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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/18/06 


Written By Jenn
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Julia goes to Kendall’s telling her she wants to talk about Ryan.  Instantly, Kendall assumes that Julia just wants to make the moves on Ryan and get her out of the picture.

Zach goes to see Ryan at the Cambias office.  Ryan informs Zach that he’s back working for the company.  Ethan made him an offer he could not refuse.  Hearing that, Zach concludes to him that they are “even.”  Ryan has Zach’s son, and Zach now has his.

At Jamie’s, he tears himself from a clingy Amanda.  He tells her that his dad needs him for something, although he will not tell her what.  She asks to go with him.  He informs her that he’s going to the Chandler house, where she knows she’s not exactly welcome.  She’s afraid that his dad doesn’t want her with him.  He tells her he has to leave but she doesn’t want him to go.

At the Chandler house, Babe, JR, Tad, Palmer and Di are all brainstorming about what to do and what could have happened to the five missing people.  Palmer thinks perhaps Adam has kidnapped Krystal to prevent him (Palmer) from marrying her but Tad says that would not account for Brooke, Opal and Joe also being missing.  Babe and JR find it odd that the 5 of them would all choose to be together.  Tad agrees but knows it could not be random that they are all missing for different reasons.  Palmer concludes that whoever would put all of them together would have to be insane.

Janet is humming outside the truck observing them and ready to gas them all.  Inside the truck, they are all panicking.  Opal is worried that they will all die.  Adam tells her she must shut up so that they can all think about how this happened and how to get out.  Krystal suggests it was a practical joke.  Joe suggests ransom.  Adam tells them it’s unlikely to be ransom or they’d have heard some type of negotiation by now.  He tells them that he can do the talking to whomever has kidnapped them.  Krystal tells him if he does that, he will get all of them killed.  They decide Joe is the smartest and best one to negotiate but Adam reminds them all that he negotiates fortunes every day.  They start to smell something odd and Adam realizes that it is gas.  Joe advises them to get on the floor since gases rise.  Adam remains standing as the others lie on the floor.  The gas starts to affect all of their moods.  They all then appear happy and silly from the gas.  Adam is the only one who appears to be immune to the gas.  Hearing them, Janet asks who else would treat their prisoners so well and says that the fun has just begun.

Tad informs the others that he and Aidan are investigating and having security at the airport, on all the highways out of town and at train stations.  He tells them he will call Derek and see if he can canvas the neighborhood.  He informs them all that somebody found three different pairs of shoes at the hospital.  Di concludes that would have to mean that they are all together and kidnapped by the same person.  JR tells them that the Chandler jet is still in the hangar.  Babe finds her mother’s book and is ready to call everybody she knows to ask if they’ve heard anything.  Palmer assumes that Adam has kidnapped Krystal because he’s (Palmer) proposed to her and they’ve threatened to take his business from him.  JR tells Palmer that neither he nor Krystal is a threat to his father and Adam would not waste his time.  Babe is worried that she might never see her mother again.  Hearing that, JR tells her she should not think like that and assures her that her mother will be back driving his father crazy by dinnertime.  Palmer tells them if Adam is behind this he’s going to offer a reward dead or alive and a bonus for Adam dead.  Di tells Palmer it would not make any sense for Adam to kidnap Krystal.  Hearing her speak, Palmer asks what it would take for someone to kidnap her and take her out of her shoes.  Tad asks Palmer to shut up and realize that Di is just trying to help.  JR reminds them that she did not care when his son was taken.  Di protests that she was out of town and did not know that little Adam was missing.  She tells JR he can bark at her all he wants but she’s not going anywhere so he might as well get used to it. 

Amanda does not want Jamie to leave.  She tells him she’s afraid that he will listen to Babe and JR saying terrible things about her.  He tells her he does not care and neither should she.  She seems very insecure about losing him even for a short time. 

Julia tells Kendall that she new Kendall would be on the attack, and that’s why she almost didn’t come there.  She’s concerned about Kendall and the baby and wants Kendall to be stress free.  She also wants Kendall to decide between Ryan and Zach.  Kendall tells her she loves Zach.  Hearing that, Julia then tells her in that case, she needs to get her claws out of Ryan.  Kendall does not want to hear a lecture about Ryan and tells Julia she’s running late and has to get to work.  Julia tells Kendall she knows that Zach and Ryan hate each other.  So if Kendall cares bout the two of them, she needs to do them and herself a favor and not do anything that gives them any more reason to butt heads.  Kendall reminds Julia that the two men have minds of their own and she cannot change what they think and do with each other.

Zach comes to talk to Ryan at Cambias and expresses that he resents the fact that Ryan has a job with his son.  Ryan tells Zach he may “have” Kendall but he will never have Ryan’s son.  Hearing that, Zach asks Ryan why the sudden act of paternal feelings.  He asks Ryan if he’s going to raise his son in his own image, and asks if Kendall knows about that.  Ryan admits that he and Kendall have not decided anything.  Zach tells Ryan that he should give that kid a fighting chance and let him be raised by anybody except Ryan.  Ryan asks Zach where he got his expertise as a father and where he gets off telling Ryan what is best for his child.  Zach asks Ryan where he gets off calling Maria Santos to fight his battles for him.  Hearing that, Ryan is totally baffled and asks what Zach is talking about.  He tells Zach he’s had no contact with Maria.  Right then, Ethan walks in and informs his father that Ryan did not call Maria.  He did.

Tad asks everybody what the five missing people have in common.  Nobody can come up with anything except that Krystal is Babe’s mom and Adam is JR’s dad, Brooke is Jamie’s mom and Opal and Joe are Jamie’s grandparents.  He then concludes it must be ransom.  Between his trust fund, Jamie’s inheritance from Phoebe and Babe’s Fusion shares, that’s a lot of money.  Tad tells JR that he’d agree with that except for one thing; if they wanted ransom, then where is the phone call or note?  If the kidnapper wanted money, then they’d have heard something by now.  Di asks what other kind of motive they would have.  Babe tells them it might be Amanda.  Jamie walks in and asks what they are saying about Amanda. 

Myrtle comes to talk to Amanda.  She seems to know that Amanda needs to talk to somebody.  She knows that Amanda is desperately dependent upon Jamie and he might not return her feelings.  Amanda admits to Myrtle that she feels much despair in regard to her situation with Jamie and she has a real dilemma.  She knows he’s not meeting her needs but he’s been good to her.  Whenever somebody rips into her, Jamie defends her, and he bought her some beautiful earrings for New Years.  She remembers the conversation in the hospital when Myrtle told her she could “change,” so she asks Myrtle how she can become the girl that Jamie loves.

The people in the truck are all feeling the effects of the gas and having fun.  Adam has started to walk around the truck and has moved to the front of the truck where the gas is being pumped in.  He, too, falls prey to the gas.

Jamie asks babe why she would suspect Amanda.  Why would Amanda want to take his mom?  Babe suggests that perhaps Brooke pissed Amanda off by telling the little tramp she did not want her son to marry her.  Jamie and Tad both seriously doubt it’s Amanda.

Myrtle reminds Amanda that she has changed throughout the last six months.  She is no longer desperate enough to drug and scam Jamie into loving her.  Amanda admits she only wants Jamie to love her naturally but she’s worried she’s “not enough” for Jamie.  She dropped out of college and has a gopher job.  She’s never done anything exciting.  Myrtle encourages her to believe that she’s smart and beautiful and funny.  Amanda then concludes that maybe she should be a nurse.  Jamie would love her and they can work together and eat together in the cafeteria for lunch.  Myrtle then tells Amanda she has to relax and just be herself and cannot force Jamie to love her.  If she keeps trying so hard, she’s just going to lose him.  Amanda admits that she wants to spend her life with Jamie.  She loves everything about him but she’s worried that everybody judges her because of her mother.  She asks Myrtle if she thinks she’s just as crazy as “Janet from another planet.”  Outside the door, Janet hears their conversation.

At the Cambias office, Ryan leaves Ethan and Zach alone.  Zach asks Ethan why he’d rehire Ryan.  Ethan reveals to his father that he and Ryan are now friends.  He trusts Ryan and believes he can be a positive addition to his company.

Zach tells Ethan to beware of Ryan Lavery because he will ruin his company.  Ethan seems not to believe what his father says nor does he distrust Ryan.  Zach tells his son that Ryan is using Ethan to get to him (Zach).  Ethan asks Zach why he believes that.  Zach tells his son that he does not want him entangled in his problems with Ryan.  Ethan asks his father if it’s ever occurred to him that when Ryan joins Cambias that Ethan will use Ryan and not the other way around.

Julia goes to Kendall’s to tell her that she wants her to stop interfering in Ryan’s life.  Kendall reminds Julia that she (herself) is carrying Ryan’s baby.  She also tells Julia that she realizes Ryan can do whatever and whomever he wants and that’s his business but she does not believe that Julia will be in any way good for Ryan.  Hearing that, Julia asks Kendall how she can string both Zach and Ryan along.  Does she get off on having two men fighting over her?  Kendall tells Julia that that is not the case but she knows her much better than Ryan does and tells Julia if she cares about Ryan she will leave him alone and get out of his life.  Ryan is outside Kendall’s home and overhears their argument about both of them wanting to protect him from the other.  He enters and tries to resolve the conflict.  Suddenly, Kendall has a pain and is afraid something is going on with the baby.  Julia tells Kendall she can help her because she is a nurse.  Kendall tells Julia she is a bitch and she needs a real doctor.  Ryan tells Kendall she needs to let Julia help her.  Julia asks Kendall what she ate for breakfast today.  At first she tells Julia it’s none of her business but then admits she ate some greasy food.  Julia uses her nurse expertise and tells Kendall all she needs is to take an antacid.  Ryan tells Julia that Kendall means to thank her.  He then tells the two women that he doesn’t want to break up any fun but he has some things to discuss with Kendall.  Julia goes out the door and Kendall continues to tell Ryan that Julia is no good for him and she does not trust her.

Ethan tells Zach that he believes that he has issues about Kendall.  He tells Zach that there is no room for him.  Kendall does not need him nor does anybody in this town.  Hearing that, Zach tells his son that he believes that he says that because he is still not over Kendall

In the truck, the people find a way to occupy their time.  Joe is making shadow puppets on the wall.  Opal wants to give him a manicure.  Krystal and Brooke look like they are getting along and eating together.  Brooke is able to convince Krystal that Adam has a lot of nerve to do the things he’s done.  She tells her all the dastardly deeds he did to Dixie.  They conclude that they have a lot of things in common besides the fact that they were both with Adam and with Tad.

Jamie comes to talk to JR, Babe, Tad and Dixie about the five people missing.  He tells JR that he seriously doubts that Amanda would know how to make them all disappear regardless of JR’s suspicions about her.  Hearing that, JR tells Jamie that he’s making excuses for Amanda and it’s his fault because he trusts and defends “that whack job.”  Tad asks JR to shut up and focus on the fact that people they love are missing.  He’s wasting precious time arguing with Jamie.  He tells them that he does not believe there’s any way that Amanda could have kidnapped all of them all by herself or that she’d have motive to do it.  Di comes out and says this is not the first time something odd has happened in Pine Valley recently.

Brooke tells Krystal all about Adam’s terrible track record with Dixie.  Adam then comes and talks to the two of them about how they have both been married to him and how they might want to both be with him together.  He makes an inference about having two golden canaries in his cage with him.  They ask him if he’s implying that he’d like to have a ménage e trois.

Janet walks into Amanda’s home after hearing her daughter’s conversation with Myrtle about how she is embarrassed by the reputation of “Janet from another planet.” She acts all happy to see Amanda and gives her some earrings that match hers.  Myrtle leaves and Amanda attempts to smooth things over with her mother, telling her that she did not mean what it must have sounded like.  Janet asks her daughter if she is ashamed that Janet overheard what she said but not that she said it.  She asks Amanda if she is really ashamed of her.

At Kendall’s, Ryan asks Kendall if she is feeling better.  Kendall admits she’s fine but has no intention of thanking nurse Julia.  He asks her what their argument was all about.  She tells him that Julia came over to make trouble and she tells Ryan he must realize that Zach is not out to get him.  He asks if they cannot all get along.

Zach tells Ethan that he (Ethan) lost Kendall without his father’s help.  Ethan says that may be the case but he’s not going to let his father destroy Kendall and Ryan and their future the way he attempted to destroy his son.  Zach asks Ethan why he’s suddenly developed this friendship with Ryan.  Ethan tells his father that Ryan at least has the guts to face his past and the mistakes he’s made which is more than Zach has done.

Tad is ready to go and “talk to somebody” who might have something to do with the missing people.  Di says she will go with him.  Palmer says he must go and confirm that some space ship did not take Opal with them, as much as he’d like for that to happen.  Jamie then tells Babe and JR that he does not intend to make excuses for Amanda.  He wants his mom back.  If Amanda is behind what has happened to the missing people, he will be able to get that out of her and get to the bottom of this.  He leaves.  Alone with JR, Babe cries and tells him she’s scared that something could have happened to her mother.  JR assures her that everything will be ok.

It looks like the people are having fun on the truck.  They don’t even notice the rubber gas pipe that Janet has installed to asphyxiate them all.  Adam, Brooke and Krystal joke about having fun together.  Opal notices Joe’s cuticles and remarks how healthy they are.  He tells her he cannot be held responsible for anything as the chief of staff.  He jokes and acts crazy and laughs.  Opal tells them that this situation might prevent Krystal form getting her claws into Palmer, and she thanks the kidnapper, “whoever you are.”

Janet tells her daughter that she heard what she said to Myrtle.  Amanda tells her mother that the stereotypes, gossip and rumors about her mother are not fair to either one of them.  Janet asks her daughter, attempting to sound nice, if she thinks her mother is some lunatic, whack-job, nutcase.  She tells her she hopes she never has to go back to the institution again.  Amanda tells her mother that she was telling Myrtle that JR and Babe judge her unfairly.  She tells her mother she loves her more than anything and wants her to be happy and well.  Janet tells her daughter that she loves her and she hopes that she will never look negatively upon anything she’s done for her, especially “all that she has done for her lately.”  Hearing that, Amanda asks her mother just what she means by “all that she’s done for her lately.”  Janet is ready to distract her daughter by telling her how beautiful she is and is ready to take a picture of her with the lovely earrings.  But Amanda demands to know what she was talking about when she spoke of “all that she has done for her lately.”

In the truck, Opal and Joe are friendly together.  Opal invites Brooke to play poker with them.  Krystal reminds Adam that one of his “golden canaries” has flown the coop.  Adam tells Krystal that he did not want to be married to Brooke or to both of them.  He tells her he only wants to be married to her.  He tells her she’s the only light in his life and he really loves her.  She hears that and does not know what to say.

At the penthouse, Tad and Di knock on Ryan’s door and ask if Jonathan is home.  Jonathan comes to the door and asks them what they want.

Ethan tells Zach that they are not making any progress.  They are right back to where they always were.  He tells his father that Ryan is a good man.  He will be a better father to Kendall’s baby than Zach could ever be.  So he asks his father why he does not just go back to Vegas…just walk away.  Zach tells his son he does not intend to do that.  Ethan tells his father that’s too bad because there’s nothing for him here and he tells him he can show himself out.

Kendall tells Ryan that they really have nothing to talk about.  What is done is done.  But he tells her that it is very important that they talk.  He tells her that they have to have a stable future for this baby.  She doesn’t want to talk to him about that and assumes he has something to tell her that she does not want to hear.  However, he tells her something that she’d never expect to hear.  He tells her he wants her to marry him.

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