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All My Children Update Friday 1/13/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda is at New Beginnings playing around with a video camera. She’s running tape while acting like she’s doing her own show. She says on the video that she will be 100 percent Amanda Dillon. Jamie listens and walks in on her. He kisses her. Josh is watching the video from the next room. He comments that the scapegoat is screwing up once again and he’s one step closer to taking down Erica.

Erica is at the hospital telling Jack and Tad how she knows Greg. She says Greg terminated her pregnancy when she was married to Jeff. Jack thinks it’s odd that he terminated Erica’s pregnancy but made Kendall’s pregnancy possible. Erica says she doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence but rather is part of a sick plan.

Ryan has his suitcase and is back at the home he shared with Greenlee. He is reluctant to go in, but unlocks the door and walks inside. Kendall arrives soon and says his message said he would be here. She asks him if he’s really moving back in. There’s a lot of Greenlee here. Ryan says he sees Greenlee everywhere.

Adam is on the phone to JR trying to talk him into coming home. He tells JR that Babe is setting him up and he’s giving her a golden opportunity to hook him and reel him in. JR, who is lying on the beach, sees Babe and tells his father he is exactly where he wants to be and he’s staying. He hangs up the phone and tries to kiss Babe. Babe wants him to apologize first. JR asks for what. She says for being obnoxious when he woke up. JR asks what will he get in return. Babe reminds him the last time he apologized they had sex. JR apologizes again and again, even standing up and shouting that he’s sorry.

Jonathan walks out of the hospital and sees a large truck parked nearby. Janet appears and taunts him about his secret. Jonathan says he didn’t do anything. Janet says he did a whole lot of nothing to a whole lot of people. Jonathan says he didn’t push the woman in the ice hole. Di says that’s old news. She’s talking about everyone else. She promises she won’t say a word. She gets out her cell phone and takes his picture, telling him she wants it for posterity. She tells him he’s her new friend and she has pictures of all her new friends. Jonathan says he’s leaving now and walks away. Janet looks at the truck, which as a mirrored side, and sees her alter ego in the reflection. She tells the Janet in the mirror that Jonathan is a youthful accessory. Janet in the mirror tells her that using Jonathan is a mistake because he’s not all there. Janet says Jonathan will take the heat off Amanda. HE will give up his future for Amanda’s future.

Jack asks Erica how Greg responded to her. Erica says he didn’t incriminate himself. Tad says ethically Greg is on shaky ground. Jack says they have nothing on him legally. Tad says they have one slick, smarmy doctor.

Josh is still watching Amanda and Jamie kiss until Amanda turns off the camera. She tells Jamie she’s not after Paris Hilton’s Internet video rap. She tells him that the camera was here and she wanted to make a tape for him. Jamie tells her she looks extremely hot. Josh walks in and tells Amanda that it’s a good thing she got a rich boyfriend as he just cost her her job.

Adam tries again to call JR but JR doesn’t answer. Krystal walks in and tells Adam not to make her call the man with the nets. Adam tells her there’s no way she’ll ever get him declared incompetent or take control of his assets and there’s no way JR is going to hook up with Babe again. Krystal tells him they are hooking up as they speak and another round of “I do’s” are not far off.

Babe tells JR his apology is accepted. He asks “your place or mine.” Babe tells him he first has to help her set up a tent. He takes the tent and tells her to read him the directions, which she does extremely fast. He pulls the tent out of the bag, lays on it and tells her he’s done. She walks over to him to help. He says there are so many more things they could be doing. Babe says they’ll put this together if it’s the last thing they do. He says it won’t be the last thing they do.

Ryan tells Kendall he knows this isn’t Greenlee but is just her stuff. Kendall says she still wants to call Greenlee sometimes but she knows she doesn’t want to hear from her. Kendall sits down and blurts out that she’s having this baby without him.

Krystal sits down and Adam offers to give her some tea. He pours a cup but appears to be boiling hot and Krystal refuses it. She says it’s too early for payback poisoning. She stands up and a sandbag promptly falls just from the ceiling just where she was sitting. She tells Adam that’s not funny and calls him crazy. Adam tells her she’s playing hardball with a pro and this is only a taste. Krystal says he’s not going to scare him off and tells him to bring it on. She says she put together a will which says in the event of her death the cops will be right on him. Then Babe would get her half of Chandler Enterprises. She says the Carey women will win one way or the other. She walks out and Adam kicks over a chair.

Ryan asks Kendall if Zach got to her. Kendall says this is her decision. She says she got inseminated without his knowledge or consent. Ryan says she’s carrying his child. She says once the child is born they can decide what to do. This way they’re both free to do what they want to do. Ryan asks her to say what she means. She says she’s sure Greenlee has mellowed and softened toward him. He says Greenlee didn’t just leave him. She left her as well. Kendall urges him to go find Greenlee. Ryan says Greenlee doesn’t want him in her life. Kendall says maybe she’s waiting for him to track her down. Ryan says he would track her down but he feels responsible and cares about Kendall. Kendall asks if he thinks he needs to protect him from Zach. Ryan says damn right he does. He accuses Kendall of wanting him out of the way so he doesn’t go after Zach. Ryan says Zach hurts everyone he gets close to. Kendall tells him he has no right to point fingers. Ryan says Zach won’t love her child. Kendall tells him for the first time in ages she’s happy and Zach is the reason. Ryan tells her she’s kidding herself and asks why she’s falling for this romantic fantasy thing. Kendall reminds Ryan of how she tried to keep him from being with Greenlee. She realizes she cost them a lot of time together. She urges Ryan to give her this time with Zach and let her take this risk.

JR and Babe have the tent up and are lying under it. JR asks if she feels protected. Babe says she feels something more than that. They kiss and the tent falls down on them. They playfully roll around in the collapsed tent and continue kissing.

Amanda asks Josh what she did that was so terrible. Josh says he doesn’t like the go-fers doing their boyfriends in the boss’s office. Amanda says they weren’t going at him. She asks Jamie to leave the room. Jamie urges her to quit and leaves her alone with him. Amanda tells Josh that he knows how much this job means to her. She pleads for another chance and promises to be the best employee ever. Josh says he’ll agree, against his better judgment. He asks her where Erica is, telling her she was supposed to call her to tell her about the arrival of the network executive. Amanda says she doesn’t remember that. Josh says he told her just an hour ago and is upset, saying it’s happening again. He tells her to forget it and picks up the phone. Amanda walks out, asking if she’s still on the payroll. He tells her yes, but just barely.

Erica tells Tad and Jack that it makes her shudder to think of Greg near Kendall and her baby. Jack says he’ll handle Madden. Just then Greg walks in. Jack tells him he heard he’s in love with his wife. Greg says he’s sure he’s not the first man to love Erica from afar. Erica tells Greg to stay away from her. Greg brings up his son and tells Erica he has a few things to say about him.

Josh is watching the video of Amanda and Jamie kissing and says to himself this will come in handy during an emergency.

Amanda tells Jamie she’s scared – of herself. Jamie quizzes her about the blackouts. Amanda says the last one she had was January 6. She found herself in the park without her coat. Jamie says Di went under the ice on the 6th. Josh walks out of Erica’s office and Amanda tells him Jamie is just leaving. Josh urges Amanda to go home and rest and tells her she’s still employed. As Jamie and Amanda walk out, Amanda tells him she didn’t push Di into the hole in the ice.

Janet is inside the large truck and says she will make sure Amanda gets everything she wants.

Ryan tells Kendall she’s not making any sense. Kendall says Zach is a good man and Ryan cannot get involved in her relationship with him. Ryan says he wants the best for her and her baby. Kendall tells him he’s going to stay out of it. He has to accept it or go away. Ryan agrees and says he won’t get in her way. Kendall sits down on the couch and sees a scarf of hers that she says Greenlee stole from their office. Ryan says Greenlee always wore the scarf around the house. Kendall says she never wore it around her. Kendall says she misses Greenlee so much it hurts. Ryan puts his arm around her and kisses her face.

Krystal is looking around for Adam but can’t find him. Adam’s shoes are outside the front door. The doorbell rings and Palmer arrives. He urges Krystal to divorce Adam. He can handle everything. He tells Krystal she can live with him and they can travel. He says if she gets rid of the old goat they can make it legal. She would be Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt. Palmer asks him to marry him and the world will be hers.

Adam is tossed to the ground. Standing over him is Janet. Janet in the mirror asks Janet why she’s bagging Adam. Janet says JR threw Amanda out of his house and the sins of the son fall on the father. Janet in the mirror informs her that she has that turned around.

Kendall tells Ryan she’s glad they got things settled. Ryan says Erin and Jonathan are moving in tomorrow. He wanted a night here alone first. Kendall tells him she can stay if he wants. Ryan says that would be nice.

Tad is sitting alone at the hospital thinking about all the information he has learned about Greg Madden. After thinking back to Greg’s comment about Erica needing to know something about his son, something occurs to Tad. Tad says it can’t be, it’s impossible.

Erica returns to her office and finds Josh talking to Jesse, the network executive. Jesse tells her that it was a good thing she was late as it gave him an opportunity to talk to her new co-host. Erica appears surprised.

JR and Babe are still kissing on the beach. Babe tells him this is how she remembers them before the complications. She asks JR if he’s happy and he says yes, he’s very happy. They kiss again. “Marry me, JR,” Babe tells him.

Janet puts Adam onto a lift and rolls him into the freight area of the large truck. Inside are Joe, Brooke and Opal, all unconscious. She puts Adam next to them.

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