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All My Children Update Monday 2/13/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Janet is with an unconscious Amanda in a secret room waiting for the explosion at the Mardi Gras ball. Janet tells Amanda she wishes she could understand why she’s doing what she’s doing. She wishes Amanda was awake to see her big finish. Janet tells Amanda that her mommy has taken care of every last person who has hurt her. She can thank her later.

At the ball, Lily tells Jack that she is happy with Jonathan when they’re together and she’s not going to stop seeing him. Ryan says he understands that Jonathan and Lily are good friends but this relationship can’t happen. Jonathan says he’ll keep seeing Lily as long as she’ll let him. If her father doesn’t like it that’s his problem.

Babe asks JR to agree to joint custody if it doesn’t work out for them. She says any good mother would do the same. She asks him to sign her prenuptial agreement. Kendall appears in the scene and tells JR to not even think about it. Kendall tells JR not to trust Babe. Babe tells Kendall she has no idea what she’s talking about. JR tells Kendall he can handle Babe. Babe tells Kendall to keep her scrawny hands off her personal life. Kendall tells JR not to let down her guard and don’t end up like her.

Zach is alone at the ball thinking about Kendall telling him she was done with him. He notices Kendall with JR. Kendall says she feels sorry for anyone who thinks they’re in love. People don’t change, she says.

Adam continues to attack Di, suggesting that she leave town for all the harm she has caused. Dixie is listening around the corner. Tad approaches and tells Adam that he’ll smack him if he doesn’t leave Di alone. Adam tells Tad that he’s a disgrace. He was Dixie’s soulmate and now he’s making time with her bottom-feeding half sister. He says it’s a good thing Dixie isn’t here to see this. Adam walks away. Di tells Tad that Adam may be right.

Erica is thinking about what Tad told her. Josh tells her not to buy his father’s bull. Josh says there’s a simple explanation for what’s on the tape. Erica asks him to explain this: who is he? Is it possible he doesn’t know? Josh tells Erica she knows who he is. He’s the right-hand man she hired who has turned into a good producer. He tells Erica he owes her his admiration, respect and loyalty. Erica asks which he was showing when he was recorded bashing Erica – admiration, respect or loyalty? Josh says his father set him up. His obsession toward Erica has reached new lows. Josh says he made all those things on the tape up to get his father to back off.&# 9;

Ryan tells Jonathan that Jack can decide for her as her father and he has to respect that. Lily argues that Jack didn’t like the man Greenlee chose. Jack says that was different because Greenlee was an adult. Lily is still a minor child. Jonathan says they want to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Ryan tells Jonathan breaking up is the best for everyone.

Jamie asks Zach if he’s seen Amanda. Zach has not.

Janet urges Amanda to wake from her slumber and see her mother’s handiwork with her own eyes. She says those naughty sinners have no idea they’re in danger. Amanda wakes up and Janet kisses her forehead, saying she wants to kiss it and make it better. Amanda asks Janet if she’s sure everyone is OK. Janet says everything is fine and there is nothing for her to worry about.

Jamie asks his mother if she’s seen Amanda. Brooke says she hasn’t and wants to know why Jamie is so concerned about her.

Jonathan questions Ryan’s words, especially since he has said he trusts him. Ryan says he doesn’t believe Jonathan is putting Lily in danger, but he is too old for her. Lily recites some celebrity couples with age gaps. Ryan tells Jonathan his judgment needs more fine-tuning. Jack tells Jonathan he used bad judgment even coming here. Ryan says he doesn’t agree with Jack’s opinions about Jonathan but he agrees with him on this. Lily says they’re not having sex. Ryan tells Jonathan that if Lily freaks out he may not know how to handle it. Jonathan asks for a minute to say goodbye to Lily.

Tad tells Di that she can’t listen to Adam Chandler. He says if Dixie were to walk in here right now Adam would scream that Dixie is a robot. Tad tells Di he appreciates her and thinks she’s wonderful. Di asks what if Dixie would come back and found her here with him. Tad says that’s ridiculous. Things would be very different if Dixie were here, but she’s dead and gone. Dixie watches them from a few feet away and is startled to see them kiss.

Jonathan and Lily go aside to talk, and Lily asks Jonathan if he doesn’t love her anymore. Jonathan says he has a lot of stuff to work on and he shouldn’t bother her with it. Lily tells him he needs to stop listening to his brother.

Jack thanks Ryan for trying to talk Jonathan out of seeing Lily. Ryan says he truly believes that Jonathan won’t hurt Lily. He urges Jonathan to keep an eye on Kendall, who saw the real Zach today. Kendall approaches from behind in time to hear Ryan tell Jack that Kendall needs her family now. Kendall tells Ryan he is unbelievable. Now he’s doing damage control? She tells him to stay out of her life.

Julia tells Zach that she has always hated Kendall and will never like her, but she respects her for carrying this baby. She tells Zach he took the most unselfish thing Kendall has ever done and turned it into a disaster. How could he? Zach says he’s a monster and disaster is his specialty.

Amanda tells Janet she wants to go home and see her father. She says they should ditch Pine Valley. Janet says they are going to blow this popsicle stand tonight.

Kendall clinks a crystal glass to get the attention of the ball guests. She announces that this is the time for secrets to be revealed. She tells everyone to drop their masks and show themselves for who they really are. Kendall glares at Zach. Palmer looks at Opal and says “dear God, woman. Put it back.” David tells Di that she must be used to exposing her real self. Di tells David that no one noticed him and no one cares that he’s there. He must be used to that.

Simone approaches Dixie, who continues to hold the mask in front of her face. Simone tells her she’s the last hold out. She asks who is under there. Tad watches from Dixie’s backside. Simone continues to press Dixie to drop her mask, even asking her if she’s real ugly. Ethan interrupts and whisks Simone away from Dixie. Tad starts walking to Dixie but is stopped by Di, who tells him she thought he was giving her the slip. Tad tells Di that there is no one else here he’d rather be with. They kiss.

Babe asks JR if Kendall got to him and whether he’s going to sign the prenup. JR says he won’t sign it because she wouldn’t sign his. Babe says they’re through. She says she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t keep her from his son.

Jamie asks Derek if he’s seen Amanda. Derek tells him he can stop looking since the charges against her are dropped and she doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

Amanda asks her mom why they don’t leave. Janet keeps looking out a window toward the ball. Amanda asks her why she’s stalling. What did she do? Janet agrees to tell her, saying there is going to be some real fireworks tonight. A worried Amanda pushes her mom down and runs out. Janet yells at her not to go there.

Stuart and Marian arrive at the ball and greet Kendall, telling her she must be excited about her wedding. They wonder if there’s a date set.

Erica asks Josh to leave her alone so she can talk to his father. Josh says whatever she has to say she can say it in front of him. Erica tells him his father has done imaginable things. He is a sick man. She says he want to be told.

Amanda rushes into the ball and finds Jamie. She tells him everybody has to get out of there. Janet is following behind. Suddenly there is a huge explosion. Chandeliers fall from the ceiling. Chucks of wall and ceiling fall down onto the guests. People are thrown across the room and are falling everywhere. Within a minute, everything is quiet. Bodies are strewn throughout the dark, dingy room. Everyone is still, either unconscious or dead. The first movement is seen from Tad, who gets up slowly and has a bloody hand and blood streaming down a huge cut on his face. He looks around in unbelief. “Is anyone alive?” he asks.

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