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Babe and JR awaken at their private hideaway.  She tells him that it’s a great day to be in paradise.  He asks her if that’s where they are.  He tells her that one of them needs to come back to reality and if she thinks this is going to work, she’s dreaming.

Erin and Aidan go the hospital talking about their tastes and preferences in fishing practices, food, vegetarianism and where she wants to go for dinner.  After he’s asked her, she tells him that in a short time, Jonathan’s life skills class will be over and they can decide then

Julia is talking to Jonathan and Lily about how people’s body language can communicate whether or not somebody has boundaries.  Hearing that, Lily asks her how she can communicate with body language to boys that she does not want to have sex.

When Kendall is ready to get out of the hospital, Zach brings her a white rose.  They rehash what he’s done throughout their relationship and in regard to the last time she was in the hospital.  He tells her that the one thing he did not do in the past that he needs to do now is tell her that he loves her.  She tells him that she knows and returns his feelings but she also heard Dr. Madden informing them that they cannot make love.  She asks him where that leaves them.

Lily tells the group that she has autism spectrum disorder and that is why she does not like to be touched.  So she needs to communicate that to other people.  She tells the group that she sometimes touches people but not often.  She gives her dad a hug, and she kissed and held hands with her ex boyfriend, Sam but Sam crossed the boundary line with her by using his tongue when kissing her and unbuttoning her blouse.  She admits that people might think she’s weird.  Jonathan tells her that there is nothing weird about not wanting to have sex and not doing what a guy wants until she is ready.  Julia also tells Lily that many girls want to wait until they get married to have sex.  Lily tells them that she’s afraid that she may never get married with the boundaries she has.  Jonathan explains to Lily that he’s had sex before but realizes that it is not the most important thing in a relationship.

Erin and Aidan are outside waiting for Jonathan talking about her limitations with “dating,” sex and being a “couple.”  After hearing that Aidan is a little surprised, she asks him if he still wants to have dinner with her or if he believes it’s a waste of time.

Kendall tells Zach that throughout the pregnancy, she has not known what to do.  However, after she’s been afraid that she could miscarry, she knows she must now carry it to term, and she cannot jeopardize that in any way; that includes having sex with him.  She assumes he will be very disappointed and not want to be with her if he cannot sleep with her but he tells her that they have already made love in other ways.

Ryan goes to tell Ethan that he plans to stick around for Kendall throughout the pregnancy although she is married to Zach.  Ethan admits to Ryan that he believes that Zach is scamming Kendall.  Ryan admits that in spite of whatever charms the SOB has he will break Kendall’s heart.  Ryan tells Ethan that he’s afraid that Zach is provoking him, hoping to press his buttons to see if he will do something dangerous.  He tells Ethan that if Zach does anything to hurt Kendall, he will wish he hadn’t.  Ethan tells Ryan that they can team up to make anybody who messes with them sorry.

JR tells Babe that he remembers her telling him that not long ago she asked him why they cannot date and be like a normal couple but he reminds her that they have not just had a normal relationship when they have to deal with stolen babies and people getting drugged and sleeping with other people and what not.  He demands to know what the hell they are doing there.  She replies by telling him that he’s about to find out.  He asks her what kind of trick she’s going to pull.  Is she going to take little Adam from him?  She tells him what she’s going to do is book her own room.  She asks if he hates himself enough to believe that he deserves to have her take their son.  She tells him that he doesn’t seem to care that he’s hurt her feelings by distrusting her and always assuming the worst.  She asks him if he knows what she’s gone through recently; being pushed down a flight of stairs, drugged, set up, accused of sleeping with another guy by him, and having Little A kidnapped.  He protests that that tore his heart apart.  Hearing that, she tells him that once again there’s only one person whose feelings he cares about.  Nobody else matters to him.  He makes sarcastic comments to her.  She tells him that she’s not going to listen to his hostility anymore.  She’s going to take Little A and go on the beach with him alone.  He asks her what about breakfast.  She tells him he may choke on it.

Del comes by the hospital to see his sister.  Opal talks to him about his writing career.  He tells her that the way she is with people and the way she tells stories, she has a real gift.  Not far away, Janet is spying on them.

Aidan tells Erin that the guy who turned her off dating for good is an idiot.  She tells him that “that guy” was a middle-aged, drunken, balding, married child abuser.  He knows that she is talking about her father.  She tells him that somebody like that is enough to turn anybody off to dating.  He asks her what will motivate Erin Lavery to date again.  She sounds like she does not want to change her policy, and she walks off.  A nurse comes by and informs Aidan that he found a pair of men’s shoes in the hallway and asks Aidan to whom they might belong.  Aidan admits he does not have a clue.

Ethan tells Ryan that the two of them-- the two guys whom Zach wanted to destroy-- are going to take the company from him.  He tells Ryan that his father will go ballistic when he finds out that Ryan is back on board, and he will become so obsessed about this, that it will take all his attention off of Kendall, and that will give her a chance to see what a slime ball he is and she will take herself and the baby away from him.  Hearing that, Ryan tells Ethan that he doesn’t want Kendall and his baby dragged into this.  He tells him if he comes back to Fusion, it won’t be just to stick it to Zach.  Right then, Simone comes in and hugs Ryan and welcomes him back.  She tells him that Ryan should be their best man.  Ethan informs Ryan that he and Simone are getting married.  She knows that Ethan did not tell Ryan about the wedding before she came in and that they must be discussing something else.

Lily tells the group that statistically most marriages end in divorce.  Julia tells her not all marriages end.  Some people get married and stay in love their whole life.  Lily tells them that some people get married when they are not in love and then fall in love when they divorce.  Like her sister, Kendall, and her husband Zach.  Jonathan says that some people make babies when they are not in love.  Like his brother Ryan with Kendall.  Other group members ask Julia to clarify what kinds of rules there are in relationships.  She admits that that is very complicated and that many times the rules are altered.

Zach is telling Kendall that he will have to accompany her to her Lamaze and yoga classes.  Hearing that, she tells him that she doesn’t think that will work out for her.  He tells her that that is a nice try but he knows she cannot resist him.  She tells him that that may be the case but the doctor meant bed rest, not tagging along everywhere with him.  She tells him that she’s had a lot happening in the last few months.  She once had a best friend and planned to have a baby with her.  Then she lost Greenlee.  She cannot make love to the man she is in love with, and she’s having this baby that she cannot keep.  It’s all a little too mind-boggling for her.

Simone, somewhat sarcastically, tells Ryan that she’s glad that he gets to be the best man for her fiancé who is not just doing this in order to get back at his daddy.

Julia raps up the life skills group meeting.  She tells everybody that they are doing a great job.  They are all comfortable with her and the group.  That’s good.  She tells them that there is homework.  Go out and communicate with people.  Be kind and respectful and respect others’ boundaries.  Jonathan asks Lily if she’s walking home.  She replies no.  Her dad is picking her up today.  She knows that her dad cannot see her with Jonathan.  Jonathan then asks her to be his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Aidan runs into Anita Santos.

On the beach, Babe is enjoying playing in the sand with her son, and, JR surprises her with breakfast.  She does not seem to care if he’s there but he tells her he apologizes for his behavior and realizes he was a jackass.  They, then, each talk to their son, indirectly, about their feelings for each other.

Anita tells Aidan that she will always be grateful for all that he’s given her.  After her bad marriage to Bobbie ended, Aidan helped her to laugh and enjoy life but she admits to him that she was not ready for a serious relationship with him.  He tells her that the next boyfriend she has will be a lucky guy.  She thanks him for understanding, hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.  Erin enters after watching that and she tells him that she opened up her mouth and proved that she was a blathering egomaniac.  He asks her what she is talking about.  She tells him that next time she accompanies Jonathan to his life skills class, she’s not just going to sit and wait outside but rather, she is going to go in with him and attempt to learn things.

After hearing Jonathan’s offer to be his girlfriend, Lily asks him why he’d ask her that.  She thought she could be Aidan’s girlfriend but she could not.  It did not work for her to be Sam’s girlfriend, so how could it work for being Jonathan’s girlfriend?  He tells her that she is beautiful and smart and honest.  She is not afraid to fall down on skates.  He really likes her but she knows that her dad would never allow Jonathan near her and if he ever knew they were speaking, he would not be ok with that.  Suddenly, she knows that Jack is nearby and she tells Jonathan he must hide out of her father’s view.  Jonathan then hides and Jack asks his daughter if she’s ready to go but Jack can tell that his daughter has something on her mind.  She tells her dad that she has to have a conversation with a classmate.  She asks if it’s ok if she stays and takes a bus home.  He tells her it’s totally ok if she wants to talk to a “class mate.”  He’s glad she’s making friends and she wants her to be happy.  She’s not lying.  Jonathan is her classmate, and if Jack really wants his daughter to be happy, maybe he will understand.  Jack leaves and Lily asks Jonathan to come out of hiding.  He asks her if he did something wrong.  She tells him she will be his girlfriend, regardless of the fact that her dad does not care for him.  She knows that her stepmother, Erica does not care for Kendall’s husband Zach but sometimes people need to make their own decisions and not care what their parents think.

Kendall and Zach are trying to decide what type of relationship they have, where each of them lives and how much time they spend together.  She tells him he does not have to protect her from Ryan.  Ryan would never do anything to hurt her.  He asks her if that is true.  Ryan had a wife and friends and a career and could have had a family.  Yet he went off the deep end.  He no longer has a wife.  He’s back in town, his closest friend is his psychotic brother, and now she is having his baby.  Zach admits to her that he is a little concerned.

Right then, while Ryan and Ethan are talking business, Simone is making wedding plans.  Ryan tells them he must depart but congratulates them and agrees to be the best man.

Erin tells Aidan that she’s puzzled why he’s concerned about her “dating” situation when she can see that he has a girlfriend.  He explains that Anita is not his girlfriend.  She’s his ex girlfriend.  They are no longer together but Anita did not kick sand or spit in his face so that might mean that he’s not half bad.  Maybe she should give him a chance.  He then arranges to have their romantic dinner.

Right then, it looks like Janet has drugged Opal and is wheeling her though the hospital on a gurney.

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