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The rescue teams are treating the explosion victims but there are more people still stuck inside.  More debris shifts and Reggie tells Derek and Anita that he must go in there.  Jack, Lily, Erica and Kendall could have all been killed in there.  They are his family.  Derek tells Reggie he needs to stay where he is and let the professionals do their job.

Tad and Aidan are still inside attempting to rescue more people.  Jack has gotten injured by the debris that fell most recently.  David and Palmer are both stuck inside nearby.  David holds some pills in front of Palmer.  He tells Palmer he knows he will die without these pills.  Kendall acknowledges to Ryan that there is an actual person inside of her, and asks is he would like to feel the baby in her belly.  Ryan feels him and he is stunned.  He tells her it’s amazing.  She tells him that this is more real than it’s ever been.  Although she has known she’s been pregnant and seen the sonogram, she only felt as though this was a life on a video.  She now knows that this is a life inside her.  He’s a real person with feelings and dreams and his own identity.  Ryan’s face still reveals the awe that he feels at the miracle of feeling his baby move.  He doesn’t know what to say or do.  She tells him that this is so real but scary too.  He tells her that he’s thought about this and believed that there was one single moment when this would happen.  She asks him how he feels.  He tells her he feels relieved and happy and really anxious to see him.  She tells Ryan that she never wants to let her son out of her.  As long as he’s still inside her, she has some sort of control but she realizes that they still have no plan.  She asks Ryan what he plans to do.  She asks what they should tell him and what he should know about where he came from and how he was created.  Ryan tells her that it will be a very long time before he will be able to understand or need to know anything.  She tells him that it’s important to her and it matters.  She thought that this baby was created out of love but it came from a betrayal.  It came from Zach’s betrayal.

Ethan tells Simone that he wants to get out of this town, out of the state and out of this country but Zach tells Ethan he cannot escape from his father.  He needs to either face his demons or die.

Jonathan tells Lily that if she doesn’t want to think about a tulip field, they can think about numbers.  They can count every square foot of digging the emergency workers need to do to rescue them and how long it would take several rescue workers to get to them versus how long it would take him and Lily to dig their way out.  Lily concedes that the calculations aren’t necessary and that it is obvious that the rescue workers can save them faster than they can save themselves.  

Palmer tells David he better give him his heart pills.  David asks him what he will do if he does not.  Palmer demands that David hand them over.  David tells Palmer he happens to know that this medicine can only be dispensed by a licensed physician or pharmacist and that if he were to give them to Palmer, he would be liable since he no longer has his medical license.  He reminds Palmer that he knows he’s only a janitor because Palmer and other self-serving fools took away his life and his license to practice medicine.  He asks Palmer if he’s aware of how many people’s he’s (David) saved.  He tells Palmer he can save him now.  Palmer asks him if this is going to cost him his life.

Dixie remembers talking to David, long ago, about how she regretted cheating on Tad with him.

After the rescue team gets some more people out, JR reminds Jamie that Babe and Adam are still missing and they must find them.  They take Jack out of the building and assure Reggie that although his father is unconscious, he’s breathing and will be ok.  Reggie tells them that he cannot leave Erica, Lily or Kendall.  Aidan assures Reggie that he will go inside and will not leave until he finds all three of them.  Erin tells Aidan she has not seen either Ryan or Jonathan yet.  Aidan admits that he hasn’t either but tells Erin that they won’t leave until they have found them.

After hearing Erica almost dropping the bombshell on him that he’s her son, Josh asks her what is going on.  She tells him he’s a sick jerk.  He tells her he believes he is the new and improved version of her, and he tells her that they are not badly hurt and should be grateful that they are not going to die.  He demands to know why she is upset and what she has on her mind.

Ryan tells Kendall that she did create the baby out of love for her best friend, and that did not change.  She reminds him that Zach screwed up everything.  He tells her that what Zach has done does not have to change how she feels about the baby.  She tells him that although she realizes she did this for Greenlee, it won’t be the same knowing what she now knows about Zach.  She thought that she at least had this hope to hang on to as well as a good man in her life but Ryan and Zach have both taken that from her.

Ethan tells Zach that he knows he had to punish his father.  He’s a spineless, gutless coward to have done that to a dying old man.  He tells Zach he will never forgive him for that.

David tells Palmer that he knows he could probably climb out of there, and if he had proper incentive, he could send somebody back to rescue Palmer.  He knows Palmer is getting very sick without his pills and dependent upon David to save his life.

Tad tells the rescue workers that Erica and Josh are still missing.  Nobody has seen them.  Tad informs Dr. Joe that he already told Erica that Josh was her son.

Erica asks Josh if he knows who he is.  He tells her of course.  He asks her if she believes he’s lacking in his desire to succeed.  She tells him she has no doubt about his drive but she will never forgive him for what he did to her and to Amanda.  He tells her that he knows that she loathes him and he cannot defend himself or get a fair trial, so what difference does it make how bad she believes he is?

Jonathan tells Lily that he hates that her dad wants to send her back to her old school but he is glad that she has a dad who loves her and wants to keep her safe.  She tells him that just because she loves her father doesn’t mean she has to do what he says.  She reminds him that she’s almost 18.  Jonathan suggests that she might benefit from going back to her old school.  She tells him when she was there, all she was, was a girl with autism spectrum disorder but now she is her own person.

Ethan tells Zach that it’s too late for him to be the daddy to him.  He tells Zach he must have really lost a lot of blood if he thinks that Ethan will believe for a moment that he ever loved him.  All he wanted was his own selfish needs.  Zach tells Ethan that he loves his son and loves Kendall.

Kendall tells Ryan that he has to know that he took everything from her.  She tells him that before he shared the truth with her, she had something to look forward to.  She had a man who loved her and a new life.  Now, all she has is the thought of Zach sneaking around and turning off generators.  She thanks Ryan for taking everything from her.  He tells her she still has him.  Hearing that, Kendall tells him that’s a “good one.”  She asks him if that’s supposed to comfort her or make things better.  She tells Ryan he must know that she does not love him.  He tells her he just wants her to know that she is not alone.  She tells him that without Zach she is.  She’s clueless as to what she’s going to do and where she’s going to go.  He tells her that they will get rescued from there and her life will go on.  She asks him what they are going to do when their son is born.

Zach asks Ethan if he wants to hear about all of his regrets.  He tells Ethan he wants his son to learn from him.  Ethan tells his father to go to hell.  Simone tells them that she’s tired of hearing them fight and wishes they would both just shut up.

Outside, Opal tells Dr. Madden that she’s very worried about Erica, her best gal pal and she doesn’t know what has happened to Palmer, that old goat.  Dr. Madden tells her she needs to sit down and relax.  Erin comes and introduces herself to Mrs. Cortlandt and tells her that she’s in a similar situation because both of her brothers are missing.  They take each others hands and share a moment of understanding. 

Erica tells Josh that they are stuck in there and somebody needs to start a conversation.  He tells her he knows that she’s digging for something.  He asks her what specifically she is asking him.  She then asks him what his childhood was like.  He replies it was boringly normal.  He was his parents’ only child and the crown prince.  He asks her if she’s going to be his shrink and conclude that that explains his need for success right now.  He shares with Erica that his mom was desperate to have a baby.  She was so depressed and suicidal and it saved her life when he came along.  Erica asks Josh if he thinks his mom would have really killed herself if he had not been born.  He tells her no doubt about it and thank God that his mother married the fertility god.

Dixie is overhearing David threatening to let Palmer die and she relives her history with Palmer, where as a young woman, Palmer told her that he could take her away from her hillbilly life but Tad could not.  She told him that she’d rather be with Tad regardless of where or how they live.

David tells Palmer that Palmer can give him back his life and Palmer can keep his own life.  Palmer then looks like he’s getting really sick and has no more room to negotiate.

Erica asks Josh of it’s true that he was not adopted and Dr. Greg Madden and his wife conceived him.  He tells her that it was a fertility miracle and his dad videotaped everything about his mom’s pregnancy and birth and Josh’s entire childhood.  It’s because of his dad that he’s grown up on camera.  He asks her why she’s so interested, all of a sudden in his conception, birth and childhood.

Lily asks Jonathan if he believes that she should be shut away inside some institution.  He tells her no, but if she goes against her dad’s wishes and runs away, he might never see her again, and he cannot go through that.  She asks him if the reason he won’t let her run away is because he loves her.  He confirms that that is right.  She tells him that if she has to be stuck in the institution it won’t do either of them any good.  He tells her maybe they can run away together.

Kendall tells Ryan that she loved Zach more than anything in the whole world.  She starts to cry.  He moves toward her and takes her in his arms as she cries.

Simone tells Ethan and Zach that the two of them have a choice.  They can either shut up or they can stop sniping at each other.  She tells them this is all crap.  They need to act like adults.  They could all die right now.  They need to make up and shake hands right now.  She asks if that’s clear to them.  Suddenly, Ethan appears to go into a seizure. 

Josh asks Erica why she has all this interest in his past.  She then replies that maybe she owes him an explanation.  More debris shifts and Erica gets hit by some falling material.  Josh jumps up and starts to assess the medical damage done to Erica.  Erica tells him that she can’t breathe.

 David tells Palmer he’d like to save him and be able to be a doctor again.  He tells Palmer he knows about his crony who sits on the state licensing board, and he reminds Palmer that he sits on the board of Pine Valley hospital.  He knows Palmer can persuade his friends to reinstate David’s medical license.  He asks Palmer if his life is not worth a few lousy phone calls.

Back in the ballroom, Tad hears a noise.  He calls to JR that he heard something and starts toward the source of the noise.  They start to dig through the rubble.  Dixie is right below them but she isn’t making herself known to them.  They ask who is there.  They announce that they might have to give up on helping whoever is not telling them where they are.  She doesn’t know how to reveal herself to her husband and son.

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