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Written By Jenn
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When Amanda is in jail looking into a bright light, she remembers that it was JR that mowed her down while driving drunk that one night and she tells this to Derek.  Again, JR assumes that Babe will take the rap for him.  Derek doesn’t seem to buy that and tells Babe that maybe she needs to tell the truth about what really happened that night.

At the Mardi Gras ball, Jonathan appears and meets Lily.  He tells her she looks beautiful but he knows he must be cautious and hope that nobody in there is able to see him.  Jack makes an announcement about the Red Cross disaster relief effort.  Again, Josh is up to no good and tells his father that he should be proud of him but Greg tells Josh that this is wrong.  He drugged Erica and he cannot believe that what he did was ok.

In a private room, Janet tells Erica that she was shocked that Erica would accuse her daughter of drugging her.  Erica tells Janet she’s very sorry but Amanda is guilty of the crime for which she went to jail.

Zach goes upstairs to the room where Ryan, Ethan and Marty have just dropped the bombshell on Kendall.  He notices the shocked look on her face.  Ethan and Marty leave and Ryan tells Kendall that he can stay if she wants and won’t let her “face this” alone.  Zach tells Ryan that whatever he’s stirred up, Zach and his fiancée can handle it.  He asks her what Ryan told her.  She says nothing but Ryan asks him to back off.  She then asks Ryan to leave.  Ryan tells her he will be nearby.  Alone with Kendall, Zach asks her to talk to him.  She tells him there’s a party downstairs and her mother needs her so she must return.  He tells her it’s a bigger night for them.

Downstairs at the ball, Jonathan and Lily have the masks over their faces.  He asks her if she’s ok and if it’s not too crowded.  He asks her if he can have this dance, while being sensitive about her discomfort with being touched.  He then leads her in a promenade.  They connect without touching and do a graceful dance.

Erica informs Janet that Amanda confessed right in front of her that she drugged her, and the evidence was right there.  Josh found the medication right in Amanda’s purse.  Hearing that, Janet asks Erica how she could trust Josh over the daughter one of her best friends.  She asks Erica why she cannot believe Amanda.  She tells Erica she is Amanda’s idol.  Janet tells Erica that Amanda loves her and is so honored to work for her.  Erica tells Janet apparently not as much as she believes.  Janet tells Erica that she knows she’s angry but she cannot take it out on Amanda when the person to blame is Josh.  She tells Erica that she must keep Amanda working for her and together they can “roast that rotten boy Josh on a spit.”

Greg asks his son why he wants so much to hurt Erica.  Josh tells his father that she expects the world to pick up after her and if he messes up, he’s only following in her footsteps.

Kendall informs Zach that Ryan had Marty investigate and reveal that Zach turned off the power at the fertility clinic so that she would be forced to carry Ryan’s baby with her own eggs.  Ryan is a jerk, she tells him.  He blames Zach for his marriage with Greenlee ending.  She tells him that she knows he’d never do anything like that.  She tells him she knows that he was there for her to support her every step of the way.  However, Zach admits that he did exactly what he is accused of.  Hearing that, Kendall asks Zach how he could have turned off all the power in the whole city and knew how to cause the blackout at the fertility clinic.  She asks him what she’s supposed to think or say or do to know that he made it so that she was forced to use her own eggs which caused her to lose her best friend and break up Ryan and Greenlee’s marriage.  He tells her he did it for her.

After Derek and Amanda ask Babe who really drove the car the night Amanda got mowed down, she hesitates and then  she tells him that JR is the “hit and run” kind of guy.  He asks a girl to marry him and then slaps the pre-nup on her.  She asks if JR were to go to prison for drunk driving, just what would happen to custody of their child.

Erica tells Janet she realizes that in the past the two of them have “teamed up,” and she knows that Janet loves Amanda, but sometimes we don’t want to believe the worst about our own children.  She informs Janet that the pills that Amanda gave her were Janet’s.  She says perhaps Amanda is self-medicating because of some sort of mental illness.  She might be able to get some help.  So might Janet.  She tells Janet that there’s no reason why Amanda cannot have a very bright future.  Hearing that, Janet concludes that Erica sees Amanda as a crazy little chip off of her mother’s block.

JR tells Derek that nobody can prove that he drove drunk.  It’s too late to do a blood test.  It’s only Babe’s word against his.  Babe concludes that she knows he was very drunk that night but she doesn’t come right out and spell it out that he drove drunk.  Knowing that there is no proof, Derek concludes there’s nothing he can do.  He walks away with Babe and JR.  Jamie stays nearby and tells Amanda that he believes her and wants to help her prove what really happened.

Lily tells Jonathan that she believes he’s very capable of being good.  He saved Di Henry.  He found the Chandler baby.  He rescued the people out of the truck.  A bad person could not have done those things.  He then tells her that he’s never felt like this, and he doesn’t want it to stop.  He tells her he wants to be good.  He wants to be better than good.  Then, he tells her he loves her.

Kendall tells Zach that if he tells her he loves her, it’s a sick joke.  He tells her that when she was planning the surrogacy with Greenlee, he was convinced that if they were to have this kid, it would hurt her really badly if Ryan came back.  He knew all along that Ryan was still alive when the rest of the town thought he was dead.  Zach tells her, at the time, he thought that if he could have stopped this surrogacy, it could have protected her, but he never anticipated what an amazing woman she was and what a heroic sacrifice she could make.  He tells her he wishes now that he could have known that she would not give up and would do anything for her friend.  She then confirms that from the second she was pregnant, he knew that the baby was hers but did not blink.  She tells him that he had so many chances to tell her the truth but never did.  He reminds her that she had a number of chances to tell Greenlee that she had used her own egg for the surrogacy and she didn’t tell her, either.   She reminds him that she hates lies and that is why she broke up with Ethan.  He asks her if she has stopped loving him.  She cries and remembers that when she found out that he lied about Ryan being dead, she thought that they were through but then he waved that magic love wand.  She believed that he loved her, and now she feels like such an idiot to have believed that.  He tells her that he’s never promised to be a saint.  She then admits there is one thing he didn’t lie about.  He warned her that loving her would hurt her.  She tells him that doing what he did changed her life forever.  She asks what gave him the authority to do that.  He tells her that he did not predict how Greenlee would react or what exactly it would do to her life.

Erica tells Janet that she does not want to hurt Amanda but she needs to realize what really happened.  Erica then goes down to join the ball.  Alone, Janet tells Erica that she thought they were friends but now Erica has joined the dark side and turned on her daughter.

Amanda tells Jamie she does not trust him to get her out of there.  He tells her that he seriously doubts that she is responsible for all of these crimes but he knows that she has a secret and is covering for somebody.  He asks her if it could be her mother and urges her to say something before more people get hurt.

Babe goes downstairs and finds Del and tells him that she remembers the night when he and JR attempted to set her up.  She tells him he’s a total jerk and today he will have the chance to make it up to her by setting JR up.

Erica is making another pledge donation appeal and Greg interrupts with the promise of a large donation if Erica will dance with him.  She tells him that that won’t be necessary but he tells her that he made out a big check and if she gives him this dance, he will make sure it goes into the right hands.

Lily asks Jonathan why he says he loves her.  He tells her she’s smart and she’s beautiful.  Nobody has ever made him feel the way she does.  When he’s with her he knows he’s good.  She then tells him that she was expecting him to kiss her saying that was what Sam did after he told her he loved her.

JR cuts in while Babe is dancing with Del.  He tells Babe that she had a good opportunity to bury him with those charges and prevented him from having custody of little A, but she saved him.  He tells her she must have feelings for him.  She reminds him that she saved his butt.  He tells her that maybe he needs a pre-nup because he cannot figure her out.  She tells him that maybe she will tell Derek that he drove drunk and ran Amanda down.

Greg dances with Erica and indirectly attempts to tell her something she needs to know.  She asks him if he has a point. 

Lily tells Jonathan that she remembers being with Sam and the dilemma about whether he’d love her if she became normal.  He tells her he does not want her to change and realizes that “normal” doesn’t always work so well.  She then asks him if he believes that kissing is second base or has to lead to sex.  He tells her that kissing is just kissing.  She then tells him that she’d like to kiss now.

Julia finds Ryan and asks him if he’s doing this investigation because Kendall is carrying his child.  He tells her that he and Kendall have a very complicated history together.  She tells him perhaps Kendall believes that he is protecting her from Zach because he still has feelings for her.  He tells her he’s had many feelings for Kendall; he has loved her and hated her and done it all with Kendall.  She tells him that she believes that Kendall is very simple.  She’s a self-centered drama queen who believes the world revolves around her.  Ryan tells her that he also knows that Kendall has heroic qualities and reminds Julia what she did for Bianca and what she did for Greenlee.

Kendall tells Zach that he made a choice for her that she should have been able to make on her own.  He tells her that he did it out of love for her although it may have been a mistake.  He then reminds her that they are here now.  He wants to hold her and love her and that is the only truth that matters to him.  He reminds her that Bianca is waiting for them in Paris and they can still be married tomorrow.

JR asks Jack if he’s seen Babe.  Jack then directs him to see Babe kissing Del.

Amanda is alone in jail asking herself what she’s going to do about the dilemma her mother is posing for her.

Janet tells her alter in the mirror that she will show everyone what will happen when they treat her Amanda like trash.

Jamie finds Erica and tells her that she must go down and get Amanda released from jail.  He tells her that he now knows that Amanda did not drug her.  Josh did.  Erica does not believe that.  Josh tells Jamie that he’s just angry because Josh “took his girl.”  But right then, Greg comes and confesses to Erica that he knows that his son drugged her.

Jonathan tells Lily that he will sit very still and she can kiss him.  She tells him she wants him to kiss her.  Not far away, Jack watches his daughter kissing this guy he hates.

Zach tells Kendall they are all packed and can leave for Paris in the morning.  She says nothing and goes out the door.  She passes by Ethan and Ryan.

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