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All My Children Update Friday 2/10/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

The Mardi Gras ball is in full swing, and people are laughing, smiling, taking pictures and dancing. Dani is on the microphone urging the television audience to give to the Red Cross.

Dixie is outside listening as JR argues with Adam. JR is unhappy that Adam has brought up his mother. JR says if Dixie were here, she would call Adam pathetic and walk away. JR then walks away from Adam.

Janet is in her secret room talking to her alter ego in the mirror. Janet in the mirror tells Janet that she doesn’t have the nerve to do what she is planning. Janet is smug and sings to herself.

Ryan stops Jonathan from going over to Lily at the ball. Ryan sees Zach with Kendall across the room. Zach tells Kendall they’re not finished. Kendall tells him they were finished when he turned out the lights. Zach says he didn’t do this to her, but rather did it for her. He tells her he will always love her. Across the room, Ryan tells Jonathan to leave Lily alone until she’s ready.

Lily doesn’t like that her father wants to send her away. She says if he makes her go, she’ll run away and be gone forever.

JR pulls Babe outside. Dixie is nearby listening, but no one sees her. JR tells Babe that he wants to give her something. He presents her with his mother’s necklace. Dixie appears touched.

Inside, Josh blasts his father for turning on him. Greg tells Josh that he’s become spiteful and vicious. Josh says he’s siding with Erica over him because of his crush on Erica.

In an upstairs room, Tad has just told Erica that Josh is her son. Erica says Josh is her formal employee and is not like a son to her. Tad says Josh is not like a son, he is her son. Erica asks if it’s a full moon or if someone spiked his punch. She says he’s not making any sense. Tad reminds her that when he’s told her things in the past they have always been true. Erica remembers that he was the one who told her that Miranda was alive. Tad says Josh is her blood son. Erica says she was there both times she gave birth and she had two girls. She asks him what’s wrong with him and tells him to snap out of it. She won’t listen to any more of this. Tad says it’s a fact and he can prove it.

Greg tells Josh that he’s the only one he cares about. Josh says he has a sick fantasy that Erica cares for him. Greg says he wants to see to it that he doesn’t get criminally charged for drugging Erica. Josh asks him how he could do this to him. Greg tells Josh he doesn’t belong here, on TV or around Erica. He needs to leave town. Josh tells Greg he blew his life. Greg says he gave him life and he gave it back to him tonight.

Lily asks her father if he thinks she’s stupid. Jack says it breaks his heart to hear her talk this way. He says sometimes young people don’t see life the way it is. Lily says she sees very well and she chooses Jonathan. Across the room, Erin and Aidan tell Jonathan that it’s time to go back to the ski lodge, but Jonathan says he won’t leave the woman he loves.

Babe doesn’t understand why JR is giving her his mother’s necklace. She says his mother was a saint. JR tells her he wants to marry her. Babe says he has said that before and then he gave her a prenup. JR says there will be no more prenups. He says he loves her and asks her to say yes. They kiss. Dixie, who is listening just feet away, looks happy.

Brooke tells Jamie that she saw his donation check and knows that Aunt Phoebe would be very proud. Jamie asks Brooke if she has seen Amanda.

Amanda has found Janet in her secret room and asks her what she’s doing. Janet is pleasantly surprised to see her daughter is out of jail. She says it’s wonderful. She asks Amanda if she broke out of jail. Amanda tells Janet she had to find her. She wants Janet to get help and she has to come with her. Janet picks up a large wrench and says it’s her job to teach Erica that she can’t hurt her Amanda. Amanda says she’s out of jail because of Erica. She says they all believe that she didn’t drug Erica and think that Josh did it. Amanda says if they get out of here and lay low, no one will have to know that she did all of these bad things. They could even pin them on Josh.

Josh tells Greg that he’s a hypocrite. Look what he did to Kendall and Greenlee. He lied about that. Josh says he’s going to live his life like he wants.

Kendall tells Zach that she knows what he wants to say. That he never meant to hurt her and if she needs time, he’ll still love her and wait for her. Zach says he will. Kendall tells him she doesn’t need to wait for her. She’s done with him and that will never change. She walks over to Ryan and asks him to dance with her. Ryan asks if this is a revenge dance. Kendall says she hates both he and Zach, but she hates Ryan one less dance than Zach.

Tad tells Erica that Josh even looks a little like her. He says he got Josh’s blood off a handkerchief and got Erica’s DNA off her coffee cup. He ran the test and it’s a perfect match. He says DNA doesn’t lie.

Janet tells Amanda that all those people who hurt her need to learn and see what a wonderful person she really is. Amanda says they are already on her side now. Janet says they could turn again. She says they are heartless fiends who don’t deserve her forgiveness. She puts the wrench on a pipe and starts turning it. Amanda says there are a lot of innocent people upstairs and calls her mother insane. Janet glares at Amanda and asks her what she said about her.

Babe asks Jamie why he is abandoning his prenup. JR says he freaked out and his dad went all Chandler on him. He realizes he needs to grab onto life or he’ll become bitter. Babe tells him yes, she will marry him. They kiss. Dixie smiles and covers her face with her mask.

After their dance, Ryan tells Kendall that someday she’ll understand why he did what he did. Kendall tells him he should have stayed away when he was pretending to be dead.

Aidan tells Jonathan that Lily is a wonderful girl but she’s not like everyone else. Her father watches out for her. Jonathan says if Lily’s father cared about her he would do what makes her happy. He says he makes her happy. Jack tells Lily that if Jonathan comes near her that tumor in his head will seem like a bug bite compared to what he does to him. He asks Lily for her word that she’ll stay away from Jonathan.

Tad asks Erica if she remembers the termination of her pregnancy and how she felt uncomfortable with Greg. Now she knows why. Erica asks if Greg harvested her eggs while she was under anesthesia and created a child without her knowledge. Tad says Greg is not Josh’s biological father. Erica realizes that Greg has sperm banks all over the place so they would never know who the biological father is. Tad says they do know. It’s his brother, Jeff Martin.

Back at the ball, Adam and Palmer pass each other without speaking. Ethan finds Kendall, who lambasts him for teaming with Ryan to destroy his father and calls him a jerk. She says in case he forgets, she doesn’t forgive quick, and in the case of him and Ryan, it will be never. Ethan says that’s OK as long as she never forgives Zach as well. He says Zach will only hurt her with more lies and more betrayal and it’s good that she’s rid of him.

Simone finds a sullen Zach outside and tells him she knows why he did it. She says it was because of love. She says she hates that Ethan hates him, especially since Zach admitted he doesn’t hate Ethan. Simone says she would fix it if she could but it’s not up to her. She says it’s up to ... Zach walks away without a word. Simone finishes her sentence, saying it’s up to Zach.

Erica tells Tad that this is insanity. Tad says Josh was born seven months after Erica’s abortion appointment. Erica no longer wants to talk about this. She says she has guests downstairs and money to raise. They’ll discuss this later. Tad tells her that he doesn’t think Josh has a clue about who she really is. Erica tells Tad to leave it up to her.

Lily tells Jack that she can’t promise something she won’t keep. She wants to see Jonathan. Jack tells her she can’t make that decision. Lily asks if he’s saying that because she has autism spectrum disorder. Jack says yes. Lily tells him that he has lied to her.

Babe tells JR she knows they can do this. She leaves him and runs to her mother, gleefully telling Krystal that JR love her exactly the way she wants. She says it’s happening for her. Dixie is nearby watching.

Amanda tells Janet that she is crazy and she has screwed up her life. Janet says this can’t be her baby talking to her like this after everything she’s done for her. Amanda says no one does what she has done except Janet from another planet. She tells her mother she’s way out there and she has to come with her now to get help. She takes Janet’s arms but Janet won’t move. Amanda tells her mother if she doesn’t come with her, she’ll go upstairs and tell everyone at the ball everything that Janet has done. Janet says she wouldn’t do that to her. Amanda starts walking for the door.

Jamie asks Tad if he’s seen Amanda. He says something is not right.

Janet is shown dragging a passed out Amanda after giving her a sedative. She says mommy is so sorry. Janet in the mirror says so what if her daughter called her a whacko. Janet says Amanda will wake up and will be just fine.

Adam finds Di at the ball and says this is all her fault. Di says usually parents want their kids to be happy. Di says JR is opening his heart to the mother of his child. She says he’s in love and he has to deal with it. Adam says he would rather deal with her. She conned her way into their family and pretended to be Dixie. Now she has ruined JR’s life. Dixie is listening around the corner and appears aghast at what she’s hearing.

Babe tells JR she has two surprises. The first is a kiss. The second is an envelope she hands him. She tells him this is her prenup. JR thinks she’s joking but Babe says this is for real. She says if it doesn’t work out for them, joint custody is the way they have to go.

Jonathan walks over to Lily and Jack and apologizes to Jack for keeping his friendship with Lily a secret. He tells Jack to please not take it out on Lily. Jack tells Jonathan to stay the hell away from Lily. Ryan tells Jonathan that Jack is right.

Josh tells Greg that he’s acting like Erica is his private property. He asks who is Erica to him anyway. Erica approaches from behind and glares at him.

Janet unhinges a valve from a pipe and fumes start filling the room. Amanda is now unconscious in a wheelbarrow. Janet wheels her out and leaves the building.

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