AMC Update Tuesday 2/14/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/14/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

After finding out what her mother has planned, Amanda runs frantically into the ballroom and finds Jamie.  She tells him he must get everybody out of there but it’s too late.  The entire place comes crashing down.  Pillars, chandeliers and heavy equipment fall and explode and everybody falls to the ground.  The entire place is demolished with everybody in it.  Only Tad is seen moving.  He sits up and looks badly injured.  He’s all bloody and in shock and he asks if anybody is alive.  Jack moves his head and coughs.  He also sits up and is covered in blood.  He goes looking for Lily and Reggie but cannot find them.  JR then gets up and looks just as bad as the other two.  He tells them he needs to find Babe.  Janet stands outside the building and cries knowing that her daughter has been injured along with all the people she intended to kill.  She tells them she will never forgive them for what they have done to her baby.

Tad finds Brooke unconscious and lying on the ground.  She awakens, gets up, and asks where Jamie is.  Danielle is nearby and awakens asking if anybody has seen her father.  Tad helps her to get up.  Anita and Julia find each other and are relieved that they are both alive.  Opal then awakens and calls for Tad.  She is worried about Palmer.  Di calls to Tad.  He hears her but cannot see her.  Jack calls for Erica and for Reggie.  Reggie gets up and goes to see if Danielle is ok.  Jack asks if they have seen Lily.  They admit that she last saw her with Jonathan on the balcony.  Jack asks if anybody has seen his daughter.  Julia tells Tad that she smells gas leaking.  Tad tells Julia that they did not survive just so they can die now.  He tells her to grab all the people she can find.  Suddenly, it looks like there’s another avalanche.  The real Dixie awakens.  She now knows she’s all alone and may not be able to hide herself any longer.  Kendall is on the ground unconscious and covered in blood.  Ethan and Simone and Zach are still unconscious.  Zach opens his eyes.  He sees the destruction all around him.  Erica is unconscious.  Jamie moves his head and coughs.  Del, Tad and Brooke tell Opal that they all need to get out of there although Opal does not want to go anywhere without Palmer.  Reggie tells Jack that he cannot go anywhere until he finds Lily.  Marion cries and says somebody must find her husband.  She asks if anybody has seen Stuart.  Greg Madden gets up and wants to find his son but Aidan tells him he must get out of there.  Janet stands outside and is still ready to get revenge on everyone.  She tells them they took her daughter and now she’s going to bury them all.

The fire fighters come and tell everybody who is outside that they must stay put and cannot go back in to attempt to save anybody left in the building.  Tad and Aidan protest that they will not just sit back and do nothing when people could be dying and in need of their help.  The fire fighters tell them that they will get arrested if they don’t stay where they are.  Reggie tells his father that he has to go back in there to find Erica and Lily but Jack tells him he must stay put.  Julia tries to help JR when it looks like he’s bleeding.  He tells her he does not care about that right now.  All he cares about is his son’s mother.  He can’t let her sit in there to die.  

Babe and Erica and Josh awaken.  Erica asks what happened and why she is stuck in there with Josh and she asks where the people whom she loves are.  Josh then tells her that this would be a great story for their show.  He tells her that he will look like the selfless hero that saved her life.  She tells him he’s sick to be making a television hit out of death and destruction.  Zach, Ethan and Simone awaken and are covered in blood.  Simone tells Zach it’s his fault and he must have done that.  Ethan remembers that nobody has seen Kendall or Ryan.  Ryan awakens with his arms around Kendall and notices she is not awake yet.  She then coughs and calls for Zach.  It looks like they are stuck underneath something heavy.  Kendall struggles to get up.  He tells her she needs not stress and asks her how the baby is.  She angrily tells him that none of this is his business.  He has nothing to do with her body or her life.  He asks her to calm down.  She tells him that he better not tell her what to do and she cannot believe that she’s stuck there with him of all people.  She screams at somebody to get her out of there.  Not far away, Ethan sounds like he’s determining his father’s fate.  Zach asks his son what he wants from him.  Does he want him to live or to die?  Lily is awake and rocking back and forth and counting.  Jonathan is with her and reminds her that Julia talked to them about what to do when they feel scared.  He tells her that they can think about purple tulips and feel any way they want.

Simone notices that Zach is bleeding.  He tells her that he just “popped a few stitches” and that he will be ok.  She tries to do something to help him and Zach asks Ethan if he is going to let his fiancée play nurse-maid.  Ethan tells Zach that he doesn’t tell his fiancée to do or say anything and that she is her own woman.  Simone tells them that they can’t just let him bleed out and that they must do something.  Zach reminds Ethan that he, once again, has his fate in his hands like he did in the stables at Wildwind when Zach asked him to let him die.  Zach tells him that he is getting tired of this whole thing and he just wants to know what Ethan wants from him once and for all.


Jamie awakens with Amanda nearby and asks her what she just came in to warn them about.  Did she know about the gas explosion that could have killed everybody?

One of the firefighters tells the chief that he has found someone inside who is bleeding and needs medical attention right away but he is in a tight enclosure and the firefighter can’t get to him.  Julia says that she will go in.  Tad doesn’t think that this is a good idea, but Anita insists that this job is exactly what Julia does best.  It is a small space that she can fit into and she works very fast.  She is perfect for the job.  Julia rushes in to help.

Tad tells the fire fighters that his and other people’s families are in there and he’s going in whether they like it or not.  Reggie and Dani follow him.  Meanwhile, the real Dixie is having a flashback about Tad giving her a music box.  Tad and Julia go in and move the rubble in order to find the people buried underneath.

Tad comes inside and calls to everybody that they need to answer and tell him where they are so that they can get them out of there.  JR goes in with a flashlight and knows he must find his dad, Krystal and Babe.  Babe sits up and calls to her mother and JR but cannot find them.

Erica and Josh are stuck together.  She tells him she doesn’t want him anywhere near her but he reminds her that he is trained to be a doctor.  She asks him, again who he is and remembers hearing Tad telling her that Josh Madden is her son.  She tells him she’s trying to think about the things he says and the way he talks.  He just came into her office assuming she’d give him a job and that she’d be his friend.  She tells him she does not know him at all.  He tells her to take a good look at him.  He tells her that he’s the guy who spent every day wondering if the world would take notice and pay him his due.  He wanted to know if he could be a movie star or king of the world.  And he asks her if he’s nothing more than a common Joe Schmoe to her.  She tells him that he must have thought that the fame and fortune would be given to him and he would not have to earn it.  He tells her she must know that he’s a miracle baby.  She tells him that he must believe that success will just fall into his lap.  He tells her that he saw an opportunity and he took it.

Zach asks Ethan to tell him just what kind of a father he was expecting.  Simone tells Zach that whatever Ethan expected of him, he would only tell her.  Ethan tells his father he can live or die or do whatever he wants.  He does not care.  He just doesn’t ever want to see his face again.

Kendall tells Ryan that he is gloating and thinking he’s some sort of hero.  He tells her he realizes he betrayed her and Greenlee.  He let them tie themselves into knots by letting them think that he was dead.  She reminds him that he let Greenlee leave them and he cost her, Greenlee and Zach and everything else.  She tells him she hates him.  She asks him why the hurt won’t go away.  He tells her that together they can make the pain all go away.  She asks him just what he means.  He tells her she needs to take a look around and see that she is stuck with him.

Jamie reminds Amanda that when she ran in, she was freaked and ready to warn everybody about something.  Before she has a chance to reveal to him what everybody needed to know, they hear people nearby who might rescue them.  She sees that it’s JR, however, and makes a crude comment about him and his slut Babe.  He then tells her she can dig herself out and he leaves.  Tad and Aidan get Jamie and Amanda out but they still cannot find Babe.

Lily is panicking and afraid of red.  She also seems to be afraid of Jonathan.  He tells her he feels so bad about the things he used to do.  He tells her that he is her friend and he wants to comfort her.  He tells her she must remember what they did before the explosion.  They went up on the balcony where it was peaceful.  He asks her to remember dancing.

The rescue team gets Stuart onto a stretcher and into an ambulance.  Dani finds her dad and her Aunt Livia and is so happy that they are both ok.

Kendall tells Ryan if and when they are rescued, she is walking away and staying away from him.  He tells her that would be fine with him if she were not carrying his baby.  She tells him that he is nothing to her or to her child.  He reminds her of the papers they signed.  She tells him that he is unfit to be the father to her innocent child.  He asks her if she believes that Zach is more fit.  She tells him he better leave her alone and goes on ranting.  Then, she notices something has happened with her baby.

Dr.  Joe comes to join the rescue team and tells Julia she did some fine work in there.  Jamie tells Amanda that if she knew about the explosion, she must have either planned it or knew about it.  He asks her if Janet is responsible for what has just happened.  She replies by telling him that her mother is nowhere near Pine Valley and he must leave her alone.  Not far away, Janet is hiding and overhearing them.

There is only one person who cannot make herself seen and known.  It’s Dixie.

Josh tells Erica that he’s not about to be a loser.  He’s not going to wait and be dependent upon anybody or let anybody take away his opportunity.  She listens to him stunned and remembers herself as a young celebrity telling Mona and Nick Davis the very same thing about herself, realizing that Pine Valley isn’t exactly the center of fame and fortune.  She remembers having very similar ambitions to what Josh is now exhibiting.  She mumbles that Tad cannot be right.  She asks Josh if he is really….  She cannot finish her question asking him if he’s really her son.  Hearing her, he asks her what she’s asking if he is.

Ethan tries to get up to get out and find some help and the building rumbles and more debris falls, pinning him underneath. 

Kendall tells Ryan that she can feel her baby moving.

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