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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe awakens to JR holding a rose to her face.  He tells her that although there are no palm trees, there is something very special going on.

Amanda is on the phone calling the CIA to track down her dad.  She knows her mother has lost it and needs his help.

Josh is lurking nearby while, in Erica’s office, she tells Zach that telling her that he and Kendall are remarrying must be a joke and it’s a bad joke.  He asks her why she hates him so much.  He reminds her that Bianca likes him and Kendall loves him.  He asks her why she cannot forgive him.

Ryan is about the drop the bombshell on Kendall in regard to Zach.  She asks Ryan what Zach has done now.  Has he parked in the wrong zone?  Ryan has difficulty spitting out what he wants to tell her and she demands he get it out into the open now.  She tells him that if he wants to have parental rights, he mustn’t tell her whom she can and cannot see without a good reason, or else they can forget the whole thing.  He then tells her that his “problems” with Zach used to be hers.  Having no idea what he’s talking about, she tells him that she is butting out of his business with Julia so he must do the same thing with her and Zach.  Ryan, again, hesitates.  He asks her when they are getting married.  She asks him why he would care.  He comes up with a lame answer in telling her he needs to buy her a toaster and needs to know what kind she wants.  She tells him she’s not certain but probably some time after the Mardi Gras ball.  She then tells him he must tell her what is going on.  He then tells her that he cares about her, and he tells her that he is thinking about the blackout.  He tells her he realizes she could have easily bailed when that happened but she made the noble sacrifice for Greenlee.  She tells him that everything is ok.  She has no reason to suspect Zach and she believes that she knows everything she needs to know about him.  Ryan asks her if she would still be marrying him if she really did know everything she needs to know about Zach.

Zach asks Erica if the reason that she hates him is because when they first met, he saw her out of control, and drinking and had to put her in a hospital in restraints.  He asks her if that is the reason and if so, she has his word that he will not divulge a word to anybody about that.  He will respect her privacy.  Josh is right outside the door listening in on their conversation.

JR tells Babe that getting engaged to the mother of his child is a reason to give her something special.  He tells her this time he will have total commitment to her, to little A and to them being a family, and he hopes she feels the same way.  He then tells her that he didn’t think he could part with this.  She asks him what it is.  He admits to her that there was only person in his life that has ever made him feel safe and feel special wherever he was, and that is the reason why he wants this to be Babe’s.  He pulls out a necklace of Dixie’s and informs her that Tad gave it to his mom he then gave it to JR when she died.  He tells her that he wants her to have it and for little A to give it to his wife.  She is stunned.  He admits that he trusts her and knows she will not run off with their son.  She then tells him that she cannot take it.

Erica tells Zach that she believes he will be a total menace in her daughter’s life.  She asks him what good could possibly come when Kendall gives birth to Ryan’s baby and she’s married to Zach.  She tells him that she has seen her daughter with Ryan and she’s seen her with Zach.  When she has seen Kendall with Zach, she has seen her daughter miserable.  He reminds her that Kendall has some very bad history with Ryan.  Erica says she realizes that is true but she knows that Ryan has been there for Kendall.  He’s been there for Bianca.  She tells him that the man she wants for her daughter is Ryan Lavery, and not Zach Slater.

Livia comes to talk with Ryan and Kendall about how the law does not recognize Ryan’s rights unless Kendall authorizes them.  He is legally recognized only as a donor under the present situation.  Kendall signs papers to authorize Ryan to have equal rights to make decisions about their mutual child.  Livia leaves.  Kendall walks her to the door.  Ethan then comes to talk to Ryan and asks if Kendall still plans to marry Zach.  Ryan tells Ethan yes she does, and if they want to prevent Kendall from going through with it and seeing Zach for what he really is, they will have to find a way to blow Zach out of the water and prove that he caused the blackout at the clinic first.  He asks Ethan if he has any ideas how they can do that.

Babe tells JR that Tad gave the necklace to Dixie has a sign of their love.  He tells her that Tad and Dixie had a special love that got them through all of the terrible things.  He tells her that that is the kind of love they had also.  They’ve been through everything together, and they have come back.  She tells him that she realizes Dixie was like a saint.  He tells her he knows that Dixie would believe that Babe is a great mom and a perfect wife for her son.  Babe has her reservations but he tells her that they want to have he perfect wedding and he asks her what kind of wedding they should start planning.  She tells him that she wants a small, family wedding and he agrees that that would be perfect.  He tells her that he wants her to take their son to the park alone and catch up on some quality time together, and he will meet her later.  She leaves.  Adam comes in and asks his son if he will let Babe take little Adam somewhere alone.  JR tells his father he trusts her.  Adam tells his son so does he as long as Bruno is checking her every hour.  JR tells his father he loves Babe.  Adam tells him he would be honored to be JR’s best man.

Ethan tells Ryan that he found out from the city that they believe that the only way somebody could have turned off the power at the clinic was to have hacked into the system using the schematics of the power plant like those that they found in Zach’s office.  They realize that they might not have great proof that could hold up in court.  Ryan tells Ethan that it is very odd that the clinic would not have back-up generators.  He tells Ethan they have to find a way to prove what they suspect of Zach and he has to convince Kendall what her fiancé has done before it’s too late.

Josh walks into Erica’s office and Zach is ready to leave.  She asks him if the casino is still available.  Erica tells Josh that she does not like being at the mercy of that man.  She is realizing that there might be something Josh knows that he is not telling her.  She tells him if there is anything or anybody he’s covering for, she must know about it.  Amanda is still trying frantically to locate her father.  Josh sees her as the perfect scapegoat for him.  Josh tells Erica that Amanda is having problems with her work performance.

Kendall kisses Zach in his office.  She tells him there is more where that came form if he tells her his deepest darkest secrets.  He tells her that he has a love for Irish whiskey.  She tells him she will keep that in mind.  He asks her what is going on.  She informs him that she talked to Ryan and he sounded like he knew some secret about Zach.  He tells her that there is one secret he must tell her.  He talked to her mother today and told her about their plans.  She did not take it well but she did not threaten him so he thinks they are good.  Hearing that, Kendall has no reason to be suspicious.  He asks her what Ryan did to “get her going” like this.  He obviously wants to know what Ryan is up to although he does not tell her his secret in regard to Ryan.  She then tells him that she just wants to get to know more about her husband.  She tells him that he knows everything there is to know about her but she doesn’t know much about him.  She still seems very trusting.  He asks her what Ryan told her.  She admits that Ryan told her nothing.  Zach then informs her that Ryan broke into his office not long ago and obviously has some sort of secret in regard to that.

Ryan goes to see Dr. Madden and asks him what he knows about the night when his child was conceived.  Dr. Madden asks him if he is planning some legal action concerning that night.  Ryan assures him that that isn’t the case, and that he is interested in what happened to the back-up generators.  Dr. Madden tells him that they should have been working and that he has been wondering about that, too, as it seems “impossible” for this to have happened like it did.

Josh is reminding Erica of all the screw-ups Amanda has made.  She’s scheduled all the wrong times and places for Erica to meet very important executives.  She caused the taxi to take her to the wrong place.  Amanda protests that she is not making any more mistakes but Erica tells Amanda that she has sabotaged her with her many screw-ups.  It’s happened too many times.  Amanda then tells Erica that she did not sabotage her.  She admits to Erica that she just keeps having these blackouts.  Hearing that, Erica tells her she did not know about the blackouts.  Josh then explains that he knows about the blackouts and has taken her to the hospital and he can take responsibility for not telling Erica.  Erica then confronts Amanda, informing her that she knows how much Amanda wants this job.  She tells Amanda that she knows that Amanda’s mother really wanted Erica to give her the job.  Amanda asks Erica how it was that she spoke to her (Amanda’s) mother about it but Erica does not answer that specific question and tells her she needs her to focus.  She tells her they are going to have this conversation only once.  She tells Amanda she cannot have any more blackouts.  She tells her she knows she’s been struggling but they cannot have any more mistakes like this.  She tells Amanda that if it happens again, she is history.  Erica leaves and Amanda tells Josh that she knows he only wants to save his own butt.

When Babe has little A in the park, Janet from another planet enters and starts talking to her nicely.  She tells Babe that she is there to protect her daughter.  She tells her that with Jonathan Lavery in the clink, she’s glad that they’ve caught the real criminal and her daughter is now in the clear.  Babe tells Janet that she’s happy that her daughter is doing ok.  Janet then notices Babe’s engagement ring, and tells her that maybe one day, Amanda will have her own glow from the same thing.  She reminds her that Amanda is so in love with Jamie that it might just happen.  She then tells Babe that it would be great if there could be a double wedding.  Babe tells Janet she should not get her hopes up, knowing that Jamie has told her that he does not love Amanda.  Janet then asks her why.  Babe tells Janet she maybe should not have said that and wants to get home with her son.  Outwardly, Janet appears gracious but she tells Babe that she is not going anywhere.

Adam tells JR that he only wants what is best for him.  He asks his son if he understands his concerns.  He then tells him that he has a suggestion.  It’s only a suggestion but he hopes that JR will hear him out and take it to heart.

Dr. Madden informs Ryan that the generators in his clinic are state of the art and critical to cryogenic preservation, and they were the first things he checked when he bought the clinic, and he had them checked a week before the failure.  That is why he has no idea how the blackout could have occurred.  Ryan then asks him what the technicians who fixed it saw as the cause.  He tells Ryan that it sounded like “jargon” to him.  He did not understand their explanation except that they believed that something caused it to malfunction.  Ryan asks if that was something or some one.

Kendall asks Zach why he did not tell her that Ryan is snooping around and he’s watching him on the surveillance camera.  He tells her he did not tell her because he didn’t want to get her in the middle of his disputes with Ryan.

After hearing Babe’s revelation that she knows Jamie does not intend to marry Amanda, Janet asks Babe what she knows.  Babe tells Janet that she does not exactly have the inside track on Jamie and Amanda.  Janet then informs Babe that Jamie asked Amanda to move in with her.  He declared his love for her.  She asks Babe if that could mean that Jamie is scamming her daughter.  Babe does not divulge what she knows about Jamie’s reasons to live with Amanda and “act” like her boyfriend.

After Amanda has confronted him about his suspicious behavior, Josh tells her he does not want to discuss it.  She has work to do and she needs to go do it.  She leaves and he slips something into the tea that she is taking to Erica.  He then returns to Amanda, apologizes for being harsh with her and sounds like he wants to work with her and not against her.  He suggests that she take the tea to Erica to help her smooth over the issues that they just discussed.  She then goes up the stairs.  Alone, Josh gets on the phone to call his contact about having cameras rolling the minute Erica walks through the door.  Amanda then goes up to Erica’s office while Erica is getting fitted in her dress for her new shooting.  She apologizes to Erica.  Erica sounds gracious.  Amanda asks Erica if she wants some tea for good luck before the show.  Neither of them have a clue what Josh has done to the tea.  Erica then drinks it.

Janet tells Babe she needs to know how Jamie could be so cruel and callous as to scam her daughter.  She concludes that Jamie must still believe that Amanda did all of those “bad things.”  She asks Babe if Jamie does not know that they’ve already found the culprit when Jonathan Lavery was arrested.  He must believe that Amanda is innocent, mustn’t he?  Babe tells Janet she has no clue what is going on with Jamie and Amanda or what to tell her and she has to get her son home but Janet urges Babe not to go.  Bruno moves in and tells Janet she needs to leave Babe alone and let her leave.  Janet is obviously not going to let this go.

JR asks his father if he is expecting him to not trust Babe.  Adam tells his son if Babe is really the woman he loves, now will be his golden opportunity to find out once and for all if she can be trusted.  He tells him he’s giving him the golden key and JR must use it.

Dr. Madden admits to Ryan that he neglected to call the police but knows he was sabotaged when the power went out that night in the clinic.  Ryan tells him if he was sabotaged then they all were.

Zach tells Kendall that Ryan is trying to discredit him.  She asks Zach if Ryan is trying to uncover a “big dark secret” on him.  She reminds him that she never forgave Ethan for lying to her so if he has any secret that she does not know about, she needs to know now.

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