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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/25/06 


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Jamie goes to the New Beginnings Office looking for Amanda.  Josh tells him that she has not shown up for work and might be out of a job.  Jamie then goes to see if he can find any information on Amanda’s desk.

Amanda returns to her mother’s secret room with groceries.  Janet is wearing a disguise and speaking in a Swedish accent.  Amanda pulls the wig off her head and demands to know what is going on.

Ryan goes to visit Jonathan in jail and tells him it’s not cool that this is what he gets for trying to save a truckload of people and he’s going to get him out of there.

David is with Julia.  They are having a meal together.  He asks when he will see her again.  She tells him that she’s not ready to get serious yet.  She’s just getting her life back in order.  She tells him that it’s fun to be with him and sleep with him but he cannot be part of her new life.

Kendall and Zach go to Erica’s office.  She is not happy that they look like a happy couple ready to get married.  Kendall tells her mother that they have something very important to tell her.  Josh interrupts tells Erica that a yacht club that that was supposed to be reserved for a taping they never booked the reservation.  She asks again who screwed up and that once again, there’s a big problem with her broadcasting her show.  Zach tells Erica that she can have her meeting and shooting at his casino but she tells Zach that he has nothing that she could ever want.  Kendall tells her mother that this is not helping anybody.  She then asks them both to sit down so that they can talk.

Jamie tells Josh that he’s not going anywhere until he finds Amanda.  Josh tells Jamie that he does not know when or if she will show up.  He tells Jamie that he gave Amanda too many chances.  She’s screwed up too many times.  She’s used the excuse of having blackouts for failing to do everything she’s had to do on the job.

Amanda asks her mother what this “plan” is that she needs to finish.  Janet speaks with a Swedish accent.  She talks about how she’s going to go after Babe.  Amanda tells her mother she’s already done too much but Janet then speaks in her regular voice and assures her she will not push anybody into ice or suspend them on a hammock.  She just wants to be able to “motivate” Babe Carey.  Amanda tells her mother that she must wait for her dad to get there.  She tells her mother that she has things to do while Janet waits.  Janet asks her daughter why she wants to lock her in this room.  Amanda asks her mother if she understands the seriousness of the crimes she’s committed.  Janet tells her that she must realize that Jonathan Lavery is a serial killer who must pay for his crimes but Amanda tells her that she cannot let her out of this room.  Hearing that, Janet tells her daughter that any time when she leaves her in a room and locks the door, it’s no different than being locked up in a loony bin.  She relives what happened in the past when she was institutionalized.  She then tells her daughter that now is her chance to show her that she loves her by trusting her and not locking her in this room.  Amanda finds herself not knowing what to do.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he keeps seeing some crazy woman wearing many different costumes telling him many crazy things.  He tells Ryan that maybe he sees her.  Ryan asks his brother why he’s saying maybe.  Jonathan explains that it’s possible that he made her up like he made up that he saw Braden.  Ryan tells Jonathan that he must realize that when he did the things he did in the past, he had a tumor, and that’s all over now.  Jonathan protests that it’s not entirely impossible that he’s still doing bad things and if so, he needs to be punished.  Ryan tells him that he’s going to be there for him because he is family.  Jonathan urges Ryan to walk away this time and not cover for him any more.

David is with Julia telling her that she sounded like she thought he was great in bed.  She then tells him that there are some things she needs to do alone.  He asks her if she might need a partner in crime.  She tells him she does not plan on being alone forever.  Hearing that, he asks her if there is somebody else and who he might be.  She does not answer.  He asks her what will happen in the future when she looks back on the day when she kissed off her “soul mate.”  Hearing that, she asks him why he would believe he could be her soul mate.  She tells him they had a really good time together but maybe now is the time to end it.  He then tells her if in the event that a brick falls on her head and hits her really hard and she comes to her senses, she must keep his phone number.

Ryan tells Jonathan he’s suffered enough.  Jonathan asks his brother what about Kendall.  Ryan replies that Kendall has enough to deal with in regard to the baby and everything.  Jonathan asks what could have happened with Dr. Joe Martin and all those people.  They must have really suffered.  He wonders if this woman whom he keeps seeing is really there or a figment of his imagination.  He tells Ryan that Livia is giving him good legal representation.  He has Ryan and Erin and is very lucky.  Livia appears and informs Jonathan that Ryan and Kendall had a meeting scheduled about the baby.  Ryan assures his brother that he is also committed to him but Jonathan tells Ryan that Kendall and the baby should come first in his life.  Ryan tells Jonathan that Kendall is stipulating his parental rights.  Jonathan tells Ryan he’d like to help him with that.  Ryan leaves and Livia talks to Jonathan alone.

Kendall urges her mother to be reasonable to Zach.  Hearing that, Erica tells Zach it was very kind of him to offer his casino for a place to shoot her show.  He tells her he’s watched New Beginnings and admires her strength and talent and believes there is no reason they should not be friends.  She agrees that they should try.  She then asks the two of them what this wonderful news is that they wanted to share.

Janet tells her daughter it’s “tit for tat” and Amanda must hand over the key.  Amanda tells her mother no, and says that it is for her own good.  Janet tells her daughter that it must mean she does not love her.  Amanda asks her mother why her father has not shown up.  She tells her that dad needs to take her home.  She tells her mother that she will be fine.  She got her prescription refilled, and she tells her mother if she loves her, she will not fight her on this.  She will stay there, take the medication and wait until Amanda’s dad comes and gets her.  In front of her daughter, Janet swallows the pills but as soon as Amanda goes out the door, Janet spits them out.

Jonathan tells Livia that she should focus more energy on helping Ryan get his parental rights.  He tells her that she should get Kendall to give Ryan the right to his child because he knows his brother will be a great dad.  Right then, a guard comes and informs Jonathan that a “lady” is there to see him.  Assuming it’s Janet from another planet, he tells him no.  He then notices that it’s Lily.  He apologizes to her for yelling and explains that he thought she was somebody else.  Lily then tells Jonathan that there are some problems in being boyfriend/girlfriend.  They don’t have a chance to go out anymore because he’s stuck in jail.  He then tells her he might be stuck there for a long time, and he might be completely crazy.  Hearing that, she protests that she knows he is not crazy.  He did not do anything bad and she will help him prove that.

Ryan unexpectedly runs into Julia at the Cambias office.  She tells him that there is something she needs to discuss with him.  She tells him that it’s no secret that she’s always wanted children but she has not been able to have them while in witness protection.  She tells him that since he’s having a baby and neither he nor Kendall are sure what to do or if they should even keep the baby, she might have the perfect solution.  He asks her what she has in mind, and she tells him that she would like to adopt his baby.  He asks her if she is really serious.  She admits that she just considered it the previous day, and she’d like to make that offer unless he and Kendall have reconsidered giving their son up for adoption.  She tells him she’s been putting off parenting for a long time.  She admits that from noticing Kendall having a baby, she has seen the miracle of giving life.  She admits that she knows of nobody to procreate with but she thinks she could be a good mother.  She knows that she and Kendall are not the best of friends but there are ways that it could still work out.  She would work out all of his legal rights, and she asks him what he thinks.  He tells her it’s an incredibly generous offer.  He will seriously consider it but right now, his top priority is protecting Kendall and the baby.  She asks him from whom.

Erica is called away and tells Kendall that whatever the news is, it has to wait.  Kendall informs her mother that she’s going to meet with Livia and work out parental rights with Ryan.  Erica is obviously happy to hear that.  Right then, Erica goes on camera.  She talks about New Beginnings raising funds for natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina.  She says she will be hosting a Mardi Gras ball and all proceeds will go to relief efforts.  She gives the number for the Red Cross and displays it on the screen.  She then goes back to Kendall and encourages her to get Ryan into the picture.  Zach stands there realizing that as soon as they drop the bombshell on Erica, she won’t be happy.

Lily tells Jonathan that she doesn’t understand many things because of autism spectrum disorder.  In the past, she hasn’t understood many things about him but she thinks she sees a new person in him.  She knows what it’s like to be seen by others as crazy.  Other kids thought she was crazy because of her disability.  He seems to understand that her disability does not make her crazy.  He then tells Lily that he needs her help with something.  He knows she does not lie, and he tells her about the crazy woman he keeps seeing who wears many costumes whom he is not certain is real.

Janet then talks to her alter ego in the mirror.  The alter tells her that she must realize her daughter does not approve of what she is doing and thinks she’s crazy.  Janet then tells the alter ego to shut up.  She tells her is she does not stop what she’s saying; she will smash the mirror into pieces.  She smashes boxes against the wall and discovers that there is a way to get out of the room.  She then concludes that when one door is locked, another one gets open.

Jonathan tells Lily about the different disguises that the mysterious woman wears.  She asks him if he knows the reason why the woman wears different clothes.  He tells her it must be in order not to be recognized.  Lily then draws a brilliant conclusion that this woman must be real.  She would not wear disguises if she were not real because a make-believe, imaginary person would not worry about being found out.

Amanda tries to get her job back with Josh.  Jamie is again, telling her she needs not beg to Josh.  Then, Janet’s med fall out of Amanda’s purse without Amanda or Jamie knowing but Josh notices and he silently moves it away from their sight with his foot.

Julia tells Ryan he can trust her and she’d like to know about this secret he has.  Kendall walks in and tells them she’d like to know that herself.

Lily then asks Jonathan to think of all the places where he saw the mysterious woman.  She tells him that she needs to thoroughly examine all places, times, pretenses and circumstances involved in each incident where they meet.  He tells her that will be very complicated.  She tells him that she is good at what she does, and she knows how to proceed with her investigation.  He asks her if she will charge him the expensive fees that go along with that.  She tells him he can pay her by taking her out on a real date when he gets out of jail and she leaves to start her investigation.

Outside the office, Josh collects the bottle of meds and puts them in Amanda’s purse.

Erica asks Zach what he wants to discuss in regard to Ryan.  Zach reminds her that he is in love with her daughter, and she is in love with him and that Kendall is carrying Ryan’s baby.

After Kendall has walked in to ask what Julia is discussing with Ryan, Julia goes out the door.  Alone with Ryan, Kendall asks him what is going on.  He does not know what to tell her about his investigation of Zach.  She tells him she can see that he has not slept and has something major on his mind.  He tells her that Livia will be there soon and they can talk to her.  He asks her why she looks so formal and happy.  She informs him that she and Zach are getting remarried.  He tells her she cannot until she “knows for certain.”  Hearing that, she asks him what he is talking about.

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