AMC Update Thursday 3/2/06

All My Children Update Thursday 3/2/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Zach calls Livia and tells her he wants the legal authority to claim his son after his death.

Simone sits alone by Ethan’s gravesite.  Kendall comes by and puts her arms around Simone while she cries.

Krystal awakens in some abandoned place to find that JR has kidnapped her taken her to this cabin.  She asks what the hell is going on.  He pours some booze, telling her it’s breakfast and asks if she cares to join him.  He tells her that she needs to know that her precious baby doll doesn’t care if she lives or dies.

Janet has returned to the cabin where she’s kept Babe.  She says nothing and appears lost in thought while Babe acts friendly to her.  She grabs some logs.  Babe explains to her that the only reason that she attempted to break out was because she thought that Janet had abandoned them.  She asks Janet if she is ok.  Janet does not appear silly and happy anymore.  She asks Babe if she looks ok.

Di meets Dixie at the park.  She tells her that since she took off after the explosion she wondered if she’d split town.  Dixie tells her she doesn’t want anybody to see her.  Di asks her why, if she didn’t want to be seen, she came back to town.  She asks her why she’d come back to Pine Valley if she doesn’t intend tell her family she is there.  She admits to Di that she really doesn’t know at this time.  Di asks her if she doesn’t want to tell anybody or have Di tell anybody, what does she want Di to do for her?  Dixie tells Di that she realizes the longer she (Di) keeps the secret, the worse she will look but Dixie tells Di that she’s concerned about the fact that so many people they both love are suffering.  She says she’s worried about what has happened to JR now that Babe and little A are missing.  Di asks her how she can expect to be a mother to anybody when she’s been playing dead all this while.

Adam tells Tad that he’s worried because Krystal is missing.  Tad is surprised to hear that.

JR informs Krystal that only 24 hours ago, he sent a text message to Babe telling her that he will end Krystal’s life if she does not bring his son back.  He shows Krystal the text message that was sent back to him that says Babe does not believe he has her mom and even if he does, she does not care.  Krystal is able to see it for herself but knows that her daughter would not do that to her.  Krystal tells him that they have no idea who really sent that message nor do they have any way to find out.  

Janet tells Babe that she knows Babe believes everything is all about her.  It’s the Babe Carey Show.  “Feel sorry for me.”  She doesn’t seem to realize that the world does not revolve around her.  All she cares about is herself.  Babe tells Janet she’s sorry but Janet interrupts her telling her that she has a narcissistic disorder.  It’s a clinical term.  She informs Babe that she didn’t just spend all her time in that place playing checkers and weaving baskets.  She learned some things.  She asks Babe why she never had to go to a shrink because she thinks that Babe could use shock treatment.  She might have that coming.

Zach tells Livia that she needs to establish that Alexander Cambias, Jr. is Ethan’s father.  He asks her, since he knows she has represented Ethan, if she believes that his fatherhood to his son is “too little too late.”  She tells him that that is not her function in all this.  He also gives her his will and tells her that he wants to change it so that in the event of his death, Kendall will inherit from him.

Simone informs Kendall that she got a call from Bianca this morning and she said many beautiful things about Ethan.  She asks Kendall if she thinks that they should have a more formal ceremony.  Kendall says that it’s probably best if it’s just friends and family.  Simone acknowledges that without Miranda, there’s no family.  Kendall tells Simone that she (Simone) is Ethan’s family since he was going to marry her.  Kendall mentions that the other member of Ethan’s family is Zach.  Simone does not want to invite Zach but Kendall tells her Zach has the right to be at his son’s funeral.  Simone asks Kendall if she is just saying that because she is in love with Zach.  She must realize that Ethan would not want that.  Kendall admits to Simone that she has not forgiven Zach for causing the blackout and does not think she ever will.  Simone asks her why she’d even care if he’s there.  Kendall tells her because Zach is Ethan’s father and should be there.  It’s only right.  Simone reminds Kendall that that is not what Ethan would want.  His last words before he died were that he will never forgive his father.  She tells Kendall that it would be an insult to Ethan to have Zach there.  Kendall protests to Simone that Zach was determined to get his son’s forgiveness and she believes that in time, Ethan would have forgiven him.  She tells Simone that Zach has shared with her all of his goals for bonding with his son.  Simone must realize that any parent who has lost their child has the right to grieve and be respected for that.  Ryan comes and asks Simone if she’s ready to start the memorial service.  She tells him she realizes they cannot put it off forever.  The minister starts the service. 

Meanwhile, Zach is alone in his office.

Dixie asks Di if she believes she does not love her son enough and if that is the reason she is staying away.  Di admits to her that she does not know.  Dixie asks Di what she knows about JR.  Di tells Dixie that JR is a mess and needs his mother.  She tells Dixie that he needs her so much that she (Di) was very close to telling him that she’s alive.  Dixie tells Di that if she were to come out of hiding, that might put Di’s cozy little romance with Tad on the back burner.  She tells Di she must forgive her if she is not concerned about Di’s pathetic love life for the moment.  Di tells Dixie that JR is going out of his mind right now because Babe and little Adam have disappeared.  Hearing that, Dixie asks her what has happened.  Di explains that after the Mardi Gras explosion, nobody could find them.  Little Adam was taken from the Chandler house.  Babe has been gone ever since.  She tells Dixie that there are theories that maybe Babe took the baby away in order to get sole custody and get away from JR.  And there’s also the theory that Janet Dillon got them.  Hearing about Janet Dillon hits a major nerve with Dixie.  She then gets up to go somewhere.  Di asks her where she is going.

Livia sings at Ethan’s memorial service.  Everybody gathers around.  Not far away, Amanda enters unseen.  She observes Simone crying and stares.

Janet locks the door to the cabin.  Babe tells her she’s right about her.  She admits she is selfish but she does care about some people.  She cares about her little boy and her momma and she tells Janet she cares about her, also.  She tells Janet it’s obvious that she’s hurting.  She’s not sure what happened but she’d like to try to help.  Hearing that, Janet tells her that she can give Babe that little shock treatment she talked about.  She then informs Babe that JR might be killing her mother.

JR tells Krystal that he plays drinking games.  Every time you lie, you must take a drink.  First he says he’s never been cheated on by a woman.  He takes a drink.  He then says he’s never been betrayed by his brother and takes another drink.  He then says he’s never been manipulated by lies and deception and drinks.  He tells her this is too easy.  Krystal suddenly realizes that he is hurting over Babe.  Observing that, she concludes to him that she can see that he really does love her daughter.  She asks what is wrong with these Chandler men.

Adam throws a glass and tells Tad that that whacko has his wife and may have his grandson.  Tad tells Adam that if he and JR had taken Jamie’s advice and gone after Janet Dillon instead of putting a price on Babe’s head, then everybody would be back safe and sound.  Janet would be locked up and getting the help she needs.  Adam tells Tad that he knows that since his wife, her daughter, and his grandson are all missing, Janet Dillon is preying upon his family.  He tells Tad he (Tad) has a lot to make up for.  Tad asks him what he has to make up for.  Not far away, Dixie is spying and overhears their conversation.

After Janet has informed her that JR wants to kill her mother, she gives Babe the cell phone with the text message he sent (believing Babe does not care).  Babe frantically asks Janet if she text messaged JR back.  Janet admits, smugly, that she was not certain what to say.  Babe protests to Janet that JR believes that she has kidnapped their son and that’s why he’s holding Krystal hostage.  Janet reminds her that she (Babe) did kidnap little A once before.  Babe tells Janet she must help Krystal.  Janet tells her it’s only appropriate that Babe should lose her mother since Janet lost her daughter. 

Krystal tries to convince JR that Babe loves him.  She tells him that it is his fault that he lost her, with all those pre-nups and everything.  She tells him she’s not trying to judge him.  She just wants him to know that this mess can have a happy ending.  If he can just let her go, she can talk to Babe and she promises she will bring that little peanut home.  He tells her he does not trust her.  She tells him if he doesn’t want to untie her, he should at least contact Babe and attempt to work things out and not press any charges.  She tells him that his only shot at getting both Babe and his son back is to trust her.  She asks him if he really loves Babe and if he really wants his family back.

At Ethan’s funeral, Ryan speaks.  He says that he and Ethan both worked hard to define themselves not by their families or by their past, but by their actions.  He remembers Ethan’s kindness, overwhelming generosity and unconditional love.  He says Ethan may be gone but not from their hearts.  Simone gets up and tells Ethan she will never stop loving him.  The minister says it is with these prayers that we commend his spirit to almighty God, and we let him go to his final resting place.  Simone goes to the coffin and tells Ethan that she will always love him.  As people leave, Simone starts to cry and Kendall takes her in her arms as she cries.  Kendall realizes that she begged Simone to let Zach come and grieve his son but he did not even show up.  Amanda comes up to them and tells them she feels so terrible for what happened.  She feels responsible because she could have stopped it.  Hearing that, Simone asks her what she could have done to prevent Ethan’s death.  Amanda admits that her mother caused the explosion at the Mardi Gras ball.

Livia informs Ryan that Ethan willed his Cambias shares to him.  Ryan asks her why.  She says it’s perhaps because Ethan realized he would never have had them in the first place were it not for Ryan.  She admits that Ryan has run the company well.  He asks her about Simone and she assures him that Simone has been well provided for in Ethan’s will.

After hearing Amanda’s startling revelation, Simone attempts to grasp that Amanda is now standing there at Simone’s fiancé’s funeral knowing all along that what happened was not an accident.  It was caused on purpose.  Amanda explains that they are looking for her mother now.  She cries and informs Simone and Kendall that she just went to the police station and gave them a full report about her mother.  She is trying, and failing, to find her right now.  She thought for a long time that she could just get her mother out of town and get her under control.  She tells them that she is so sorry.  Simone is so distraught that she slaps Amanda across the face.

 Janet emotionally tells Babe that her daughter has betrayed her.  She says she gave 200% to Amanda and all she did was take.  Hearing that, Babe says she thought JR was bad.  At least with him, you know what his priorities are: his family.  Janet tells Babe that Amanda promised to get out of Pine Valley and go home with her mother.  She promised she would love and protect her mother forever.  Amanda was the only person she knew who loved her.  Hearing that, Babe tells Janet that Trevor, her husband, loves her, right?  Janet cries and tells Babe that Trevor is different.  He’s cold and distant.  He’s lost his passion for her.  He’s calm and sedate but he’s not supportive.  He would not lift a finger to help prevent her from sliding into the abyss.  She cries and says nobody loves her or cares about her.  Hearing that, Babe tells Janet that she does.  Janet tells Babe she knows she is trying to trick her.  Babe emotionally tells Janet that is not what she intends to do.  They’ve had many really good talks.  They have a lot in common.  They both love their children.

Tad tells Adam that he doesn’t trust him any more than he’d trust Janet.  He wouldn’t put it past Adam to help Janet kill those people.  Adam asks Tad how he could say that.  Tad tells Adam it’s because Adam could turn that loving little boy who was Dixie’s and single-handedly turn him into a vengeful paranoid maniac.  Dixie silently hides and listens very intently.  Tad asks Adam how he could choose to hurt JR’s wife who is a loving mother and fail to see that it would take a criminal to pull something like this off in the first place.  He tells Adam that he (Adam) is to blame because he’s the one who taught JR, day-in and day-out, to believe the worst about everybody.  Adam tells Tad that JR’s suspicions are true.  JR’s wife stole his son and his brother stole his wife.  He tells Tad that he did not make JR paranoid.  Adam tells Tad that JR was fine until Tad helped every one of those people betray him.  Tad tells Adam that JR has not been fine for years.  Adam tells Tad that he needs to take a good hard look at what he’s done by enabling JR to believe in miracles.  He convinced JR to believe that Di Henry was Dixie.  When that happened, JR sunk into a drunken rage.  It caused him to drive his car into the daughter of a serial killer.  Adam tells Tad that he is responsible for the chain of events that has brought Janet Dillon back into their lives.  Di comes in, assuming that Dixie has revealed herself to JR.  She asks them if he’s seen “her.”  Tad and Adam look at her not knowing what she’s talking about.  They assume she’s talking about Janet but she assumes they are talking about Dixie.  After hearing Adam mention Janet’s name, Di reveals to them that she thought they were talking about somebody else.  Dixie, still in the tunnels of the Chandler mansion, sits silently listening to the three of them talking about who JR is hurting and how they cannot blame Babe because some maniac is holding her hostage.

Kendall goes to Zach’s condo and yells at him telling him he’s a bastard and he’s made her look like an idiot again for defending him.  She cannot find Zach and demands he come out and show his face.  She smashes things until he comes out of his room and restrains her.

Di asks Tad and Adam where JR is.  He’s been gone a long time.  Wouldn’t he want to stay there and make calls in order to nail Babe?  Where could he be?  Hearing that, Tad concludes that since both JR and Krystal are gone, that Janet did not take Krystal.  JR did.

Krystal tries to negotiate with JR while Babe tries to negotiate with Janet.  JR text messages Babe and tells her that if she does not bring his son back, her momma is dead meat.  Babe urges Janet to send a text message to JR to prevent him from murdering her mother.  She tells Janet they have to stop him.  Janet tells Babe no.  She thinks it’s only fair.  She lost her precious daughter.  Babe then tells Janet, in desperation, that she will be her daughter.  When Krystal finds out that JR will not cooperate, she tells him he deserves to lose Babe and little A.  These stunts and empty threats will haunt him for the rest of his life, she tells him.  He then tells her that it does not matter because he doesn’t know where his son is or when or if he will ever see him again.  Dixie is watching them from outside the window, as JR points a gun at Krystal.

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