AMC Update Monday 1/30/06

All My Children Update Monday 1/30/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Lily is at the hospital investigating the mystery woman who has shown herself to Jonathan. Erin thanks Lily for her interest but suggests she stay out of it. Lily tells Aidan, who is with Erin, to take his girlfriend someplace else because she doesn’t like her right now. Erin tells Lily she didn’t mean to get on her bad side. Aidan tells Erin that Lily might be able to get Jonathan out of this mess. Lily insists that she will. Erin says she just finds it hard to believe that this woman Jonathan is talking about exists. Lily says she does exist because Jonathan saw her. She asks Erin if she’s ever looks at Jonathan’s eyes when he talks about this woman. Aidan explains how Jonathan’s eyes look when he’s being truthful. Lily says the woman has been in four different disguises. If she was an imaginary person there would be no reason to disguise herself. Erin tells Lily that Jonathan is lucky to have her. Lily says the chamaeleon lady is trying to get Jonathan in trouble. She leaves to pursue the case. Erin tells Aidan that spending a few short minutes with Lily has given her more hope for Jonathan than she’s had in a long time.

Ryan is visiting Jonathan in jail. Jonathan tells Ryan that he can’t keep fixing his problems. Ryan says he just came to see how he was doing. Jonathan says he’s been great. Lily has been helping him solve the mystery of who this woman is. He says Lily is a good detective. Aidan is working on the case too, but Jonathan expects Lily will solve it first. He tells Ryan that he’ll be just fine.

Janet is in her warehouse hiding place telling Amanda that everyone who is hurting her deserves everything they get. Amanda says Jamie isn’t hurting her and isn’t setting her up. Janet tells her Jamie is a lying, conniving meanie who can’t be trusted. She urges Amanda to use extreme caution around him. Meanwhile, Jamie, holding a flashlight, is investigating the warehouse.

Babe tells JR at the park that she’ll give him one chance to take back the terms of this prenuptial agreement. If he doesn’t, he’ll regret it. JR says he understands this is a shock. Babe repeats what the prenuptial says – in the event of a divorce for any reason, JR gets full custody of little Adam. JR says little Adam is his life. Babe says he’s her life too. She asks if this is a sick joke of his father’s. JR says it doesn’t matter whose idea it was. He says if it comes to a choice between Babe and his son he will not lose his son. JR says he ha no intentions of losing Babe again, but things happen. They could end up full circle and be where they were. He says he’s just covering his bases. Babe tells him if he’s going to prepare for the worst, she will too.

A drugged Erica is slashing her knife around at the casino. Tad tells her to drop the knife and tells her she isn’t herself. Josh approaches and also tells her to drop the knife. Erica says she is doing this for Kendall. She wants to put Kendall out of her misery. Kendall asks Erica if she realizes what she has done. She has stabbed Zach. Erica says that man is a maniac who deserves to die. She slashes the knife and cuts Josh on the arm. Tad restrains her. Zach, despite being shot, is still standing and tells an employee who called the police to call them back and report it was a mistake. Erica starts crying and moans that Zach doesn’t deserve to breath. She drops her knife and Josh picks it up. Zach tells the gathered crowd to go to the casino. The drinks are on him. Two police officers arrive and ask who has been stabbing people.

Amanda asks her mother why she thinks Jamie is setting her up. Janet says she had an epiphany. Her guardian angel planted this idea in her mind. Amanda says they need a stronger source than angels. Janet says she’s 100 percent sure that Jamie is a turncoat. They hear something outside the door and Janet asks Amanda if she was followed. Jamie is outside their door. Amanda leaves the room and gets a flashlight shone in her face. She asks who’s there. It’s Jamie, who asks Amanda what’s going on. He tells her she’s acting like she got caught red-handed. If she’s sitting on something she needs to come clean. Amanda thinks about what her mother aid about Jamie. She tells him she’s here because Josh asked her to check it out as a possible office. She’s seen enough and wants to go. They leave. Janet, listening from the other side of the door, says her daughter is brilliant.

The police officers ask what’s wrong with Erica, and Josh says it’s just a family disagreement. Zach urges the police to leave, then nearly collapses. A woman in the crowd loudly asks why everyone is covering for Erica. She grabbed a knife and stabbed that man. Paramedics put Zach on a Gurney and wheel him out. Kendall follows. Josh approaches a reporter in the room, asking how’s that for a story? The reporter says this is freaking unbelievable. Josh tells him to take the story and shut up. He doesn’t want his name anywhere near it. Josh approaches Jesse, who tells him he did a great job of handling this situation. Jesse says when Erica picked up that knife she may have destroyed her career. Police arrest an out-of-it Erica, who asks what is happening. Where’s her show.

Babe asks JR if he would sign the document if he were her. JR says he isn’t her. Babe asks him if he has so little trust in her, why is he marrying her. JR says aside from Little A, she is the best thing that’s happened to him. He’s not sure where they go from here. He knows he doesn’t want to lose her. He feels like they’re a family again. Babe says he doesn’t think it’s going to last. JR says nothing lasts in his world. Babe says she can’t sign these papers. JR asks how he could ever trust women. Babe says she’s not Di. She reminds him that he gave her Dixie’s necklace. How could he be so wonderful then and do this now? She says if she signs this agreement it will give him the go ahead to make her life torture.

Lily goes to see Jonathan in the jail and tells him she’s out of clues. She needs to squeeze his brain to get more details. Jonathan says he told her everything. Lily tells him not to give up so fast. She says he needs to have autism spectrum disorder so he can think like her. Lily tells him to close his eyes and see the chamaeleon lady. She asks him to tell her what he sees. He mentions a clothing tag that said Crazee Cost, or something like that. She figures he means Crazee Costumes. She says imaginary people don’t rent costumes. She says they’re going to solve this together.

Janet is playing with dolls, with one representing Amanda and one Jamie. She treasures the Amanda doll but knocks the head off the Jamie doll.

Jamie and Amanda arrive home. Jamie tells her she can trust him and they can work this out. She goes to wash some dirt off her face and he places a call to Aidan, asking that he meet him at the warehouse. When Amanda returns and questions him about the call, he says he’s been called to sub at school.

Tad asks for Di’s assistance regarding Erica. Tad discretely grabs a napkin with Josh’s blood on it and conceals it. As Di starts to walk out of the room, a casino employee calls out to her, referring to her as Di Henry. He says it’s been a long time.

Ryan asks Anita at the hospital if she knows where Aidan is. Anita says she last saw him with his sister. When Ryan turns around, Zach is brought into the hospital followed by a frantic Kendall. Ryan watches as they wheel Zach into a hospital room. Zach tries to get up but passes out. Kendall demands to know what’s going on.

Aidan and Jamie meet at the warehouse. They go to the room where Janet hides and break the lock off the door. They peer inside.

JR asks Di if she’s going to walk away from everything they have found on the remote chance they may have to put this prenuptial agreement into place some day. Babe tells him that he is his father’s son. She says he has turned his back on everything Dixie has stood for. She tells him to take his paper and his attorney to bed with him. They can keep him warm at night. She walks away.

Erica is placed in a jail cell next to Jonathan, who wonders if she’s there to see him. An officer tells Jonathan she’s his neighbor until they find more permanent accommodations. Jonathan tells Erica not to be scared. He’ll take care of her.

Medical personnel hurriedly wheel Zach out of the room for treatment. A crying Kendall tries to follow but is stopped by Ryan.

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