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All My Children Update Friday 2/17/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amid the chaos that has ensued after the explosion, Greg tells Josh that he deserves credit for saving Erica’s life. Josh asks Greg if Erica has ever had a son. Greg says Erica has two daughters – why does he ask about a son. He wants to know what Erica said. Josh says he must have misunderstood Erica. Greg presses Josh, who becomes angry and says he didn’t have a tape recorder on Erica and doesn’t know what she said.

Tad is digging through the rubble covering Dixie, convinced someone is underneath. He calls out, telling the person to hang on. Tad, with Jamie’s help, lifts debris. Just feet away, JR calls out that they found someone alive. In the process of helping in the rescue, Joe injures his arm. Tad tells Jamie he knows someone is down here. David tells Tad to get over here and help them rescue this person they found.

Erin is worried that her brothers are still missing. Aidan tries to reassure her, reminding her what Jonathan has already survived. He says they’ll be found. Erin wonders if they’ll find them in time.

Jonathan asks Lily to please marry him.

Adam finds Krystal has fallen into unconsciousness as she lay on top of him. He tells her she can’t leave him now. He breathes into her mouth then yells for help, saying there is a woman down here who is not breathing. JR hears his father and asks who is not breathing. It is Babe?

Babe is still alone and trapped and calls out for help, but no one hears her.

Ryan and Kendall remain trapped together. Kendall suggests they try their relationship again, saying she is older and wiser and will never be a chump again. Kendall tells Ryan that it wouldn’t be all bad if they formed a nuclear family with their baby. Ryan tells Kendall she doesn’t love him and in fact doesn’t even like him. Kendall says there are tons of married couples who hate each other. It’s tradition. Ryan realizes Kendall is serious.

In another trapped area, Ethan is fading and Zach tells him to focus. Zach tells Simone that Ethan is dehydrated and in shock, but he’ll be fine. Simone cries, saying that people start seeing their dead relatives just before they die. Simone asks Zach what he’s saying. Zach says the only thing that will keep Ethan alive is his hate for him. He needs to push him so he fights. Zach continues, saying he’ll be Ethan’s best man, or maybe he’ll give away the bride, if he doesn’t keep her for himself. Ethan tells him he wants his ashes for his wedding present. Ethan says time is running out – does Zach have any last wishes. Zach says the one thing he wants is to apologize to his son.

Adam and Krystal have been freed, and David performs mouth-to-mouth on Krystal and urges her to wake up. Adam stands by worried and upset, and tells David that if Krystal dies he’s next.

Joe tells Josh that he really came through for Erica and saved her life.

An oxygen mask is put on Krystal and she is taken out on a Gurney. Adam tells Greg he doesn’t know if she’ll make it. Greg says she’s getting the best possible help. Tad enters the scene and asks David if Krystal will pull through. David says there’s a chance because she’s very strong, but ... JR interrupts and asks how can he tell Babe if her mother doesn’t survive. David says they need to find Babe first.

Babe realizes that she can’t be heard and no one can save her.

Zach calls out for help as Simone goes along with Ethan as he talks about his dead mother. Ethan then talks about his wedding, and Zach tells Ethan there is nothing to stop him from dancing at his wedding.

Erin calls out for Jonathan and Aidan calls for Lily. Lily tells Jonathan that she thinks he’s nice but she doesn’t love him. But she says her dad will send her away so she can’t see Jonathan and she’d never see him again. She says she’d rather marry him than never see him again. They hear the voices of Erin and Aidan. Lily keeps Jonathan from yelling to them, saying she doesn’t want to go back. Jonathan says they can’t stay here forever. Lily says if she wants to see him the only answer is to marry him. Jonathan says if she doesn’t love him she shouldn’t. He tells Lily they’ll come up with a good plan to stay together. They call out and Erin and Aidan dig and find them.

Tad opens a hole in the rubble and finds a mask. He says he remembers it was the mask worn by the woman who refused to unmask herself when everyone else did at the ball.

Josh dresses Joe’s wound and Joe says he’s in good hands. Greg walks in and sees this. Joe glares at him.

JR is still looking for Babe. Jamie comments that if she’s not found JR will win. He would get little Adam all to himself. JR tells him to shut the hell up.

Babe tells herself that she had to push her luck by presenting JR with the prenuptial agreement. Now her luck is running out.

The hospital lobby is mobbed with injured people and rescue personnel. Erica is wheeled in and is cheered to see Reggie. Anita asks a worker to prep Erica for surgery. Erica asks Reggie if Jack is OK. Reggie says he’s fine. Erica asks about Kendall and Lily and Reggie says he’s sure they’re fine. Erica wonders why he doesn’t know.

Ryan asks Kendall if she’s even decided to raise this child. Kendall says angrily she hasn’t decided anything. She suggests they talk about something else, like their funerals. She admits she’s scared to death. She’s scared to keep the baby and she’s scared to give him up. The biggest scare is doing it alone. Ryan takes her hand and says she won’t go through it alone. He will be there for her. He says he’ll move in with her if that’s what she wants. He wants to help her give their son the best start. They hear someone and yell for help.

Zach tells Ethan that he pushed him away when he should have taken him in his arms. He denied his birthright. He tells Ethan that he’s a brilliant man, honest and compassionate. He’s everything Zach is not. Zach says he wishes he could take away his pain. The only thing he can do is beg his forgiveness. Simone tells Ethan she loves him. Ethan tells her she is all he needs. They kiss. Ethan drifts in and out of reality. Ethan asks what happened and where they are. Seconds later he asks Simone if he introduced her to his mother.

Greg tires to bandage a wound on Lily but she backs away. Greg remembers she doesn’t like to be touched and asks if she’ll let her friend do it. Lily says Jonathan can put the bandage on her, which he does. Lily asks where her dad and mom are. Aidan says they’re at the hospital. Lily wants to see them. Greg says he’ll take her to the hospital. He says her friend can go along, but Jonathan says it would be better if he didn’t go near Jack.

A frazzled-looking Di grabs several bottles of water at the scene in her effort to help. Julia orders her to go home and get some rest.

Babe hears digging near her and calls out, asking if someone is there. She yells that she’s in here.

Adam finds Brooke at the hospital and asks her if she knows where Krystal is. Brooke says they’ll find out. Adam demands hospital workers tell him where his wife is, but they tell him that others ahead of him are asking about their family. Adam finds another worker and orders he tell him where Krystal is, reminding that a hospital wing is named after him. The worker looks on a list of names and tells Adam that he is sorry, but Krystal didn’t make it. She was DOA. Brooke tells Adam she is very sorry. Palmer, in a wheelchair, approaches and chastises Adam for his treatment of Krystal. He says she was a goddess and he never understood her. Palmer tells Adam he used Krystal like the waste of human flesh he is.

Reggie is relieved to see Lily at the hospital. Lily asks about her mom and dad. Reggie says their dad is sleeping and Erica is in with the doctor. Greg tells Lily she can go in and see Jack. They go into Jack’s room and he is unconscious. Greg leaves Lily alone with her father. Lily says she’s glad he’s OK. She loves him and doesn’t want to fight.

Erica is alone in a hospital room and recalls Tad telling her that Josh is her son. Greg comes into the room.

Adam demands to see Krystal. He is let into a room where bodies are covered in sheets. He approaches a body, lifts the sheet and sees Krystal. He covers her face with the sheet and says out loud that he gave her nothing but trouble since they met. He says she was so alive a few hours ago. They made love like there was no tomorrow and now there won’t be. He says he’ll never forget it or her. From under the sheet, Krystal’s voice says “it was good for me too.”

Josh tells Kendall she needs to go to the hospital and stay hydrated. Joe is watching and tells Tad that Josh is a natural. Joe asks Tad what Erica said when he told her Josh was her son. Tad says Erica used words like impossible and insane and then shut down. Kendall says she doesn’t need to go to the hospital but Josh insists. Kendall tells Josh that he’s not a real doctor. Joe tells Kendall that yes, he is.

JR calls out for Babe. Babe yells at the person digging toward her. She finds that it’s Janet. Janet tells her that someone’s prayers just got answered.

Simone tells Ethan that they’ll have the biggest wedding Pine Valley has ever seen. They’ll dance all night. Zach tells Ethan that he’ll do whatever he wants him to do. If he wants him to leave town he’ll go. But he wishes they could start over. He asks Ethan to please forgive him. Ethan says he’ll never forgive him.

Di goes back to Wildwind. She steps in and sees Dixie standing there waiting for her.

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