AMC Update Friday 2/24/06

All My Children Update Friday 2/24/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe tries to convince Janet to let her leave the locked cabin. Babe tells Janet that she plans to run away with little Adam so that no one will ever find her. She says when people realize she stole the baby again, people will hate her. Babe says next to her, Amanda will be thought of as a saint. Janet asks her why she hasn’t mentioned JR in her plot.

At Chandler mansion, JR is rejecting any help from Di. Little Adam and Babe are gone and he lost his mother. He says when JR loves someone, JR loses someone. Di tells him he hasn’t lost as much as he thinks. JR asks what does he have. Money? That doesn’t keep him warm at night. Family? His mother is dead and his son is missing. JR asks if Di is suggesting herself as family. He tells her not to make him sick. Di says things are not as bleak as they seem. There is a lot he doesn’t know.

Dixie is outside David’s cabin listening. When David steps outside his door, he hears a noise. He asks who is out there. He calls out for Babe but hears nothing. He goes back inside when his phone rings, but no one is on the line. David asks the silent caller if this is Babe.

Ryan tries calling Kendall to see how she’s doing, but has to leave a message when she doesn’t answer.

Kendall is in Zach’s residence wanting to know where they go from here. She says they have just said they love each other, yet they are acting like two strangers. Kendall says part of her is telling her to jump into his arms while the other part is telling her to run away. Growing tearful, she tells Zach she doesn’t know what to do next.

Babe tells Janet that JR will be broken and suffer forever when he loses his son. Janet expresses doubt about what Babe is saying, realizing that she knew Babe and JR were talking about getting remarried. Babe says she was going to set JR up, get a divorce and take her son. She tells Janet that now she won’t have to do that because she already has her son. Babe tells her she can make her dreams come true too.

Josh tells Greg that Dr. Martin offered him an internship at the hospital. Greg asks why Joe Martin would do such a thing. It makes no sense. Josh says he figures Joe didn’t want to let a great talent slip through his fingers.

Erica is in Jack’s hospital room, though he is unconscious. Erica tells him about Josh being her son. She says she doesn’t know what to tell him. She knows Josh hates her, and if he finds out he may never recover. She tells Jack she needs him.

Kendall tells Zach she needs his help. She wants to know whether she should walk or stay. Zach says he can’t make that decision for her. Kendall asks him to tell her how to be happy. Zach tells her to stop loving him as he doesn’t do happy. Kendall asks if she should just forget about him. Zach says the faster the better. Kendall asks if he can stop loving her. Zach says he’ll love her until the day he dies. Kendall wants to know what that means. Is he telling her it was nice knowing her or is he saying he wants to work it out? Ryan goes to Kendall’s door but she doesn’t answer. He looks over and sees Kendall at Zach’s. Zach tells Kendall he doesn’t know what to say to make her feel better. Kendall says she needs to know if he can fix things so they are like the way they were before. Can he fix what’s broke? Zach says he can’t fix that. Kendall angrily tells him he was playing God with her life. When she learned the truth about him all he can do is tell her she should have expected it. She walks out and sees Ryan waiting for her. She tells him she wishes he had come in there and pulled her out before she made a fool of herself. Zach thinks back to happier times with Kendall.

Babe tells Janet that JR cut her off from her son and she’ll never forgive him. Janet says people change and she may feel differently sometime. Janet says that is what happened between her and Trevor. Babe says she intends to take her son as far away from JR as possible. Babe says she didn’t know Trevor but she suspects he’s a better man than JR. She tells Janet that JR was the one behind the wheel when Amanda was run down.

Di tells JR she needs to tell him something. JR says he’ll never trust anyone again. There is only one person who deserves his trust and she’s dead. Di tells him that Dixie loves him so much. JR asks if she’s having conversations with people in heaven. He accuses her of slamming his mother’s memory. JR gets a call from one of his men who says someone with Babe’s description was spotted at a cabin. JR tells his man to keep an eye on her and don’t do anything until he gets there. He walks out.

Dixie is inside a cabin by herself. She recalls Di telling her that JR aches for her. She remembers when JR was born.

Babe tells Janet that she was the one who called 911 and did CPR on Amanda. Janet comments that that was the night she torched the Roadside Bar. Janet says she’s so tired of Pine Valley residents hurting her Amanda. She tells Babe that she gave her a truckload of trouble.

Zach is sharing a drink with Myrtle at his place. He asks if she’s heard about his role in the blackout. Myrtle tells him not to beat himself up. She says she thinks his and Kendall’s was the greatest love story she’s ever heard. Myrtle tells him that he did a lot of rotten things but he’s paying for it now and she hates to see it. Zach asks why she would worry about a screw-up like him. She says it’s because she loves him. And she knows Kendall loves him as well, and he can never forget that.

Kendall brings flowers to Erica in the hospital. Erica instantly knows something is wrong and asks Kendall. Kendall admits that she and Zach are over. Erica tells her she’s sorry, but Kendall tells her not to act like she’s broken up. She knows this is what Erica wanted. Erica says mother’s feel their child’s hurt. She tells Kendall she feels a sense of deja vu, because she had similar conversations with her own mother. Erica says her own mother told her she would get over the pain. Erica tells Kendall she will smile and laugh again. She is a Kane woman, and Kane women don’t stay down long. Kendall says three years ago she would have never imagined them being where they’re at today. She says they’re in a good place. Erica says she wishes it could be like this for every parent and child.

Greg tells Josh that if he was serious about being a doctor he should accept the offer in San Francisco. Josh asks him why he’s so desperate to get him out of Pine Valley. Greg tells Josh that he doesn’t have a lot of friends here. Josh lists a couple of friends, then says Joe Martin may be his new mentor.

Di goes to see David to ask questions about Tad and Dixie’s final break up. David accuses her of pulling strings to get Tad to take her back. Di says she doesn’t want to repeat Dixie’s mistakes. David tells Di that Dixie was ten times the woman she is. Dixie was kind, wonderful and real, he says. Di says real people don’t qualify for sainthood until after they die. David calls her insensitive for badgering him when Babe and little Adam are missing. Di tells him that Jamie suspects that Janet abducted Babe and little Adam.

JR goes to the cabin where Dixie is. He bangs on the door, calling for Babe. Dixie hears him. JR kicks in the door and goes inside. He looks around inside and gets angry when he sees Babe isn’t there. He grabs something and throws it across the room, breaking it. He gets emotional and sits down on the bed, asking God or somebody to help him. He calls out to his mother, asking if she’ll help him. Dixie watches him from behind.

Ryan is waiting for Kendall as she returns to the hospital lobby. He suggests they get something to eat. Kendall asks him if he meant it when he said he would move in with her. He says he was. Kendall tells him she would like him to.

Erica calls someone and tells them to come and see her. It’s urgent. Later, Josh walks into Erica’s room and wonders why she called him.

Janet hands Babe some car keys and unlocks the door, letting her go. Babe is thrilled to get out of that cabin and tells little Adam that his daddy is going to be so happy to see him. Inside the cabin, Janet sees her alter ego in the mirror, who says “can you spell sucker?”

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