AMC Update Friday 1/20/06

All My Children Update Friday 1/20/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan, Simone and Ryan are at the casino and Simone suspects something is up. She wonders why Ethan and the “anti-Zach” are here at the same time. It must be a “Zach attack,” she says. She asks Ryan what his excuse is for being here. Ryan says he’s not the “anti-Zach.” He asks them what comes to their mind when he says “pull the plug.” Ethan suggests it means removing someone who is brain dead from life support. Ryan asks them to picture that coming from Zach’s mouth. Ethan suggests Zach may be a mob boss. Ryan says he could think of other theories why Zach would want to pull the plug.

Zach is lying with Kendall in her bed staring at the ceiling. She wakes up and says his “inner thunder” woke her up. She asks him what’s wrong. Zach says he doesn’t need much sleep. Kendall says he is not the man she thought he was. She says he is one of the good guys. He’s the only person who didn’t lecture her about the baby and didn’t ask her why she used her own egg. Zach tells her to stop. Kendall asks what she did now. Zach says his arrogance has blown up in his face. Kendall tells him he’s lied again. He told her he was demon free but he’s clearly not. Zach says he told her he was almost demon free. Kendall tells him he needs to notice his finer qualities.

At Chandler mansion, Babe tells JR that he doesn’t truly know her. Her mother is the only one who knows her deep down, and if she’s gone she’ll be all alone. JR says together they can get through this. Babe tells JR he really is clueless. She says he doesn’t know how low she can still sink.

Tad and Di are at Jamie’s demanding answers from Amanda. He tells her that if there’s something she’s not telling them she needs to spill. Jamie says if Amanda knows something she would tell them. Amanda asks them if they think she’s some nutcase that would make five people disappear.

Opal, Brooke, Adam, Krystal and Joe are still in the back of the cargo truck, which is sinking in quick sand. Opal hears her cell phone ringing in the cab of the truck and they all hear someone else there. They yell at her. Adam asks that if they aren’t getting out at least give them some more of the “goofy gas.” Brooke tells them the noise has stopped and whoever was there is gone.

Janet is in the park dressed like a man carrying balloons. She finds Jonathan, who can’t believe he’s seeing this woman again. He wonders if it’s his imagination. Janet pops one of the balloons and says if she doesn’t exist she could not have done that. She tells Jonathan that he’ll be in a psych ward for life if he doesn’t’ listen to her. Jonathan tells her she’s a strange person trying to make him believe wrong things. Janet says he needs to start following orders or people will die. She says he needs to go to Willow Lake to prevent a real tragedy. It’s life or death, she said.

Inside the truck, Adam suggests negotiating with their kidnapper. The truck sinks some more, scaring them all. Krystal thinks they’re falling into a sinkhole. Brooke says she has felt this before, it’s quicksand. Joe says the less they move the more time they’ll have. Adam says he doesn’t know about the rest of them, but he plans on getting out alive, if only to see to it that JR doesn’t get hooked up with Babe again. Krystal and Opal bicker about Babe and Krystal says Babe is the best thing that’s ever happened to Jamie. Adam asks if she’s admitting that Babe loves Jamie and is deceiving his son.

Amanda is thinking about her mother. Tad tells her that he watched her grow up and knows she got saddled with some bad parenting. Amanda asks if he thinks she’s like her mother. She says there is nothing that connects her to any of this. Jamie asks Tad if he has any proof that Amanda did anything bad. Amanda asks how she would even begin to pull this vanishing act. Tad suggests she used drugs. She has tried to use drugs before on Jamie, he says. He says if she took these people it’s not too late for her to come forward. He urges her to get it off her chest. Amanda asks Jamie to tell them she didn’t do anything. Tad asks Di where this leaves them. Di says it turns them to their original suspect, Jonathan Lavery. Amanda says of course Jonathan did this. How could they suspect anyone else? Tad says he’s grasping at straws. Nothing makes sense. Di says this makes sense to somebody. Jamie says that somebody is crazy. Tad says it has to be someone who is smart and good with details. Amanda thinks about her mother. Tad looks at Amanda and realizes something just clicked with her. He asks her what it is.

JR asks Babe what she’s trying to tell him, that she’s pulling one more con for old-time’s sake? Babe says after all the ugly things he did to her, she wanted to rip his heart out. JR asks her to tell him something he doesn’t know. He says he knows Babe was fiery and she has every right to go ballistic on him. He praises her for her restraint. Babe tells him he’s not getting it. She’s trying to tell him that he was right about her. JR says they are in love and it’s amazing. Babe says she knows he loves her. He’s exactly where she wanted him to be when... She is interrupted by Winefred, who brings little Adam into the room.

Simone tells Ethan he is not the only one with father issues. She talks about her own father and the fact that she gave him too much power over him. She understands his feelings about Zach. Ethan says he has let his father go, but it won’t happen overnight. He suggests they set a wedding date. Simone proposes March 20, the first day of spring. She wants to make sure their wedding day is beautiful and sunny. Ethan says they can go anywhere it’s sunny.

Zach leaves Kendall’s place to go to the casino. Ryan is already in Zach’s office snooping around.

Amanda insists she doesn’t know anything. Tad begs her to reveal anything. It’s his mother and father who are missing. His phone rings.

Babe is holding little Adam and whispering to him that he is her life. She would do anything for him, including lie and cheat. JR gets a call from Tad and says he’s on his way. He tells Babe that Tad got a hit on Joe’s cell phone.

In the truck, Opal says if someone gets out of here alive tell Palmer she loved him till the bitter end. Adam tells Brooke he’s sorry for being a faithless husband. She says they should look at the bright side. If he had done differently JR and Jamie wouldn’t be here. Jonathan finds the truck and pounds on it, asking if anyone is in there. They yell out to him. Jonathan tries to unlock the door but cannot. He runs off. Janet is there watching and calls him an incompetent moron. Now all these people are going to die, she says.

Kendall gets dressed and leaves her home. Ryan is shown going through Zach’s calendar. He asks himself what is so special about one particular day. He finds a hidden file, opens it and examines a chart. Zach is shown arriving at his office.

Babe tells little Adam that his daddy was so sweet today. She was so close to telling him the truth but she couldn’t do it. She says she can’t lose her son or her mother either.

Di is ready to leave Amanda, who asks why she’s now the good guy after what she did to Jamie’s family. Why is that fair. Di says it’s not fair and leaves. Amanda tries to call her mother, who doesn’t answer. She leaves a message for her to call.

Krystal tells Adam that for what it’s worth, he was great in the sack. Adam says she wasn’t so bad herself. Janet hides as Jonathan returns to the truck with a tool to try to pry the door open. Tad, JR and Jamie arrive on the scene. Tad asks Jonathan “what the hell are you doing?”

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