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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/7/06 


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Kendall is on the phone calling Bianca in Paris while Zach is with her.  She asks Bianca if she can spare the next day to be Kendall’s maid of honor.  Kendall tells her that she and Zach are getting married in Paris.  She tells her sister she has never been more serious or more in love in her life.

Ethan and Ryan find Marty and tell him that they need him to work for them in finding out the secret on Zach.  Ryan reminds Marty that Kendall’s life is in his hands and if he screws it up, he will be in trouble, and if he pulls this off, he will be in the clear.  Ryan then goes outside and sees David Hayward.  David tells Ryan he does not believe his “undying love” for Greenlee.

Babe tells Jamie that although she does not personally care for Amanda and has appeared to be Josh’s friend, she believes that Josh is setting Amanda up to go to jail for something he did.  JR enters and tells the two of them if they want to have a pity party for Amanda, it ends right here.  He tells them Amanda belongs in jail and she’s going to stay there. 

While Amanda is in jail, she is hearing her mother’s voice talking about how she will protect her from all the people who falsely accuse her of doing what her mother has done and by the morning, they will all learn the meaning of sacrifice.  She hears Janet’s voice echoing in her mind.  The most recent deed has been done by Josh and falsely pinned on Amanda.  Amanda does not want to help her mother or cover for her but her mother seems to be the only person she knows who cares about her and is doing anything to help her.

At the Mardi Gras ball, Josh is still up to no good.  He tells Erica that he has cleared everything up for her.  He’s told the press that she was slipped some anti-psychotic drugs by a former employee.  He has told them that she is a great success and does not need a co-host or back-up and she is the one and only.

Erin and Aidan take Jonathan to a place out in the woods.  Aidan tells Jonathan that this is his secret hideout where nobody will know where he is, and if anything happens in Pine Valley, they will not be able to pin it on him. They leave and Jonathan gets a call on his cell phone from Lily.  She asks when he can meet her at the Mardi Gras ball.  He hangs up the phone.  Erin then comes back in and asks him who he was talking to.

At the Mardi Gras ball, everybody is dancing in their formalwear.  Tad and Di enter.  Tad is somehow aware that it won’t be long until a disaster occurs.  He asks her where Slater is.  She says she does not know and doesn’t want to spend this evening in a bad mood. 

Josh tells Erica that the station affiliates know where he stands.  He tells her he wants her to stay on top.  He tells her he adores her and fells indebted to her.  Not far away, his father is watching and frowning.

JR asks Babe why Josh would drug Erica.  Babe replies that Josh is her co-host.  He’s very ambitious and would like the show to be his.  He asks why Josh would frame Amanda for the crime.  She tells him that he had to pin the crime on somebody and although she might have believed that it was Amanda’s M.O. to drug somebody who she is having a conflict with, she would have no motive to do it to Erica, although, Josh would.  JR tells them that he believes that Amanda is crazy and she is scamming both Babe and Jamie.  Jamie tells them he believes, since he’s heard that Janet has been on the loose, that it is she, and not her daughter, who is behind the crimes.  Not far away, Janet is overhearing their conversation.

Jonathan tells Erin and Aidan that he just got a wrong number.  He seems bummed out not to be able to accompany Lily to the Mardi Gras ball.  They tell him he needs to stay put.

Kendall gets off the phone with Bianca, ready to make her wedding plans with Zach.

Ryan tells David that there is never enough trouble for him.  David tells Ryan that Greenlee is not gone for even a month and already Ryan is hooking up with Julia Santos.  Ryan asks David what he’s talking about.  David tells him that everybody in this town thinks he’s (David) such a terrible person but they throw rose petals whenever Ryan walks down the street.  He reminds Ryan that it is his own fault, his and Kendall’s, that Greenlee is gone.  It’s because of Ryan’s little stunts to prevent having children and Kendall lying about the insemination that Greenlee left.  Hearing that, Ryan sets David straight that the reason Greenlee is gone is because of the blackout at the fertility clinic and he informs David that he’s investigating the blackout because he knows it was intentionally caused by somebody.  He tells David that if it were not for somebody’s “intentions” Kendall would now be carrying his and Greenlee’s baby, not her own.  Hearing that, David sounds interested but does not trust Ryan to handle the situation.  Ryan tells David he has it under control.  David tells Ryan if he does not do something about the person who hurt Greenlee, he will personally come after Ryan.

Downstairs at the ball, Dr. Madden watches his son coldly and comes over and tells him that he better change his plans.  Josh asks his father if he is grounded and asks what his problem is.  Dr. Madden tells Josh he knows what he’s done.  Josh tells his father that he knows he’s (Greg Madden) still in love with Erica.

Jamie asks Babe why she would want to protect Amanda.  Babe says it’s not Amanda she wants to protect.  It’s Erica.  JR reminds Babe that Erica will never forgive her for taking Miranda from Bianca.  Babe says she can only try.  She tells them she needs to go somewhere and check something out right now and needs Jamie to accompany her.  JR tells her he will go with them.  He tells them they need at least one sane person to be a witness.

Kendall and Zach propose a toast.  She talks about how a man who can deal with getting stabbed by his future mother-in-law is the real deal.  Not far away, Janet watches them, unseen.

Ethan and Simone are together dancing.  Opal and Del are dancing.

At the ski lodge, Jonathan is secretly getting dressed into his formal suit and ready to sneak out the window to join Lily at the party.  Erin and Aidan come into his room and ask him if he’s ok.  He covers himself in his blankets and convinces them that he’s ready to go to sleep.  They leave and he’s ready to escape again.

The guards take Babe, Jamie and JR to see Amanda in jail.  They inform her that they need to know who really slipped Erica the drugs.  Babe and Jamie admit that they do not believe it’s credible that she could have done all of the dirty deeds and they believe it could be Janet.  Babe tells her she know that her (Amanda’s) mother is very protective of her.  Amanda does not implicate her mother but tells them that Josh dosed Erica’s tea.  Right then, JR asks if they can get Chief Frye down there.

Dr. Madden tells his son that this career he has in television is not worth selling his soul for.  Josh tells his father that he is his own person.  He’s not daddy’s miracle son.  He tells him that daddy’s miracle son is dead and nobody can stop him from doing what he wants and to whom he wants.

Kendall runs into Simone and informs her that she is beating her to the altar.  She and Zach will be saying “Je do” in Paris.  Simone acts happy but knows what Ethan and Ryan are up to in order to prevent that from happening.  She then goes to find her fiancé.  Erica then makes an announcement about how Palmer Courtlandt has made an enormous donation and has challenged others to do the same.  Suddenly, the lights go out and somebody puts their hand over Kendall’s mouth and grabs her.  Erica then asks the guests not be worried and informs them that maybe their circuits might just be overloaded.  Jack then tells them that he told his wife to get the surge protection and the folks should take advantage of the ambiance and dance in the dark.

Ryan is the one who has grabbed Kendall and asks her to come inside the room where he is investigating Zach.  She asks him what is going on and if he’s lost his mind.

Adam tells Krystal that perhaps this outage will motive him to outbid Palmer.  She tells him that many of the people who got hurt by the hurricanes had nice homes and now have nothing and she will match Palmer with his donations.  Lily admits to Danielle that she is not having fun now, and might want to go home because is lonely.

Jonathan sneaks out the door dressed in his suit.  Outside, Aidan is in a hot tub.  Erin comes to join him.  They are too distracted to know that Jonathan is leaving the premises.  Erin takes off her robe and jumps in with Aidan.  Jonathan sees them but they do not see him.

Palmer asks Jack if he can cut in and dance with Erica.  Jack says sure.  Palmer and Erica dance.  Anita arrives with a date.  David wants to be with Julia.

Zach asks Simone of she knows where Kendall is.  Simone evades the question, knowing that Ryan, Ethan and Marty are ready to confront her.  Upstairs, Kendall tells the three of them that she’s going to marry Zach and they cannot stop her.  Ethan tells Kendall that they are only thinking of her.  She tells him he just hates his father.  Ryan tells her she must listen to him.  She tells Ryan he may attempt to brainwash her but it won’t work.  They inform her that Marty did a little “side job” with Zach the night the blackout occurred.  Ryan informs her that it was a job that ruined her dream and his dream with Greenlee.  He tells her that Marty is now reenacting it.  Marty then turns the lights back on for the building and then turns them off, revealing that he knows how to cause a blackout and then end it.  Kendall also looks at the computer that Marty is working on and Ryan tells her what she now sees is the truth.

Derek Frye comes to the jailhouse while Babe, JR and Jamie inform him that they intend to find out exactly what happened and who really drugged Erica.  Amanda seems to know that her mother is up to something dastardly.

Aidan and Erin are in the hot tub kissing. 

Kendall tells Marty, sarcastically, that it’s very impressive that he knows how to turn a fuse box on and off and he’s now won the science fair project.  Ryan tells her that the fertility clinic had a backup generator and he asks Marty to tell Kendall the rest.  Marty reveals to her that Zach shut down the clinic himself.

Aidan tells Erin that she is unique and very desirable.  She tells him that he is the one man she can trust.

At the party, Simone is downstairs and she knows what Ethan and Ryan are up to.  Zach asks her what she knows.  She tells him he mustn’t bother her but reveals to him that Ryan might be with Kendall.  Zach goes to find his fiancée. 

Josh tells his father he does not run him and he’s finally on his own way on his own path.  Greg tells his son that he is only on Erica’s path.  Josh tells his father that he will have Erica’s fame and fortune and in another year, Erica will have nothing.  His father tells him he will not let him do that.  Josh asks Greg what he intends to do about it.

Erica is in a private room and Janet enters.  She greets her in a friendly manner, having no clue what she’s about to do.

Meanwhile, in jail, the lights go out.  When the back-up generator turns the lights on and off, Amanda seems to be reliving something.  She tells Derek that she knows it was JR and nobody else who drove the car that ran her down and almost killed her.  She tells Derek he must arrest JR for trying to kill her and driving while drunk.

Ryan tells Kendall that Zach pulled the switch at the fertility clinic and did not care how many live he ruined.  Right then, Zach appears and Kendall looks at him not knowing what to say.

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