AMC Update Friday 3/3/06

All My Children Update Friday 3/3/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Dixie watches from a window outside a cabin as JR threatens Krystal with a gun. Krystal tells JR that Babe won’t believe his text messages to her that he will kill her if she doesn’t bring little Adam back. Babe knows he isn’t a killer. JR says when it comes to his family he doesn’t mess around. Krystal tells him if he kills her he won’t get his son back. JR says it’s the best plan he’s got.

Babe tells Janet at her hideaway cabin that becoming her daughter is the perfect plan. Janet says it’s ludicrous. Babe could never replace Amanda. Babe reminds her that Amanda turned on her. She tells Janet she has lost her daughter and she is close to losing her mother. Babe suggests they offer JR a deal. She’ll give him little Adam if he releases her mother. Babe says she’ll be free to start her new life with her new momma. She urges Babe to call JR and tell him that his boy is coming home.

Livia has brought Lily some food since Jack is in the hospital. Lily tells Livia she needs a lawyer and it can’t be her dad. She says she wants to divorce her father. Meanwhile, Jonathan is in Jack’s hospital room urging him to let him see Lily.

Kendall is at Zach’s place, blasting him for not bothering to show up at his son’s funeral. Zach listens to Kendall’s rants, then tells her if she wants to destroy his place, don’t waste time on the small stuff. He takes a fireplace poker and smashes some glasses. Kendall tells him that she went on and on to Simone about how much he loved Ethan. Simone didn’t think he would come but Kendall says she told her there would be no way he would miss the funeral. She wants to know why he didn’t come. Zach suggests Kendall should know why. Kendall says it’s because he’s a selfish jerk and she’s learning more about him all the time. Zach hands her the fireplace poker and tells her to use it on him.

Livia tells Lily that Jack is a wonderful father. Lily says she’d rather not have a father right now because she wants to be an adult and make her own decisions. Livia says law states she will be an adult when she is 18. Lily says that is 62 days away. She doesn’t want a father who tells her what she can’t do and who she can’t see. Livia says she won’t help her if this is about Jonathan Lavery.

A weak Jack orders Jonathan to stay away from his daughter. Jack says it would be nice if he could see Lily without him freaking out. Jack, having difficulty breathing, tells Jonathan that he will kill him. Jonathan sits down by Jack and tells him about the time he was in the hospital. Jack reaches for the nurse’s call button.

Janet accuses Babe of lying, saying Babe would rather chew glass than give her son back to JR. Janet says no one wants a mother like her and Babe doesn’t like her. Babe says she doesn’t know her well, but what little she does know of her she likes. Babe says it’s awful that Janet turned her back on her own mother. Babe says Amanda doesn’t understand Janet. Babe tells her she would never put her in a hospital. Babe urges Janet to send JR a text message indicating that she’s surrendering little Adam for her mother. She says it will be a happy ending for everyone.

Dixie looks worried as she hears her son threatening Krystal with deadly force. She hears someone coming and quickly hides behind a bush. JR and Krystal hear someone coming, and JR turns the gun on Tad as he walks in. Tad tells JR to put his gun down. He tells him Babe doesn’t have little Adam, Janet Dillon does. He says Amanda confessed everything. Krystal begins laying into JR for badmouthing her daughter for nothing. JR tells her that her daughter is a whore. He accuses Tad of stalling for time to give Jamie time to run away with Babe. Adam enters the cabin, sees JR with the gun and asks him if he’s lost his mind. He’s drunk, bleary eyed and brandishing a weapon. Adam asks why Janet would care if he has kidnapped Krystal. JR says it’s not Janet who’s at fault, it’s Babe. Tad tells JR that Janet is responsible for all the wrongs that have happened in Pine Valley recently. JR says Babe’s and little Adam’s bags were packed and money was gone with the safe. Adam reminds JR that Janet lived at their house when Natalie lived there and she has knowledge of where the tunnels and the safe are. Tad tells JR that he’s not going to see his son again if he’s in jail. He urges him to drop the gun. Dixie continues to listen outside.

Babe tells Janet they can leave little Adam at the church and JR can pick him up there. Janet says it sounds risky. Babe tells her she’s a genius when it comes to getting around town unnoticed. Janet asks her if she’s really willing to give up her son to save Krystal’s life. She says if only Amanda would be that loyal. Janet asks her why would she give up her son to JR. She doesn’t buy it. Babe says once they know her mother is set free they can go back and steal little Adam again. Janet thanks Babe for asking for her help and believing in her. Babe says she couldn’t do it without her. Janet thanks her for giving her a new family. Then she tells Babe she’ll be thrilled when she hears her alternate plan. Janet says they’ll keep the baby with them when they go on the run. Janet says she’s grown fond of the little guy and doesn’t want to give him back. Babe doesn’t know what to say as tears well in her eyes.

Kendall yells at Zach for his lack of anything profound to say. She expresses regret for living just across the courtyard from him and tells him he makes her nauseous. Zach tells her he won’t be around much longer. Kendall asks what he means.

Jonathan tells Jack that he understands why he’s so scared since of everything he’s done. But he says cutting out the tumor changed him and he’s better now. He says everyone knows he didn’t do those things he was accused of, rather it was the crazy lady. He tells her Lily is safe with him and he has no reason to keep him from her. Jack pushes the nurse call button.

Lily tells Livia that since she’s Jonathan’s lawyer and argues before the judge that he’s innocent, he should be able to convince her father. She wonders why she can’t be with Jonathan. Livia says it’s because Lily is 17.

Adam tells JR that everything Tad says is the truth. JR says Tad lied to him about his own son being alive and he can’t believe Adam is siding with him. JR says Tad’s words mean nothing to him. Krystal tries to leave to go find her daughter and JR threatens her with the gun. Adam steps in front of her and tells JR that if he’s going to shoot Krystal he’ll have to shoot him first.

Janet tells Babe to call her mom. Babe says she’s not sure if her alternate plan will work. She says life on the run is not good for a baby. Janet agrees and says she’ll give little Adam back to JR, but Babe has to stay here while she does it. Babe tells Janet she can’t take little Adam alone – she needs to go along. Janet asks her if she’s afraid of leaving her alone with little Adam. Babe says she’s not. Janet goes into the next room to get little Adam. Babe grabs a frying pan and plans to hit Janet with it, but changes her mind when she sees Janet carrying her son. Janet sees Babe holding the pan.

Kendall asks Zach if he’s leaving town. Zach says he’s in the way here and is a source of pain. Kendall tells him leaving town won’t make the pain go away. Zach says over time it will. He stands up and she walks toward him and touches his arm. He tells her that he’s never been happier than when he was with her. An angry Kendall tells him to leave on the next plane. She never wants to see him again.

Jack breathlessly orders Jonathan to stay away as Julia walks into the room. She tells Jonathan to leave the room. Outside the room, Jonathan tells her he was trying to tell Jack that he has changed. He asks Julia why she’s there. She explains that she passed her boards and is now working as a nurse there. He says he’ll probably be getting a new life skills coach. She says she’ll still teach his class, but he must not have been listening in class as he shouldn’t have gone into Jack’s room. He really stressed Jack out. Jonathan sees a custodian in the lobby and says he needs to get a job like that. He asks Julia if she’ll help him get a job at the hospital. She says she’ll get him an application. Jonathan says he’ll sit and wait for her to get it right now. He says once he gets a job he won’t have to depend on Ryan and he and Lily will be able to live together.

Lily asks Livia if she had a boyfriend when she was 17. Livia says she did and it had serious consequences. She got pregnant. Lily says that won’t happen because she and Jonathan aren’t having sex. Livia says they’re not yet. Lily mentions the possibility of getting married, prompting Livia to ask if she’s thinking about marrying Jonathan. Lily just changes the subject and thanks Livia for bringing her food.

Babe tells Janet she was planning on using the pan to make some grilled cheese sandwiches. Janet says she needs to get little Adam back to his father. Babe urges Janet not to go yet. She tells her she should eat something first and besides, she may never see her son again and wants some more time with him. Janet agrees but says she can’t wait too long. They have a life to plan, she says. Babe asks Janet about Trevor and mentions she heard her talking to him. She asks if he’ll be coming with them. Janet says it would have to be a cold day in hell for that to happen.

Adam tries to persuade JR to drop the gun. He says he would never cover for Babe if he thought she had taken little Adam. Tad tells JR he swears on Dixie’s memory that Janet is responsible. He says Babe has gained so much recently and would lose it all if she stole little Adam.

Kendall goes to see Ryan at his office. She tells him he was supposed to stop her from seeing Zach. Ryan asks what she said to him. Kendall says it doesn’t matter anyway as he’s leaving town. Ryan tries to hug Kendall but she walks away from him. She insists she can handle this as tears form in her eyes.

Julia tells Jonathan that he has a bad history with Jack’s daughters and it’s going to take awhile for Jack to get over that. Julia tells him that since he’s Lily’s father, Jonathan needs to respect Jack’s rules. Jonathan asks her if she’ll prove to people that he’s changed.

JR refuses to drop the gun. Tad tells him that he’s drunk and he’s going to ruin his life. If he goes to prison he’ll never see his son. Tad says they’ll find little Adam and bring him home. JR tells Tad he missed when he tried to shoot him before but he won’t miss twice.

Ryan tells Kendall that no matter what he thinks of Zach, it kills him to see her like this and he knows it kills her. Kendall tells him there’s nothing he can say to make things better. He hugs her as she softly cries. He then looks at her, touches her face and kisses her. She responds to his kiss.

Zach is in his office packing boxes. He looks at his will with Kendall’s signature. An employee opens his door and asks him if everything here is going to Vegas. Zach says almost everything. He looks in a drawer and sees a handgun.

Livia goes to the hospital and tries to visit Jack, but Julia stops her. Livia says she needs to speak to Jack briefly, but Julia says he is too heavily sedated. She’ll have to come back later.

Lily goes to the hospital to talk to Julia about some life skills on being an adult. She runs into Jonathan, who is thrilled to see her. Jonathan says he was talking to Julia about the same thing. He says Julia is going to help him find a job so he can take care of her. Lily says that’s good because she decided she will marry him.

Babe asks Janet if Trevor will be upset about her leaving. Janet says Trevor is too rigid to come after them. Babe opens the freezer to get some food and screams in horror as she sees a man’s neck tie and hand.

Krystal tries to bolt for the door to get away from JR, saying she won’t wait another second. JR fires the gun and drops it. Tad grabs the gun as JR has sulked into a chair. Adam examines Krystal to see if she has been hit, but Krystal is fine. Tad asks if anyone was hit. Outside the door, Dixie his holding her arm, which is bleeding from a gunshot wound.

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