AMC Update Thursday 2/23/06

All My Children Update Thursday 2/23/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR tells his father he’s not going to call the cops to find Babe.  He doesn’t trust them and has his own team on this.  He has many people along the coast that are guarding all airports and passageways who will catch Babe if she thinks she’s taking his son.  Adam tells JR that he needs to let Derek Frye put an APB on her. 

Krystal goes to see Tad telling him she needs his help.  He cannot let those nasty people go after her daughter like she’s a rabid dog.

Stuck in the cabin with Janet, Babe awakens and acts nice but privately tells her infant son that they have to find a way to escape from this whack job.  Janet tells her she is not going anywhere.

Di talks to Del, about Dixie.

Ryan goes to Julia’s to visit Simone.  She looks happy but Ryan knows she’s very upset.  He hugs her and she cries.  She asks Ryan if it was really real.  Did Ethan really love her before he died?

Zach awakens in his home to see Kendall.  She tells him she’s sorry about Ethan.  He tells her so is he.  She asks him what he’s going to do.  He asks her what she wants him to do.  She asks him if there’s anything he needs or anything she can do.  He tells her that her instincts were right.  She should have listened to them instead of being fooled by candlelight and fire works.  He admits that he hurts the people he cares about.  He pours some wine and admits that Ethan did not deserve this -but he did.  He deserved to lose his son.

Krystal calls Tad to the Chandler house and tells him that she’s worried.  She tells him that she hopes her daughter did not take little A and run from JR.  She tells him she’s worried that Babe does not have a plan if that is the case, and she believes she must take matters into her own hands, with Tad’s help, in order to find her daughter.  He tells her she must realize that taking matters into her own hands has not worked for her in the past.  She tells him it’s better than letting the two Chandler bozos string up her daughter.  Hearing Adam and JR’s plan to get Babe in trouble, Tad tells them that they need to realize that things have been crazy lately and anything could have happened.  They cannot just jump to conclusions about Babe.  He assures JR that little Adam is family to him also and he wants him back just like JR does.

Babe acts nice to Janet but tells her that she wants to get little A back to where he belongs.  Janet tells Babe that this is where he belongs.  She offers them some oatmeal, informing Babe that she and oatmeal go way back.  It is a memory she has of her daughter.  She’s ready to feed the baby some but Babe is not going to let that woman feed her son anything.  She seems to know that Janet is not beyond poisoning a child.

Tad tells Adam and JR that they must realize that the two of them are known throughout this town for playing some pretty crazy mind games.  JR tells him that this time, he’s going to win this game and it will be winner-take-all.  Babe will never be able to see her son again, after she is found.  Tad tells JR that, right now, he better hope that Babe has little Adam instead of somebody else.  Jamie enters and tells them he’s very afraid that the baby is not with Babe but with Janet from another planet.

In the cabin, Babe keeps telling Janet that she and her son have to get going.  Janet just keeps babbling about making snowmen.  She tells Babe that she hopes that they have bonded and shared and bared their souls.  Babe asks her what more she wants from her.  Babe has looked at Janet’s scrapbooks.  She’s offered to talk to Jamie about getting back with Amanda.  She’s even offered Amanda a job at Fusion but there’s obviously something more that Janet wants from her.

Dixie tells Del that she believed that she has done the right thing.  But now she has a real dilemma on her hands in regard to whether to “tell”.  He asks her what she is questioning whether to tell and to whom.  She then reveals to him, for the first time, that Dixie is alive.  He tells her he finds that hard to believe.  If Dixie were alive, why wouldn’t she have told him?  Di is only her half sister.  He is Dixie’s full brother.  She tells him she realizes that.  She thought that when Dixie saw her (Di), with Tad, she’d make herself known and fling herself into Tad’s arms.  However, while Di was talking to Tad, Dixie was hiding in her home listening and she’s kept hiding.  He tells her that she must be the one to announce that Dixie is back in town.  If they hear it from anybody, they must hear it from her.

David hears somebody outside his home and asks if it’s Babe.  It’s Dixie.  Krystal comes by to talk to David about their daughter’s disappearance.  He tells her he does not want to “help” in the way she wants.  He believes that their daughter is not going to let JR find her or little A because she’s smart.

Ryan tells Simone that Ethan really did love her.  She tells him that now she’s completely alone.  He tells her he hopes it’s ok that he stopped by the funeral home.  He took care of some of the basics, and he will wait until whenever she is ready to deal with the rest.  She hugs him and tells him he is the best “Best man” and friend to the both her and Ethan.  She then tells him she will go get herself cleaned up and get going.  Julia tells her she can take all the time she needs.  Simone thanks Julia realizing that they barely knew each other and Julia took her into her home.  Julia tells Simone she knows how she feels and Simone can feel free to contact Julia for whatever she needs.  Alone with Ryan, Julia asks him what has happened with Kendall.  He tells her that it did not go well and he’s not certain what to do.  He may not care for Zach but realizes he did not deserve to lose his son.

Kendall tells Zach that he did not deserve to lose Ethan.  He tells her that before Ethan passed, he begged his forgiveness.  Ethan looked at him and told him he could never forgive him.  Those were his last words.  Ethan died hating his father.  She asks what about her.  Should she forgive him or should they wait for another building to collapse on their heads?  He asks her what she thinks and tells her she must realize that he ruins the lives of everybody he comes in contact with.  He asks her if his “love” for her has benefited her.  She does not answer and tells him she is considering getting back with Ryan.

Ryan tells Julia that when he and Kendall were trapped together, they felt the baby move for the first time.  He tells her you’d think he’d know everything there is to know about Kendall but Kendall surprised him.  She told him a lot of things about Zach.  She even laughed and told a joke or two, and if you can believe, Kendall told him she wanted them to get back together again.  Julia laughs.  Ryan tells her that Kendall did not mean that as a joke.  He tells her he wonders whether she just wanted to stick it to Zach or if there was another reason for her to ask Ryan to marry her.

Kendall tells Zach that she was serious about considering marrying Ryan.  She tells him that she wanted to have a future with Greenlee and the baby.  Then she wanted to have a future with Zach but the blackout that he caused ruined all of her hope in anything.  He then tells her that she can decide whatever she wants for her future even if that includes being with Ryan.

Del asks Di if the people in Dixie’s life do not have the right to know that she is alive.  She tells him she’s not certain of that.

Krystal tells David that he needs to attempt to persuade Babe to come home to her family.  He tells her all he intends to do is help her keep running.  He tells her if she contacts him and asks for his help, he will just jump on a plane and join her.  Dixie is right outside listening to their conversation, hearing that her son has lost his son.  Krystal tells David that their daughter cannot live like a fugitive having to constantly look over her shoulder.

At the cabin, Janet wants to touch little A but Babe will not let her.  She babbles about Babe being a protective momma bear and tells her she’s been very naughty and needs a time out.  Babe tells her all she needs is their coats and the car keys so that she and her son can leave.  Janet tells Babe that she is nothing more than a baby stealing scheming little tramp.

Jamie tells JR and Adam that they must consider that Babe and little Adam could be in real trouble, and all JR can think about is torching her.  He tells JR he believe he never really loved Babe and does not deserve her.  Right then, JR remembers Babe telling him, at the ball, that she can get just as down and dirty as he can.  She will be just as mean and ruthless but he will not prevent her from having their son.  She will keep him completely away from little A if it comes to that, and he tells Jamie that he knows what Babe is capable of.  Jamie tells him he seriously suspects that Janet Dillon has kidnapped them both.  Adam tells them that he agrees that Janet Dillon is a lunatic, but what motive would she have to kidnap Babe and little A?  Hearing that, Tad tells them if Janet from another planet is back in town, they must realize that she has plenty of motives to hurt them.  Di walks in and tells them it’s good that all four of them are there because there is something she needs to tell them.

Kendall asks Zach if he’s just going to let her walk out with no apology and no effort to make up to her for what he did to her.  She concludes that Ethan’s death must mean nothing to him.  He asks her what she wants from him.  She tells him he needs to make a difference.  He asks her what he can do that would make a difference for her.  She tells him that he can refuse to give up on them.

Ryan tells Julia that Kendall does some crazy things to tick him off but that’s just Kendall.  He remembers her sleeping with his brother, once, for just that reason.  Julia tells him that Kendall is just using him.  He tells her that he must realize that Kendall is the mother of his child.

JR and Adam tell Di that she is not welcome in their home.  Tad tells them to calm down and he informs her that Babe and little A are missing.  Jamie tells her he seriously believes that Janet Dillon has kidnapped them.  Jamie asks JR what his problem is when he says he’s crazy about Babe and ready to get back with her.  She and little Adam are missing and could be in danger, and all he can do is trash her.  He goes out the door and Di asks him to wait.  Adam tells them he will be in his study making some calls.  JR tells Di this is her cue to leave.

Dixie stands outside David’s door while he tells Krystal that she must realize that JR is a jerk.  If Babe comes back to JR with the baby, he will just crush her.  She protests that JR loves their daughter more than life.  He tells her he knows that JR is not capable of love.  Any real feelings he ever had died with Dixie.  She tells him she wants their daughter home.  David can spew all he wants about JR, she tells him, but she needs to find their daughter and not do what he wants to do.

Babe finds out that Janet sent JR a text message that she’s taken his baby.  She asks her why she would do something like that.  Janet tells Babe if she were paying attention instead of trying to steal her keys and escape, then she’d know the answer to that.  She tells her that her baby is in pain, and if her Amanda is not happy, then she cannot be happy.

Di tells JR that whether he wants her there or not, she is not walking out the door.  He yells that he does not want her there.  He wants his son.

Janet babbles to little A.  Babe tells her she doesn’t want her talking to her son.  Janet says they should have a “boob tube” so they can have more things to do.  They are going to spend a lot of time together.  Me casa es su casa, she says.  Babe then tells her she is brilliant.  Hearing that, Janet admits she has no clue why Babe would just say that to her.  Babe tells her that it’s fantastic.  Janet totally set her up.  She wants Amanda to have the life she wants, and Babe wants her son so that she can have the life with him that she wants.  She tells Janet they can both have what they want if she lets Babe get out of there.  She tells her she has an idea.  Why doesn’t Janet let her kidnap her son for real?

Krystal tells David that he does not care about Babe.  All he wants is to get revenge and inflict misery upon the Chandlers.  She walks out of his home.  Outside, Dixie hides and silently watches Krystal get in her car and drive away

Ryan tells Julia that when he drove the motorcycle off the cliff, he realized that he let a lot of people down but he’s not going to let his son down or his son’s mother.  He then gets up to leave but promises to get back with her later.

Kendall reminds Zach that he never answered her question.  She asks him what he’s going to do now.  He tells her he plans to have another drink and walks away.  She walks out and says God help her and admits that she still loves Zach.  Meanwhile, Zach is saying that he still loves her.

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