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All My Children Update Thursday 2/9/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the ball, Palmer makes an plea for donations for the disaster relief.  Di comes and congratulates him on his speech.  Not far away, there’s a mysterious woman hiding her face.  She notices Del kissing Babe.  Right then, JR enters.  Babe tells him that he “lost his place in line.”  He tells them it’s ok.  He’s no longer interested in Delbert’s seconds.  Babe and Del kiss again.  JR tells Del he must watch out because Babe’s cooking sucks.

Greg tells Erica that he knows that Josh drugged her.  She tells him she did not invite him to her party and he must take his malicious accusations and go.  He tells her she must realize that her “loyal assistant” has been out to get her from the day she hired him.

After Kendall has gotten the shocking news, Ryan takes her aside.  He tells her that he worked tirelessly to find out the truth about Zach causing the blackout at the clinic.  He tells her he’s really sorry it happened and apologizes for leaving her alone with Zach.  She says nothing.  He hugs her.  She does not respond.  He asks her to talk to him and let him help her.  She asks him just how he can dare to tell her that he ever intended to help her.  Outside, Zach tells Ethan he knows he must feel really good now.  Ethan agrees with his father telling him he sure does.

Kendall congratulates Ryan for ruining her life.  She tells him he had to be right and make Zach wrong.  He’s self-righteous and smug, and, obviously, blames her for losing Greenlee so he needed to get even.  She asks him if he believes he’s done enough to get revenge on her.  He protests to her that although he doesn’t much care for Zach, he was not seeking revenge on her or Zach.  He tells her he’s only looking out for her best interests.  She tells him that her interest was Zach.  She loved him and was going to plan a life with him.  Hearing that, Ryan reminds her that she must now know what this man is all about before making a lifetime commitment.  She must know that he pulled this vicious stunt and broke up her friendship with Greenlee and lied to her.  Outside, Ethan confirms that he hates his father.  He tells Zach that he did not have to do anything.  Zach ruined his own life.  He tells Zach to go inside and enjoy his pain because he has earned it.

Jack catches Jonathan and Lily kissing.  He’s ready to hurt Jonathan.  He shakes his finger at him demanding that he gets his hands off Jack’s daughter.  Lily protests and demands her father not hurt her boyfriend.  Jack tells Lily that Jonathan is not her boyfriend.  He’s an adult.  He tells her to go home.  Right then, Aidan and Erin come and get Jonathan away from Jack.  Livia comes over and tells Jack that Jonathan is on bail and not breaking any laws.  Aidan stands in front of Jack to prevent him from hurting Jonathan and asks him what Jonathan did wrong.  Jack tells them that Jonathan is a murderer.  He’s a Lavery.  His brother raped Jack’s sister and he wants Jonathan put away.

Erica takes Josh, Jamie and Greg upstairs telling them that she did not want to create a scene downstairs.  She asks Jamie why, if he believed this about Josh, did he not come to her sooner.  Josh asks her if it surprises her that his dad would try something like this.  Jamie tells Josh that his dad found him out.  Josh tells Jamie that his dad just hates the fact that he chose TV fame over the sacred halls of medicine, and he resents Josh’s bond with Erica.  Erica tells Jamie if he’s going to make an accusation of Josh, he better have proof to back it up, and not just the word of Amanda Dillon.  Greg tells Josh he knows the lies he’s capable of.  He knows his son wants to take Erica’s career away from her.  Josh tells Jamie that he knows Jamie hates him because Josh broke up him and Babe.  Jamie tells him this has nothing to do with Babe.  Erica asks Greg how he could do something so malicious to his own son as to make the accusations of him.  Greg tells Eric that he knows that Josh has done a lot of dirty dealings.  He happens to know that Josh enabled Greenlee to get hold of Kendall’s medical records.  She asks Greg why Josh would care about Greenlee and Kendall’s plan.  He tells her it’s because Josh knew that their secret would rock her.  Greg tells his son that he must remember the conversation they had about his “ambition” in ruining Erica.  He tells them that he didn’t trust his memory so he made sure to tape it.

Opal finds Del and tells Babe that she hopes she does not think she has a chance with Del.  Babe tells Opal that Del is all hers.  Opal can have him.  JR comes and asks Babe just what she’s pulling with Del.  She tells him that she had no intention of playing any more games until he gave her that prenup.  She tells him if he does away with the prenup, she will marry him tonight.  When JR does not respond, she tells him that she did not hear his answer and would like him to respond that he wants to marry her because she means everything to him.  He tells her he cannot trust her with what she’s been doing with Jamie and then Josh and then Del.  She tells him she’s going to make one point very clear to him.  She is giving up on him but she’s never giving up on her son.  He can do whatever he wants but he will not prevent her from being a part of their son’s life until the day she dies.

Kendall tells Ryan that she hates him.  She trusted him and let him go to get the sonogram with her, and all along, he was pulling this behind her back.  He asks her if she would be happy right now to be married to Zach, knowing what she knows about him now.  She tells him that answer to that is yes.  She wishes she could be happily and blissfully in Paris with the man she loves, and she will never forgive him for taking her life away from her, ever.

Greg plays the tape where Josh tells him that he plans to ruin Erica’s career and in another year, she will be some unknown has-been and he will be in power with fame and fortune.  Hearing that, Josh asks his father how he could do something like that.  He tells Jamie he sure hopes Amanda Dillon is good in the sack.  Greg tells his son that this has nothing to do with Jamie’s sexual morality.  It’s about the crime Josh committed.  Erica gets on the phone to the police asking them to release Amanda Dillon from jail and she informs them that she has some new information about the case.

Janet is not far away, plotting her plan.

Krystal finds David who tells her that he knows that their daughter will dump JR.  She tells him that he may not want to open up his big trap quite yet.

Kendall goes back downstairs to the ball.  Julia sees her and can tell that she is upset.  Julia asks her what is bothering her, and Kendall tells Julia if she wants Ryan, he’s all hers.  Julia may take Ryan as far away as she wants as long as Kendall never has to see him again.

Babe tells her mother that she knows that in time, JR will give up on the prenup and she will have their son.  Krystal asks her daughter if she’s certain that JR won’t just up and walk.

JR notices Tad with Di and asks him if he’s settling for the cheap imitations.  Tad tells JR that he knows that he’s been having some problems recently.  Di tells JR she wishes he wasn’t so bitter.  He tells her she needs to shut up.  She’s not his mother.  Tad admits that she is not and reminds JR that his mother is dead.  JR tells Tad he’s glad one of them realizes that.  Not far away, the masked woman observes them.  It looks like she’s the real Dixie. 

Ryan finds Jack ready to hurt Jonathan and asks what is going on.  Jack tells him that his brother was about to molest Jack’s daughter.  Hearing that, Erin tells Jack that her brother would never molest Lily.  Jonathan protests that Lily motivated him to post bail so he could take her to the ball.  Ryan asks Jonathan if he did not go to the ski lodge with Erin and Aidan.  Erin admits that he did but must have slipped out unseen.  Julia appears.  Jack asks Julia why she’s so concerned about Jonathan and asks her if she’s forgotten that this maniac murdered her brother-in-law.  Jonathan explains that Julia is his life skills teacher.  Hearing that, Jack admits that he had no clue that Jonathan and Lily were in the same class together and demands to know why Julia never told him.  Jonathan realizes that Lily has gone off somewhere and he’s determined to find her.  Ryan tells his brother he cannot go after Lily.  Jonathan tells Ryan he must find Lily and comfort her because he loves her.

Zach finds his way into the wine cellar and while he is down there, he hears some crying.  He goes in search if the sound and finds Lily who is very upset, crying and rocking back and forth.  Zach asks if she is ok.  She keeps saying: “love hurts.”  He asks her to take a breath and tell him why she believes that love hurts.  She tells him that her dad hates her boyfriend.  Jonathan loves her and she cannot be with him.  He asks her if she is referring to Jonathan Lavery, revealing that he does not trust Jonathan either.  She tells him she knows that Jonathan is all better now.  He’s not bad anymore and she knows he loves her.  If her dad loves her, how can he keep her away from somebody with whom she’s happy?

Jonathan protests to Ryan that he is seeing Lily now.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  Lily has taught him so many things.  He’s happy with her and knows he makes her happy.  Ryan asks his brother if he cannot see that it’s not a good idea for him to be with Lily.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he would never hurt Lily like he did the other girls.  Ryan asks Jonathan if he does not see the problem in this.  Jonathan asks if he means that Lily’s dad hates him.  Ryan tells Jonathan that he must realize that he wasn’t very nice to Lily less than a year ago, and Jack may never get over that.  Jack does not care for their family.  He reminds Jonathan that Lily is just a teenager.  He knows that Jonathan has had life experiences that he knows that Lily is not ready for yet.

Lily tells Zach that, so far, she’s had three boyfriends.  Her first boyfriend was Aidan, but she now realizes that Aidan was not really her boyfriend.  And then Sam was the second one and he said he loved her but he got mad at her.  Jonathan is now her boyfriend, because he was really nice to her.  Jonathan took all the red off the Christmas tree for her.  Zach reminds her that Jonathan has done a lot of bad things.  She tells him she knows that but Jonathan is sorry and wishes people would forgive and forget and realize that he’s changed.  Zach tells her that it’s very difficult for many people to forgive and forget wrong-doings.

Downstairs, JR wants to dance with Kendall to make Babe jealous.  However, she’s in no mood to deal with him and asks him to leave her alone.

Not far away, Amanda enters with Derek.  Tad notices her and goes up to see what has just happened.  Erica thanks Derek for bringing Amanda so quickly.  Amanda asks why Erica has gotten her released from jail.  Jamie informs her that they have uncovered new evidence.  Erica then informs everybody that when she was drugged, Amanda told her that Josh did it.  She asks Amanda why she believes it was Josh.  Amanda asks Erica if she remembers the time when it looked like she (Amanda) got the tapes messed up and sent Erica to the wrong places for important meetings.  Josh says Amanda totally messed up but Amanda says that Josh set her up to make mistakes and then he blamed them on her blackouts.  She tells Erica that Josh was the one who prepared Erica’s tea.  Erica then apologizes to Amanda and tells them that she knows that somebody else is going to jail.  She asks Derek to arrest Josh Madden and tells him she’s wasted too much time on Josh already.  Derek then asks Josh what he has to say for himself.  Josh tells them that he did not say in his taped conversation with his father that he drugged Erica.  Erica says she knows that Josh’s intent to run her out of her career is proof enough.  He tells them that he knows that in a court of law, he could not be convicted of any crime.  What do they have besides some two-bit tramp’s word?  Erica tells Josh that she certainly intends to fire him.  Tad comes up to Erica and tells her that he has something important that she needs to hear.  Erica tells him she cannot talk to him now.  He tells her that the information that he has is about Josh and that it is something that she needs to consider before she pursues her action against Josh.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he’s not concerned about the consequences of going to find Lily.  Ryan tells Jonathan he must realize that Jack will get him in big trouble if he doesn’t leave Lily alone.  Jonathan protests to his brother that when somebody loves another person, they cannot give up and worry about consequences.  Knowing Ryan’s own history with that, he asks his brother if that is not true.

Lily tells Zach that she believes that she should be able to have the boyfriend she wants.  She tells him she knows that couples have to overcome struggles and asks him if that is not what he and Kendall have done.  Zach tells Lily that he knows that her dad is worried about her.  She needs to get back to him.  He encourages her to believe that she has a good dad and not all people have that.

Di finds Babe and tells her she realizes that regardless of Babe’s tactics, she’s doing what she’s doing because she loves JR.

Adam finds JR and tells him he cannot give up on the prenup.  He has to protect his turf.  He then asks him if they are on the right track.  JR tells his father that they sure are.  He then informs him that he plans to marry Babe but before he does that, he plans to tear up the prenup.  Hearing that, Adam chokes on his drink.

Jack is looking all over for Lily.  Nobody has seen her.  Suddenly, she enters with Zach.  Jack thanks Zach for bringing his daughter back.  Lily then tells her father that Zach told her that she needed to talk to him about Jonathan.  Jonathan sees Lily and runs to be with her.  Ryan restrains him as Jack explains to his daughter that he realizes that things have been really crazy lately and maybe she should go back to her old school.

Janet is alone in the wine cellar drinking wine out of the bottle and telling her absent daughter that they will propose a toast to all the people who they love and who do not love them.

Upstairs, Tad tells Erica that she may want to rethink getting even with Josh after she hears what he’s about to tell her.  She tells Tad there’s no way that will happen and she demands that he says what he has to say.  Tad informs Erica that Josh Madden is her son.

JR asks his father if he’s worried about the Carey’s taking their fortune.  Adam tells his son that he cannot be serious about trusting that tramp.  JR informs his father that he’s giving his mother’s necklace to Babe.  Adam tells his son he cannot do that.  It would be an insult to his mother’s memory.  JR reminds his father that he (Adam) exploited Dixie and kept her away from her child, and he believes that his deceased mother would be very happy and very proud that he’s giving her necklace to the woman he loves.  Inside, the mysterious woman looks on through her mask. 

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