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Written By Jenn
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Ryan is ready to start work at Fusion.  He asks the secretary to bring him up to speed.  Julia comes to see him and tells him he might be taking on a lot more than Cambias Industries.  She tells him he might be in danger.  Hearing that, he assumes she must be talking about Zach.

Meanwhile, Zach brings Kendall breakfast in bed.

Tad comes to see Di when she’s ready to leave the hospital.  She tells him that she quite honestly did not expect him to come back, and asks him why he did.

Babe and JR have to rush back from their vacation after being told that Krystal and Adam are both missing.  Neither can figure out what is going on and what the deal is with all the shoes laying around.

Right then, Janet is sitting on a park bench.  Her “alter” in the mirror tells her she needs to think about the “sardines packed in the tin can.”  She tells her alter that she plans to be dealing with her “cargo” today.  The alter ego asks her what is going on in that crackpot brain of hers.  She tells her that she will create a cliffhanger that will blow everybody’s mind.

Babe gets on the phone to call the police.  JR tells her that there is no way she can involve Derek and his boys in this.  She tells him that that makes no sense unless he has a better idea.  He tells her he believes that her mother must have set this whole thing up in order to drain the Chandler piggy bank and he tells her she’s going to pay for this.

Adam wakes up in the back of the truck, and notices Brooke lying next to him.  She awakens.  They wonder where they are and why they are there.  Joe and Opal awaken and notice their shoes are gone.  Krystal then awakens.  Opal sees Krystal and demands she hand over her shoes.  Krystal tells her she does not have her shoes.  Adam observes that none of them have their shoes.  Krystal tells them the missing shoes are the least of their worries.  They all wonder how they’re going to get out.  Krystal tells them she believes that Adam and his goons have set this whole thing up.  She tells him that nobody is laughing so he must tell his goons to let them out.

Di tells Tad that she knows everybody says things that they want to take back later but he tells her he meant everything he said.  He has feelings for her, and he wants her to hold him to that.  She tells him once again she has to push through the crowd of her fans or friends or people who are fighting for the chance to bring her home.  She obviously means that sarcastically and believes that nobody cares about her.  He reminds her that JR also came to see her.  He also tells her that he wants to make it work with her.

Kendall discovers that Ryan is going to take over Cambias, and Zach no longer wants to stay home with her.  He’s ready to leave.  She tells him she knows he’s ready to go after Ryan as he will not let Ryan have any opportunities with Cambias. 

Julia tells Ryan that he needs to beware of Zach.  She tells him that Zach hates the fact that he is there when Zach is trying to help Kendall with the pregnancy.  Ryan tells Julia that he’s not going to be a coward and hide from Zach.

Jonathan and Erin enter Ryan’s house.  Erin senses that something is wrong with Jonathan and asks him what it is.  Remembering being in Ryan’s house in the past, Jonathan tells her he remembers all the horrible things he did.  She tells him he mustn’t think about that.  She tells him that she is going back to the car to get their things and will be right back.  Alone in Ryan’s house, Jonathan walks around.  There is a knock at the door.  He assumes it is Erin but it is Janet dressed like a cop.  She tells him she “wants him.”  She asks his name.  Then she removes her shades to reveal to him who she is.

In the truck, everybody is blaming Adam for what has happened.  He asks them why he’d drug himself and take his own shoes.  Joe realizes he has a point.  Brooke then discovers that somebody left a care package so that they don’t all starve.  She notices crackers and cookies and whiz cheese.  There’s some stuff to drink and trail mix and comic books.  Adam asks who has a cell phone.  Joe notices he does not have his.  Krystal remembers that she was talking on hers when she got snatched.  They realize they are all without their cell phones.  Brooke then suggests that together they can hopefully make enough noise for somebody to hear them but it doesn’t work.

Jonathan asks Janet whom she is and why she is following him.  She tells him that she is always just herself but she cannot control what goes on in that mind of his.  She tells him maybe she’s just a figment of his imagination.  She’s his imaginary friend.  He tells her that she is not his friend, and he knows she is very real.  She asks him why he doesn’t want an imaginary friend.  She tells him it can be fun.  He tells her that he used to do bad things, and then had surgery and the doctors took the bad things out.  Hearing that, she asks him what if the doctors did not take enough bad things out.  That, she tells him, would explain everything, wouldn’t it?

Kendall explains to Zach that Ryan is sticking around to be there for her and the baby and he’s alone except for that.  He asks her if Jonathan is not enough companionship for Ryan.  She explains to him that Ryan offered his Cambias shares to Bianca and Miranda and maybe Bianca wants him back.  He tells her that is not the point.  He doesn’t want Ryan there.

Ryan asks Julia why she never sleeps.  She tells him that sleeping is a bad habit and she gave that up a long time ago.  She explains to him that there is somebody after her also and she might not be around much longer.

Del comes to see Di.  He notices Tad there and asks if he knows how or why Opal has just disappeared.  He assumes Tad had something to do with it.  Tad asks Del why he would be spending time with his mother.  Tad lays down the law to Del, telling him he’s going to leave him and Di and Opal alone and he’s not going to weasel any money from them again.

In Ryan’s home, alone with Jonathan, Janet asks Jonathan where he’s been the last 24 hours and what has been going on in his brain.  She asks him if he’s been around a truck.  He tells her he hasn’t had anything to do with a truck but she shows him the picture she just took of him near a truck and calls him a liar.

Krystal, Opal and Brooke are ready to eat the food that their captor has given them but Adam is afraid it’s drugged.  Krystal drinks the juice.  Brooke asks what the “common denominator” is.  Why all of them?  Adam tells them that he believes that Babe and Krystal are behind this because they want to take him to the cleaners but Brooke reminds him that he’s not the only one there.  They are all there as well.  Krystal protests that her daughter does not have a criminal mind.

At the Chandler house, Babe and JR discover that neither Krystal nor Adam set this up.  They have both been kidnapped.

Janet sarcastically tells Jonathan that she knows that he believes he’s a saint, a “man among men.”  She knows he doesn’t want his imaginary friends to know this but she knows where he “has them stashed.”

JR asks Babe who would want to take not only his dad but Krystal also.  What would their motive be?  She tells him she’s very worried about her mom being hurt.  He assures her that nobody will be hurt.  Right then, there is a knock on the door.  It’s Tad and Di.  She tells JR that it meant so much to her that he went to visit her in the hospital.  JR coldly tells Di that he does not care about her, and that in fact he was hoping that she was going to die.  Tad and Babe tell JR he cannot be so hateful.  Babe tells Tad and Di that they must help her find her momma.

All of the captured people are brainstorming as to who would want to take all of them.  They consider Erica.  Opal tells them that she is the only one among them whom Erica cares about.  Nobody believes it’s Erica.  They then consider Billy Clyde.  Opal says it could be Petey who wants to get money from her.  Adam informs Opal that Palmer just proposed to Krystal.  Hearing that, Krystal remembers that Palmer is not with them and night have motive.

Jonathan observes Janet and tells her that he knows there is something wrong with her, and again protests that he is innocent.  She tells him that she sure would not want to burden his poor brother and sister.  God knows they already have their hands full with taking care of him.  She then asks him to confess.  She tells him she doesn’t want him to make her get out the rubber hose and stun gun.  She asks him what he plans to do with the bodies.

Ryan asks Julia what is up with her.  She tells him that when she was in the witness protection program, she knew that Garrett was nearby so she lost herself and kept to herself.  He tells her if she is having nightmares, it helps not to be alone.  She then breaks down crying remembering when she fired the gun.  He puts his arms around her.

Kendall tells Zach that whatever is going on with Cambias and Ryan has nothing to do with them.  She asks him to just focus on the life they can have together.  She tells him they are finally together and in love and nothing and nobody can get in their way.  She tells him that she went to see Ryan last night, revealing that Ryan plans to move back into his old house.  She admits that it was the first night he spent there after losing Greenlee and she felt really bad for him.  Zach is clearly not ok when hearing her concerns about Ryan.  He then gets a call and goes into the other room and ignores Kendall.  It sounds like he has a private contact and he’s ready to run Ryan out of his company.

Ryan tells Julia that his dad was responsible for getting into his head and keeping him awake all night.  He understands what she’s going through, and he tells her if she needs him, she must contact him.  He then gets a call and she leaves.  It looks like Ryan and Julia might really hook up.

Zach is ready to leave although Kendall wants him to stay.  She asks him what he plans to do to Ryan in order to prevent him from taking over Cambias.

JR tells Babe, Tad and Di that he only cares about his father.  She asks him what his problem is and she inquires why she would have agreed to marry him.  Hearing that, Tad asks them if he heard that right.  They look at the telegram that Winifred got and Tad tries to decipher it.  Palmer enters, and Tad informs him that Adam and Krystal and are both missing.  Palmer remembers that he heard that Opal was also missing.  He wonders if Opal ran off with Adam and he chuckles.

In the truck, Opal is ready to physically attack Krystal for “going after” her ex husband.  Krystal asks Opal of she is after Adam.  Suddenly, they hear somebody outside the truck.  It’s only Janet.  The sign on the big truck says Mirror Mirror.  She tells them that that she will not let JR and Babe get away with hurting her daughter.  She’s doing this as a mother and for mothers everywhere.  She is holding a rubber hose in her hands.

Kendall then opens her door to see Julia.  They do not look happy to see each other.

Ryan turns to see Zach at the door of Cambias.  They do not look happy to see each other.

After Jonathan has been “visited” by Janet, he sits alone in thought for a while.  Erin comes back and he tells her he’s worried that perhaps the doctors did not remove all of the bad things but she assures him that it’s all gone and he has nothing to worry about.  Jonathan then seems to realize she’s right.

When Tad is with JR, Babe, Di and Palmer, he gets a call from Jamie.  He asks his son to see if he can help him find Krystal, Adam and Opal.  Jamie informs his father that Brooke also is missing.  At that point, they all know that “something” is up.

Right then, Janet is ready to do something terrible to her captives with the rubber hose.

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