AMC Update Wednesday 2/22/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/22/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the hospital, a reporter is interviewing Josh, telling him what a hero he was to have saved Erica’s life.  Josh appears to be modest but Tad interrupts the interview and seems to know that Josh is up to no good.  Josh asks Tad why he’s so concerned about him and what this has to do with Tad.

Erica is in her hospital bed, sleeping and dreaming about her encounters with both Greg and Josh; how she first met both of them, how they both blew into town, and then Tad informing her that Josh Madden was her son.  Then she remembered the explosion that demolished the ballroom and almost killed many people.  She awakens, calls for Jack, but sees Dr. Greg Madden.

At the explosion site, David and Krystal ask JR, Jamie and Adam if they have seen Babe.  JR replies that he has not seen her but he has gotten a text message from her informing him that she’s taken their son and he will never see them again.  Little do they know that Janet has taken Babe’s phone to leave that message for JR unbeknownst to her.  JR calls Babe.  In the cabin she hears the ring and knows it’s him.  Janet won’t let her answer it.  Babe asks Janet why she’s taken her phone.  Janet tells her that it’s “too late.”  Babe asks Janet what she means by telling her that it’s too late.

At the explosion site, JR only hears Babe’s phone ring with no answer.  He leaves her a message telling her she must call him back and tell him where his son is.  Krystal tells him that there must be some sort of mistake because Babe would never do that.  Adam says he believes Babe would do something like that.  David gloats and tells JR and Adam that both his daughter and grandson will be better of without the Chandlers.  He tells them if Babe contacts him, he will wish her luck and encourage her to keep running.  Krystal knows that something is not right.  Babe would not just leave a text message for JR without attempting to find out if her mother is ok.

Amanda is leaving more messages for her father.  She keeps telling him he has to answer and come back.  Her mother is way out of control and she does not know what she will do next.

At the cabin, Janet is locking up hers and Babe’s coats and Babe’s cell phone.  Babe asks her why she’s doing that.  Janet asks her if she’s eaten and if she wants any soup.  Babe tells her she’s not hungry. Janet asks Babe if she wants chicken noodle or vegetable soup.  Babe asks Janet what she’s going to do to her and her son, knowing she is up to no good.  Janet tells Babe that maybe she needs to put the little boy in the next room because he need not hear what she’s about to tell her.  She tells Babe that this is a “lesson.”

Tad tells Josh that he knows some things about him.  He cares about Erica and her family and he knows that Josh and his father have some agenda involving Tad’s family.  Josh then tells Tad if he doesn’t leave him alone, he will slap a harassment lawsuit on Tad.  Josh leaves and Tad tells his father that he does not trust him.  Joe, however, does not seem so suspicious of Josh.  He reminds Tad that Josh was a hero to have saved Erica’s life.  Tad tells Joe that he realizes that he is a family member of both of theirs’ since he is Tad’s brother, Jeff’s, biological son.  Tad tells his father he must realize that Josh is not to be trusted regardless.  Joe reveals to his son that he wants Jeff to know his biological son and eventually encourage Josh to become part of the family.

Greg stands over Erica and informs her that Jack is in the hospital but will be ok.  Kendall has been released and she and the baby are ok.  Reggie and Lily are also ok and he informs her that when she was first wheeled in for surgery, she said the oddest thing.  She told him he took her child.  He asks her why she would say such a thing.  Hearing that, she asks him why he thinks that she would say such a thing.  He tells her that it may have been shock or confusion.  He admits that he did terminate her pregnancy for her all those years ago, but she came to him and asked him to do so.  It was her choice.  She tells him she knows that but she also knows about Josh.  Josh enters and has a big bouquet of flowers for her.  He tells her that now that all of this has happened, he wants them all to understand each other.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to be her son.  He obviously has no clue that he is her biological son.

Krystal tells JR that she knows that Babe would never do what he is accusing her of.  There must be a misunderstanding.  He asks her why, then, did Babe not call them and why his son is gone?  She tells him that maybe she could not call because her phone went dead.  She tells JR that he just needs to get home and know that Babe and little A will be home soon.

At the cabin, Janet shows Babe her Amanda scrapbooks.  Babe asks her if she takes them everywhere.  Janet admits that whenever she cannot be with her little girl, she has these.  She tells Babe that after she takes a good look at them, she will realize she should have never given Amanda such a hard time.  She informs Babe that she has a picture of a sonogram, admitting that after she gave birth to her daughter, she was incarcerated and Trevor and her sister Natalie took care of Amanda.  Babe tells Janet that when she was unable to be with her son, she cherished the pictures she had of him because it was all she had to get her through another day.  Babe cries and tells Janet she cannot imagine Amanda being abandoned by her mother.  Janet hugs Babe and acts really crazy.

After Josh tells Erica that he cannot be her son, she does not respond and has no clue what to say.  He tells her that she heard him right.  He tells her he remembers that right before she got into the ambulance, she asked him a lot of personal questions about his birth, his family and his childhood.  He thinks she must have gotten the mistaken idea that he wanted her to be a mother figure to him.  He tells her that he did not intend for that to happen.  He intended for his relationship with her to be strictly professional.  Remembering the startling news that only Greg knows, Erica tells Greg that she knows he’s “done this” to his son.  Hearing that, Josh asks his father what she’s talking about.

JR, Adam and Krystal return home.  JR almost wants to believe Krystal’s encouragement that Babe would never do what she appears to have done.  Adam tells his son that he must stop believing Krystal and realize what Babe has just done.  JR rushes to the safe and discovers that a pile of money is gone.

Back at the cabin, Janet is squeezing Babe and that gives Babe a chance to reach in Janet’s pocket and attempt to grab the keys.  Janet catches her and tells her if she really wants her son then she should not have attempted to trick her.

Amanda is trying to get hold of her mother and getting no answer.  She tells her mother, frantically, that she must tell her what is going on with her.  Jamie walks in and tells Amanda that he would like to find that out also.

Babe asks Janet if she is threatening her son.  Janet replies that she is not the bad guy.  Babe attempted to trick her and she’s hurt her precious Amanda.  Babe asks Janet just what she wants.  Janet tells Babe that what she wants is for Babe to realize what she has done to Amanda.  Janet’s phone rings and she knows it is Amanda.  Babe tells her that she needs to talk to her daughter.  She tells her that she is sure that Janet wants to find out if she’s ok.  Amanda could be hurt.  She needs to find out.  Janet is almost thrown off kilter and ready to cry when she thinks of that.  Babe tells Janet that she knows that Amanda must be worried about her.  She tells Janet that she, herself, was frantic when she thought something happened to her mother.  She knows how Amanda must be feeling not knowing what has happened to her mother.  She tells Janet she must take that call.  Janet realizes what Babe is trying to do and she tells Babe that it will not work.  She will not let Babe manipulate her.

Amanda tells Jamie and Aiden that whether she’s attempting to call her mother or not is none of their freaking business.  They tell her that they found a hair sample from her and know that somebody with very similar DNA is behind the explosion.  They’ve investigated the whole thing.  Amanda must realize that very possibly her mother is responsible for the explosion where many people were hurt, Erica and Jack are both in the hospital and Ethan Cambias is dead.

At the cabin, Janet babbles to Babe about “bad karma.”  She tells her that her bad karma can rub off on her son.  Janet then goes looking for a needle.  She tells Babe that it was her bad karma that made Janet cause the explosion in the beautiful mansion.  More bad karma could cause the same thing to happen to the cabin.  Babe asks Janet if she’s trying to tell her that this whole cabin could explode.  Janet says what she’s trying to tell her is that she must behave, and she points the needle at her.

Tad walks into Erica’s hospital room and Greg leaves.  She is much more trusting of Tad.  She tells him that as soon as she woke up, the first person she saw was Greg.  He tells her she must not obsess about that now.  It’s not good for her recovery.  She tells Tad when he first told her that Josh was her biological son, she could not fathom that.  She informs Tad that when she was trapped with Josh after the explosion, she was not happy but she did see a lot of herself in him when they were stuck together.  Her ambition and drive and arrogance in her younger days came back to her when she listened to Josh and observed him, after learning that Josh is her biological son.  She tells Tad that Greg Madden should lose his license to practice medicine and she does not want him anywhere near Kendall.  He reminds her that if she shines the light on Greg, Josh will find out about the secret.  She tells him she knows and realizes that it may not be the right thing to do since she is not certain whether to tell Josh how he was conceived.

Outside Erica’s room, Josh tells his father that he will never forgive him for what he did to him.  This “father-son” bond is over.  Greg tells his son he has only wanted what was best for him.  Josh tells his father he may give it up because it’s done.  Yet, he still does not know the deep dark secret.  Meanwhile, Joe is overhearing their conversation.

Alone in his cabin, David is looking at a picture of Babe and telling her he knows she did the right thing.  He tells her he is proposing a toast to his beautiful daughter and his grandson.

Krystal protests to JR that all her daughter wanted was to reconcile with him and for them to be a family.  He tells her all she wanted to do was play him in order to take his son. 

Amanda tells Jamie and Aiden that her mother did not cause the explosion.  They inform her that little Adam is now missing.  She asks why her mother would take him.  They tell her it’s very obvious; that way she can “bargain” with Babe and JR and she set Jonathan Lavery up to take the fall for kidnapping him and all the other crimes.  Jamie protests to Amanda that he knows she loves her mom and wants to protect her but if somebody doesn’t find Janet and stop her from doing more damage, she will regret it.  He tells Amanda she must get some help for her mother.

At the cabin, Janet is packing a suitcase for Babe and for little Adam.  Babe asks her why.  She replies because she is a considerate person.  She goes through more pictures of Amanda in the scrapbook.  Babe demands that they go back to Pine Valley.  She tells Janet either they go back together or she’s taking the car.  Hearing that, Janet tells Babe that she is misbehaving now and she tells Babe she’s going to lock her up in her room.  Then she sings: “take the keys and lock her up, my fair lady.”

Tad tells Erica she must realize that Josh is his family too.  He tells her he wishes he could give her the right answer but he cannot.  This is her decision, he tells her.  She tells him it’s just great that this is solely her decision.  She admits that she does not know what to do.

Outside in the hospital hallway, Joe approaches Josh.  He informs him he’s “heard” that he’s been having some trouble in his present “job,” but he’s very impressed by the way he’s saved Erica.  Josh admits that he has some “doctor” in his blood, assuming it’s from Greg, and having no clue where it really came from.  Joe instantly tells Josh that he can pull strings and give him some opportunities to practice medicine.

Amanda has a flashback of her mother telling her how much she loves her, realizing that nobody except her mother was there for her, and Janet pleading that she not let them take her away.  Amanda yells at Jamie telling him that she does not regret covering for her mother.  The only thing she regrets is falling in love with him.  Aiden tells her that Janet is in big trouble and if Amanda keeps covering for her, she will be also.

Janet locks Babe in a room.  Babe pleads to be let out.

Back at the Chandler house, Krystal, Adam and JR are all deciding how they are going to handle finding Babe.  Obviously Adam wants her arrested for kidnapping but Krystal realizes he cannot find her daughter without her help.  Alone, JR grabs a drink and remembers declaring his love and trust for Babe.

Alone in the room, Babe tells her son that he must have faith that it will be ok.  Daddy will come for them and rescue them.

JR gets on the phone and tells his contact that he needs a search party to find his ex wife and his son.  He tells them that he does not care what they do to Babe.  All he wants is his son back.  He belongs at home, he tells his contact.  She belongs in hell.

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