AMC Update Monday 2/6/06

All My Children Update Monday 2/6/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

The Mardi Gras ball is beginning, and Pine Valley residents are decked out in their finest. Babe and Krystal are discussing her plot to get little Adam, while big Adam is praising JR for dumping Babe. JR is clearly not happy to be there without Babe. He raises a glass and angrily toasts to the biggest mistake of his life.

At the jail, Janet shows up dressed as a janitor to see Amanda. In the next cell, Jonathan recognizes Janet’s voice. He tells her she’s the one who’s setting him up and doing all the bad things in Pine Valley. Amanda urges Jonathan to be quiet so they can work this out. Janet tells Jonathan that she’s not real and he made her up. She’s his guilt talking. Jonathan insists she’s not in his head. He calls out for a guard and Amanda urges Janet to leave. By the time guards and Erin arrive, Janet is gone.

Erica and Jack are in their room getting ready for the ball. Josh is there and encourages Erica to show everyone she’s in control. Tad arrives and frantically tells Jack he needs to see Erica right away. Erica asks Tad why he’s there, but when Tad sees Josh he knows this is not the right time to spill the beans. He covers, saying he misplaced his ticket to this shindig. Josh tells him they’ll wave him in at the front. Josh’s phone rings and he leaves the room. The caller is Jesse, who offers Josh a job co-hosting Erica’s show. Josh is overjoyed, but pretends to not be interested. He tells Jesse he has the best job now and wants to keep it.

In a separate room, Ryan brings Ethan to see Marty and tells him Marty is going to help them rip the mask off of Slater. Ryan boasts that tonight they’re going to pull the plug on Slater. Ethan hands a check to Marty, who would just as soon not be there. Ethan tells him that the Cambias jet will whisk him away when the job is done. Di tells Marty to have a nice life and leaves the room. Ethan tells Ryan they’re about to blow Kendall’s life up and Zach won’t be the only one she hates. Ryan says Kendall has hated him before. Ethan offers to take the fall for Ryan, but Ryan says this is the way it has to be. Just then Kendall and Zach arrive at the ball.

Erica tells Jack that she’s ready for this ball as long as she has him at her side. Opal arrives in a tightly-curled hairdo and greets Zach and Kendall. Zach walks over to Di, who tells him he can count on her in her new job at the casino. Simone walks in with Ethan, who kisses her.

Babe tells Krystal that she’ll make JR want her so bad he’ll beg to marry her without a prenuptial agreement. Then she’ll dump him and take Little A. She’ll never be a fool for JR again. Adam tells JR that he saved his life, his fortune and his son. JR tells him he didn’t see Babe’s face when she saw the prenup. Adam refers to Babe as a cheap blonde, and JR tells him to go to hell. JR sees Babe at the ball.

Lily is dressed for the ball and asks Jack if she can go now. Jack asks her why she’s so excited for such a large party, but Lily won’t tell him anything. Jesse walks in and Jack, Lily and Reggie leave. Jesse tells Erica that the network loves her and will support her since she was drugged. Erica assumes he’s worried about bad press. Jesse says he wants her to take on Josh as her co-host.

At the ball, Josh tells a reporter that he’ll be getting a big story tonight. Erica will be making a grand entrance and it will only get better from there.

Brooke and Jamie arrive and Jamie makes a crack to Josh. Tad asks Jamie if he and Josh are now friends. Jamie says Josh is the reason Amanda is in jail. Jamie says there is something weird about Amanda’s arrest.

JR approaches Babe, but she promptly walks over to Josh, who kisses her. Josh tells Babe she finally wised up and kicked JR to the curb. JR simply glares at them. Jamie approaches JR and says he wants to talk about Amanda. He doesn’t think Amanda is guilty. JR says Amanda confessed in his study. Jamie says she had no choice but to confess. JR urges Jamie to move on.

Kendall suggests to Zach that they go home because of his wound. Instead Zach gives her a diamond engagement ring, which she puts on her finger. He tells her she’s his queen. Kendall tells him he’s her king forever. They kiss. Ryan is watching from across the room.

Erica asks Jesse if he has spoken to Josh. Jesse says calls Josh Erica’s biggest fan who turned him down cold. He says it’s up to Erica to change his mind. Erica says she’ll give it some serious thought. Jack returns and Jesse leaves. Erica says only they were talking shop and that she wants to dance, talk and laugh with him and her friends.

Jonathan tells Erin and Aidan that the woman who is framing him was just there. He urges them to ask Amanda. Amanda says there was no one here and Jonathan is seeing people who don’t exist. A guard escorts Livia into the jail. She tells Jonathan that he made bail. As they let Jonathan out of his cell, he insists that the woman was here. He glares at Amanda as he leaves. Amanda turns and laments about her mother, saying “you’re killing me.”

As Kendall admires her ring, reporters approach and ask her how it feels to see her mother almost murder the man she loves. Kendall says nothing, and Josh gets on the microphone to introduce the star of the ball. He says this is a gala to help the American Red Cross disaster relief fund and calls Erica a woman who embodies strength, hope and charity. Erica makes her grand entrance.

Julia arrives at the ball and runs into David, who tells her she’s more stunning than usual. He asks her to dance with him, but she is looking around the room for someone else. When she spots Ryan she excuses herself and goes to him. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” is David’s response.

Di tells Tad that Ryan is going to put Slater in his place. She says it’s ugly and all true. Tad says it’s too bad because he’s never seen Kendall so happy.

Zach greets Erica with a kiss and puts her arm through his as reporters approach and snap photos. Erica gets on the microphone to address the crowd. She says she knows most of them have heard about the events at the casino. She says she was a victim of a crime and the guilty person is in custody. She says the real reason for this gala is to seek donations to the American Red Cross. She asks the crowd for their donation of money and time.

Aidan, Erin and Jonathan arrive back at Ryan’s apartment. Jonathan finds a box waiting for him containing his clothes for the ball. He says he is going to meet Lily at the ball. Erin tells him he can’t meet Lily. Aidan tells him he’s in danger. Aidan says the woman will be back. Erin says they need to go where she can’t find them. They are going to a ski lodge where he can ski and skate. Jonathan says he doesn’t want to ski or skate, he wants to dance with Lily. Erin says Lily will understand. As Aidan and Erin leave, Jonathan says he needs to go upstairs and get a book. Instead, he stuffs the clothes into his duffel bag. Lily is at the ball keeping an eye open for Lily. Reggie asks her who she’s looking for but she won’t tell.

Janet goes back to Amanda in the jail and tells her she should have let her come out of the tunnel at the Chandler mansion so she could protect her. Amanda insists she doesn’t need protecting. They need to find daddy. Janet blasts Erica for her treatment of Amanda and tells her daughter she needs to stay here so no one can blame her for what comes next.

Josh tells Erica the phones are ringing off the hook with donations. Erica says she just spoke to Jesse about his job offer. Josh says he turned him down. Erica says they’ll discuss it in the morning. Things change, she says. After she walks away, Josh says to himself things change because of him.

Krystal tells JR that if he tears up the prenuptial agreement he might win Babe back.

Julia is with Ryan, who keeps watching Kendall. Julia asks about Kendall and the baby, and Ryan says they will be just fine. Ryan leaves and meets Zach outside. Zach asks why Ryan didn’t tell him what he told Kendall at the hospital.

Inside, Josh introduces the king and queen of the ball, Jack and Erica. They dance and kiss and people applaud. Kendall is looking for Zach.

Ryan taunts Zach, saying it’s killing him that he doesn’t know. He promises to put Zach out of his misery. He’ll sit back and watch as Kendall realizes how profoundly twisted he really is. Ryan tells Zach he’s going to blow it in the end.

David tells Julia that if she chases Lavery he’ll break her heart. That’s what he does best.

Zach returns to Kendall, who says she wants to get married in Paris. Ryan watches them from across the room.

Tad glares as Greg enters the ball.

Babe asks Jamie to dance with her. Jamie does reluctantly, and Babe tells him she thinks Josh set Amanda up.

In her cell, Amanda hopes that whatever her mother is planning, she doesn’t do it. Janet arrives at the party, staring at the crowd through her mask.

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