AMC Update Wednesday 3/1/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/1/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jamie pounds on the door of Myrtle’s boardinghouse where Amanda lives.  The door is locked and he’s trying to break it down while he hears a struggle between Amanda and Janet.  Janet is trying to escape and telling her daughter that after all she’s done for her she cannot turn on her.  Amanda is restraining her mother and telling her she needs help.  Finally, Jamie is able to enter.

Adam is on the phone telling his contact that he does not care what happens to Babe Carey all he wants is for his grandson to come back safe.  Krystal enters with a gun telling him he better call his contacts back and tell them they need to bring Babe home safe and sound just like little Adam.

While still locked in the cabin with little Adam, Babe tells her sleeping son that as soon as he awakens, she hopes to have a way out of there.  She continues to work on the boards on the window and manages to get the window partly unlocked.

Aidan observes Erin playing pinball in his office.  She tells him when she was a kid she had a real obsession with pinball.  He asks her if she thinks she loves him.  She turns and seems like she wants to avoid the question.  He tells her he thinks he loves her.

Lily is alone in the woods ready to sit in her favorite tree.  She appears to be looking for Jonathan.

Jamie grabs hold of Janet while she struggles.  She screams and Jamie lets go of her when David hits Jamie from behind.  David informs them that he did not know who hit him and thought it was Jamie and so he was paying him back.  Both Jamie and Amanda are very angry with David because he has enabled Janet to escape.  David tells Amanda that they are back to plan A.  He tells her she’s going to help him find his daughter.

Babe attempts to get the room unlocked.  As she looks for some other tool to help her get the boards off the window, she looks in the mirror and remembers hearing Janet telling her that she is not a good mother and that she’s going to suffer because of what she did to Amanda.  She remembers Janet telling her that it was her bad karma that caused the explosion in the mansion and caused her to get locked in this place.  Babe then tells Janet she can take her stupid karma and shove it and there’s no way Janet is touching her son again.  She tries again to unlock the window.

Erin tells Aidan that brain-mouth coordination and too many words has not always been her strong suit so she asks him if she can just sit for a while.

Lily does not find Jonathan but she meets up with Reggie.  He knows that she’s trying to find Jonathan and he calls out to Jonathan and tells him that he doesn’t want him near his sister.  She tells him she does not want him spying on her.  Reggie tells her he is not spying on her.  He just wants her to listen when he tells her that Jonathan may appear to have changed because that does not mean he has.  He tells her that she is young and innocent and may mistakenly think Jonathan is ok and trust him.  She tells him she is not stupid.  He protests that he does not believe she’s stupid.  He realizes she’s as close to genius as anybody he knows but he’s not going away whether she likes it or not.  He’s going to stick to her like glue.  He tells her that he’s promised their dad that he will make sure that she is safe.  He tells her he has to go but he will be back in an hour to get her.  She continues to look for Jonathan when, suddenly, a ladder falls to the ground and she sees a note on it.

While Krystal holds a gun on him, Adam tells her she can save the theatrics.  She tells him she is very serious.  Her daughter is a mother and not a criminal.  He tells her she must realizes that Babe wants to escape and take little A away from him and JR.  She tells him he does not know that.  All he knows is that they are both missing.  He tells her it’s very obvious that Babe has taken this opportunity to escape.  She demands that he call off his search party.  He tells her that they can work this out without the gun but she won’t put it down.  He protests that not long ago, they reached a whole new level of understanding.  She reminds him that he toe-tagged her.  He tells her that even if he calls off the search party, sooner or later, the cops will come after Babe.  JR comes in and tells her to put the pistol down.  While Krystal is caught off guard, Adam rushes her to try to wrest the pistol away from her.  Adam is able to see that the gun is loaded and Krystal could have killed him.  He asks her if she could do that after what they have shared.  She tells him that he and JR and their lynch mob are ready to mow down her daughter, and she’s not going to let them play judge, jury and executioner.  She tells them they need to call off their lynch mob but neither Adam nor JR will agree.  She then concludes that this is war and she does not trust them.

David tells Amanda and Jamie that this is very simple.  He will let Janet’s daughter go if Janet hands over his daughter, and as long as Amanda cooperates, he won’t get her into any trouble for being an accessory and her mother can go back to the planet of her choice.  Jamie tells David to let Amanda go.  David tells Jamie he recalls he (Jamie) was once in love with his daughter.  How quickly Jamie forgets about the love of his life.  He asks him if it is now Amanda who has his panties in a bundle.  Amanda informs David that Jamie never loved her.  He just pretended to in order to get to her mom.  Hearing that, David laughs and says what a surprise.  He tells Jamie that it’s touching the way he has to play the hero and he needs to step aside and let David take it from here and should, instead, go work on some cadavers.  Jamie asks David if he wants to take shots at him or if he wants to get Babe back.  Amanda tells David that she was ready to turn her mother in before he came in and ruined that.  Jamie urges David to think.  He must realize that Janet could go over the edge and get revenge and that she is dangerous.  He could put Babe and little Adam at risk.  He tells David he must stop being an idiot and let Amanda go.

Lily climbs the ladder to a tree house where Jonathan is.  He welcomes her to her tree house and asks her if she likes it.

Erin admits to Aidan that she has never said those three words out loud.  He asks her if she wants to stay in Pine Valley or stay with him.  She tells him that she is interested in him and not anybody else.  She admits that he really won her over when he got angry with Janet and blasted her for trying to ruin Jonathan’s life.  She tells him that it’s so amazing because nobody else cares about Jonathan.  She tells Aidan that his anger really made her feel safe.  Usually when people get angry and yell she is alarmed but she felt totally good with his anger.

Lily tells Jonathan that this place is quiet.  Even though it’s up high, it feels safe.  She notices that he has some yellow flowers for her.  He tells her he could not find purple tulips but hopes she likes the yellow ones.  He informs her that Aidan is ready to find the chameleon lady and get him cleared of all false charges.  She agrees that Aidan is a really good detective.  He tells her that he might not have been able to convince Aidan that he is innocent and not hallucinating about the chameleon lady without her help.  She tells him that she believes that her dad can help him.  He’s a lawyer.  He knows how to get to the hard truth.  She also tells him that she believes he and her dad can get to know each other and Jack will enjoy hanging out with Jonathan and telling knock-knock jokes.  He tells her he’s afraid that her dad will never like him.  She tells him that although she does not lie, she realizes that it’s normal to lie.  It’s one of the life skills she does not have.  She asks him if he can teach her.  She knows that if her dad refuses to ever trust Jonathan, she may have to lie in order to be able to see him.

Amanda admits to Jamie and David that her mother, honestly, did not tell her where Babe is.  All she told her is that Babe would never hurt her again.  David does not buy that but Jamie tells him to back off.  David tells her that she is in this almost “as deep as her mommy,” as an accessory.  She tells Jamie that she did not want to believe that her mother did the things she did and wanted to protect her.  She’s been trying to get her mother to tell them what she did and where Babe is.  She’s been trying to get Janet to turn herself in but it has not worked.  David concludes that the only effective bargaining tool they have to get Janet to tell them where Janet has taken Babe is Amanda’s warm body.  David and Jamie argue about how to effectively negotiate with Janet.  Jamie tells David he does not trust him nor believe that making Amanda a hostage will work.  He tells David he’s going to the police.

Babe is struggling to get out of the cabin.

Back at the boarding house, Jamie is on the phone informing Tad that Amanda attempted to restrain Janet but she got away.  When he gets off the phone, Amanda asks Jamie if everybody believes that she cannot be trusted and that she’d enable her mother to get away with her crimes.  Jamie admits that she may have made some bad moves but he believes he can trust her to help them.  He tells her that she would know, better than anybody, what Janet does and where she might have gone and where she’s holding Babe and little A hostage.  She tells him that she feels really guilty for her inability to see through her mother’s manipulation.  If she had just been smarter, she could have prevented the explosion and all the things that have happened.  She asks him if he hates her for what she’s done.  He tells her he could never hate her.

Alone in the cabin, Babe finally gets the window open and wishes on a star.  She asks that her mom and her son and everybody she loves be ok.

Jonathan asks Lily if she is sure that she wants to be able to lie.  She doesn’t need to.  He can do it for her.  He tells her that one thing she could do is if people ask her if they are still seeing each other, she could say no.  Not understanding that she’d be lying to do that, she tells him she wants to keep seeing him.  He tells her he wants that too and intends for that to happen but if she lies about seeing him then nobody will suspect her of seeing him and they can keep seeing each other.  Showing that she is grasping this new concept for the first time, she tells him another example of lying, of telling something that is not true, is to say that Jonathan is bad.  He tells her, yes.  That’s one example.  He asks her to do role-playing with him.  He tells her he will role-play Ryan.  He pretends he is Ryan, running into her and asking her what’s up.  Hearing that, she has difficulty believing Jonathan is Ryan.  She remarks they do not look or talk alike and Ryan has never said those exact words to her before.  He tells her they are just pretending.

Aidan tells Erin he thinks she has beautiful eyes and is really sweet.  She tells him that when she is with him, she feels a prickling sensation.  He asks her what else she feels.  She admits that her face hurts from smiling.  She asks him if he thinks if she keeps doing it, then her face will stay in a smile.  He tells her he does not know and hopes she will hang around long enough to find out and he kisses her.

Someone comes in and throws a blanket over Krystal’s head and drags her out of the mansion. 

Babe tells her infant son that in order to get them out of there, he cannot make a sound.  She tells him she knows he can do this because he’s momma’s big brave boy.  She tells him she will attempt to get out of the window and because he’s her brave, big boy, he gets to go first.  She lifts him out the window and tells him to stay right there.

Jonathan tells Lily that maybe they should forget about the lying.  She tells him she’s afraid that when her dad looks at her again and asks her about Jonathan, she will tell him the truth.  He tells her that’s ok if she’s not comfortable with lying.  She may only do what feels right.  He tells her he knows that when he asked her to marry him, she said no.  She asks him if he was ok with that.  He tells her that he only wants her to do what makes her comfortable.  Even if she tells him something he doesn’t want to hear, he never wants her to feel trapped or scared.  She tells him she’d rather stay with him in this tree house then go back to her school but she knows maybe she should go.  She knows Reggie will be back soon.  Just as she says that, Reggie is calling for her.

David goes to see Adam and tells him he’s completely off the mark to believe that Babe has done what she’s accused of.  He needs to know that Janet Dillon is responsible for all the crimes that have happened.  Right now she has David’s daughter and David and Adam’s mutual grandson and they cannot waste any more time believing differently.  Adam finally concludes that Krystal is right.

Aidan and Erin kiss.  She then tells him she just remembered her New Years Resolution.  He asks her to please not tell him more ice fishing.  She tells him that she promised herself to have fun.  This is it.  This is what happiness feels like.

Reggie calls for Lily.  She comes down and tells him that he’s only a minute late.  He remarks that she looks a lot happier than when he left.  She confirms that she is very happy.  He tells her he will leave nature to the squirrels, but he accepts whatever works for her and he asks her to leave with him.  They go and Jonathan observes them looking hopeful.

Amanda tells Jamie that she wishes she could be more help in brainstorming what her mom is doing or where she is but she’s so frustrated that she cannot.  He tells her that he knows they can find her mom and she mustn’t be discouraged.  He asks if she’s ever known him to give up.

Adam then discovers that he cannot find Krystal.

Just as Babe and little A are ready to escape, Janet catches them.

Krystal gets dumped on a bed in what appears to be a cabin.  She looks to her captor and he takes off his mask revealing that he is JR.

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