people lock her up and force her to live where she does not choose.  Janet tells Babe that she was ready to knock her out with a leg of lamb.  Babe then tells Janet she is crazy.  As soon as Janet hears that word, she tells her that she’s heard, throughout her life, everybody telling her she needs shrinks and pills and institutions.

Tad tells David that they all have to live with losses.  Nothing changes.  David tells Tad that he knows all about it.  Tad asks David if he thinks he’s going to share the loss of Dixie with him.  David can suck up his pain.  David tells Tad he’s not going to let that head-case, Janet, get away with taking his daughter and grandson.

Janet tells Babe that giving birth does not make anybody a good mother.  Babe asks Janet how she believes she can be a good mother when she is ripping a little boy from his own mother’s arms.  Doesn’t she realize that this can affect little A, regardless of his young age?  Janet must remember what it felt like for her own mother to love Natalie more than her.  Janet knew that from the time she was little A’s age.  She knows it hurt.  She knows what Janet is attempting to do and asks her if that is the loving mother she intends to be.

Krystal admits to Adam that she played him.  Crow Hollow, the moonshine and “I do” was all a plan on her part.  He tells her he knows she was totally drunk.  She admits she was but she tells him she is a mother.  She is Babe’s mother, and that’s the reason she married him and slept with him and moved into his house.  It was so that Babe could get one step closer to her son.  She then asks Adam if he still wants to hold her hand and make it better for her.  He does not respond.  She tells him she thought that’s what he’d do.  She tells him that’s ok with her if he has no interest in her.  She tells him as soon as her daughter comes back, they are both moving out of there.  He and JR are never coming near Babe again.  If JR ever bothers her daughter, she will have him locked up for attempted murder.  She knows that Chief Frye would love to lock JR up.  He then tells her that this has nothing to do with JR or anything else.  He tells her he will not let her leave because he is in love with her.

At Aidan’s office, Amanda finally gets a clue about where her mother is.  It might, also, lead her to her father.  She tells JR and Jamie she knows that her mother often goes to a fishing cabin.

Janet tells Babe that she (Janet) is a good mother but Babe is not.  She is vicious and dishonest and dishonorable.  Janet says that she will never let Babe go near that baby again.  Babe cries and tells Janet she is his mother.  Janet tells her no, she is little Adam’s mother now.

Tad sits alone in the woods talking to the spirit of Dixie.  He tells her he so wishes she were here.  He knows if she were, she’d move heaven and earth to get JR back.  He wishes that she were there and they were together again.  He tells her that there are no clues or leads that Babe and little A are even alive.  JR is a mess.  He’s afraid he’s going to lose them just like he lost her.  Not far away in the woods, Dixie and Zach go looking for Janet.  Tad sees a light and knows somebody is not far away.  Right then, they split up.  Having no clue that Dixie is alive and in very close proximity, Tad says if only Dixie were there.

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