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All My Children Update Monday 2/20/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is frantic at the site of the explosion, thinking that Zach is buried under rubble and hurt. Inside the hole, Zach urges an unconscious Ethan to wake up. A distraught Simone orders Zach to shut up and leave Ethan alone. Didn’t he hear Ethan say he would never forgive him? Simone tells Zach he’s making things worse.

Babe is grateful that Janet has found her in her hole. Babe asks Janet how her family is doing. Janet says she doesn’t have those answers. Babe asks for help in getting out, but Janet tells her to say the magic word first. A puzzled Babe questioningly says “thank you?” Janet utters a buzzing noise to indicate that was wrong and tells Babe that she’ll wait all day if she has to.

Krystal is speaking beneath the sheet that covers her face in the morgue. Adam looks upward, thinking he’s hearing Krystal’s spirit, and tells her to “go to the light.” Krystal tells him to take the sheet off his face. When he does, Adam hugs her, happy to see she is alive.

Di is startled to see Dixie standing at Wildwind, and tentatively walks toward her and gives her a hug. Dixie asks her if she’s surprised. Di tells her she is the last person she expected to walk in on. Di says she thought she wasn’t coming home. What is she doing here?

Kendall cries as Tad and others continue digging through rubble. She hears Zach’s voice calling for help for his dying son. Kendall realizes that it’s Ethan who is hurt, not Zach. Tad says they have to get someone down into the hole to help. Julia offers, saying she is the only one with medical training who is small enough to get down there. Despite some reluctance from those around her, she squeezes through a small crack and finds Zach, Simone and the unconscious Ethan. Julia finds Ethan’s pulse. Simone asks if Ethan is going to be OK. Julia suggests Simone squeeze through the hole and get herself checked out but Simone refuses to leave Ethan’s side. Julia does a preliminary examination and a worried look crosses her face. She calls out to Joe, telling him that Ethan has a fractured pelvis and is bleeding internally. Joe says they have to hurry. Ethan won’t survive without surgery.

Babe tells Janet that she’s not good at guessing games. She mentions Amanda’s name and Janet yells out “bingo.” Janet tells Babe that she asked about everyone but Amanda. Babe asks if Amanda is OK. Janet says God protected her Mandy. Babe says she needs help getting out so she can get to her son. Janet says it won’t be that easy. They first have to make this hole bigger.

Adam gleefully announces this is a miracle. A dazed Krystal asks him where they are. Where are the doctors and nurses and why is it so cold in here? She looks around and realizes where she is. The morgue? Adam says that someone slipped up, but Krystal thinks this is due to Adam. She says she knows he wanted her dead but didn’t think he would actually try to kill her.

Dixie tells Di that it’s hard to believe Edmund is dead. It’s also hard to believe that her long-lost half sister is living here. Di says she has bonded with Julia, who has allowed her to stay here. Di says there seems to have been a lot of bonding going on. Di tells Dixie she didn’t see her at the ball. Dixie says she wore a mask so people wouldn’t recognize her. She says she saw several people, including her grown-up handsome son. She also says she saw Tad. Di meekly asks how she liked seeing them. Dixie just stares at a nervous-looking Di and asks if something is bothering her. Di says she was just surprised to see her here. Dixie asks if she’s scared. Di asks why she would be scared. Dixie says she should be scared for stealing her life.

Ethan has been pulled out of the hole and is now on the Gurney. Ryan tells Kendall that Ethan will be fine. Kendall comforts a crying Simone. Zach asks medical personnel if Ethan will be all right, but Simone yells at him and tells him to stay away. Zach and Kendall’s eyes meet but she turns away. Simone asks Joe if Ethan will be OK. Joe only says they’ll take it as it goes. Simone follows as Ethan is taken out of the destroyed building. Zach follows. Tad asks Kendall if she’s going to be OK. She says she’ll be fine once they know Ethan is OK.

Jamie tells JR that a blonde female has been taken to the hospital. JR wonders if it’s Babe. He tells Jamie that he cares about Babe more than he likes to admit.

Dixie asks Di if she sought her out to extract every detail of her life so she could use it when she stole her life. Di reminds Dixie that she said she would never come back. Dixie says that didn’t give her permission to steal her life. Dixie says if she knew Di was going to do that she would never have let her in the door. Di admits that nothing she could say will make this seem right. Dixie tells her she better damn well try.

Krystal calls Adam a dirty good-for-nothing. Of all the vicious stunts. Adam declares he didn’t do this. She throws the sheet at him and is stunned to notice a toe tag on her big toe. Adam says they told her she was dead and he was devastated. He didn’t know they made a mistake. Krystal accuses him of paying someone off to take her to the morgue. Adam asks how she could think that after everything they shared. Krystal says she’s going to look for the intern who put her in here and if Adam’s fingerprints are on him, he will wish he was dead.

Janet tells Babe she knows what she’s doing. Babe is her fifth rescue tonight. She urges Babe to follow her instructions to the letter, even when they’re outside. Babe says the second she’s outside she’s going to find her family. Janet tells her she can’t do that. She needs to decompress after the trauma she has experienced. Babe agrees to follow Janet.

Di tells Dixie that taking her life wasn’t even her idea – it was David’s. Di says David wanted to mess with JR and Tad and wanted Babe to have more time with her son. She says David convinced her to be little Adam’s nanny. She tells Dixie that she called and asked her if there was any chance she would change her mind and return. She got a definitive no. Di says by that time she came to care about Dixie’s family. She tells Dixie they needed her, and just being the nanny wasn’t going to do the trick. She says when she became Dixie things changed. JR turned from a mini Adam into a compassionate young man. Tad stopped shutting down. Di says they ached for Dixie. Dixie says when they learned the truth their hears broke and everything was worse than it was before. Was it worth it?

Babe follows Janet through a woodsy area and tells her that she’s ready to go to her family. Janet urges her to set down in the shed up ahead to get her balance back. Once inside, Janet slams the door. Jamie is just steps behind them and goes to the door of the shed, but an emergency worker calls him away and Jamie leaves.

Krystal is walking around the lobby of the hospital covering herself in the sheet and still wearing the toe tag. She shouts out, asking which bozo toe tagged her. Brooke is stunned to see Krystal is alive and asks how this happened. Krystal tells her that her husband did this. Adam urges Brooke to tell her how he reacted when learning Krystal was dead. Brooke simply tells Krystal she’s glad she’s alive and walks away. Adam yells at Brooke, telling her she’s his alibi.

The hospital lobby is buzzing with activity. Ethan is brought in and taken into surgery. Krystal sees JR and asks if he knows where Babe is. JR says he thought she was here. Simone tells Kendall that Ethan kept speaking to his dead mother. Kendall says Ethan was just out of it. Zach stares at Kendall with an empty look on his face. He turns and tries to go into see Ethan but Julia stops him, saying he’s in surgery.

Babe tells Janet that she is well enough to leave but Janet tells her she needs to come with her. Babe says she’s not going anywhere else with her.

Dixie tells Di that she tricked her family into believing she was alive only to make them grieve all over again. Di says they don’t have to grieve anymore if Dixie reveals herself. Di admits that she is still paying for what she’s done. But she stayed here and took the abuse and now is regaining some of their respect. Dixie wondered how Di got Tad to be so forgiving. She says that kiss didn’t scream “get lost.”

Tad sits alone in the rubble of the ballroom. He recalls a time when Dixie touched him from behind on his shoulder. He feels a hand on his shoulder and calls Dixie’s name. He is startled to see Brooke has arrived. Brooke says she thought she heard him call her Dixie. Tad says he was daydreaming. He asks how, on one of the darkest days in this town, he could take a trip to fantasy land. He says he has to come up with a new life.

Dixie asks Di what if she wanted to come back. Her scam made it impossible. Di tells her she begged her to tell her family she was alive, but says now they’re going to freak out when they learned she stayed away on purpose and that she knew. Dixie asks Di if she hated her own life that much.

Doctors operate on Ethan, but soon the buzzing noise of a flat-lined heart punctuates the stillness. Joe says there is nothing more they can do and he declares Ethan dead. Julia walks in and stares at the scene silently. Joe walks out and Simone is initially encouraged to see him. But after seeing his face she screams “no!” She goes into the operating room, where Zach stares at his son. Through her sobs, Simone tells Zach that he has no son. She orders him to get out. Zach turns and leaves without a word. He sees Kendall with Ryan’s arm around her. He stares at her, again without saying a word.

JR is at the destroyed ballroom calling out for Babe, asking her if she’s here and if she’s alive.

Babe tells Janet to get out of her way. Janet tells her she doesn’t understand the gravity of this situation. Babe must come with her, she says. Janet asks what Babe would do if she knew she had her son and how cute he looked in his red pajamas. She shows Babe little Adam’s stuffed dog. She wonders out loud if this will make Babe come with her. Babe says she’ll go anywhere she wants.

Dixie asks Di what she told Tad about their daughter, Kate. Di says she told him that Kate was killed in the accident. Dixie asks her why she couldn’t be content being JR’s aunt. Dixie says she earned her life but Di took it. Di says she took it because Dixie let it go. Di tells her it’s up to her to save her family. Outside, Tad arrives at the front door of Wildwind.

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