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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/28/06 


Written By Jenn
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At the hospital, Erica and Tad are shocked to witness Joe offering Josh Madden a job on staff.  When Josh leaves, Erica tells Joe she cannot believe that he’d even consider such a thing.  He tells her he’s short-handed, needs an intern and Josh needs a job.  She tells him he must find another intern because she wants Josh out of Pine Valley.  Joe tells Erica he will not turn his back on his grandson.

JR is on the warpath to find Babe, Janet and his son.

Janet goes to see Amanda and overhears Amanda’s conversation with David, and his demand that she take him to see Janet.  Janet sneaks in and knocks David out with a skillet.  Amanda asks her mother where she has been and what she is doing.

Alone in the cabin with her son, Babe is trying to find a way out.  Her infant son notices her unsuccessfully attempting to unlock the windows and asks her what she’s doing.  She appears happy to him, smiles and sings: “You are my sunshine.”

While talking to Dixie, Zach reveals to her that he knows who she is.  She’s very surprised that he’d recognize her.  She tells him she does not know him.  He tells her he does not know her either.  He knows her family and her stories.  She asks him which ones.  He tells her he’s met Di and realizes that she has wanted to take over Dixie’s life.  He tells Dixie he knows about her uncle Palmer, her messed up son and her grandson.

JR and Jamie go to talk to Aidan about finding out where Babe and little A might be.  Jonathan and Erin Lavery come by and Jonathan tells them he knows that it might be Janet who has caused them to disappear.  Jamie says he believes Jonathan and highly suspects that Janet might be the culprit behind all the crimes.  He also tells them that he has evidence that she has been setting Jonathan up to take the fall for her crimes.  Jonathan reveals to them that he saw Janet coming by and looking like a guard or a cleaning lady when he was in jail after being falsely accused of kidnapping the people on the truck and attempting to get it to sink in the quicksand.

Janet tells Amanda that she need not worry about what she’s done and assures her daughter that Babe will not hurt her ever again.

Locked in the room at the cabin and not knowing that Janet has left, Babe calls to her, asking for a band-aid for the cut she got on her hand in attempting to unlock the window.  She then concludes that Janet is asleep and tells little A that they might be able to escape from the old troll after all.

At Amanda’s home, she protests to her mother that she’s no longer a little girl whom Janet can distract with candy and sweet talk but Janet keeps babbling and asks if Babe’s no good father has come to harass or threaten her.  Amanda tells her mother that she must realize that the only person who is running her life is her mother.

Erica tells Joe that she believes that the best thing, not only for her, but for Josh as well, is for him to leave Pine Valley.  Tad agrees.  Joe sees it differently.  Erica tells Joe that when Josh finds out that she terminated her pregnancy, it won’t have a good affect on him.  He must know that Josh already has some problems if he has attempted to poison her and take over her show, and he doesn’t want to be a doctor anyway.  Joe tells Erica that Josh is troubled, needs to find his way, and he intends to help Josh with that.  Meanwhile, Josh runs into his father in the hospital hallway and informs him that he is now on the medical staff at the hospital.  Greg looks at his son and is not pleased.

At Aidan’s, Jamie tells JR he believes that this mysterious woman set Jonathan up.  JR tells Jamie if he wants to believe Lavery, that’s his business.  He reminds them that Jonathan murdered people and terrorized the town not long ago.  Jonathan protests that he was sick.  JR tells him he is still sick.  Aidan, then, plays for everybody Janet’s conversation with Amanda.  He explains that he’s found a way to have access to her voice.  They all hear Amanda telling her mother that she has to leave town and Janet telling her daughter that she needs to appreciate her mother.  Jonathan tells them he can identify the voice of the chameleon lady.

At Amanda’s home, she tells her mother that she loves her and wants to help her but cannot let her do what she wants.  Janet keeps telling Amanda that they must travel together and give each other facials.  Amanda tells her mother she cannot give her the help she needs, and that Janet needs to return to the hospital.

Erica tells Joe that he must realize that Josh does not really want or need this job.  He’s just using it in order to spite his father.  Joe replies that may be but he asks Erica what she would do if she never had a chance to know Miranda.  If she came looking for a job, would Erica cut her out of her life just because of suspicions of her adult grandchild?  Erica admits she would not do that to Miranda.  Tad tells his father he must realize that Josh is not Miranda.  Joe tells Erica that she made a choice, all those years ago to terminate her pregnancy.  She asks him if he really approves of what Greg Madden did.  Joe admits to Erica that he never approved of what she did.

Josh tells Greg that he needs to sit back and enjoy the view of seeing his miracle son succeed.  Greg tells his son that he must realize his father loves him.  He went through hell and high water for Josh to be born.  He’s ready to tell Josh that he “risked something,” but he stops and realizes he cannot reveal exactly what it was that he risked.  Josh asks him what he risked.

Dixie asks Zach why he did what he did with his son and what he’d do if he were her.  They both conclude that it’s all too easy for any parent to make the same mistakes again.

Janet is urging her daughter, yet again, not to make her go back to the mental ward.  She pleads with Amanda about how she does not want to be “that person.”  She tells her that “she” has no spirit and no soul and she reminds Amanda that she once swore that she would never send her mother back to the hospital.  Once again, she successfully manipulates Amanda.  She then notices that it’s cold and asks her mother if she can find her a sweater.  David awakens, and Janet bops him over the head again and knocks him out.  Amanda tells her mother she can’t keep doing that.  Janet reminds her that that guy deserves a headache after messing with her little girl. 

At Aidan’s, they are listening to Janet’s conversation with her daughter.  Jonathan, again, tells them that he knows that that is the same voice of the crazy woman.  Amanda calls Jamie, telling him she needs him to get over there soon.  He must hurry.  Janet takes the phone out of her hand.  There is dead silence and Jamie asks Amanda if she is there.  Janet then tells her daughter she knows that she has just stabbed her mother in the back.  Amanda protests that she was merely checking her messages.  Janet tells Amanda she knows she is calling Jamie Martin.  She asks her how she could trust him after what he’s done.  She tells her daughter she made a similar mistake, obsessing over Trevor and doing whatever she could do to distract his attention away from Natalie.  She tells Amanda she does not have to do what her mother had to do.  She reminds her she is not that chubby-cheeked, mousy-haired, four-eyed loser (revealing that THAT is the person she sees in the mirror who always discourages her).  She tells Amanda she need not be intimidated by Babe Carey the way her mother was intimidated by the “competition” for the men in her life.  Amanda tells her mother that she does love her mother, and would never betray her.  She wishes Janet would realize that.

Babe drifts off to sleep in the room at the cabin and has a fantasy that JR comes to save her.  He tells her he trusts her, wants to marry her and wants them all to be a family.  She knows that it’s just a dream and not reality.  She tells JR she loves him.

After Jamie gets off the phone with Amanda, JR asks him if that was Babe.  Jamie sarcastically tells JR yes, it was Babe.  She’s in Tahiti and wants him to join her.  He goes out the door not revealing to anybody where he’s going.  Jonathan asks JR why he’s always so angry.  JR tells them all that they are pathetic to trust Babe.  He’s going to find her and make her sorry and he goes out the door.

Dixie asks Zach why it was that he came back.  He admits to her it was because of a woman.  She asks if he still loves her.  He admits he does although she is no longer in his life.  He asks her what about her.  Does she still love Tad?  She tells him she always thinks about Tad.  She knows he is still thinking about her but she realizes if Tad ever finds out what she did, he will never forgive her.

Joe tells Tad and Erica that he believes that Erica has always wanted to run the show and she still wants to.  Erica protests to Joe that she never meant to do that.  He reminds her he knows she broke Jeff’s heart.  It was all about her career and her success and no regard for his son.  She protests to Joe that it was not like that.  When she found out she was pregnant, she was in terrible panic and dread.  It was not about her career or success.  It was something else.  Hearing that, Tad asks her if it was the memory of how she conceived Kendall.  Erica then reminds them that she had no conscious memory of the rape when she found out she was pregnant by Jeff.  She had a constant fear and emotional torment that she could not figure out.  That is why she could not have Jeff’s baby and why she broke his heart.  She tells Joe that she did what she did in order to survive.  Joe then tells Erica he is sorry if he has misjudged her.  Perhaps he did not have all the facts at the time.  She thanks him and asks him if that means that he’s reconsidered his offer to Josh.  Joe admits that he won’t do that.  She asks him if he plans to tell Josh that he is his grandson.  Joe tells Erica he’s not certain when to do that and asks Erica if she is still firm on her decision never to tell Josh that she is his mother.  She admits that she is and believes that is what’s best for Josh.  He asks her if she thinks that’s what’s best for Jeff.  Joe then gets a call on his beeper and leaves.  Alone with Tad, Erica asks him if he thinks his father will ever reconsider his decision.  Tad informs her that as far as his father is concerned, Josh is family.

Aidan shows Jonathan a picture of Janet.  Jonathan says he knows that that is the same woman who’s been harassing him.  He recognizes her and knows she is dangerous.  Erin then concludes to her brother that they can turn that over to the police and he can be cleared of all charges.  Jonathan tells then there is something he needs to do and leaves.  Alone with Erin, Aidan expresses how upset he is that that crazy, psycho woman gets to run free, come close to killing many people many times, now she has an innocent little boy, and she’s almost gotten Jonathan falsely accused of her crimes.

Janet tells her daughter that if she casts her mother aside for Jamie or Babe, it’s a defining moment.  She tells Amanda that here and now, she will start her downward spiral without her mommy.  Janet is ready to leave.  Amanda then tells her mother she will not let her go.  Janet tells Amanda she cannot stop her.  Amanda tells her mother that she will have to fight to get past her.

Josh goes to see Erica, telling her she is a fool if she wants to let him go, end his job and run him out of Pine Valley.  He must realize he gave her “life.”  Tad is standing nearby and asks Josh to leave.  He leaves and Erica asks Tad how it is that Josh could tell her he “gave her life.”  She tells Tad that she does not know how she’s going to cope with being in Pine Valley with both Josh and Greg Madden and the whole situation.

Dixie asks Zach if he really believes she should leave well enough alone and fall off the face of the earth.  He admits to her that he’s no role model who can give anybody advice and promises to mind his own business and not give anybody else any advice.  He asks her if she plans to stay or leave.  She turns to him and tells him she bets he’d really like to know. 

JR meets his secret contact in an alley and asks him if he’s found Babe.  The guy informs JR that there is no trace of her or any credit card activity.  Impatient for better answers, JR tells him he better get results or he will bury him and his whole operation. 

Janet is ready to go out the door.  Amanda tries to physically restrain her from leaving and Jamie arrives.  He cannot get in, pounds the door and calls to Amanda to let him in.

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