AMC Update Monday 3/6/06

All My Children Update Monday 3/6/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Lily tells Jonathan that she’s going to marry him. Jonathan asks her to repeat that. Reggie arrives and tells Jonathan Lily is going to run in the opposite direction. Reggie asks Lily to repeat what she said to Jonathan. Jonathan tells Reggie that he knows their father doesn’t want him around Lily. Reggie tells him he’s already too close and points to the elevator. Lily says that she’s going to go to her tree house.

Kendall and Ryan are kissing in his office. Kendall asks him if that was for old-time sake. Ryan says it’s because he wanted to. He says it’s just a kiss. Kendall says her life is already too complicated and she doesn’t need to add more to it. Ryan reminds her she asked him to move in to keep her away from Zach. Kendall tells him that he failed. Ryan says he at least got her mind off of it right now. She says if this was a distraction strategy he blew it by bringing up Zach again. Ryan asks her if she’d like to get back together.

Zach is alone in his office looking at his handgun. He picks it up and puts it back down. He stares at the gun and goes to another drawer to get the gun cartridge. He turns around and sees Ethan staring at him.

A startled Babe backs away from the freezer at Janet’s cabin, where she found a frozen hand. Janet comes into the room and tells Babe that this is her husband, Trevor. Janet grabs a bag of vegetables from the freezer and closes it. Babe asks what happened to him. Janet says Trevor had issues and was not being a good parent. She says one night while trying to reason with him he went off the deep end and told her she was crackers and needed to be put away. Janet says Trevor was a golf nut so she hit him with one of his golf clubs. Babe asks if she killed him with his own golf clubs. Janet is astonished? Killed him? Heavens no. Trevor just needed a time out. She plans to defrost him later. She says she loved Trevor and all she got in return was hurt. Trevor said mean and hurtful things and wanted to get rid of her, just like Amanda does. She looks at the body and says she can’t defrost him now. He betrayed her. Shame on him for the way she loved him.

Dixie kneels down in pain after being shot in the arm outside another cabin where JR was holding Krystal hostage with a gun. Dixie is being quiet and is using her good arm to hold the injured arm, which is bleeding. Inside, Tad, Krystal and Adam are trying to convince JR that it is Janet, not Babe, who is keeping him from little Adam. Dixie stumbles around and hits the door. Tad hears the noise and goes outside to investigate.

Tad looks outside but sees no one. He fails to see blood on the cabin. He goes back inside and tells JR that he could have killed Krystal. Jr says Krystal is the only leverage he has to get little Adam back. Adam repeats that Janet has Babe and little Adam. JR says if Janet has his son, he could be dead.

Janet laments that the two people who she loves most turned against her. Now she doesn’t have anyone. Babe tells her that she has her. Babe says she needs her and little Adam needs her. Babe says she’ll never turn against her. Janet tells Babe she sounds sincere, but she believed Trevor and Amanda too. Babe suggests they leave and get some food on the road. Calling her mom, Babe says it’s the two of them against the world. Babe says she can’t be apart from her. Janet seems touched, and asks if it’s going to be the two of them side by side wherever they go. Babe says as soon as she knows her mother is OK. Janet reminds her that she means her old mother. Babe agrees that Krystal is her old mother. Janet gets a text message stating “I’m OK. Let my daughter go, you bitch.” Babe is relieved to see her mother is OK and starts to cry. Janet says no one would cry if they knew she was OK. No one gives a damn. Babe says she does. She asks Janet to let her be a good daughter to her. Janet asks if she loves her. Babe says every bit as much as she does Krystal. Janet hugs her and says the two of them will leave with little Adam. Babe reminds her that they’re leaving little Adam here.

Tad sees Krystal with the phone and she informs him that she sent a text message to Janet. Tad and Adam are not happy to hear that and fear it could make things worse. Tad takes the phone from Krystal. Adam tells Jr his son and Babe are in grave danger.

Tad sends a text message to Janet telling her that since she saved his son’s life he wants to help her. Janet wonders if she can trust Tad. She says he ditched her pal Dixie and took up with that imposter Di. Janet says she wished Di had died when she pushed her through the ice.

JR tells Tad to make Krystal call Babe back and get her back here. Adam says Krystal was right and begins to realize what he has done to his son to cause him to be like this. Adam swears to JR on Dixie’s memory that Janet has kidnapped Babe and little Adam. It sinks in. JR says he’s got to stop his men. He had ordered them to shoot Babe if necessary to get his son.

Lily and Jonathan go to her tree house, where Jonathan asks her if she really wants to marry him. He says that would be a 180. “A 180 what?” Lily asks. Jonathan explains what he means and Lily understands that a 180 is half of the degrees of a circle. She agrees that she did a 180. When Jonathan questions her, she says that she’s nearly an adult but her father still tells her what to do and her brother guards her. She thinks marrying him would be a solution after she turns 18 in May. Jonathan tells her that when she’s 18 she can be independent without being married. He asks her if she wants a husband or a solution. Lily asks if she can’t be independent with him. Doesn’t he want to marry her? Jonathan says he does because he loves her, but not if it’s so she can get away from her father and brother. Lily says now she’s doing a 360 and is very confused.

Kendall asks Ryan what he’s trying to do. Ryan says he’s just trying to make her smile and get her to feel better. Kendall says it’s not working. Ryan suggests they talk about their plans to move in with her. He says maybe it’s a bit too much for now. He says when Zach goes to Vegas maybe he could buy his condo and live near her. Kendall says or they could keep things the way they are now. Ryan asks what would make her life easier. Kendall says she just wants to get her sanity back. Ryan says he’ll do all he can if she lets him to help her. He wants to do whatever he can to make the hurt go away.

Zach picks up his gun and hears a knock on the door. He puts the gun in an open drawer and sees Dixie standing there. She falls into his arms. He picks her up and puts her on the couch, saying he’ll call a doctor. Dixie tells him he can’t call anyone. No one can find out that she got shot. Zach tells her no one will find out. He picks up his phone and asks that a doctor he knows in his casino come to his office.

Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee sent him a present. He shows her the divorce papers, which tell him not to try to locate “Ms. Du Pres.” Kendall is struck by Greenlee’s use of the name Du Pres. Ryan comments that it is Greenlee’s way of telling him that the only marriage that meant anything to her was the marriage to Leo.

Krystal is angry that JR sent sharpshooters out gunning for her daughter. She says he has no respect for human life and she’ll show him what kind of damage a real parent can do.

Babe tells Janet that JR will sent armies of investigators after them if they take little Adam and they won’t have a fighting chance. Janet tells Babe to trust her mommy that everything will be coming up roses.

Jonathan tells Lily that if she really wants to they can get married the day after she turns 18, but they don’t have to be married. Lily asks if marriage is the logical next step. Jonathan says only if they truly love each other. Lily says she still doesn’t know if she loves him. Jonathan says they can stay boyfriend and girlfriend. They have plenty of time. They can still come to her tree house and her father doesn’t have to know they’re seeing each other and won’t send her away to school. Lily says they should go before Reggie comes looking for her. She tells him maybe she could fall in love with him.

The doctor examining Dixie says it was a clean entry wound and exit wound. He tells Zach to get her to a hospital. Zach says this has to be handled privately. The doctor says all gunshot wounds have to be reported to the police. Zach looks at Dixie and says this wasn’t a gunshot wound. Dixie glares at him and agrees that it wasn’t. The doctor says he can’t put his license in jeopardy. Zach says they’re the only three people who can know about this and that the doctor owes him. The doctor agrees to keep quiet and dresses the wound.

Kendall tells Ryan that she needs to lead a less troubled and sane existence. Ryan asks if he fits in. Kendall says that depends. Where do they go from here? Ryan says he’ll take her home, make her a salad and put her to bed – alone. Kendall says she’ll settle for a short-term plan right now.

JR gets on his phone and is told that his people haven’t found Babe. JR tells them to protect her. A man walks in and JR leaves with him to go look for Babe. Adam, Krystal and Tad leave as well. No one sees the blood on the cabin.

Dixie thanks the doctor for helping her. When he leaves, she thanks Zach for saving her life. She says she thought she was going to die. Zach tells her she’s not going to die. He’ll make sure of that.

With Janet outside, Babe puts a coat on little Adam and tells him that as soon as they get away from this cabin they’ll get away from the crazy lady and will go home to daddy. Janet walks back into the cabin and tells Babe to remove little Adam’s coat. She says she changed her mind about leaving. Babe and her son are never going to leave this cabin.

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