AMC Update Thursday 2/16/06

All My Children Update Thursday 2/16/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Tad, JR and Jamie work to help the rescue team remove the damage and save the people buried beneath the rubble.  Tad calls out again, asking if anybody can hear him.  Again, Dixie is observing silently and unseen.

David gloats to Palmer that he knows Palmer is very close to a heart attack and knows that he needs his heart medicine in order to live.  Palmer tells David he will not be blackmailed but David knows he holds all the cards so he asks Palmer if he has any final words to his loved ones.  He suggests that Palmer says: “I, Palmer Cortlandt, died a stubborn ass.”

Lily asks Jonathan if he’s suggesting that they run away from Pine Valley and get married.  He tells her he does not want her running away by herself where he will never see her again.  She asks him if he knows what it’s like to be married and tells him that she knows that married people sleep in the same bed and have sex.

Krystal and Adam are stuck together and are arguing.

Josh is trying to help a panicked and injured Erica.  He tells her she must relax and trust his medical knowledge.  She tells him she does not want him to touch her.

Ethan looks like he’s passing out and Simone wants to help her fiancé.  Zach is stuck with them.

Kendall and Ryan are stuck together and she tells him that he must realize that they could die there together, right here and now.  He tells her they are not going to die.  She tells him he does not know that.  She asks him if they have any water or food.  Has anybody tried to save them?  No.  She doesn’t know what has happened to her mother, if she’s ok or if any of the people she cares about have made it out of there or are alright.  All she knows is that she’s stuck there with him.  She cries and he gives her a tissue and asks her if she’s ok.  She sarcastically tells him she’s great and that tissues are amazing things.  He tells her he’s glad she can make jokes.  She tells him she’s all cried out.  He tells her that the Kendall he knows does not give up like that.  She tells him she knows him.  He thinks he knows everything that everybody needs.  He knew what she needed to know about Zach.  He knew what Greenlee needed.  He thought he knew all about her and what she needed when they were together in the past and now.  She tells him that maybe he needs to understand his little pattern of cause and effect where every time he “knows” something, he’s wrong.

Zach asks Ethan if he believes his father wants him dead.  Ethan tells his father he tries not to think about him at all.  Simone holds Ethan’s hand.  She tells him that she tends to get freaked out in small places so maybe he can help her by telling her why he passed out.  He laughs and tells her maybe it’s because of the explosion or maybe because he’s stuck there with dear old dad and all of the “games.”  Zach asks him what games.  Zach tells his son that he loves him.  Simone tells Ethan she needs him there with her.  Ethan asks Zach if he’s heard that.  That is real love.  He knows his mother gave him love.  She once told him that he had some father somewhere in the world but she did not know he was, and he wishes to God he never did.

Josh tells Erica that it’s really great that at a time like this, she does not want him to touch her.  He asks her if she thinks it will make Kendall and Bianca feel really good when they are crying over her grave knowing she chose to die when she could have let him save her.  She lies there and has trouble breathing.  He tells her that he knows what he can do.  He will have to find a pocketknife or something to make an incision.  He tells her that he will not promise her it will not hurt.  It will.  He tells her that it is better than the alternative.  After he makes the incision, he will insert a tube into her chest.  She looks panicked but knows she’s in no position to argue or fight with him.

While attempting to dig the people out from underneath the debris, Tad tells the rescue team that he knows there’s some sort of board that is obstructing the passage way.  He is sure that the board will keep whoever is in there in and keep all of them out.  JR helps him with the digging.  Again, he announces to the people whom he assumes are down there that they are almost through the rubble and will be able to get to them soon.  Dixie is there remembering hearing Tad promising her that they will never separate again.  Tad hears something but has no clue who or what it is.

David tells Palmer it’s very simple.  Palmer need only give him what he wants.  Palmer does not listen to him but barely has the strength to call for help.  JR can hear his uncle Palmer and goes looking for him.

Adam seems like he wants to mess around with Krystal.  He remembers their wedding day.  He tells her he believes if they die tonight, they should die happy.

Jonathan tells Lily that he believes that there are many married people who don’t have sex.  He sees and hears them on talk shows.  She asks him if they appear happy to not be having sex.  He admits, no, but that’s them, he tells her.  He tells her that he does not mind not having sex.  She tells him she remembers that in the class, he said he had lot of sex and it was fun for him.  He admits that it was and he liked it but now he’s here with her and wants what she wants, whatever that is.  She then asks him if he can help her learn to like sex.  She tells him she wants to feel normal.  He tells her that right now, is the first time in his life when he feels normal.

JR calls to Palmer and tells him they will be down there in a few minutes and he calls to the rescue workers for some help down there.  Still trapped, still making herself unseen and unheard, Dixie relives Tad admitting to her that he cheated on her with Liza.  He yelled and told her that she needs to tell him how it makes her feel.  She showed him by slapping him very hard twice.  She then overhears David telling Palmer that he might think he wants to rest in peace with Dixie but he bets she’d be very disappointed knowing that Palmer died because of this.  He also tells Palmer that he must know that David had a bond with Dixie that not even Palmer or Tad Martin could break.  He says that Palmer needs to know that the one person who held Dixie’s life in their hands was himself.  He tells Palmer that he (himself) loved Dixie in a way that she deserved to be loved.  He asks Palmer just how much time he thinks he has left.  Five or ten minutes tops?  Hearing that, Palmer suddenly tells David that they have a deal.  David then asks Palmer to say it one more time to Dr.  Hayward, renowned Cardiologist.  Palmer then tells David that he can reinstate his position in Pine Valley Hospital if he just gives him the pills.  Right then, more rubble and debris falls on them.

Erica and Josh are still trapped together.  She is very sick and ready to go into shock but she still does not want Josh to touch her.  He asks her if she wants Kendall and Bianca to be able to talk about their mother’s new beginning in the great beyond.  Suddenly, she loses consciousness.  He tells her she’s going to breath whether she likes it or not, and he sterilizes the pocketknife with a lighter.

Kendall tells Ryan that he knew how to build the “house” of Hart and Lavery.  He believed he’d build it on pure ego and ultimatums.  He gave her a wedding ring with the condition that Greenlee be a full partner at Cambias.  He tells her that’s interesting because the way he remembers it, she told him that he had to never again speak to Greenlee and cut her out of Fusion, her own company, as well as out of his and Kendall’s lives forever.  She tells him that his whole reason to marry Greenlee and declare her the love of his life was because she (Kendall) wasn’t.  In doing that, he declared Kendall to be the “thank God I got rid of her when I did” of his life.  Hearing that, he tells her if she wants to distract herself from what has happened, that’s fine, but she cannot pretend that she’s found some “deep truth” here.  He insists that she’s wrong to think he did not love her.  He loved her like hell.  Hearing that, she tells him he said it backwards.  It was not that he loved her like hell.  It was like hell he loved her.  Hearing that, he tells her if he’s going to admit to the truth, she has to, also.  She then admits that she knows he loved her, and she loved him too like crazy.  He tells her that things changed.  She asks why.  Was it because she crashed his wedding and slam-dunked his puny little bride like a donut?  He admits that she must not have thought they were done yet, and at that time, she may have been right.  She admits she was delusional at the time.  He admits that he hurt her, and he tells her he’s really, really sorry.  She tells him he should be.  She was kind and gentle and sweet and never caused him a moment’s pain.  She admits that she hurt him too and she was sorry.  He admits that they had a few “unpainful moments’.  She remembers when they first met at the Pine Cone, she was wearing a towel and he was on his motorcycle.  She also remembers the time when he gave her the best Christmas present the girl could ever have; a false pregnancy pooch so she could beat a murder rap.  Now, he has given her a real pooch, but she tells him she still thinks he was wrong about Zach.

Zach is still stuck with Simone and Ethan.  Ethan talks about all of the crazy things they could have at their wedding.  They snuggle together and Zach observes them coldly.

Krystal tells Adam that this could be the end, and they must both think about their family and friends.  She tells him that maybe he should start working on his sins.  He tells her he knows it’s disgraceful but asks what’s one more?  Then, he kisses her.

Jamie finds JR who is very worried about Babe.  JR tells him he cannot lose his son’s mother.

Palmer tells David he can reinstate his license and it can all be David’s again.  Now, he tells David he just needs the pills.  David tells Palmer that he is not so naïve.  He knows that Palmer could very easily renege on his promise and tell David tough luck.  He tells Palmer he needs to make a more solemn promise.  He needs to swear on Dixie’s life.

Dixie is once again, reliving her trials and tribulations in being married to Tad.  She demanded that he tell her the truth about whether he slept with Leslie Colson.  He tells her that he knows she slept with David.  She questioned if she was of any importance to him.  He told her she was wrong.  She is everything to him and she always will be.

Palmer then agrees to swear on Dixie’s soul.  David can have his position back at PVH.  He tells David he needs his pills back.  David then tells Palmer that he will not let him die.  Not until Palmer gives him his job back.  So he pushes the pills into Palmer’s mouth.  Right then, Tad and Aidan can see Palmer and David.  As they are reaching in to get Palmer and David, more debris falls and Tad tumbles in on them.  

Jonathan tells Lily that he knows everything will be ok.  He hears people digging and knows they will get them out of there soon.  She tells him she likes it here.  She knows that people get married because they love each other.  He tells her he loves her and always will.  She tells him that she does not love him.  He tells her that maybe she can fall in love with him and he’s willing to wait for that to happen.  She tells him that she needs to learn how to fall in love and doesn’t want him waiting around if that never happens.  She tells him she needs some criteria to evaluate her feelings.  He tells her he knows what he feels.  He now has peace and doesn’t want to be anywhere else.  He only wants to be with her.  She tells him she thought she loved her father but he doesn’t think she’s smart enough to make her own decisions.  She concludes that if she were married, then her father could not make decisions for her.  She could be an independent adult and nobody could tell her what to do.

Jamie, Tad and Joe find David and Palmer and Joe treats Palmer.  David taunts Joe about how it must be his worst nightmare come true to have David back on the Pine Valley hospital staff again.  Tad suggests that David just shut up and go to see an EMT.  JR announces that underneath an air pocket, they have found someone.  The rescue workers bring up Erica, carry her onto a stretcher, and Greg is there to see her get rescued.  He checks her vitals.  Josh then comes up and Greg tells his son he’s so glad that he is, also, ok.  Josh tells his father that he knows Erica has a few broken ribs and was out long enough for him to perform a tube thoracotomy.  Greg acknowledges that his son saved Erica’s life.

Simone tells Ethan that he is the one she loves.  She asks how she could be so lucky.  God made the perfect man just for her.  He tells her they can go to Paris or Italy for their honeymoon and have flowers everywhere.  Then, he starts to hallucinate and believes that he’s a boy growing up in England and Simone is his mother.  Zach goes over to his son and tells him he cannot die.  Ethan looks at his father and admits he does not know him.

Jonathan tells Lily that he wants their wedding to be purple because that is her favorite color and he wants anything that will make her happy.  He tells her that when he came back to Pine Valley, he was broken but she has built him back up.  She’s made him want to be a good man.  He tells her that she has given him his life back.  He asks her if she will be his wife.

JR notices David and demands to know why Babe has not been found but he has.  Tad admits that at this stage in the game, anybody who is still down there buried in all the debris is in trouble.  Adam and Krystal are stuck underneath a pile of rubble.  He’s gloating about wanting to mess around with her, and then more rubble falls on them.

Outside, Greg assures Erica that she is on her way to the hospital and will get the best care possible.  A camera crew is right nearby.  Josh stands over Erica and assures her that she will be good as new in no time.  Greg observes his son coldly.  Josh takes her hand.  And she awakens, appearing delirious.  She looks at him and tells him: “You cannot be… son.” Josh is stunned.

Zach tells Ethan that he is his dad.  Ethan still does not believe he needs Zach’s help.  He tells Simone he’s so happy that she’s come back.  He tells his “mom” he’s missed her since her death.

Kendall tells Ryan she now understands that they set themselves up for a raging disaster.  He asks her if she should use such extreme words.  She tells him that when people do not learn from their past mistakes, they are doomed to repeat them.  They now know that their relationship ended.  They lost Greenlee.  Zach is Zach.  He asks her what her point is.  She tells him maybe they should try again.

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