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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/24/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Ethan, Simone and Ryan are busy at work investigating Zach.  Simone asks Ryan what his findings are.  He tells her that his guess is that Zach is intent to play God with some people whose lives he has a major stake in.  Hearing that, Simone asks him if those people are anybody she knows.  He tells them if Zach is doing what he suspects, then it’s very serious and it’s time to stop him. 

Meanwhile, Zach is in his office observing the three of them on his surveillance camera.  Kendall comes to see him and reveals that he must have some important work he’s burying himself in.  She has no clue, however, what he’s doing.  Hearing that, he only tells her he loves her and asks her why she is not home in bed.  She tells him she loves him too and asks him why he is not home in bed with her.  She tells him she trusts him and does not need him to make money for her.  What, then, is the reason he has to “work” today and not tell her what is going on?

Krystal and Adam are at home sniping and brainstorming ideas about how they’re going to co-own their business.  She wants to call Chandler Enterprises Carey Enterprises.  He tells her no way.  Babe asks them if they are going to behave this way at her and JR’s wedding.  Hearing that, Adam tells Babe there will be snowmen in Hades before her wedding with JR will happen.  He leaves and Babe admits to her mother that she has a “dilemma” involving JR.  Krystal asks her daughter if she’s certain that marrying JR is what she really wants.  Babe admits to her mother that it might not be necessary to “scam” JR after all in order to see her son.

At the scene of the crime, after the people have been rescued from the truck, JR, Jamie and Tad ask Jonathan what he knows about who might be responsible for the five people being kidnapped and locked in the truck, and the other unexplained events where people have been endangered recently.  He tells them that there is this woman who keeps appearing and approaching him wearing all these different costumes and he sees her nearby whenever some unexplained event occurs.  Obviously, they believe that if only Jonathan sees this alleged woman, he must be either making up a story or having delusions.  He protests that he is not crazy or lying, and asks how can he convince them.

Janet is with her daughter making plans for them to go away together after she completes her “project.”  Amanda asks her mother if she plans to leave her father.  Janet tells her daughter that she doesn’t plan to leave him for good.  She just plans on possibly taking a “sabbatical.”  She tells Amanda that she saw her little girl alone, rejected and living in despair and she needs to take care of her, and that is why she has to stay in Pine Valley for the time being.  Amanda protests that she can take care of herself and Janet needs to take care of herself.  She tells Janet she can take her home tonight.  Janet tells her daughter that she needs to stay in Pine Valley.  They have so much to do before “the wedding.”  She then tells Amanda she wants her to see her “project” that is now in progress.

Tad takes JR aside and tells him he needs to back off from Jonathan.  He tells him that he can handle this without JR’s help.  JR tells Tad he doesn’t care if Lavery is in the corner eating his crayons or if he’s completely sane.  It’s obvious that he’s dangerous and needs to be locked up.  He doesn’t care if it’s in a loony bin or a prison.  He gets on his cell phone to call his contact.  Erin and Aidan come and join Jonathan.  He explains to them that “somebody” told him he had to be there in order to rescue people, and if he did not, they would all die.  Erin asks him who this person was who told him that people would die.  Jamie tells Jonathan that that is a good question.  He then asks him if the mysterious woman was a young brunette, about 5’5” and kind of pretty.  Jonathan admits that he could not tell the hair color of the woman because she had many different types of “appearances.”  Tad then asks Jonathan if he knows Amanda Dillon.  Jonathan tells him that he’s doesn’t think so and asks if Amanda Dillon is “bad.”

Amanda goes to see her mother’s secret room with all of her crazy “props” including all the costumes she wears, all the toy people, the toy truck and all the visual aids she uses when she plans each “situation” that has happened.  Amanda observes a truck in oatmeal and asks her mother what is up with that.  Janet then tells her that it is “horrible” and goes on to say that never made Amanda eat oatmeal and how pretty girls don’t have to eat oatmeal.  She tells her that this is her new “plan” and it’s called “naughty Pine Valley.”  Amanda looks at her mother, not amused and fears the worst.

Hearing Babe’s new “plan” to get what she wants without having to scam JR, Krystal asks her daughter just what that plan is.  Babe tells her mother that she knows that her son is her first priority then asks her if it wouldn’t it be easier if JR could just stay human so that she wouldn’t have to divorce him in order to get their son.  Hearing that, Krystal tells her daughter that she does not believe that could happen.  Babe tells her mother she believes that it’s possible that JR can actually become a nice guy who genuinely loves and cares for her again.  She tells her she knows all about the mean and angry behaviors he’s shown but she believes she’s successfully worked on him and enabled the old JR to come back.

Outside the carriage house, Adam is telling Stuart that there’s no way he will allow his son to remarry Babe.  Stuart tells Adam he needs to put aside his spiteful attitude and see that Babe is a good person who loves his son and he loves her.  He tells Adam that it would be nice for little Adam to have his parents back together and that he must remember how happy JR and Babe once were together.  They might be able to teach Adam a thing or two about forgiving.  Hearing that, Adam tells his brother that the mere thought of a wedding between his son and Babe is an abomination.  He won’t let it happen, and Stuart is going to prevent it from happening.

Krystal asks Babe if she is in love with JR.  Babe admits that she’s not going to be gullible again but it’s entirely possible that they could fall in love again.

At the crime scene, JR tells Tad that he cannot absolve Jonathan.  He tells him he saw how what happened on the truck devastated Babe.  He knows if anything had happened to Krystal, it would have shattered Babe.  Erin tells them that Jonathan was just trying to help.  Tad tells her that Jonathan sure has a “habit” of showing up in the nick of time.  JR tells them he’s not going to trust Jonathan.  He’s going to have the cops lock him up.  Jonathan protests that the “person with the balloons” (Janet) told him he had to save those people.  Hearing that, JR sarcastically tells Jonathan that he’s a “wonder freak.”  Tad tells Jonathan and Erin that he believes that maybe Jonathan wants so much to be a hero that he might go out of his way to put people in danger just so that he can save them.

Janet shows Amanda all of her dolls and toys that represent Babe falling down the stairs, both Babe and Adam getting poisoned at Thanksgiving and what a bummer it was that JR was not also hungry that day.  She expresses delight that David Hayward was prepped for open-heart surgery, and Di fell into the ice hole and Kendall was dangled in the hammock on the roof of the Fusion building.  Hearing that, Amanda asks her mother what she has against Kendall and what her reason is to hurt her.  Janet admits nothing whatsoever.

Kendall is with Zach telling him that she had a hard sell with her mother but she finally got her to be on board with their getting married again.  She tells him that Erica has agreed to meet them half way.  They talk about whether Kendall should need Erica’s approval.

At the Cambias offices, Ryan is frustrated.  He is throwing darts and telling Ethan and Simone that he just does not get why it was that Zach was the only person in town who was in full support of Kendall getting pregnant with her own egg.  Why did he marry her and not have any problem with her carrying another man’s baby when that other man happens to be Ryan, whom he hates?  Ethan then answers the phone and asks his contact if they found something.  He then tells Ryan that he believes that Zach caused the blackout the night when Kendall got inseminated.  Ryan concludes that Zach is the reason why Kendall could not carry Greenlee’s baby.

Kendall reflects on that very day, Thanksgiving, where the only thing she had to be grateful for was Zach.  He was there for her when everybody else turned on her.  He interrupts her to tell her that her family should have never turned on her and he will be there every step of the way without question.  He tells her that she could make it a lot easier for him to protect the woman he loves by marrying him.  He wants her to become his wife for real this time.

Ryan concludes to Ethan and Simone that if it were not for Zach, Kendall would be carrying his and Greenlee’s baby and he (Ryan) would still be with his wife.  Ethan concludes that were it not for this, Kendall would not be in this big mess in the first place.  Simone reminds the two men that Kendall made her own decision to carry the baby with her own egg.  Ryan says that were it not for Zach’s doing, she would not have been forced to make that decision in the first place.  Ethan confirms with Ryan that Zach knew that Ryan was alive the whole time when Greenlee and Kendall arranged the surrogacy but he kept Ryan’s secret from them because he wanted them to believe that there’d be no way for anybody to carry Ryan’s baby if the sperm cells died in the power outage at Madden’s clinic.  He does not believe that Ryan’s child deserves to live, and hates Ryan for exposing who he really is.  Ethan wholeheartedly agrees with Ryan’s theory but Simone tells them even if Zach was behind the power outage, he did it because he loved Kendall and wanted to be with the woman he loved.  She tells him that they may see it the way they do but it’s the most romantic thing she’s ever heard.

Zach tells Kendall that he will be there for her and do everything he can to make sure that her life is better, easier, and happier.  He loves her and knows she loves him.  Hearing that, she tells him yes.  She will marry him.

Janet shows Amanda all of her costumes and tells her the theories behind them.  She tells her the roles that all of these “people” can have in order to help her.  She first shows her the wedding veil, telling her she made this one for Amanda.  She tells her that she has many uniforms for “work.”  She shows her the cop and nurse uniforms and Santa Claus suit and how they represent all the people whom Amanda counts on to help her throughout her life.  Amanda interrupts her mother and tells her she doesn’t want to hear anymore and she’s not ok about her mother hurting people.  Janet then protests to her daughter that she had to hurt the family members of JR and Babe.  She also had to throw in some randomly selected people like Opal, Joe and Brooke to throw people off the track.  She has issues with Di, and she has to involve Kendall because Jonathan Lavery might have motive to hurt her so that he would look like the culprit.  Hearing that, Amanda tells her mother that she must realize that Jonathan Lavery did not do anything that he’s now being accused of.  It is her mother who is the criminal.

Jonathan tells Erin and Aidan that it’s possible that he did all these crimes and does not know that he did them.  He suggest that maybe something went wrong during his surgery just like this woman said, and maybe they did not get out all of the bad stuff.  Erin and Aidan tell him that they do not want to abandon him or disbelieve his story about this mysterious woman.  JR then demands to know why the cops have not shown up yet.

Krystal tells Babe she must prepare herself for the possibility that the “good” JR will not come back.

Adam tells Stuart if he refuses to talk JR out of his matrimonial suicide then he (Adam) will have to do what he will have to do.  Stuart protests to Adam that he cannot keep up the very same behavior that drove his son away before.  He tells Adam that when he tried to motivate JR to get rid of Babe by making threats and ultimatums, it only drove JR to be closer to Babe.  He asks his brother if he has not learned from what has already happened.

Krystal tells her daughter that if she allows herself to fall in love with JR, then she is “this close” to having her heart ripped out and roasted on a big black stick.  She tells her she must give it up or her heart will be the least of her worries.

After hearing Simone’s theory about Zach’s romantic sacrifice for Kendall, Ryan asks her what she could call romantic about that.  He also asks her how Zach can win Kendall over when she finds out what he did.  Kendall will never forgive him when she finds out that Zach pulled this little stunt that she knew nothing about.  It cost Kendall her best friend and will ruin her trust in Zach.  Hearing that, Simone admits that it will break Kendall’s heart if she ever finds out.  She tells Ryan that it might be best if Kendall never finds out about it.

At the casino, Kendall and Zach talk about their future plans together and they kiss.

Janet asks Amanda if her own child thinks she’s a criminal.  Why she would not believe that her mother loves her more than anything and that she only does everything she does for her daughter?  She asks Amanda how she could fail to be the perfect mother for her precious baby.  She breaks down crying and tells her daughter she’s a terrible person and she will never forgive herself.  Hearing that, Amanda is overcome with guilt and protests that she knows her mother loves her.  Janet starts freaking out and slapping herself in the face.

Babe assures her mother that she will not fall for any bad things JR does again.  The first sign of any mean streak from him, she will immediately pack up little A and get away from him.  She will not be fooled again.  Krystal reminds her daughter that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The cops come to take Jonathan away.  Erin tells her brother he must not lose hope that everything will be ok.  Aidan assures Jonathan that they are working on a way to get him cleared but he tells them not to worry.  Jail might not be the worst place for him.  At least, that way he knows he cannot hurt anybody.  They take him away.  Jamie then tells his father that Jonathan may be look suspicious but his money is still on Amanda.  He believes there is no way she is completely innocent.

It looks like Janet has successfully manipulated her daughter.  She sobs and freaks out and rants and raves.  Amanda cries and tells her mother that she would never hurt her, rat her out or doubt her love for her.  She tells her mother she’s just concerned about her.  She could not bear the thought of having her locked up for her crimes, and she tells her thank God that nobody has been hurt so far that way she might not get in terrible legal trouble if she got caught.  She asks her if she is still taking her meds and if she needs any refills.  Janet shows her daughter empty bottles.  Amanda then tells her she will go and get her some refills.  She cares about her and wants to help her.  She goes out the door and padlocks it.  Janet’s alter ego in the mirror tells her that she knows Amanda does not trust her and she’s blown it again.  Amanda gets on the phone to call her dad, very worried that her mother has totally lost it.

Alone in his office, Zach burns the schematics that Ryan, Ethan and Simone found in order to find out that he caused the power outage at the fertility clinic.

Ryan concludes to his conspirators that these lies have to stop.  He tells them they must tell Kendall.  She has to find out who Zach really is.  He admits, however, that he might not be able to successfully convince Kendall that the man she loves cannot be trusted.  He tells them he needs to get hard evidence, and then he will go to Kendall and reveal to her what her husband has done.

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