AMC Update Wednesday 2/1/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/1/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

While Zach is in his room recovering with Kendall sitting by his side, Ryan is looking into the room watching and not knowing what to say or do.

Amanda is outside and calls her mother.  She tells her they need to talk in person.  Janet tells her daughter that her whole purpose in life is to help her.  She asks Amanda if somebody is bothering her.  Amanda tells her mother that nobody is bothering her, and that she’s worried about her mother’s health.  She reminds her that she hurt Jamie and it was not ok.  Janet tells her daughter that she needs to protect her little girl from that “no good” Jamie.

Babe walks into Jamie’s apartment and sees him on the floor.  She asks if he is ok.  He sits up.  JR walks in and tells them he knew that once again they are hooking up.

Erica gets released from jail and goes to the hospital with Jack and Derek after Jack has convinced Derek to get her a tox screen to prove that she was drugged.  She’s ready to go to Zach’s room and talk to him.  Derek asks her where she thinks she’s going.  She tells them she plans to straighten this whole thing out herself. 

Outside in the waiting room, Ryan, Ethan and Simone are wondering what will happen when Kendall finds out what they suspect about Zach.

In Zach’s room, Kendall remembers Simone telling her that she believes Zach “screwed up” this whole surrogacy thing for her.  Zach notices that there is something on Kendall’s mind and asks her what it is.  She tells him that she intends to be there for the man she is supposed to marry.  He knows that there is something up with her.  She reminds him that her mother almost killed him.  He reminds her that she did not succeed, and he’s still there and he has too much to live for so he is not going anywhere.

Ryan tells Simone that he did not tell Kendall about the blackout.  She tells him she heard Kendall screaming at him and telling him to go to hell and she assumes that is the reason why.  Ryan tells her that it had nothing to do with that.  He tells her he’s not about to reveal the secret about Zach until they have proof.  Ethan tells Ryan that they need to find a way to wrap up the case.  Ryan reminds them that he has Tad on the case.  It may take a while but he will prove that Zach intentionally caused the blackout in order to sabotage the surrogacy that Kendall and Greenlee planned.

Di tells her friend, Marty, that she has financial worries.  She tells him she’s in over her head and she asks him if he has any ideas. He tells her that he can give her extra shifts to help her make more money.  She tells him that she needs a LOT more money than that and he tells her he knows how to hack into the computer system at the department store and remove her debt.

When they notice Jamie on the floor, JR makes a sarcastic comment about her looking like she might be getting back with Jamie.  She tells him that she just wanted to see if he was ok because she’s worried about him being with Amanda.  She helps him get to his feet.  She is checking Jamie to see if he has a fever and JR tells them they should get a room.

Amanda asks her mother what the echo in the background is and where she is.  Janet looks like she’s not about to reveal where she is and is afraid that her daughter and Trevor will take her back to the hospital.  She tells Amanda if she goes back to the hospital, they will shock her brain and erase her memory.  She tells Amanda she needs her memory so that she can remember who is good and who is bad.  Amanda attempts to assure her she does not intend for that to happen.  She tells her that they should all go home and they can have lots of fun together but Janet must tell her where she is.  Janet is not about to tell her daughter where she is or what she is up to.

In the hospital, Jack tells Erica that as her lawyer and her husband, the best legal advice he can give her is not to go anywhere near Zach Slater.  There could be consequences after what has happened.  Derek tells her that Jack is right.  Tad comes by and brings her some tea.  Josh enters with his arm in a sling and she is worried and afraid that she did that also.  He tells her it’s a small wound, he still has another arm and it’s no big deal.  He tells her that there is a nasty scandal in the tabloids with stories about Erica trying to murder her former son-in-law.  He tells her that he will make sure to convince the press that it was nothing more than a tragic accident.  Erica asks if she can go to the ladies room and Derek tells the guard to escort her and not to let her out of his sight. 

Simone tells Ryan that she believes she’s made a tragic mistake to spill the beans to Kendall.  Ryan tells her not to worry.  Ethan tells Simone that the truth had to come out sooner or later.  Simone protests that Zach is the man Kendall loves and Ryan is the father of her baby.  Ethan tells them that they must make certain that Kendall believes Ryan.

Zach tells Kendall if she does not tell him what is on her mind, she cannot fix it.  She then confesses that last night, she thought she’d lost the one thing that she has never before had and has only dreamed of; real and genuine love.  She tells him that although he may be ok after the accident, she almost lost that genuine love, and her worst nightmare came true; her drug-crazed mother went insane and went after the man she loves.  Erica enters Zach’s room and Kendall asks her mother how she could come there.  Is she completely insensitive or completely insane?  Erica replies that she wanted to see what happened.  Kendall tells her mother that she could not be more arrogant than to come in there and look like she is the injured party.  This is not about her pain.  This is about the man she stabbed.  This is about his pain, and she doesn’t just get to come in there and act like it’s ok to have done what she did.  Erica tries to explain to her daughter that there is something she does not understand.  She tells her that there is something she doesn’t know about what happened last night.  Kendall tells her mother it’s very obvious what happened.  Erica went berserk and stabbed Zach.  He almost died and is now lying in a hospital bed and she asks her mother if she’s said she is sorry even once in this conversation.  Erica then tells Kendall she is sincerely sorry for any pain she’s caused her.  She tries to explain to Kendall that she had no control.  Kendall tells her mother that control is her middle name.  When Erica thought Kendall was gay, she sent Josh over to seduce her.  She’s had this terrible attitude about Zach and has recently promised to at least try to meet them half way but instead of meeting them half way, she stabbed Zach.  Zach then asks Kendall to give him and Erica a few minutes alone.  She asks him if he really wants to be alone with Erica.  He tells her he’s quite capable of defending himself.  Kendall then leaves and Zach informs Erica that she now has his undivided attention.

Out in the hospital lobby, Josh is on the phone, and Tad looks like he’s investigating the coffee that Josh tried to give Erica.  Josh tells his contact on the phone that he’s going to clear Erica’s reputation so that she does not get falsely accused of substance abuse.  When he gets off the phone, Tad tells him that he knows that he really “looks out” for Erica.  He tells Josh that he can see his style of communication and knows about his father.  Josh tells Tad that there was not much communication with his father when he was growing up.  Everything was doctor/patient confidentiality and then his mother died.  Tad tells Josh that he had a different situation in his childhood.  He was adopted.  It seems like Tad might be on to Josh but they conclude that it was just “small talk.”  Right then, Dr. Madden enters and tells Tad that he knows that there is no such thing as “small talk” with a private investigator and he demands to know what kind of information Tad is attempting to weasel out of his son.

At Jamie’s, JR tells Babe that he now knows that their son should only live with him when he sees that she cannot even be faithful for a day.  She tells him that she cannot deal with his trust issues and that malicious pre-nuptial agreement he wanted her to sign.  They keep sniping.  Babe tells Jamie that the reason she went to see him was because she thought perhaps Mrs. Dillon might have tipped off her nut job daughter on how to “get” Jamie after their most recent conversation and Babe wanted to see if Jamie was ok.  Jamie is surprised to learn that babe has had contact with Janet and that she now knows that he doesn’t really plan to have a “real future” with Amanda.

Erica tells Zach that she is very concerned about all the pain he’s caused so many people ever since he came back to Pine Valley.  Zach asks her how much longer she wants to hold a grudge and how much she wants to make him suffer.  Right then, outside Zach’s room, Ryan approaches Kendall.  She walks away from him and tells him to leave her alone.  He grabs her arm and tells her they need to talk.  He tells her she must know the truth.  She tells him the truth is he’s a first class son of a bitch.  He tells her that Simone was not supposed to tell her “the big secret.”  She tells him that he is implying that Zach would do something so crazy as to cause the power outage so that she and Greenlee could not have their dream.  She tells Ryan that he is the crazy one.  She may have once cared for him but when he went off the cliff; the Ryan that came back is someone that she doesn’t even want to know.  She tells him if he keeps up this crazy theory he has about Zach, he will find out what her hormones are really like.  He tells her he’s not going to stop searching for proof.  She tells him fine but he will also watch his rights to his child go “poof.”  She tells him there’s nothing he will find.  Right then, Jack appears and asks them if everything is ok.  Kendall tells him they are fine but they need to go find her crazy mother.  Jack comes into Zach’s room and informs him that what happened was not Erica’s fault.  Zach asks what they have found out.  Jack admits that they have yet to get the results of Erica’s tox screen.  Zach asks what they should do now.  Forgive and forget?  Jack says why not.  He tells Erica that it is time to go to the courthouse for the arraignment. 

Dr. Madden tells Tad that he’s about as subtle as a heart attack.  He knows what Tad is up to.  Tad asks him why he’s so defensive if he has nothing to hide.  Dr. Madden tells Tad he knows what he is up to and Tad should already know about his interest and Dr. Madden’s previous association with Erica.  Tad tells him he did not know it had anything to do with Josh.  He asks Dr. Madden why it is that Dr. Madden has so much interest in Tad’s family, when Tad cannot even have a conversation with Dr. Madden’s “pride and joy.”  He then asks Dr. Madden what happened to the research report about Tad’s family.

Jamie, Babe and JR are waiting for Amanda to come home.  JR and Jamie argue about JR’s total lack of trust of everybody and Jamie’s susceptibility to all the damage that some crazy person has done around the town.  Amanda enters, and Babe asks her if she knocked Jamie out.  Amanda replies, of course she did.

Kendall tells Ryan that she’s sick of “his rules.”  They are now going to play by her rules instead.  He must leave Zach alone and drop it.  He tells her he will not give up until he gets to the bottom of his investigation, and when that happens, he will tell her what he already knows about Zach.  She tells him, again, that she is serious that he needs to drop it or he will never see his son again.  She returns to Zach and asks if he is ok.  He is taking out his IV and she tells him he is crazy if he thinks he’s going anywhere. 

Marty has successfully hacked into the computer system and left only a balance of $24 on Di’s Lacey’s account.   Di is very impressed and asks him if there is any place he cannot hack into.  He tells her not really.  She hugs him and tells him he is the best.

After Amanda walks in, JR asks Jamie if he’s forgotten how to dial 911.  He reminds Jamie that Amanda is a homicidal psycho.  He tells Jamie if he wakes up one morning with an ice pick in his aorta, he might not be able to ask anybody for help then.  Babe tells Amanda she cannot understand how she can hurt the only person on this planet who supposedly cares about her (meaning Jamie).  They leave and Jamie tells Amanda that he knows she’s keeping a secret from her and he demands to know what she is up to.

Erica is in the courtroom with Josh.  He looks like he’s taken care of all the odds and ends of her show.  Jack tells the new DA that there will be proof that Erica was not responsible for her actions and did not intend to stab Jack.  The new DA tells him he knows he has a slam dunk case against Erica for attempted murder of Zach.  He’s not going to let another celebrity criminal walk but Jack is determined to clear his wife and prove that she was drugged.

Tad reminds Dr. Madden that he was “supposed” to be writing some article about Tad’s family in regard to medicine and genetics.  Dr. Madden replies that that is right.  Tad tells him he has not caught up with it yet but then his subscription might not have been sent out.  He asks Dr. Madden if he is “running scared.”  Dr. Madden tells Tad he has nothing to be afraid of.  His conscience is clear, and he warns Tad to stay away from him and stay away from his family.  Dr. Madden leaves.  Alone, Tad picks up the coffee cups that were used by Dr. Madden and by Erica.  He puts these into plastic bags and pulls out the blood soaked napkin that Josh used to cover his wound after he was stabbed by Erica.  He mumbles to himself that he hopes that what he is thinking is not true.

Ryan goes to the casino and Di informs him that Marty is a wizard with hacking into computers and if anybody can uncover Zach’s secret, Marty can.  Ryan reminds her that obviously Marty has some sort of loyalty toward Zach.  She admits that Marty believes Zach walks on water and adores the man.  Ryan tells her that he has a plan and says he now knows exactly how to get Marty to help them.

Jamie asks Amanda why she cracked him over the head.  She asks him why he does not trust her and wants to hurt her and join forces with Babe and JR.  He tells her that he no longer has any ties with either of them.  He asks her what the big secret is with her mother.

JR and Babe return home.  He tells her that they are done.  She asks him if it’s really true.  She then gives him a last chance to change his mind.  He tells her if she does not sign the pre-nup, then they are completely over.  She asks if they are over even if she is pregnant.  Nearby, Janet is hiding and listening.

Right before Erica’s trial, Zach enters and says if anybody wants justice, they better listen to him.

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