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Erin and Aidan go to see Jonathan and ask him why he doesn’t want Livia to ask for bail so he can get out.  He tells them that it’s not that bad in jail.  He likes it there and enjoys their pizza Saturdays.  Erin tells him they can have pizza at their home.  He tells them he’s very used to closed spaces.  He remembers living in that small closet at her house.  He tells them that maybe he is dangerous and staying in jail will protect society, and besides, he tells them, while he’s in there, if these bad things keep happening, nobody can falsely accuse him.  Lily enters and informs Jonathan that she just found out some very important information.

Babe drops the bombshell on JR that she might be pregnant.  Hearing that, JR does not know if she’s bluffing or if it’s true.  She tells him that she now knows that it’s impossible for them to date or be friends or have any type of civilized contact.  Janet is hiding in the tunnels and overhears and asks how stupid they can be if they don’t know about birth control

Jamie tells Amanda that he wants to know about the secret involving herself, her mom and the warehouse.  She tells him the same story that she told him earlier; that she was seeking out that place as part of her job at New Beginnings.  He knows she’s hiding something.  He holds the doll and tells her he needs some answers now.

Marty tells Di that cyber geniuses always come in handy, and he is the best.  He asks her if she would like a drink and tells her that he would like a “tall, cool beautiful blond.”  Ryan walks in and he’s shocked to see Marty getting friendly with Di.  He tells him if he lays a hand on Di, Ryan will rip his arms out from their sockets.

Before the court hearing, Zach enters the courthouse with Kendall.  The DA tells Zach it’s pretty obvious that Erica stabbed him with a knife.  They tell him they know all about the facts.  He tells them that there are some facts they are not aware of, and he’s going to tell them what he hopes will happen to Erica Kane.  Assuming she knows what Zach will say, Kendall urges him not to “do this.”  She protests that she knows that her mother did a bad thing but was probably drugged and they need to find out first.  Erica tells her daughter she doesn’t have to beg for her.  Zach suddenly surprises everybody by telling them that he believes that it was just an accident and he wants to drop the charges against Erica so that she can go home and annoy her family.  The DA asks Zach how he can account for all the eyewitnesses that saw Erica stab him.  She tells him that many times people misunderstand what they see and turn it into fiction.  Erica stares at him, not knowing what to say or think or do.

Ryan notices Marty and asks him if he has some vodka.  Di tells Ryan that she believes that Marty is the guy for the job.  Ryan obviously knows he mustn’t reveal to Marty that he is Zach’s enemy.  He tells Marty he knows that he “pulled the plug” for Zach that night at the fertility clinic and then Ryan tells Marty he needs him to pull the plug for him this time.

Lily informs Jonathan, Aidan and Erin that she knows all about the woman with the crazy costumes, and reveals many technical details.  They have no clue how she could have found that out but she seems to be onto something.

Amanda tells Jamie that she’s not going to sell out on her mother.  Her mother has done everything that she did for Amanda.  She tells Jamie that she trusted him and he betrayed her and proved he does not care about her.  He asks her what he’d have to do in order to care about her and prove himself trustworthy.  Should he ignore that Babe got pushed down a flight of stair and that five people almost got killed in a truck sinking into quicksand?  Amanda goes out the door and Jamie demands to know where she’s going.  Meanwhile, the blond Barbie doll is sitting on the couch, as though Janet left her there to prove something.

Babe tells JR he’s so full of himself and she can no longer deal with his behaviors.  She goes out the door and he urges her to wait.  She tells him that she feels a lot better to be rid of him.  It’s like she woke up from this big nasty dream and she now knows she will be doing just great with her baby.  He asks her if she’s faking.  She tells him he will never have any rights to her body or to her baby.  She tells him that she will have this baby on her own and be able to make it on her own until she finds a man who is worthy of her and her baby.  He asks her if she is considering Jamie.  She asks what if that was, in fact, the case.  She also reminds him that she is not the desperate little girl that he met on the piers in San Diego.  She’s no longer financially dependent upon him.  She is now a partner in a major corporation a respected member of society.  She tells him that she had a plan to remarry him and have a perfect family and Christmas cards and all the joys of parenting.  She tells him that all of that went out the window when he slapped the pre-nup on her.  He tells her that he’s still waiting for the stick to be either pink or blue.  She asks what he’d do if she was pregnant.  He replies he’d marry her.  She tells him that he will never know.  He asks her if this is a test.  She says yes, and he failed miserably.  She’s young and hot, has a bright future and she doesn’t need him.  Jamie enters and asks them if Amanda is there.  JR asks why Amanda would be there.

Lily informs Jonathan, Erin and Aidan that she went and talked to a store manager who told her that she owned an accounting firm called Devane and Montgomery.  She told the manager that she needs to know all about the purchasing in their company.  She wanted to find out who bought the costumes.  She tells her that there was a money order with the name J.  Lavery, and Aidan then concludes that Lily made a brilliant discovery and it means that Jonathan is being framed.  He asks Jonathan if he remembers ordering the costumes.  Does he remember getting a money order in order to cover his tracks?  Jonathan says no but that does not mean that he did not do those things without remembering it.  Lily asks if there are any costumes in his apartment.  He tells them no and that he has sincere remorse.  Lily tells them that she believes him.  Aidan asks Jonathan if he is the culprit of all of those things or was he framed by the woman who is dressed as the nun, the cop, the nurse, the balloon guy.  He then shows Jonathan a picture of Amanda to inquire of she could be the mysterious woman.  Knowing he’s never seen Amanda, Jonathan just gets more confused.

Ryan tells Marty he should be careful with the tone he is taking.  He asks Di if she tested him to get the free diamonds by hacking the computer for the department store.  She tells him that it’s true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and she wanted to get them for free.  Marty tells Ryan he does not buy that he’s Slater’s associate.  If he is then why didn’t Zach introduce them personally?  Ryan explains that after the knife to the gut, Zach did not have a chance to do so.

Zach tells the DA that he believes that Erica would not have any motives to attack her future son-in-law.  She was obviously confused.  The DA tells Zach he can think whatever he wants but they still intend to pursue charges against Erica.  Jack tells them they will have proof that she was drugged.  He tells them that they can make up all kinds of stories about Erica being drunk or drugged or having too many cupcakes but he’s tired of all of these celebrities getting away with crimes.  Zach tells them that when he’s put on the witness stand and sworn to take the oath, he will tell them that it was completely an accident.  He reminds the DA that the prosecution will look less than competent to be pursuing this case if the crime victim himself testifies what he’s about to testify.  He tells them that the only thing on trial should be his clumsiness and this case against Erica Kane should be null and void.

Ryan attempts to convince Marty that he and Slater are friends and partners, and when Zach recovers from his injury he can prove that to him.  Marty tells Ryan that he knows that whether injured, incapacitated or in a body bag on his way to the morgue, Slater never fails to stay in contact with everybody he does business with.  He knows if Zach was doing business with Ryan, he’d have heard about that by now.

The trial starts.  The judge enters and announces that it’s the people vs.  Erica Kane.  The DA then tells them that due to exculpatory evidence that is just coming to light, the DA’s office is dropping all charges against Erica Kane.  The judge then announces that Erica is free to go.  Kendall then hugs her husband and tells him how grateful she is that he saved her mother.  Erica tells Zach if he expects any special gratitude, he’s got another think coming.  Kendall urges her mother to realize that Zach dragged himself out of the hospital in order to save her from getting locked up and asks if a little gratitude would kill her?  Erica tells Jack that she believes that Zach is only making nice in order to manipulate her daughter.  Derek enters the court room and Josh confirms with him that “somebody” drugged Erica with an excessive overdose.  Kendall admits to her mother that she owes her an apology for doubting her word.  Erica concludes that they cannot accuse Jonathan Lavery of this.

After observing the picture of Amanda, Jonathan tells Aidan, Erin and Lily that the woman he saw did not look like Amanda.  Aidan asks him what it is that he recognized about this woman that was obvious.  Jonathan says that he would never forget her voice.

Amanda goes to find her mother at the Chandler house and urges her to get out of there before they get caught.  Inside, JR, Babe and Jamie are all ready to find Amanda because they believe she is responsible for all the crimes that have been committed.  While Amanda is hidden away in the house, her phone rings.

At the courthouse, Josh tells everybody if they are going to blame anybody for what happened to Erica, they can blame him.  Jack asks him what he is saying.  He tells them that it’s his responsibility to protect Erica, and he will resign if Erica wants him to.  Hearing that, Erica graciously tells him that none of that was his fault.  At that, Josh almost admits that he did drug Erica.

JR, Babe and Jamie catch Amanda red-handed.  She tells them she can “explain,” but they tell her that they know she’s guilty of everything.

Marty admits to Di and Ryan that Zach Slater paid him to do illegal business including turning off the electricity at the fertility clinic.  Suddenly, Ryan pulls out a tape recorder.  Marty asks him if he’s a cop.  Ryan tells him that now that he’s got the goods on him, from now on, Marty works for him.

Lily then tells Jonathan that she believes he’s innocent, and she tells him that she wishes he’d post bail so that he can take her to the Mardi Gras ball.  Jonathan tells her that he will ask for bail so that he can take her to the ball.

Erica goes to the Chandler house assuming that Amanda has drugged her tea (since Josh has set Amanda up to look as though she did it).  She goes over and slaps her and tells her she’s a terrible little bitch.  

In the empty courtroom after the trial has ended, Kendall tells Zach that he needs to take it easy and get some rest.  She tells him that she wants to stay and talk to the judge about her own life sentence.  She wants to marry him tonight.

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