AMC Update Friday 1/27/06

All My Children Update Friday 1/27/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR goes to the park and sees Babe placing a phone call to Jamie. Babe leaves a message, asking Jamie to call her. She notices JR and tells him that she called Jamie for damage control. She tried to cover about Jamie to Amanda’s mom but she think she blew it. She says that’s the only reason she called Jamie. JR believes her. Little Adam is sitting and playing in the snow. Babe and JR hug and Babe says this is her idea of heaven.

Jamie goes to New Beginnings and finds Amanda on the phone leaving a message asking her father to call. After she hangs up, Jamie asks her if she had a bad day. She says it was until he got here. She says he’s the only person in Pine Valley who cares about her. Thank God she has him, she says as she hugs him. Amanda tells him Josh screwed her over and it’s been one disaster after another. Jamie asks her about her calling her father. Amanda says he hasn’t returned her calls. Jamie offers to help and says he’ll try like hell to help her. He tells her she can trust him.

Janet is in her secret room looking at photos and news clippings about Jamie. She asks how he could do this to her sweet Amanda. She wads up a news clipping. Janet says Jamie has no excuses. She looks at her rack of costumes and tells herself she needs more. Janet in the mirror appears and tells her she is such a drama queen. Janet says costumes are part of her work. Janet in the mirror asks her how she knows Jamie is at fault. Janet says Babe made it clear. Janet in the mirror says Babe never clearly stated that Jamie betrayed Amanda.

Ryan goes to Tad’s office and tells him he needs his help to protect Kendall. Ryan tells Tad about the power grid document he found in Zach’s office. He tells him the document is dated the same day as the blackout. He also informs Tad that the fertility clinic has a backup generator that went out the night of the blackout. He thinks Zach caused both situations. Tad tells him he has a truckload of circumstantial evidence. Ryan says if he’s going after the man Kendall loves he needs hard proof. Tad asks him what his plan is. Ryan tells him that he’s his plan. Ryan asks Tad to help him prove Zach was responsible for the blackout and the failure of the generator at the clinic.

Kendall is in Zach’s office telling him she used to be a champion liar but she’s done with lies. She asks him if he is keeping something from her she wants him to tell her. If Ryan was snooping there was a reason for it and she wants to know what it is. She sees Zach isn’t going to tell her so she says she’ll ask Ryan himself. Zach tells her no. Kendall asks him why he would stop her from going to Ryan. Zach asks her what happened to talking about it and working it out. Kendall says if has a secret he needs to tell him. When he remains silent, she says she finally found true love and did it again.

Erica is in a drugged stupor doing a shoot and yelling at her crew. Josh is in the background smirking. Erica turns around at the bartender and in her mind sees Michael Cambias. She is horrified and tells him he’s dead. “Am I?” Michael replies. Josh walks up behind Erica and startles her, and she now notices the real bartender. Erica snaps at Josh and tells him to get the crew in gear.

Tad tries to dissuade Ryan from his mission but Ryan asks how can he forget everything he knows. Tad says maybe Kendall doesn’t want to know. Ryan says Kendall is his friend. Tad agrees to take action against Slater. Di has just walked in and offers to help. She says Zach offered her a job.

Kendall tells Zach there is no reason for her to doubt their relationship. She says she almost spun out of control but didn’t. She says she trusts Zach and they can finally be happy. They kiss. Erica walks in and finds them kissing. She cringes and looks repulsed. Kendall notices Erica and tells her not to look so horrified. After all, they are in love. Erica asks Zach how he can do this after everything that’s happened. Josh walks in and calls Erica the star of the show. Erica asks Josh to get her out of here.

JR tells Babe she did the impossible. She made them a real family again. Winefred brings an envelope and takes little Adam back home. JR tells Babe the envelope contains a prenuptial agreement. JR tells her he hopes the paper will rot over the next 50 or 60 years. Babe sarcastically calls it a romantic way to start their life together, him her and the lawyers. But she admits that she’s not interested in his money and all she wants to do is love him. She asks if all it says is what’s his is his and what’s hers is hers. He says yes and she playfully says it’s good that he won’t get his paws on her shares of Fusion. She tells him she loves his heart not his wallet and won’t let this paper get in the way.

Amanda tells Jamie that everything got screwed up when Babe and JR mowed her down. Jamie tells her it’s going to be OK. Amanda expresses concern about her mother. She admits she feels stupid talking about this, but her mother is out of control. Amanda picks up the newspaper with a headline about Jonathan being in jail. Amanda asks Jamie if jail is the only answer for Jonathan. Jamie says maybe Jonathan needs other help.

Janet’s alter ego asks Janet what she’s going to do about Jamie. Janet says he has to get what he deserves.

Di says she will be able to get on the inside of Zach’s operation. Ryan is skeptical, considering that Di once schemed with David. Tad tells him that if he can trust Di, Ryan can also trust her. Ryan asks why Di would want to get involved in this. Di says Tad is her friend and she owes him. After Di leaves, Tad tells Ryan that if he gets what he wants the Kane family will take another hit.

A whacked-out Erica is back in front of the camera carrying on like she’s a showgirl. She refers to herself as Desiree DuBois. Kendall and Zach are now in the room watching the shoot and Kendall is wondering what’s going on. She says her mother isn’t making sense. Erica raves about her fans and how they take care of her. She thinks she sees her old friend Puggy and calls out to him. Josh tells a reporter in the room that this will be the story of the year. Kendall asks Erica if she took some pills. Erica turns around and again sees Michael Cambias. She tells him he can’t be here and orders him to go. She calls him a sick monster. Later, Erica jumps on the bar and asks if they missed her. Kendall wonders out loud if Erica was drugged. Erica looks out in the crowd and sees Michael clapping. She tells him to shut up and go away. Jesse, the network executive, walks in and Josh says under his breath that it’s right on cue.

Amanda goes to Janet’s hiding place and asks her to take her pills. Janet asks if she really loves Jamie. She wonders if Amanda couldn’t be happy with someone else. Amanda says she loves Jamie and she wants him. She says Jamie will take care of her. Janet tells Amanda that Jamie’s in on it. Amanda plays along and agrees that Jamie is in on it and tells Janet to just take her pill. Janet tells Amanda that Jamie is in on JR and Babe’s plan to hurt her.

Babe looks at the prenuptial agreement and finds something questionable. She calls JR a miserable son of a bitch.

Jesse asks Josh how long this has been going on. Zach goes to Erica and helps her off the bar. She looks at him and sees Michael. She vows she won’t let him hurt her. She grabs a knife and stabs him.

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