AMC Update Tuesday 1/31/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/31/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jamie and Aidan enter Janet’s secret place.  Having no clue that Janet is behind this operation, Jamie tells Aidan that he does not understand how or why Amanda would be sneaking around this crazy place.  Aidan then notices a trace of oatmeal on a table.

Janet and Amanda go to Amanda and Jamie’s apartment.  Janet knows she needs to “relocate.”  She has all of her “possessions” with her.  Amanda asks her mother how it is that she could sneak out when she was supposedly locked in.  Janet tells her daughter that she was “run out by intruders.”  She informs Amanda that Jamie came to investigate the place because he does not trust Amanda.

Erica is stuck in jail mumbling that it is “not right” and she does not belong there.  It looks like the drug Josh gave her has worn off and she has no clue what has happened.  Jonathan who is near by her in the other cell asks her if she committed another crime.  She reflects that she was at the casino and Michael Cambias was there.  She remembers that she stabbed him because she needed to protect herself and her daughter from him, and she’s afraid she might have killed him.  She says she’s afraid that this is all a bad dream.  Jonathan tells her that this is very real but she then realizes that Michael Cambias died a long time ago, and she asks who it was that she stabbed.

At the hospital, Kendal very worried about her husband’s injury.  Ryan tells her she needs to calm down.  She tells Ryan she knows he does not care about Zach and she knows that her mother wants to kill Zach.

Meanwhile, Zach is in critical condition and the doctors are afraid he might be bleeding to death.

Di runs into an old acquaintance named Martin Stern.  He tells her the last time he saw her he was 20 pounds heavier and far from sober.  He asks her if she’s still dancing or if she’s on the straight and narrow.  He tells her he can give her a job.  They talk about “Cleo,” and he whispers something in her ear.

At the hospital, Kendall cries.  Ryan approaches her and tells her he does not want Zach to die.  She tells him she does not believe that.  If Zach dies, then there’s one less person to get in the way of his sick brother.  She asks him if he and Erica have little “pact” where she kills Zach and he rides to Kendall’s rescue so conveniently after Erica stabs Zach.  Ryan assures her that is not the case.  He tells her he has no clue why Erica stabbed Zach but it has nothing to do with Erica’s interest in having Ryan and Kendall together.  He tells her he will be there for her with whatever she needs and for whatever Zach needs.  She asks him why, then, he broke into Zach’s office.  What does he want there?

Janet moves her things into Amanda’s home, stuffing them into the closet and she rambles on about how they cannot trust Jamie.  She tells her daughter that Janet and Amanda Dillon can be an act together.  Hearing that, Amanda tells her mother that she needs to be heavily medicated and get special care.  Janet tells her daughter that she is not crazy.

Jamie and Aidan are investigating the mysterious warehouse, both assuming that Amanda must hide out there.  Aidan then discovers a gadget people use for putting on wigs.  He also finds some of Janet’s dolls.  Jamie remarks that the place is getting more interesting by the minute but they still have no clue as to as to whom culprit really is.

In jail, Jonathan asks Erica if she wants to read his book.  He tells her he wishes he could help her the way she helped him not long ago.  He tells her he remembers when he first came back to Pine Valley and he was looking for a new beginning and she was so kind to him.  Erica reflects back on the stabbing.  She has no clue what happened to her.  Was she hallucinating?  He tells her he understands very well what it’s like to not know what you were doing or have any control over anything.  He asks her if she might have a brain tumor.  Hearing that, she sounds scared but he assures her that she’s going to be ok.  He knows she has so many friends who care about her.  He knows she will be ok.  Jack comes to see Erica, and she tells him she’s so happy he’s there.  She’s terrified.  She admits she has no clue why she’s in there.  Whom did she hurt?  What did she do?

While Zach is unconscious and in surgery, he has a dream in which his father is telling him he cannot leave.  Zach struggles and tells his father he wants to get out of there.  He knows his father is dead and is just in his head.  His father tells him that he is also dead.  He tells his son that he’s being reunited with his father and brother.  Michael then enters and asks if he should call his brother Alex or Zach and talks about how the Kane women have a real affect on all of them.  He taunts Zach about how he got mixed up with Kendall and with Erica and had this coming to him.

Jack informs Erica that she stabbed Zach and he had to be taken to the hospital.  She tells him that she did not see Zach but that she saw Michael Cambias and she had to protect Kendall from him.  Realizing that Michael has been dead, she tells her husband she’s afraid she’s losing her mind.  He asks her if she’s been drinking or taking any pills.  She tells him she absolutely does not use anything any more.  She tells him she knows how “fragile” recovery is.  She swears on their children’s lives that she did not take one drop of alcohol or take one pill.  She tells him he must believe her.  He tells her he does but it makes no sense that she would hallucinate and believe she saw Michael Cambias.  He tells her there is an answer to this and they will find it.

In Zach’s dream he tries and fails to get up from the table but cannot move.  His father and brother tell him that he is now part of them.  He’s not going anywhere.  He then manages to get up from the table with the stab wound still bleeding.  His father tells him that he “took the girl” from him.  Michael tells Zach that he only got his “sloppy seconds” with Kendall.  Hearing that, Zach yells at Michael that he is a rapist punk and he’d better not even speak.  His father tells him that he will not marry Kendall.

Ryan tells Kendall that he is checking out Zach because he has a theory that Zach “could” be a threat to him.  Kendall tells him there is no way Zach could be a threat to him.  Zach could be dying right now, she tells him, and just because Ryan hates Zach is no excuse for falsely accusing him of wrong-doings.  She then demands that Ryan tell her what his “theory” is about Zach.  Knowing he still has no “hard evidence,” he tells her he has no suspicions of Zach.  She demands that he tell her what he knows about Zach right now.  She tells him he better come clean right now, or she will end her contract with him.  He will have nothing to do with her before, during or after their son is born and will never have anything to do with his baby’s life.

Janet tells her daughter that she cannot lock her in a hospital.  She tells her she cannot live with that and would rather die and asks if Amanda wants to hurt her own mother?  Amanda tells her mother she is way out of control and needs her dad.  Janet tells her that her dad is away on a secret mission.

Di’s friend Marty hires her to be the hostess at the casino.  Tad comes in the door, and Marty leaves.  Di informs Tad that this guy is Zach’s right-hand man so while working for him; she can investigate many things about Zach.  He tells her that he doesn’t want her getting involved in that and it’s not a good idea for her to work there.  She reminds Tad that he must know that she is not Dixie.

Erica explains to Jack that she believed that Michael Cambias was there and she had to fight him.  Something happened to her.  Hearing their conversation and remembering his own “doing” with drugging Greenlee, Jonathan is able to figure out that very possibly somebody drugged Erica and that is the reason why she stabbed Zach.

In Zach’s dream, his father and brother keep telling him that Kendall is going to find out about his secrets and refuse to marry him.  He protests that everything he’s done, he’s done to protect Kendall.

Ryan is still not ready to tell Kendall the big secret about Zach.  He tells her that he is not concerned about hurting or exposing Zach.  He just cares about her and their son.  Hearing that and knowing he’s hiding something form her, she walks away and tells him he can take his phony concern and stick it.  Right then, Ryan runs into Ethan who tells him that he’s concerned that his father might die.  Simone approaches Kendall, telling her that Zach might be in surgery for a long time.  She tells Kendall she can take her home and make her something to eat.  Kendall asks Simone if she hates Zach.  Simone also does not reveal to Kendall the secret that Ryan and Ethan have but she blurts out that it’s entirely possible that Zach caused the blackout at the fertility clinic the night that Kendall got inseminated.  She tells Kendall if that is the case, then she does not fault Zach for that.  She believes it’s “romantic” in a Zach Slater kind of way.  She tells Kendall that she’s told Ryan and Ethan that even if he attempted to destroy Greenlee’s eggs and cause Ryan’s swimmers to go “bye-bye,” he did it out of love for Kendall.  Kendall concludes that Ryan hates Zach.  Simone says she knows that Ryan hates Zach.  Zach hates Ryan.  And Ethan hates his own father.  She tells her, like it or not, they are surrounded by a testosterone war and boys will be boys.

While standing outside the OR, Ryan tells Ethan that he has the power and Zach only has power over him as long as Ethan wants him to.

In Zach’s dream, his father tells him that he’s failed with all the women in his life, including Kendall.  Michael remarks that Zach has almost topped him.  Next, Ryan appears in Zach’s dream, and tells Zach that he’s dead and he (Ryan) feels as though he’s won the lottery.  He tells Zach that he and Kendall can have their son together, alone and in peace without Zach.  He tells Zach he may rest in peace or not.

Tad tells Di that he believes that Zach Slater is a human octopus and he’s afraid she’s in danger working around him.  She asks him if he might have a problem seeing her with Marty, and she tells him that’s the sweetest thing she’s ever heard him not say.  She then informs him that Marty is a computer whiz.  If anybody can hack into a computer system, Marty is their guy.

Derek comes to see Erica and she informs him that she believes somebody might have drugged her.  Jack tells Derek they need to do a toxicology screen on Erica in order to prove that she was drugged.  Derek tells them after Erica has stabbed Zach, it might not be “convenient” and maybe somebody can do it tomorrow.  Jack demands that they not wait.  He tells him somebody must get Erica to the hospital while the drugs are still in her system.  If Derek is afraid Erica will run, he can cuff her to a wall or do whatever he wants but Derek must get his (Jack’s) wife to a hospital before it’s too late.

Amanda returns home and tells Jamie that she knows he was snooping around the warehouse because he did not trust her or believe her explanation about finding a new place for Josh and Erica to have their show.  He tells her he does not buy her story about the warehouse and they are not going anywhere until he finds out the real reason for her being there.

Kendall is remembering Ryan telling her she cannot marry Zach until she “knows something,” but he would not tell her what that was.  Anita rouses her from her daydream to inform her that Zach has awakened from surgery and is asking for her.

Jamie reveals to Amanda that he believes she knows something about the warehouse and the doll that Aidan discovered.  She protests to him that Jonathan Lavery has been arrested for the crimes and she wishes he’d just let it go.  He makes it clear he does not trust her.  Janet is not far away, playing with a doll and telling Jamie that he is the one with the problems.  She comes in and knocks him out.  Amanda asks her mother what she plans to do now.  Janet says she’s going to get some rope and the two of them are going to carry Jamie’s body outside to teach him a lesson for what he’s done to her precious angel.  Right then, Jamie moves his head and starts to come to, and Janet is gone.  Amanda knows she must also leave because as soon as Jamie awakens, he will accuse her of more things she did not do.

Tad tells Di that he believes there is still more they do not know about Erica’s connection to Dr. Greg Madden.  She tells him that they’ve already found out everything they need to know but he tells her that he believes there is still more.

In Zach’s dream, his father and brother hold out their hands and tell him he must come with them.  He is a Cambias.  This is his destiny.  He also hears Kendall urging him to come back and be with her.  He wakens to see Kendall standing by his bed holding his hand.  She looks happy but she remembers hearing Simone telling her that she believes that he may have caused the blackout and she believes it’s “romantic” in a Zach Slater kind of way.

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