AMC Update Tuesday 2/21/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/21/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall and Ryan are together at the hospital.  Zach comes out and Kendall faces him for the first time after the explosion.  Neither speaks.  Not far away, they can hear Simone crying over Ethan’s death.  Krystal and Adam also hear her.  Krystal tells him that she’s not going to be the next one to mourn the loss of somebody she loves.  Babe has not been found and she has to find her and save her.  Adam tells her she cannot leave since the doctors have admitted her for observation and told her she cannot go anywhere.  He assures her that “they” will find Babe.  She tells him that she’s not going to trust a bunch of strangers to find her daughter.  He tries to restrain her but she breaks his grip, demanding he let her go and tells him of course he doesn’t want her to leave because he could care less of they find her daughter or not.  He admits that maybe he does not care about Babe but he sure cares about Krystal.

At the wreckage site, JR is calling for Babe but cannot find her.  Amanda appears and he demands to know what she’s doing there.  He asks her if she does not have people to drug and lives to ruin.  She asks if Babe is still missing.  He tells her that’s why he’s still there and he tells her she needs to leave him alone.  Amanda asks him if he thinks Babe is dead.  He replies by telling her that he does not think Babe is dead.

Janet is driving Babe to see her son.  Babe wonders why this woman would have her son.  She addresses Janet as Mrs. Dillon but Janet insists she call her Janet.  She informs Babe about some of her history with the Chandler family and that she used to live in their home.  Babe asks Janet if she was ever married to Adam.  Janet tells her that she certainly never was, adding that one would have to be certifiable in order for that to happen.  She admits that her sister, Natalie, was married to Adam for a while.  She informs Babe that Trevor thought he was madly in love with Natalie then she died and Trevor realized that she (herself) was the sister he’d really been in love with all that time.  She told Babe that Trevor can be very stubborn but he eventually sees things her way.  Babe is trying to be polite but inquires why Janet would take her son.  Janet replies that these are desperate times that call for desperate measures.

At Wildwind, Di asks Dixie, why, if she’s not ready to take back her own life, she has come back.  Right then, Tad comes to see Di.  He looks like he needs to share something with her but is afraid that maybe he should not have come and maybe she needs to be left alone.  She invites him to come it.  Dixie hides herself and remains silent.  Tad tells Di he didn’t want to stay very long but just had to make sure she got home ok.  He tells her that he just got a phone call from the hospital and found out that Ethan Cambias passed away and may not be the only one.  Erica and Jack are still in the hospital and Babe is still missing.  She asks if JR is ok with Babe missing.  He tells her that he knows JR is upset.  Tad seems very emotional and tells her if his life has taught him anything, he realized that this situation brought back a lot of ghosts for him.  Hearing that, she asks him if that means Dixie.  Dixie listens, unseen and unheard by them

In the car, Babe asks Janet if she’s sure that her little boy is ok.  Janet insists that she would never hurt a baby and says that she took good care of him at Christmastime.  Babe asks Janet if it was she who kidnapped him during Christmas.  Janet realizes that she admitted something that she didn’t mean to and her alter tells her “nice going, Chatty Chatterson.”  And she knows not to answer that question.  Babe asks Janet if her son is cold or alone and where he is.  Janet makes it into a little guessing game.

At the wreckage site, Amanda tells JR that she came there to help.  He yells at her that nobody wants her help and she needs to get out.  She leaves.

Adam tells Krystal that she cannot leave the hospital.  She has a concussion but she tells him that she must find her daughter.  She asks him if he would not risk his life in a similar way for his child.  At that point, he decides to stop arguing with her and go to help her look for Babe.

At the hospital, Simone is crying.  Kendall and Ryan don’t know what to say to her.  Zach passes them as he walks out of the emergency room that Ethan was in.  He looks at Kendall and walks by her.    The doctor tells Kendall that everything is all right with the baby and she needs to get some rest.  Ryan offers to take her home but she tells him she needs to stay and be there for Simone.  Suddenly, Reggie comes by.  Kendall hugs him and is happy he is ok.  He assures her that he was just with Jack.  His back is messed up but he’s ok.  She asks what happened to her mother.  He tells her that Erica cracked a few ribs and punctured her lungs but she will be ok.  Kendall tells Reggie she has to see Erica.  He tells her the doctors won’t let her.  He assures her that Lily is ok, also, and she need not worry.  She tells him she must call Bianca but Ryan tells her that he has already called Bianca and told her what happened and that Bianca wants to talk to her when she has rested.  Ryan and Reggie tell her she needs to just go home and get some rest.  Kendall is panic-stricken.  Reggie tells her there will be no worries and he will call her when he gets home.  Kendall cries and tells Ryan that she cannot go anywhere when her mother is hurt, Ethan is dead and this terrible thing has happened.  Ryan puts his arms around her and tells her she cannot see anybody nor do them any good when she is so distraught and so tired.  She cries hysterically and he puts his arms around her and takes her home.

While JR is unsuccessfully looking for Babe, Jamie appears and informs him that he’s looking for Amanda and asks JR if he’s seen her.  He needs to find Amanda and talk to her.  JR tells Jamie he needs to leave him alone because he’s looking for Babe.  Jamie asks JR if he thinks he’s the only person who cares about Babe.  He reminds JR that he loved Babe, also.  JR tells Jamie that he and Babe were only fugitives on the run and the only reason Jamie was with her is because JR tossed her aside.  Jamie protests that just because he broke up with Babe does not mean he no longer cares about her.  JR suggests to Jamie that he go and find himself a nurse who believes he’s a real doctor.  Jamie tells JR he hopes that Babe wakes up soon and realizes what a complete mistake JR is.

While in the car, Janet tells Babe that she believes that Jamie has betrayed her daughter because of the influence of Babe Carey Chandler Carey.  Babe tells her she seriously doubts that she has any influence over Jamie’s decisions anymore.  Janet tells Babe she seriously doubts that.  She knows that Jamie still carries a torch for her.  Babe addresses Janet as Mrs. Dillon, telling her if she’s said or done anything to offend her, she deeply regrets it.  Again, Janet insists that Babe call her Janet.  Babe tells her that she just wants to make certain that her son is ok.  Janet tells her that her main concern is her daughter.  Babe asks Janet where her son is.  Is he alone?  Has he been fed?  Is he warm?  Janet sounds silly while assuring Babe that her son is fine.

At Wildwind, Tad tells Di that for a long time, a part of him has wanted and expected Dixie to come back.  She tells him that she realizes that a part of Dixie will always be in his heart, no matter what happens in his life or whom he’s with.  That’s just the way it works, she tells him.  He tells her that it’s incredible the way sometimes he feels like he’s going crazy.  He admits that he has prayed for a miracle for so many years that she would come back to him and it never happened but just last night, he felt like Dixie was right there in the room with him.  He felt like he could reach out and touch her.  He felt her presence and h as no idea why.  Di then offers to get Tad some coffee.  He tells her that would be great.  Di heads for the kitchen and finds the real Dixie hiding behind the door unseen.

JR asks Jamie why he thinks JR would care how he (himself) feels about Babe.  He asks Jamie if he’s not gotten the messages that he no longer has a “vote” in JR and Babe’s lives.  He also reminds Jamie that he (Jamie) is now seeing Amanda and tells him that’s made him realize that Babe need not settle for a pony, when she can have a real thoroughbred.  Jamie tells JR that he is a thoroughbred jackass.  Krystal comes and asks them of they have seen her “baby doll” anywhere.  Adam is with her.  She informs them that somebody saw her with some EMT.  JR asks what else they know about Babe’s disappearance.

Janet takes Babe to the secret place where she’s hiding little A.  Babe asks her what this place is.  Janet tells her it’s Trevor’s old fishing cabin.  Babe tells her she just wants to see her son.  Janet tells her he’s in the next room.  Babe runs to see her son and picks him up but demands to know why Janet would leave a little boy all alone in that place.  Janet invites Babe to stay a while and have a little chit-chat with some coffee by the fire place.  Babe says no thank you to Mrs.  Dillon.  Janet again, demands that Babe call her Janet.

Amanda goes looking for her mother.  She cannot find her in the abandoned warehouse.  She asks her mother where she is and how everything got all messed up.  She has a flashback of being in her room, overhearing her mother yelling at her father and refusing to take her medication.  She’s not crazy and does not need to and she knows that she cannot take care of their daughter when she’s doped up on those pills.  At least Amanda loves her and Trevor Dillon can go to hell, she told him.  Janet would then go to Amanda’s room and act all nice and lovey-dovey and assure her daughter that everything is fine and she’s not going anywhere.  Now Amanda regrets ever agreeing or enabling her mother to stay out of the institution or off her medication.

As Tad sits alone, after overhearing him revealing that he is still “haunted” by her, Dixie spies on Tad.  When Di comes back in with the coffee, she sees that Dixie decided not to make her presence known.  Di leaves a cup of coffee for Dixie and goes into the living room to be with Tad.  Knowing that Dixie is hearing everything, she comes out and tells Tad that she has to tell him something.  Hearing that, he says she may tell him anything.  He tells her especially after last night, he doubts that there could be anything she could tell him that would shock him.  She then asks him what he saw after the explosion.  Tad answers that he saw a disaster where people were hurt and dying.  She asks him what else he saw.  He looks to be confused but tells her destruction, pain and grief.  Di then tells him that she knows he also saw family and togetherness and second chances, and this disaster showed all of them how lucky they are.  They can realize that there is still life.  They just have to reach out and take it.  She concludes to Tad that he loved a wonderful woman and lost her more times than he should have but she does not have to be forgotten.  She tells him that he deserves a second chance.  She tells him that she admits she would like a place in his heart.  He asks her why she thinks he came to see her tonight and confirms to her that he wants his second chance.  He wants to start over.  Dixie is listening silently to them.

Kendall returns home in the dark with Ryan.  He tells her that he wants her to sit down and eat and she cannot tell him she is not hungry.  She tells him she remembers him doing this for her once before when she thought that Miranda was gone.  He tells her that her family is still there and they are all right.  She reminds him that Ethan is not, and that she remembered telling Ethan that she will never forgive him for helping Ryan.  Ethan died so angry with his father and believing that Zach did not care.  She tells Ryan that Ethan and Simone were both wrong in believing that Zach does not care about his son, and she tells Ryan she knows that this will kill Zach.

Back at the hospital, Zach is looking at his deceased son in the morgue.

Julia sits with Simone.  Simone tells her that Ethan was the one.  They were getting married in March.  She thanks Julia for listening to her and for not telling her that everything is going to be ok.  Julia admits to her that there is nothing anybody could tell her that would make things ok right now.  She tells her that she’s been where she is.  She also loved a wonderful man and lost him but she found a way to get to the other side.  Once you get through all the tears and anger, you will find a chance to smile.  It just takes a long time.  Simone sobs.  Julia tells her she should not be alone and suggests Simone lets her take care of her.  She hugs Simone while she cries.

Krystal tells JR, Jamie and Adam that they need to all split up and go look for Babe.  Right then, Winifred enters and frantically informs them that she’s just discovered that the baby is gone.

While sitting in the cabin with Babe, observing her holding her little boy in her arms, Janet tells her that people do not understand or appreciate her sweet Amanda.  She’s had to cope with people misunderstanding her, her entire life but she knows that Amanda hasn’t learned that yet.  Hearing that, Babe tells Janet that maybe she can make it up to Amanda and see if she can help her have a future with Jamie but she admits she does not plan to get into Jamie and Amanda’s business.  She reiterates to Janet that she and JR are getting married.  Hearing that, Janet informs Babe that she’s not certain how she feels about Babe and JR getting back together and having a child when her daughter has nothing.  Her daughter’s hopes and dreams have been shattered.  She came to town only to be abandoned by so many people.  She lost her relationship with Jamie.  Then her job went poof.  She tells Babe she knows that she (Babe) has been the root of all of Amanda’s problems, and she (Janet) has to be the solution.  Hearing that, Babe tells Janet if she’s hurt Amanda in any way, she promises to make it up to her.  Janet asks her why she should believe any of her “promises.”  Babe replies because she knows that Janet loves and cares for her child the same way Babe loves and cares for her child.  Janet tells Babe it’s not that simple.  She knows the whole town hates her daughter.  Babe tells Janet that as one mother talking to another, she can understand.  She then informs Janet that she is now a part owner of Fusion, and perhaps she can offer Amanda an honorable job.  Hearing that, Janet smiles and tells her that might be a start.  Babe continues, telling Janet that she could sit down with Jamie and convince him that she realizes she was wrong to accuse Amanda of poisoning the soup and pushing her down the stairs.  Janet asks her to go on.  She then lists the false accusation made of Amanda putting all the people in the truck.  She knows Amanda did not do that.  Janet tells her of course she did not.  She admits to Babe that it was “all her.”  But she tells her that Babe has still left out her “greatest achievement”.  Babe asks her what she is missing.  Janet then replies with “KABOOM,” and Babe knows she is referring to the explosion.

Again, Amanda is alone, reliving telling her mother that maybe she “needs more help.”  Janet told her daughter that she sounded just like her father and told her she cannot go back in that place with a bunch of crazy people because she is not crazy.  She always successfully manipulated Amanda into giving up on the argument by telling her all the terrible things they do to you when you are institutionalized.  They pump you full of drugs and stick you with a bunch of loonies and take away your soul.  She cried telling Amanda that she cannot let her husband or daughter do that to her, so she made Amanda swear to her, since Amanda is the only person she trusts, to never let her get put away again.  Amanda felt completely backed into a corner with no choice except to swear to not let that happen to her mother.  Amanda now knows she made a tragic mistake and she cries.

At Di’s, she suggests to Tad that they do something new.  He asks her what she would like to do.  She says why not a “date.”  He asks her if that means burgers and a movie.  She tells him that maybe they should throw caution to the wind and do just that.  He then suggests tomorrow night.  He’s ready to leave and she goes out to talk to him, thanking him for letting her be herself.  He kisses her and tells her he will see her tomorrow night, and leaves.  Alone in the house, Di tells Dixie that she may come out but Dixie has disappeared.

Kendall breaks down crying and Ryan holds her in his arms.

Zach stands over his deceased son.  He touches his face, says he’s sorry, he bends down to kiss his cheek, and he cries.

Babe tells Janet that she will talk to Amanda and give her the job at Fusion as soon as she gets back.  She tells her that she will make sure that Amanda has a great time working there.  Janet smiles and tells Babe that sounds wonderful.  Babe then gets up with her son and tells Janet she needs to get back because the sooner she’s back, the sooner she can help Amanda.  Janet pulls out her cell phone and leaves a text message of which Babe is unaware.

JR, Jamie and Adam go looking for little A.  JR’s phone rings and he sees a message that somebody has taken his son and he will never find him

Having no clue what Janet has just done, but very anxious to leave, Babe offers to take the baby back in the car if Janet is tired and arrange for someone to come and get Janet the next morning. But Janet locks the door, tells Babe she cannot leave and tells her that they are “not finished”.

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