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All My Children Update Friday 2/3/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica barges into Chandler mansion and slaps Amanda, calling her a little bitch. Amanda asks what did she do. Erica tells her she may have ruined her. Erica says all the message sites and blogs say she’s out of control. Because of Amanda’s actions, her reputation and credibility are on the line. Erica accuses her of slipping her drugs. Amanda doesn’t know what Erica is talking about. Josh tells Amanda it’s OK because they all know the truth.

Livia is at the jail seeing Jonathan, who says he now wants to be released on bail. Lily tells Livia that Jonathan is being framed. Jonathan says he’s not worried anymore that he’ll hurt anyone. He wants to get out so he can take Lily to the Mardi Gras Ball tonight. Livia says there’s no way she could allow that. She says she’d be a fool to let Jonathan go to the ball. People think he’s guilty of a variety of crimes. Lily says they can ignore them. Livia takes Lily aside and asks her if her dad knows she’s dating Jonathan. Lily says her dad didn’t like Greenlee marrying Ryan and Erica doesn’t like Kendall with Zach, so there’s a tradition in her family of parents not liking the men they date. Livia tells Jonathan she’ll see if she can get him released on bail, but he can’t show his face in public, especially at the ball. Livia leaves and Jonathan tells Lily that if he can’t show his face they’re stuck. Lily says he can get a new face.

At Wildwind, Tad hauls Marty into the main room where Di is. Tad tells Di he caught Marty trying to escape from an upstairs room. Marty says that if he goes through with this he will be double-crossing Zach. He says it could land him in jail. Di tells Tad that Ryan wants Marty to do something for him, then he’ll release him.

Kendall and Zach are in the courtroom, where Kendall tells Zach she wants to marry him tonight. She asks if he finds a judge will he say “I do.” Then they can go to the ball and fly someplace romantic afterward. They begin to kiss and Ryan walks in.

Simone struggles to remove her engagement ring and give it back to Ethan. She laments to Ethan that she shot off her mouth and now Kendall knows about Zach arranging the blackout. She says she blew it and she doesn’t deserve Ethan, so this has to be goodbye. She says she needs to go somewhere where they don’t speak her language. She ruined Ryan’s and Ethan’s plans by one blab to Kendall. She asks Ethan why he hasn’t dumped her yet. She says he’s too nice. But she knows they’re over. Ethan says he should say goodbye, but for a bigger reason than this.

Kendall reminds Ryan that she told him she doesn’t want to see him again. Zach tells Ryan to say what he came here to say. Ryan says he came here to talk to Kendall. He thought she might need an escort to the ball. Kendall says she wouldn’t cross the street with Ryan. Zach says he and Kendall are going together. Zach asks Ryan if he found what he was looking for in his office. Ryan says it was nothing worth bragging about. He apologizes to Kendall for what happened in the hospital. Zach asks what he missed in the hospital.

Amanda insists she would never do anything like drugging Erica. She says she doesn’t have any medication. Josh says it’s in her purse. He grabs the purse and pulls out a bottle of anti-psychotic medication, the same thing used to drug Erica. Erica says Amanda put the drug in her tea. Amanda says she didn’t make the tea, Josh did. She turns to Josh and calls him a dirty SOB. She says she didn’t drug Erica, Josh did. Josh says Amanda has been having psychotic episodes and he’s tried to cover for her. JR says this is no the first time Amanda has used drugs. She dosed herself once to get Jamie’s attention. Babe says she saw Babe get a date rape drug at a mall to slip it to Jamie. Erica is appalled. She can’t believe she’s had someone like this on her payroll. JR says Amanda is lethal – just check her bloodlines. Janet is listening to the encounter from the secret tunnel and is upset by what she’s hearing.

Lily tells Jonathan they’ll be wearing masks. She explains she has prepared her mask by inserting sunglasses so she is not bothered when seeing red. She says no one will know it’s Jonathan because he’ll be in disguise. Jonathan says he wants to go, but he’ll have to keep his mask on the entire time. Lily says he’ll have to leave early because at midnight all masks come off. She asks Jonathan to spread his arms and turn around. As he does, Lily calculates his measurements in her mind and tells him she’ll get everything he needs. She asks him to meet her at the ball. Jonathan says he wishes she would not have to wear a mask as she’s beautiful.

Erica believes Amanda is the culprit, citing the pills in her purse. Jamie says maybe Josh planted the pills. He takes the bottle and sees that it’s Janet’s prescription. Jamie asks Amanda what she’s doing with Janet’s meds. Amanda says her mother left them here while visiting and she forgot about them. Amanda tells Jamie he has to believe her. Derek notices the pills were just filled in Pine Valley and asks when Janet was here. Amanda says she was just recently in down. Erica asks Amanda if she told her mother that she threatened to fire her. Amanda says they can’t make her talk against her mom. She says they’re all after her just like they were after her mother. Erica says her mother was proud of her and now she’s doing this to her? Amanda asks what about what her mother has done to her. Jamie asks what she means. Amanda says she’ll agree to tell the truth. Janet looks panicked.

Di tells Tad that Ryan has a plan for tonight at the ball. Tad is distracted because he is waiting for some lab results. He gets a phone call and tells Di he needs to leave. The lab results are in.

Simone tells Ethan saying goodbye to her would be the best thing he’s done. Ethan says he loves her and they’re perfect for each other. He says the things she considers weaknesses are what he loves most. Simone says she’ll reform herself, but Ethan playfully says if she does he’ll divorce her. He asks her to put the ring back on. It slips on easily and Simone is struck by how hard it was to take off but how easy it was to put on. Ethan says they have to get ready for the ball. He starts to tell her something about Ryan, but Simone covers her ears and asks him not to say a word.

Ryan says he said some things that were out of line so Kendall should forget them. Kendall agrees and praises Zach for standing up for her mother. She informs Ryan that they are eloping. Ryan looks surprised, but asks Kendall to save a dance for him before she ties the knot. Kendall says she’ll wave at him from across the room. Ryan says he’s just trying to be her friend. After Ryan leaves, Zach asks Kendall what Ryan said at the hospital. Kendall says she won’t repeat it. Zach says he won’t marry her until she tells. Kendall says Ryan accused him of a grave misdeed but she doesn’t believe him. She says she wants to go find a judge, but Zach says she can’t do that. He tells Kendall he wants to give her the wedding she always wanted. Kendall says there’s no reason to wait. Zach says they should create something they’ll remember when they’re old. Kendall asks if this is the blood loss talking. She suggests they not go to the ball and instead plan their wedding. Zach says Erica needs them at the ball.

Amanda says with so many righteous people against her she must be guilty. She mockingly confesses to all her mother’s misdeeds and refers to herself as one busy little psycho. Janet attempts to open the tunnel door to get into the room. Amanda, who is standing by the wall, senses what her mother is doing and says out loud “stay where you are.” She says there is no evidence against her and she’ll be fine. She tells Derek if he charges her with anything she’ll get out of it quick. Erica tells Derek she will press full charges against Amanda. Josh walks by Amanda and smirks. Inside the tunnel, Janet talks about her brave little girl being persecuted. She says she’ll teach them all and they’ll be dancing on their graves.

Ryan is now at Wildwind and tells Di that he has to do this tonight before Kendall runs off and marries Zach. Di asks if he’s sure he wants to go through with it. It will affect many people for years. Ryan says he wants people to know the truth. Di says he won’t be able to control it once it’s out there. Di tells Ryan that if he goes through with this, he’ll be pulling the rug out from under Kendall. Ryan says Kendall and Zach can still get married, but at least Kendall will know the truth about Zach.

JR tells Babe that Erica was as crazy as Janet to hire Amanda. Babe tells Jamie at least he can relax now and his undercover days are over. Jamie says he’s not so sure about that. He walks out. JR tells Bab they need to talk about us. Babe says there is no us. JR says they have to stick together. JR tells Babe to dress for the ball, but Babe says she’s going alone.

Inside the tunnel, Janet asks whatever happened to loyalty and trust. She gets her compact out and sees her alter ego in the mirror. The Janet in the mirror asks her if she never learns. Janet says she’s learned plenty.

Jack and Erica are dressed for the ball. Jack says he would understand if she wants to pass on it. Erica says the media is already spreading rumors. She needs to face this head on with her head held high. She wants to show that nothing anyone can say will beat her down. She is still Erica Kane.

Tad goes to the hospital and tells Joe about the lab results he just got. He tells Joe to brace himself and look at the results. Tad says if he believes them he’ll have to as well. Joe looks at the lab results. Tad says no one but him knows this lab test was done. Joe says this is impossible. Tad says it’s a fact and this is proof. Joe says this involves more than he and Ruth. Tad says the chief person affected is Erica. How do you tell someone something like this?

Josh goes to Erica’s and tells her she looks more beautiful than she ever has. He apologizes for keeping Amanda on as long as he did and says he should have gotten rid of her.

Derek takes Amanda to jail and tells her she shot herself in the foot at Chandler mansion. He asks if she wants to take anything back, but she says she does not. She is in the cell across from Jonathan, who is staring at her. Amanda asks if he’s enjoying the view. Jonathan says her voice isn’t right. She says she’s not the one setting him up. She’s not the lady who is doing all the bad things in Pine Valley.

Janet plots in the tunnels, then says that she’s got it. She says Erica is in for a surprise and their all going to have a ball.

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