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All My Children Update Monday 1/16/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is at Ryan’s and is planning on spending the evening there. She suggests he order some food and that they watch a funny movie. While she goes into the kitchen, the doorbell rings. It is Julia wanting to take Ryan out on the town. She says she won’t take no for an answer. Kendall returns to the room and Julia realizes this is bad timing. Ryan suggests she come back another time. Julia leaves and Kendall begs Ryan to tell her he just feels sorry for her. She calls Julia a total loser who has a lot of baggage. Ryan says he has agreed not to talk against Zach so she must do the same toward Julia. Besides, they’re just friends, he says. Julia gets him. Kendall calls that disgusting. Ryan says this discussion is over. Kendall gets upset and says she can see he’s moving on just fine on his own. She walks out.

Zach is talking to Anita at the hospital looking for some information about Kendall’s condition. Anita tells him she’ll put him in touch with someone on the obstetrics floor.

At the hospital, Tad is visiting Di. She says there is something she has wanted to tell him for a while. She says she doesn’t expect him to forgive her. Tad responds by laughing. Di isn’t happy that he’s laughing in her face and tells him to bug off. She wonders what’s so funny. Tad asks if she thinks he could fall in love with her if he hasn’t forgiven her. Di says she doesn’t think that he could. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have a crazy, reckless love affair.

Erica tells network executive Jesse Johnson that she must have misunderstood him. He has just told her that Josh will be her co-host and calls it a genius move. Erica asks him if he’s lost his mind. Jesse says it would be a ratings blockbuster. Erica says she’s not interested in adding a co-host. Josh thanks Jesse but declines his offer. Josh asks Jesse if he realizes who Erica is. Jesse tells Josh he doesn’t know who he’s talking to. Josh says Erica’s name alone draws millions of viewers. He asks why they would insult her but saddling her with an Ed McMahan. Jesse agrees he would not insult an American icon. He walks out, barking at Josh to never speak to a network executive again like that. After he leaves, Erica asks Josh if he sees the knife in her back.

JR and Babe are at the beach on their vacation. JR is stunned that Babe has just suggested they get married. He says he didn’t know having sex with her would come with such a high price tag. He says he doesn’t think this was a spur of the moment proposal. He thinks she’s been working up to this. She suggests they press the rewind button and delete the proposal.

Marian goes to Chandler mansion and tells Palmer and Krystal that Opal is missing. Palmer seems unconcerned and says he’ll have one less check to right. He tells Marian that he doesn’t care where Opal is. Marian says if she turns up dead she’ll remind him of what he said.

Janet is in the cargo truck with her unconscious hostages. She tells herself a mother’s work is never done.

There is another knock on Ryan’s door. It is Julia, who tells him she waited for Kendall to leave. She apologizes for barging in. She says she would never intentionally interrupt an evening between him and the mother of his child. Ryan says he doesn’t mind that she and Kendall hate each other as long as he doesn’t have to choose between them.

On the beach, a reggae musician appears and JR and Babe start doing the limbo while holding a tree branch. They talk about good times past. JR tells her they should just do it. They could get married tonight.

Josh tells Erica he doesn’t know what else he could do to show her he’s on her side. She questions his even talking to the network executive along with other things that have happened, such as her being driven to the wrong place. Josh says he takes full responsibility for that and will resign if she wants him to. He asks just one thing. He wonders if her hatred toward his father and spilled over on him.

Palmer asks Krystal to consider his proposal. Marian can’t believe Palmer asked Krystal to marry him. Palmer tells Krystal he has much more than Adam. He tells her he will return. Marian tells Krystal to get her act together and leaves. Krystal looks outside and sees Adam’s shoes on the front doorstep. She calls out for Adam.

Kendall goes to Zach’s place and rants about Ryan and Julia. She says she can’t understand how he could put up with that woman. Zach stops her from talking and kisses her. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, where he kisses her hand. She starts unbuttoning his shirt but he stops her. They kiss.

Julia asks Ryan if they can just sit and talk about unimportant things. She suggests folk music. After chatting a bit, Ryan asks her if she thinks he should change everything and start fresh. Julia says she doesn’t believe in changing things or people. Ryan thanks Julia for sticking around after Kendall left. Julia leaves.

Tad tells Di that she is right about one thing. She’s right about his feelings for her. He says they have nothing to do with Dixie. Di tells him he can’t stand it that he has feelings for her. Tad says for some reason he can’t comprehend he wants her in his life. He kisses her.

Tad leaves the room and runs into Anita, who asks him if he has seen his father. Tad has not. Anita says she’ll continue looking for him.

Erica tells Josh that she can’t understand how he could associate her animosity toward his father with her working relationship with him. They’re totally unrelated. Josh says he would like to believe that, but his father did say he would try to sabotage their relationship. Josh says it drives his father crazy that he works with Erica. Erica says his father hasn’t come to him with any scary warnings. Josh says his father can’t be trusted. Erica tells him he’s been a first-rate producer but she expects him to remedy these issues. She says with him behind the scenes and her in front of the camera, she’ll be the top-rated show on TV.

Zach and Kendall are cuddling. Kendall tells him this is so nice. She asks if he’s sure he doesn’t mind that they can’t make love. Zach says holding her in his arms like this is perfect. They kiss.

Babe and JR are kissing when a frantic Winefred runs to them with a note saying that Adam and Krystal are missing.

Janet sings as she pushes an unconscious Krystal into the cargo truck and locks the cargo door.

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