AMC Update Monday 1/23/06

All My Children Update Monday 1/23/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is in Zach’s office with a mysterious document which he is trying to copy. Zach arrives at his office, unlocks it and walks in to an empty office. Ryan has hidden behind a door and is listening to Zach.

At the casino bar, Ethan tells Simone he wants to check on Ryan. Simone tells him he could make it worse. She urges him to let Ryan do what he needs to do.

Erica is on the phone boasting about ratings for “New Beginnings” when Kendall walks in. Kendall asks her why she won’t let her feel what she feels. She says she is happy and she asks her mother to trust her to make the right choices. Erica says she trusts Kendall, but she doesn’t trust Zach. She asks why on earth would she want Kendall with him, especially since she’s pregnant with her ex-lover’s child. Kendall asks if they can stick this fight in a box and forget about it and be a loving mother and daughter. Kendall tells Erica that Zach was the only one there for her when she was in the hospital terrified she was going to miscarry. Erica is stunned and says she didn’t know. She asks Kendall why she didn’t call. Kendall says she would have ended up saying something that made her feel even worse. She asks Erica if she could love her more than she hates Zach. Kendall tells her she needs her. Can she be there for her?

Josh arrives at Chandler mansion to see Babe. He has a large box for her. He says someone at the Pine Cone told him he could find her here. He’s surprised that she’s at Chandler mansion and asks if she’s been suckered by JR. Babe starts to cry and says she can’t talk about this now as her mother is missing. She tells him to take his box and go. Josh says he’s so sorry. He hugs her.

Inside the cargo truck, Joe, Adam, Brooke, Opal and Krystal are looking glum. Jonathan is working to open the truck and JR asks him what he’s doing. Jonathan says he’s helping the people inside, who are sinking in quicksand. Tad puts his ear to the truck and hears his mother yelling. Amanda is watching from a distance and is worried sick that her mother may be involved in this. Joe calls out asking for the rescuers to hurry because they’re in real trouble. The truck sinks further into the quicksand.

In her hiding spot, Janet has a big bowl of oatmeal with a miniature truck inside it. She pushes the truck into the oatmeal. She also has a small figurine which she identifies as Jonathan on the truck. She is enjoying her play when she is interrupted by her alter ego in the mirror. Janet in the mirror tells her she’s going to be a murderer again. Janet says Jonathan is there as the designated savior, or is he going to screw it up again? She thinks that when people find Jonathan there he’ll take the fall and everyone will know Amanda is not responsible. Jamie will realize he wants to marry her. Janet insists her actions are for a higher purpose. They will educate Babe and JR that if they do something terrible something will happen to the ones they love.

Tad, JR, Jamie and Jonathan have a rope tied to the truck. Palmer arrives. JR tells those in the truck to sit tight and not to move or they’re all dead.

Josh tries to comfort a worried Babe. He says all that matters is getting her mom home safe. He says he knows she’s here with JR just to get her son back. Or is she falling for JR? Josh asks her what is it about JR and he’ll back off. Babe admits that she “something” JR. She doesn’t know if there’s a word for it. Josh suggests she’s in love with him again. Babe admits that she cares about JR but she doesn’t understand her feelings. Josh calls JR a blood-sucker, but Babe tells him he doesn’t know he the way she does.

Krystal is praying inside the truck as the rope starts to fray.

Ryan is listening to Zach as Ethan and Simone arrive. Ethan appears to be wondering where Ryan is while Simone makes up a story to get Zach out of there. She says conflict gives her hives and unless they work out the conflict between them she’s afraid she’ll have hives on her wedding day. They invite him to the bar for a drink and Zach goes with them. After they leave, Ryan makes a copy of the document and hides Zach’s file back under his desk. He folds up the document and walks out.

Kendall is dismayed, thinking Erica is refusing to be there for her. Erica says of course she wants to be there, but this is a difficult situation. Kendall asks if it’s because she hates Zach or because she’s pregnant with Ryan’s baby. Erica says it’s not that. She confesses that she was pregnant after Kendall but didn’t carry the baby to term. She tells her the man who created Kendall’s baby is the same one who ended her pregnancy. Kendall is stunned and says “no wonder.” Erica says she doesn’t know why Greg came to Pine Valley. She asks Kendall if she understands why she would like her to change doctors. Kendall says she doesn’t know if she could change at this point but she will think about it. Erica says she’ll try to meet Kendall half way as she is tired of fighting too. Kendall asks what they will talk about. Erica suggests Kendall help her with her Mardi Gras ball. Kendall asks her if she has any idea how much she loves her. Erica hugs Kendall.

JR gets the truck door open and everyone gets out of the truck. Amanda, still standing in the background, finds an earring belonging to her mother. She can’t believe her mother could be responsible for this. Jonathan watches the happy family reunions from the background. Opal and Palmer hug, and Opal happily says she could feel in his hug that he cares. Palmer says yes, he was very worried about Krystal. Opal mentions Del and Palmer calls him her boy toy. Suddenly the truck sinks into the quick sand. Janet is shown pushing the miniature truck all the way into the bowl of oatmeal. Palmer puts his coat around Krystal and JR tells her that Babe was terrified. Jamie asks them if they know who took them but no one saw anything. Opal leaves, saying she has calls to make and boy toys to see. The rest follow behind. Jonathan tells Tad, JR and Jamie they have amazing timing.

Ethan, Simone and Zach are having a drink at the bar. Ethan walks away and Simone asks Zach if it would kill him to love his son. Zach asks her if she’s pregnant. Simone questions his question and Zach says some questions are too rude to be asked. Simone says she didn’t trap Ethan by getting pregnant. Now, would it kill him to love his son. Zach says he can’t help his son. She admits that Ethan loves him and tells him he’s sick. Zach asks her what else she wants to say. Simone tells Zach he does care. Zach returns and leaves with Simone.

Josh tells Babe she needs to play hardball with JR. Just then Krystal arrives home and Babe runs to hug her. Adam tells Babe they were locked in a truck and dumped in quick sand. Krystal says JR helped save them. Babe turns to say I told you so to Josh but he is gone.

Jonathan asks that those rescued be told that he found them first so they know he’s not evil. Tad asks him what he saw when he got here. Jonathan says he saw the truck in the quick sand and heard yelling. He got the rope and the pry bar as he’s thinking quicker now. Jamie asks him how he knew to come here. Jonathan asks why it matters. Jamie and JR grab him and push him to the ground.

Amanda calls Janet and asks that she meet her at the pump house at the lake. Janet says she was on her way to catch a plane but she will come.

Erica shows Kendall the front of the National Intruder which suggests Erica is back on pills. Kendall says someone had to have planted it. Josh is at his Valley Inn room on the phone to the Intruder reporter. He compliments him on the story and says they’ll have to work together again soon.

Zach is watching his surveillance monitors and sees tape of Ryan going into his office followed by him and Ethan and Simone. He watches again as they walk out. He wonders out loud what Ryan was after. Ryan tells Ethan and Simone that only one day of Zach’s calendar was marked – Sept. 20th. Simone mentions the blackout, which makes Ryan realize something.

Babe announces to Krystal and Adam that she and JR are going to get married again.

Jonathan insists he can’t tell how he knew the truck was there. JR and Jamie grab him again and Jonathan reveals that a woman told him to come here and be a hero. Jonathan Tad, JR and Jamie appear confused.

Janet goes to the pump house and finds Amanda. Amanda says a truckload of people were in trapped in a truck. She says she found her mom’s earring near there and asks her if she’s responsible. Janet just snickers and says “of course I was darling.”

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