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All My Children Update Thursday 1/19/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Tad and Di go to see Jonathan.  She greets him in a friendly way, gives him a gift and tells him it’s a token of appreciation for his heroic act of saving her life.  He offers to get them both something to drink but right away, they reveal that they have a plan.  Di tells Jonathan that she has tried unsuccessfully to convince Adam Chandler that he (Jonathan) is a good guy.  Adam still believes that Jonathan kidnapped little Adam.  Hearing that, Jonathan tells them that Adam is not a nice man nor is his son.

JR is on the phone demanding that the cops find his father.  Babe is standing by him and tells him they need to come up with another plan to find the missing people.

Meanwhile, in the truck, the gas is affecting everybody’s’ moods.  They are all happy.  Adam is totally out of character, telling Krystal he loves her.  Opal watches with Brooke and Joe and they all seem happy and silly.

Julia goes to see Zach.  She tells him that she has come to get an answer to a simple question.  She asks him if he really wants Kendall’s baby.

After she gets over the shock of Ryan asking her to marry him, Kendall tells him enough of the bad joke.  She’s in no mood for it.  He tells her it’s not a joke.  He’s serious.  She is having his baby.  She tells him that she knows that was just a stunt he pulled and she cannot decide their baby’s fate tonight.  Hearing that, he tells her that he will put it off for now but he wants to know what her plans are with Zach.  He tells her he just wants to know that whatever decisions she makes in regard to the baby are made with him and not with Zach.

Julia tells Zach that she wants him to promise to her that he will not make trouble for Ryan Lavery in regard to the fact that he’s the father of Kendall’s baby.  Zach tells Julia that he does not much care for Lavery but has no intent to make trouble for him and certainly not if it will hinder the baby that Kendall is carrying.

Di tells Jonathan that she wants him to open the present she’s gotten for him.  She tells him it’s an antique kaleidoscope.  She tells him how he can look through it.  Jonathan looks through it and finds it really interesting.  Tad then asks Jonathan if he’s ever met Tad’s ex wife, Brooke English.  Jonathan admits he does not remember meeting Brooke.  Tad tells Jonathan that Brooke is a reporter who might want to interview him about how he saved Di’s life.  Jonathan replies that he was no hero.  He was just in the right place at the right time.  Di then tells Jonathan that she really needs his help because she believes what happened to her was not an accident.  She believes that somebody tried to kill her and she wants to find out what happened.

Janet seems very volatile in telling her daughter she loves her and has done all these things for her.  Hearing that, Amanda asks her mother if she’s been taking her medication.  Janet evades the issue.  She talks about changing her hair color and asks Amanda if she thinks her mother should be a blonde.  Amanda tells her mother that she is beautiful no matter what she does to her hair.  But she needs to talk to her.  Janet hears her “alter” in the mirror telling her that she is a nutcase and her daughter is ashamed of her.

Adam tells Krystal he wants to have a honeymoon with her.  He asks her where she wants him to take her.  Brooke, Opal and Joe are playing cards.  Brooke tells them that if they had to be kidnapped, she believes this is the right way to go.

Babe tells JR she does not believe they are doing this again.  She gets up to go and tells JR she needs to check on little Adam.  He tells her that she need not worry about their son.  There’s an armed guard up there.  If she goes up there, she will only wake little Adam and upset him.  He admits to her that he’s hardly the one to give anybody any advice on positive thinking but she needs to have faith.  Babe is worried that her mom could be hurt.  She reveals to him that Krystal is more than just her mom…she’s her best friend.  Aside from little Adam, Krystal is all that Babe has.  Hearing that, JR tells her that is not true.  She has him.

Janet tells her daughter that this mirror is being a crackpot and will not answer so she wants Amanda to answer “who is the fairest of them all.”  Knowing she must answer, Amanda tells her mother she knows she is but she knows that too many very weird things have happened recently.  Janet then tells her daughter that she must depart but she has a paint-by-numbers set.  Amanda doesn’t seem interested but Janet tells her daughter that what they should do is have a trip to an art museum.  She leaves and Amanda is worried that her mother is really losing it.

Tad attempts to grill Jonathan about whom he might have seen.  Did he see somebody tall or short or male or female?  Hearing that, Jonathan is worried that he is being falsely accused and protests that he saw nobody and Di was already in the ice hole when he came by.  They than agree to leave but Tad tells Jonathan that he must call him if he remembers anything.

Kendall tells Ryan that he must know that she would never make any decision about this baby without telling him.  He tells her that he cannot believe her with the track record he’s remembered about her.  He knows what she did to Greenlee when she promised to stay out of their plans.  He knows about all the stunts she’s pulled throughout the entire time they’ve known each other.  She tells him that was a long time ago, and she was in love with him.  He then tells her that he’s worried that that is the way she pays back people she loves.  She tells him he can trust her with this baby but he tells her that he believes he cannot.

After hearing what Julia is asking for, Zach asks Julia just what role she wants him to play.  She tells him that she wants him to get Kendall to believe that she is her best friend.

Kendall asks Ryan if he does not trust her.  He tells her it’s not that but rather that he knows he has no legal rights to the baby and is at the desperate mercy of whatever she decides to do.  He’s worried that he could lose his child and not be able to do anything about it.  She asks him if he really believes that she would take the baby away from him.

Tad and Di go outside and brainstorm about whether Jonathan knows something or is guilty or not.  They don’t know if he got panicked because he did it or because they’ve falsely accused him.  He tells her that he’s very frustrated to still have no clues about what happened to Krystal, Adam, Brooke, his mother and father.  He asks what he is missing.

In the truck, Joe announces he got a royal flush.  Suddenly, they realize that they have all been gassed.  Joe knows it’s laughing gas.  Knowing that Krystal realizes that she and Adam are both drugged and they do not love each other, Adam asks who is doing this to them.  Joe asks what kind of a maniac has locked them all in a truck and filled it with laughing gas.

Jonathan is alone in the house remembering Janet asking what if they did not remove the tumor and there is still more bad stuff.  Erin returns home with groceries.  He then tells her he has to leave.

Jamie returns home and tells Amanda that his mom, grandfather, grandmother, Krystal and Adam are all missing.  She then tells him that she can make some cookies.  She tells him that is what she does when she’s freaked.  He tells her she need not be “freaked.”  She tells him that when his mom is missing, what hurts him hurts her.  She asks what kind of a crazy person would do such a thing.

Janet’s alter ego talks to in the mirror and tells her that she is a fat pig and should not eat oatmeal.  She tells her she hopes that it has brain food and asks Janet if she’s found out the next piece of the puzzle.  Janet is frustrated and admits she does not know what to do next and she is ready to smash a toy truck.  She notices that the truck looks like it’s fallen down a hill.  This makes her laugh and come up with another plan.

JR tells Babe that they will go back to the island together and have everything the way they’ve always wanted it to be; in love.  He tells her he realizes that she does not trust him.  It will take a while to get back to the way things were.  But she asked him to marry him.  That must mean that she really does love him and wants to trust him.  He tells her that he thinks it’s so great the way she goes out on a limb and puts her heart on the line to love and trust.  He tells her that he wants to give her reason to love and trust him.  He tells her that they will find her mom and her best friend but in the meantime, she has him and will always have him.  Hearing that, she tells him she doesn’t really want to make that type of commitment to him.  He tells her that he is really still there and he knows that she is too.  He asks her to say that she will marry him.

Ryan is lost in thought with his back turned to Kendall.  She asks him to marry her.  He then turns around to face her.  She then remarks that she knows how to get his attention.  He tells her that he was lost in thought with something on his mind.  Zach then enters and asks Ryan what was on his mind.  Ryan tells them he will leave them alone.  Kendall asks Zach how his day was and tells him she knows that he wants to know what Ryan was doing there.  He tells her that it is between her and Ryan.  She informs Zach that Ryan wants to insure his legal rights to the baby and she wants to give him that.

Tad tells Di that he knows that he’s found abandoned shoes many different places.  She concludes that whoever did this did it where they knew they would not get caught.  Tad then tells her that JR is right that the only thing those five people have in common is that they are all his extended family.  She suggests it could be Dr. Madden with his research about Tad’s family.  Tad tells her that his intuitions tell him no.  They then consider David Hayward.

David comes to see Julia.  He tells her he likes her.  She’s mart and funny and sexy and she makes him laugh.  He asks her if she’d like to have one wild, passionate evening together.

Jamie tells Amanda that he appreciates her concern but she seems really wigged out.  She tells him that she cares about what is going on with him.  She wishes he could find a clue about who is behind this.  He tells her that it does not add up in deciphering who would want to kidnap Adam along with his grandpa, grandma, mom and Krystal.  She then agrees that it makes no sense.

Realizing that they’ve all been drugged with laughing gas, Adam accused Krystal of setting the whole thing up and drugging them all.  She asks why he thinks she would do that.  Suddenly they can tell that truck is moving when Janet gets in and drives.  They all pound on the wall and demand to get out.  She sings, “twinkle twinkle little truck, their misfortune’s her good luck.”

Tad tells Di that he has considered David as a suspect.  He knows David hates Adam and does not care for his father but David does love his daughter and would never take her mother from her.  He comes up with a plan about how to find his father.  He gets on the phone to find a way to get a message to Joe.  Di then tells him that they’ve ruled out Jonathan, Dr. Madden and David.  But she asks who would do it.

Zach tells Kendall that he wants to get her off her feet and off to bed.  He carries her into the bedroom.

Erin waits for Ryan to get home and knows that something is up with him.  He asks her where Jonathan went.  She says he went for a walk and seemed very upset.  Erin asks her brother to please tell her what is going on.  He tells her he has a hunch about something and needs to go and check it out.

Zach is with Kendall in her bed and tells her he loves her.  She thanks him for being so good to her and so patient and honest.

David kisses Julia and tells her she “ain’t seen nothing yet.”  She looks like she’s hesitating.  So he goes away telling her he will leave but it’s great seeing her again.  She follows him out the door and tells him he should not go, and that she does not want to be alone.

JR tells Babe that he knows it may sound weird to her but he wants to have a family with her.  He wants little Adam to see them get along.  He’s really psyched about their son having a mom and dad again.  He just hopes that little Adam never remembers all the bad times.  He tells her that he remembers all too well being a child and seeing all the fighting.  He tells her he wants their son to grow up in a normal household.  Babe still looks panicked and upset.  She confesses to JR that she cannot marry him, and she tells him that she cannot let this go on without telling him ‘the truth”.

Tad then goes to Jamie and Amanda’s apartment and tells Amanda that she must tell him what is going on.

Janet drives the truck into the lake with all the people in it.

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