AMC Update Monday 2/27/06

All My Children Update Monday 2/27/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Josh is in Erica’s hospital room and says “you think I don’t know who you are.” Erica tells him he doesn’t know who she is but he will soon know who they are to each other.

In the hospital lobby, Ryan tells Kendall to sit down and make sure she knows what she is saying. Kendall has just asked Ryan to move in with her and she repeats that that is what she wants. Ryan tells her if she wants him, he’s there.

Zach is at the cemetery, where a hole has been dug for Ethan’s grave. This is it, Ethan, he says.

Janet’s alter ego in the mirror taunts her for being a sucker for letting Babe go. Janet claims she let Babe go so she could take her son and leave JR forever. Janet in the mirror tells her that Babe will go right to the rich boy, who will call the cops and then arrest Janet. Janet runs outside, yelling for Babe. Just as she goes outside, Amanda tries to call Janet. The phone goes unanswered.

David sneaks into the house where Amanda is now living. With Amanda in the next room, David pours a liquid from a vial into a glass Amanda has been drinking from.

Janet hauls Babe and little Adam back into her cabin. Babe tells her they had a deal to let her go. Janet tells her she wanted her gone, but not now that she has lied to her. Janet takes little Adam from Babe’s arms and calls her a manipulating liar who has no idea what it takes to be a good mother.

JR is alone in cabin where Dixie is hiding out, not knowing she is right behind him. He frets to himself, asking why he loses everyone he loves. A tear rolls down Dixie’s face. She starts walking toward JR, but he gets up without seeing her and walks out.

Janet puts little Adam back in a crib while Babe argues that she never lied to her. Babe says all she wants to do is protect little Adam like Janet wants to protect Amanda. Instead Janet is screwing up Amanda.

Tad goes to Amanda’s place to talk to her about Janet. David is hiding around a corner. Amanda tells Tad that her mom would never hurt anyone. Tad tells her people died in that explosion. If Janet was not involved he needs Amanda to help her prove it. He wants to wait until Janet calls Amanda so he can trace the call. Amanda says she hasn’t been able to reach her mother or her father. Tad says it would be good if Trevor could be involved in this. Amanda says she swore to her mother that she would never betray her.

Erica tells Josh that he betrayed her. She tells him he is nothing to her as she is nothing to him. Josh tells her she is his idol. Erica says she won’t press charges against him for drugging her. They can’t change what has happened but they can change what happens next. She says she’s done with him. She can no longer teach or mentor him. She wants him to leave Pine Valley forever. Josh says his father and now Erica want him to leave town like he never existed. Erica tells him that he tried to ruin her but he failed. Now it’s time to move on. Josh asks her why she doesn’t want to destroy him. Erica encourages him to go to Los Angeles and become a star.

Ryan tells Kendall he wants to know what she needs. Kendall says she doesn’t need anything from him. Ryan asks, then, why does she want him to move in with her. Kendall says she needs his help to keep from running over to Zach when she sees he’s awake and hurting in the middle of the night. She says Zach betrayed her and they’re done, so she needs Ryan to keep her from walking across the courtyard to see him. Ryan asks if she wants him to stop her from doing what she wants to do. Is she using him? Kendall says that’s exactly what she’s doing. So is it a yes or a no. Ryan says it’s a yes, if that’s what she really wants.

David smiles gleefully when he notices Amanda drinking from the glass where he poured his truth serum. Amanda tells Tad that she will not hurt her mother. Tad says he doesn’t want Janet to be hurt, he wants her to get help. Amanda says help for her mother means a psych ward, and she cannot handle that. Tad asks Amanda if she wants to be responsible for the deaths of Babe and little Adam.

Kendall goes home and immediately hears a knock on her door. It is JR, who wants to talk to Kendall about Babe. Kendall tells him she doesn’t care about Babe and wants him to leave. Kendall settles down after JR tells her that he wanted to marry Babe but she betrayed him. Kendall tells him he has come to the right place.

Zach is still at Ethan’s gravesite when Dixie approaches him. Dixie apologizes for intruding. She says she’s there to visit her brother’s grave. Zach says he’s there at his son’s grave. He tells Dixie he lost his son before he died, even before he was born. Dixie asks him how he lost him. Zach says he’ll tell her if she wants to hear the story. Dixie tells him he can tell her if he likes. She tells him she lost a son too. Zach tells Dixie that he denied who his son was because he wanted to be a good father. He says he wasn’t a father at all to him because he wanted his son to be a better man. When he did reach out to his son it was too late. He said he would never forgive him. Zach says Ethan closed his eyes, and now when he closes his eyes he is all he sees.

Tad tells Amanda to call him when she’s ready to talk. After Tad leaves, David reveals himself. He peppers Amanda with questions about her mother, eventually telling her that he gave her a truth serum. He tells her she’s going to tell him everything that she would not tell to Martin.

After Janet tells Babe she’s not a decent mother, Babe yells at Janet, calling her a terrible mother. Janet grabs a fireplace poker and asks Babe to repeat what she said to her. Babe quickly backs down and apologizes, telling Janet that she’s right. She does screw things up and has a lot to learn. Janet tells her she needs to be punished like her mother punished her. She tells Babe to go to her room. She locks Babe and little Adam in the bedroom.

Zach tells Dixie that it’s her turn to tell him about her son.

JR tells Kendall that Babe played him again. Kendall tells JR that Zach said all the right things and made her feel safe. Kendall says the love can be for real even though they betray them. JR asks Kendall if she thinks Babe’s love is for real. Kendall says she doesn’t know, but it doesn’t matter now.

Babe hears Janet arguing with Trevor and tells her son that since Janet is being loud they’re going to play a game. It’s called run home to daddy. She takes something from the baby and says she’s going to use it to take care of those nails in the wood blocking the window.

David tells Amanda he thought she harmed his daughter but he was wrong. He says the incidents of the soup poisoning and the kidnapping of little Adam were the work of Amanda’s mother, not Amanda. Amanda tells David it wasn’t her. David lists the crimes that have occurred in Pine Valley and Amanda repeats it wasn’t her. David asks if she thinks her mother has Babe and his grandson. Amanda says her mother won’t admit it but she knows she does. David asks where they are, but Amanda says she doesn’t know.

Tad goes to see Erica, commenting that he saw Josh leave. He asks how it went. Erica says she’ll be fine when Josh leaves town. Tad concludes that Erica didn’t tell Josh the truth. Erica says she didn’t and she won’t. It will be better for everyone if he never knows. Tad asks her how she came to this decision. Erica says it was Kendall. Kendall has no idea what to think about the baby she is carrying. Kendall was hurt when she learned that she put her up for adoption. She says she doesn’t want to put Josh through this. Tad admits that this news could really shake Josh. Erica says the only regret she has is that Greg will get away from this. Tad says Erica’s decision means that Greg will keep his license and his practice. Tad says they need to tell his father. It won’t be easy for him to take. Erica asks if he thinks Joe will understand that Josh was never their’s.

Dixie tells Zach that she left her son and his father. She says when she had the chance to come back she didn’t. Zach notes that she is here now. Dixie says it might be too late. She has changed so much and so many things have happened. She doesn’t know if she is what he needs anymore. She might make things worse for him. She tells Zach that she saw her son, but she doesn’t know how to help him. Sometimes she thinks she would be selfish of her to try.

Tad wheels Erica out of her room in a wheelchair just in time to see Josh talking to Joe and accepting his offer for an internship at the hospital. Josh tells Joe he’ll start whenever he wants him too.

David tells Amanda she’s coming with him. He says if Amanda’s mother has Babe, it’s only fair that he takes Amanda. Suddenly Janet is there to hit David on the head with a frying pan. He passes out. “Mommy’s back,” she tells Amanda.

Kendall walks JR out of her residence just in time to see Ryan arrive with a suitcase. “Ryan Lavery, at your service,” he says. Kendall smiles.

Dixie asks Zach what he would do if he were her. “I would disappear again,” he tells her. “Leave well enough alone.” He tells her that’s what he would do and calls her by her first name.

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